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Display affection by touching and creating intimacy with your partner. Find out how to become affectionate with tips from a professional psychologist in this free video about self-improvement tips. Expert: Dr. Paul Vehorn Contact: Bio: Dr. Paul Vehorn has been a nationwide talk show host on Sun Radio Network and He is also the author of 'Dynamic Dating' and 'Boomer Girls, a Women's Guide to Men and Dating.' Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
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On Tuesday, November 29 Categories: Relax and quiet your mind with this free, 10-min meditation. In this meditation, you will follow a story where you will visit a beach at dusk.
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Circumstances don't matter, only your ability to dream BIG and feel good about it does.

A few days ago I realized why I've had an easy and happy life. Sorry, no complaints here. I understand that most people like to talk about how difficult or hard their life has been and how they overcame those situations. Maybe this is a good way for people to learn, listening to these kinds of stories. I think it is a very good way to sell too, because 99% of people are suffering from something (debt, disease, loneliness, stress, depression and more), so their beliefs and energy match perfectly with these kinds of stories.

My story is different. Yes, I've had tough situations in my life, but they are part of living. They are lessons that teach us and we grow. Those moments add the salt and pepper to life. That is why life is exciting every day, because we don't know what exactly is going to happen, but if we have faith and know that we deserve only good things, we can be sure that anything that happens to us is just for the best. Our responsibility is to learn how to see everything with an open heart and a positive mind.

Why has my life been so happy and easy? My answer to this question is because I'm a big dreamer and my mind is always busy creating projects to help people. It doesn't matter if I make money with them, I really enjoy the time when I'm creating them. I'm living my own life through my dreams and my creations. I'm creating my own life and my own reality in my mind, and I'm living it! Yes, I live in this world - I eat, I get dressed, I have a place to live, I have a beautiful family, I need the same things as every human being. And thanks to my ability to dream and believe, money has never been a problem for me. My relationship with money is wonderful because I believe I deserve only good things and I'm sure I get everything I want.

Sometimes when I say I'm a BIG dreamer, people laugh at me. When I ask for help to do activities to help people, some people don't listen to me, and that is OK with me. I respect everyone else's opinions and decisions. I'm sure I will meet the right people to help me. I use my imagination to attract them. I love to play with my imagination. If I can "live" my projects in my mind, I'm sure I can make them available for everyone and bring them into reality.

Imagination is the ability of forming images, sensations and concepts in your mind. Imagination is a process that helps you to create your own reality and it can be expressed through stories and fantasies. Imagination involves all the five senses and feelings, not just the mind. When you play with your imagination, you are able to see you (and other people) living the life you want, hear your own laughter, smell the scents of your success, savor the flavors of your happiness and touch every person's heart around you. Imagination has no limits and everything you can create in your mind (with your imagination) you can create it in your reality, in your own life.

How can you bring things you create in your mind to reality?There is a very important thing to take care of, and it is that your imagination needs to match your beliefs. You can create beautiful dreams/stories with your imagination, but if your beliefs contradict your dreams, 99.9% of the time, you won't bring them to reality. It is a good idea to rate your belief about your dream from 1-10. How much do you believe that you can achieve that dream? If you rate your belief between 8-10, you can be sure that you will achieve it. If your rate is anything less than 7, you can play the same story in your mind over and over again until you believe you can achieve it. Play with your imagination and add more and more details to your story, add more and more feelings and emotions, feel better every time. If you feel bad thinking about your dream, your level of belief is low. Daydreaming is a very good tool to create whatever you want and overcome negative emotions.

I have a four-year-old nephew and I've learned a lot from him. He is always creating his own stories, expressing his emotions and laughing at every little thing. He is teaching me how to fly - that is what he says - and I'm learning! Children are extraordinary teachers, learn from them - especially kids less than seven years old. Imitate them. I'm sure you will learn to play with your imagination once more!

Creating a Dream book is very useful. Get a special notebook and write down all your dreams, desires, goals and projects. I use a little one because I like to carry it with me all the time. Write all the ideas that come to your mind, even though you may think that they are only fantasies or unreal. Describe your IDEAL life. Write about all that you want in your life, for yourself, for your job/business, for your relationship, for your family, for your community, for your world. Evaluate all your dreams depending on how much you believe and pick the ones that you believe more (8-10) to focus on and play with them in your imagination over and over again. If you want something that you don't believe enough, find "reasons" to support that dream and imagine it over and over again, feel good about it and be happy.

We are forgetting how to dream and that is why we are living in a very stressful and depressing world. It looks like the "directors" of the world are interested in ending our ability to dream and we are collaborating with them. They can control the world but they cannot steal your imagination. Use your ability to dream BIG and create your OWN reality. Circumstances don't matter, only your ability to dream BIG and feel good about it does. If you can create it in your mind, you can have it in your life!

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There are many things I regret from my past that I can do nothing about today. So I choose to move on and not dwell on what I can not control. Everyday is a chance and an opportunity to be better than I was yesterday, and I try to take full advantage of that.

