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I hate it when I feel insecure. I bet you feel the same way. It may not happen to you often or you could be plagued by it. Either way, it pulls the rug out from under you and causes everything from head aches to stomach aches to ulcers to depression. When we get stuck in insecurity we feel very down and blue. There does not seem to be anything anyone can say to us that helps us feel better about ourselves. It seems like we are in a downward spiral and that we will never get out. What can we do?

Insecurity strikes people of all ages. I remember a girl in my elementary school who was so insecure she had a nervous little cough. Anytime someone would ask her a question there was that cough. She had it all the way through high school. I know other people who try to cover up their insecurity by being bold or macho. There are many ways we "act out" in order to keep people from knowing that we are feeling insecure. The problem with that is that most people see right through our guise and know it anyway. So rather than putting on an act to cover up our insecurity why not get a coach and work on overcoming it?

Often we think that if we could only learn this or if we had that skill we would not be insecure. That may have been where our insecurity started but the way to solve it is usually somewhere in our beliefs. With your coach you can explore your beliefs to find out what you are telling yourself that is keeping you insecure. One way to start figuring it out is to look at what you say when you start a sentence with "I should...", "I ought to..." or "I must..." Ask yourself, "Who says so?" You will find that there is a belief attached to the answer that you can carefully examine and challenge. Often your belief is based on an old incident or and assumption that probably is not even true anymore. Look for evidence that what you should, ought to or must do is valid and true. Is it something that you want to do or do you feel obligated in some way? What does all of that mean to you if you are to move forward?

Once you truly understand yourself, your beliefs and your self-talk you can decide to replace them with the truth and with things that will set you free instead of hold you back. If you are feeling stuck in insecurity now is the time to get a coach to help you figure these things out.

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I would love to help you. Contact me at lynn@discoverypointcoaching.com for your complimentary consultation.

Lynn Banis PhD, MCC is known as America's High Performance Coach. She specializes in helping women. executives and entrepreneurs make the most of their opportunities and potential. Her years of working with small and large businesses has given her a depth of knowledge that is invaluable to her clients. You can reach her at http://www.discoverypointcoaching.com or at her email address listed on the site. Also check out Lynn's other businesses: Coach Academy Texas, a cutting edge coach training company; and Turnkey Coaching Solutions, a coaching program management and contract coach staffing company.

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There is a problem with problems. They build and escalate in your mind until it becomes difficult to clearly and rationally think your way through and deal with them in an effective way. This lack of clarity can cause difficulty in sleeping which further compounds the situation, very quickly leading to desperation, panic and breakdown.

Some problems are worse than others, and can be short term or long term. They can be financial, health related or relationship problems. But they all affect your mind in the same way, and it is this that must first be overcome in order to resolve the problem, or at least find a way of dealing with it.

In this situation it is all too easy to turn to drink or drugs to numb your mind. This temptation must be avoided, and in fact there are two natural alternatives to these that will help you deal with any problem that life can throw at you - exercise and meditation.

Exercise taken regularly and consistently over a long period will give you a feeling of physical peace and wellbeing, which in turn will lead to inner peace and positive thinking. It is a well documented fact that jogging or running over a period will release endorphins into the brain which act like a natural opiate. They relieve both physical pain and mental anguish, and will bring on positive thoughts and an optimistic view of life. Fifteen minutes of jogging or brisk walking is all you need to start this process.

Meditation done regularly and consistently, particularly when the mind is already relaxed and in a receptive state after exercising, will further enhance your feelings of wellbeing and in fact will then allow you to see a way through the problem. In fact you may find that there are some positives in the situation that can be exploited and used to deal with the problem. Fifteen minutes of breathing meditation is all that's needed to help you to overcome your stress and find some inner peace. Sit somewhere quiet with your eyes partially closed and turn your attention to your breathing. Breath naturally, preferably through your nostrils, without attempting to control your breath, and try to become aware of the sensation of your breath as it enters and leaves your nostrils. This sensation is the object of meditation, and you should try to concentrate on this to the exclusion of everything else, particularly the problems that you face. After some practice and regular sessions of meditation, your mind will feel relaxed and clear.

The physical tiredness and relaxed mental state resulting from the combination of exercise and meditation will help you sleep more readily which is another step forward in coping with the problem and providing inner peace.

You're then ready to move to the next level in peace and success. Watch for my next article.

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This question could very well be, "What's God trying to get me to see and respond to?" Sometimes we can just beg to know, but the answers might be closer than we think. At other times we know what the answers are, yet we don't want to go there.

Right through life as it contends,
With strength to abide and knowledge to know,
Despite that which the soul pretends,
We deny truth toward warnings of a blow.

Trying to get through is a thing we resist,
Besides our flow and success it remains,
A humbling truth continues to persist,
Compelling our hearts toward a reality that sustains.


There's no getting away from ourselves, or the shortcuts to life we take that are forlorn.