Over the summer while visiting my parents, I remember talking about an old friend whom I have not seen or talked to for 20 some years. My mother decided to help me track him down and see if we could locate him so I cold reach out and say hello. A month later I did indeed contact this old friend and it was a great telephone reunion.

That experience made me think. How many other people are living each day with the attitude that an old friend could care less about hearing from them? So often we lose touch with old friends and family and we just assume that all is well left alone. The truth is, you have done nothing but create a stalemate and no one wins.

Old friends are very important for several reasons, but to me the most important one is that they helped shape who we are today. Think about it, 20 or 30 or even 40 years ago, you were influenced by something that an old friend did or said. Think about all of the advice you shared with each other, all of the tears you cried and celebrations you had. They are indeed a big part of who you are right this minute.

We live in a world today that makes it incredibly easy to find someone. Don't wait a minute longer, pick up the phone or write an email and re-introduce yourself to your old friend. You will find that what happens next will simply amaze you. Most likely, you will be greeted with incredible love and happiness. You have broken the stalemate. You will be amazed at the immediate connection that you will have within the first five minutes. It will be as though no time has passed between visits.

Old friends are the foundation of who we are today. When we cut them out of our lives, we are indeed doing just that, cutting out a piece of ourselves. Do not wait to hear that an old friend is now a grandparent, parent, getting married or even passed on. This is not the way you want to be re-introduced. Take the time today and prevent the ultimate regret, you and your soul will be glad you did. The choice is within.

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Brian Patrick Lewis, is a trained Chef, Author and Speaker. His new book, "in the weeds, landscape of a chefs life" can be found at

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I've learned in the past four years of living in LA, that you are who you surround yourself with, and you tend to attract the same circumstances those around you do.

For example, If your goal is to be a working actor in LA, you should befriend and hang out with working actors who are consistently going on auditions and booking gigs. There is only so much you can learn or offer someone that is not actively working in an industry that you want to pursue. Associating yourself with the "working" people of Los Angeles is imperative to your growth and development. You have to understand how your respective industry works. The only was is to surround yourself with those that have a hands on knowledge of it.

I've seen too many talented and driven people move to Los Angeles and lose their way (I was one of them), because the people they choose to hang around are not "go-getters." They say they want to do this and that, but never follow through, and eventually become bitter about the Los Angeles entertainment industry as a whole. That negative energy is extremely contagious and will eventually infect you and your outlook on LA.

It's smart for you to find like minded people who are eager to succeed in LA. These are the people that will challenge you and make you a better person. There are numerous resources in Los Angeles that can help you meet and befriend some great people.

How do I create my environment? - This is an awesome place to meet like-minded people. There are hundreds, if not thousands of meetups all over LA. Find the right one that aligns with your goals and attend.

LA Actors Tweet up- Are you an actor? The LA Actors Tweet up is held on a quarterly basis for actors that are interested in networking. It is a great place to introduce yourself to the LA acting scene.

Grub With Us- Is a website that schedules dining events throughout Los Angeles. They offer numerous locations to dine at. From Mexican to Asian cuisine. You pay between $20 to $30 depending on the restaurant location and have dinner with interesting people of Los Angeles. It's a great way to meet people over dinner.

Lets Lunch- Similar to Grub With us but slightly cheaper.

These are a few great places to meet great people in LA. Remember, to surround yourself with those you aspire to be. Now get to work!

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Eugene is a writer for You can check out more of his writings there about living in LA along with other tips and advice.

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I am totally hooked on energetics. I talk about it all the time. I analyse everything that occurs from an energetic perspective. But what am I really talking about? What is Energetics and how does it differ from Spirituality?

Whenever I speak about Energetics, people immediately think of Spirituality. Most people link the two for they are both mysterious and non-physical. And yet they are very, very different.

Spirituality exists in the physical world as the belief in a force greater than physical man. It refers to the mystical world beyond the material realm, and seems to be accessed from our human hearts and minds. It has form only in so far as humanity attributes a form to the beliefs it holds. It fits into a time frame only in so far as humanity provides the frame. It is a concept created from the thoughts of humankind, even though humanity believes it is referring to something that exists beyond the material realm. Spirituality exists in the third dimension and is created there.

Energetics on the other hand, exists in the third dimension and in the other dimensions. It exists independently of humankind. I refer to the 'energy' or vibrations of life moving at a wide range of speeds, through the universe. Energetics effects humankind, but is not caused by us. When there is no form, energy remains. In reality, it is all there is - the rest of our world is an illusion, comprised of vibrations that we, as a species, have agreed to condense into all of the so-called material forms of our lives.

Once we accept that everything is made up of moving waves of energy, coalesced into forms, shapes, ideas and beliefs, through consensus reality - the entire world changes. We become truly powerful co-creators of our reality, rather than the mere recipients of all that unfolds in our lives.

So, what happens to spirituality? We cling it to it as the last vestige of the old world, because it is more real, more physical, and more comfortable to us than this new, ever-changing world of vibrations and frequencies. It's no wonder that most everyone I speak to, shifts to the concept of spirituality. We can understand spirituality. It is a framework we know. It helps us wrap our minds around the mysteries of life. Energetics - now that is something totally different.

What would life be like if there was nothing but energy - no form, no time, no bodies, no tables, no things? Why is it relevant to even ask this question? I believe we are moving into such a world, a world that is more vibratory and less physical. A world in which we will still have our human bodies, but they will be lighter, less dense, with more spaces between the molecules, and comprised of faster and faster vibratory patterns. Beings like that have existed in our world in the past, and they exist now. They are often referred to as enlightened beings or masters. They are considered the exception, rather than the norm. We are now moving into a world where they may be the norm.

It is for that reason that I draw the distinction between Energetics and Spirituality - to alert you to the journey upon which we are all embarking. The vibrations of the earth are speeding up. The only way we, humankind, can continue to live on the earth, is to match our vibrations to hers as best we can. This process of adapting or allowing our vibrations to become resonant with the earth's new vibration is evolution.

Some may call this process enlightenment or ascension. I call it evolution -'energetic evolution'. It doesn't really matter what label is attributed to the shift. What is crucial is that you accept, not resist the changes. The universe is standing by to assist you, but cannot do so without your permission. Whether that help is in the form of spirit guides, ascended masters, the angelic realm, the archangels, Buddha, Mary, Jesus or your deceased relatives, open to them, and trust that whatever unfolds is perfect, and will lead to a better world.

Energetics or the study of the vibrations of life, will give you all the information you need to navigate and thrive in the new world today, in 2012 and beyond.

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Elaine Seiler is an Author, Facilitator, and Coach, specializing in the field of Energetics. She is a conduit for other dimensional energy, thereby catalysing the transformation and evolution of everything in her field, and the awakening the innate gifts of multi-dimensionality in her associates and clients.

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Many people say they want to improve their life, releasing pain and sorrow. Others say they want to be able to follow their passion. Many people are very unhappy with the way their life is and yet they choose to do absolutely nothing.

For many it is easier, because it requires no effort, no change and certainly no courage to go beyond their current circumstances, their comfort zone. Does this describe you? Be honest with yourself, really reach beyond the I'm fine I have no problems, no issues. That is ego chatter holding you where you are. Or perhaps you listen to someone around you who says they want you to succeed yet their actions reflect the exact opposite.

If you are truly believe you are reaching through your fear, reaching beyond all you have ever known what is holding you back? Could it be that beneath the surface, you really have doubt? Are you afraid of what others might think, do or say behind your back? Do you focus on the lack of physical manifestation of your Soul Mate relationship or financial abundance to follow your heart's desires?

As long as you are in physical form, you will at some point experience moments, hours or perhaps even a few days or doubt and uncertainty. The difference is being to reach through the ego chatter, the negative thoughts and emotions which surface from time to time.

Yes, I have been there and at times I still work with some of these issues. Having said that I am grateful to no longer be influenced by what others might say or do. Whatever unkind thoughts they have are not my issue unless I accept their truth as my own. I accept only my truth for me. Like so many Spiritual Seekers, Light-Workers and Healers, I have wasted too many years and too many tears attempting to please others at the cost of my truth, my inner-Self.

A Message from Archangel Haniel

All that has come before this moment brings you to the edge of all you have known. There is much growth, much expansion before you. There are a few around you who would see you stand your ground, expanding no further. We say this to you, place one foot before the other, step into the light, come out of the shadows for there is only love and light, compassion, strength, harmony and balance, abundance and prosperity, seeing beyond physical realm limitations. There is much which attempts to distract you from your path. Give yourself the gift of reaching out to another to assist you in your Spiritual growth. Choose wisely seeking the Soul light of another whose gift of light is unconditional. Trusting the path before you may at times be fraught with the appearance of deceit. This we say to you, all that is not of love and light shall be made known to you. Give thanks, for the light shines upon all things in all places great and small. All is illuminated in the Light of the Lord. There is only light. There is only love. All else shall fall from you. Be not afraid this day.

As you become willing to step beyond your current circumstances, your comfort zone, take a deep breath and exhale all that would keep you where you are. Breathe in white light, exhale all shadow of what is now behind you. You have the choice to move forward regardless of the criticism or judgments of others. Some will express a concern that you have changed. What this really means is you are no longer the same or that you are no longer controlled by others. Good for you! This is cause to celebrate!

Each time you reach for something that is new to you, you will feel a certain level of discomfort. Allowing you to become vulnerable requires courage. Courage is being able to expand your sense of knowing, following your passion, connecting with Angels and Spirit. It is also about accepting the truth of who you truly are.

You are whole and complete. Believe in you. Connect with your inner-Self.

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