For every person there's the fatal flaw revealing where further they can move; if they will, soon it will be the next thing to attend to, then the next and so on.

Life's never 'squared away' as we live at the reality of challenge and necessity. The key thing, from God's viewpoint, is to get past the elementary things (Hebrews 6:1) and onto those more advanced things worthy of our burgeoning maturity.

No More Running Away from Ourselves

Many are those who cannot stand to look their inner selves in the eye when glancing past a mirror. For every one of these, there are several also who refuse to deal with the truth-appending situations that insidiously rock their world off the pendulum, over the years.

Diet is a classic example. We know how to eat and what to eat - for the best of health - but there are many conveniences in the way, besides, exercise also has such a dark name in the minds of many. Westernised humanity is suffocating in dietary affluence.

God Has a Message for Each One

At each juncture of this journey of life, God's speaking to us in quiet and visible ways.

It's up to us to firstly be interested and, secondly, to act on the information we're able to glean.

If we sit down with a notebook and pen, there are half a dozen or more areas that our Lord's got for us to focus upon, and adapt in, by way of improvements.

We don't need to work on everything at once, but we do need to work on growing if we're to please God in faith (Hebrews 11:6).

The growing life is the contented life - discontent with the status quo, but content with working toward a better 'us'.

Copyright (c) 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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Steve Wickham is a Registered Safety Practitioner (BSc, FSIA, RSP[Australia]) and a qualified, unordained Christian minister (GradDipBib&Min). His blogs are at: http://epitemnein-epitomic.blogspot.com/ and http://inspiringbetterlife.blogspot.com/

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Your mind is your most important, most powerful asset. It has the ability to sustain and protect you. The medical world is a witness to the power of the mind, which is often explored to help with healing, in both emotional and physical terms. But when used incorrectly, the mind is also powerful enough to bring serious harm in your life.

This means it?s up to how you use your mind to determine the direction your life is going. And the capacity to lead your life to the right direction and achieve the success you?ve always dreamed of is inside you; it lies within your mind. You only have to access it and program it the way you want it to work. If you want it to always go towards the direction of success without making unnecessary detours, you can do so. And you can even change its direction in case you?ve been going the wrong way all this time.

This is what the new and revolutionary concept of subliminal technology can do. So here are some useful tips on how to go straight to the success zone in life using just your mind as your main weapon.

1. Visualize yourself being successful. Positive visuals are the most effective guides that your mind can rely on as you go on your way towards success. Always picture yourself right in the middle of the success you?ve been aiming for. This positive visual in your mind will motivate and empower your mind because it serves as a goal that the mind will work towards achieveing. If you continuously plant positive visuals in your mind, they will shine like beacons in your subconscious to light the way to success.

2. Feed your mind with positive subliminal messages. The ancient practice of meditation revolves around focusing on a specific object or thought. A thought used to induce meditative states is called a ?mantra?. A mantra is said to be very powerful as it has the power to lead the mind. So aside from filling your head with images of you attaining success, you should also feed your mind constantly with positive mantra that are sent directly to your subconscious. There is another term for these: subliminal messages. These messages are positive, short, simple, but full of impact on the subconscious mind.

3. Clean up your subliminal mind. Now, no matter how hard you try to focus on positive imagery and words to inspire your mind, it cannot be helped that the mind has been freely influenced by the outside world before you discovered the power of subliminal programming. Before you took the wheel, your mind was already being programmed by other sources. Many different sources, in fact. Your mind has accumulated a significant amount of negative talk and feedback from the outside world, and this has embedded negative thoughts deep in your subconscious.

So you will find that despite all your efforts to strive towards success, there are times when fears, doubts, impatience, and other negative thoughts and emotions rise to the surface and try to hold you back from success.

This is why you need to clean up your subliminal mind of the negativity it has accumulated in the past years. The first step is to recognize which of your thoughts and emotions are fruits of negativity. Once you come across such a thought, you have to fight them. For example, when you feel down and think that you?ll never get where you?re going, immediately recognize it as negative self talk and see it for what it really is: a product of your subliminal mind. And since you know how to control your subliminal mind, you can immediately turn those thoughts around.

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By: Nelson Berry

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Health struggles can affect your financial life; so can your financial problems affect your health. When you've got less money, you're more likely to dwell upon your personal finances than your health and fitness. Stress and depression occur in tough financial times more frequently than when the checkbook is well supplied.

The Simple:

Don't smoke, exercise 1/2 hour daily, wear your seat belt, floss your teeth (to avoid heart disease) and have regular medical check-ups (before you get sick).

The Obvious:

Poor finances are associated with more disease. While the economy is consistently rated as issue number one in most people's minds, the impact that poor health has on one's finances is profound! Accordingly, obesity, for example, is a very real threat to the finances of individual families as well as to our nation as a whole. We live in a country where one of every three people weighs more than the other two. Obesity is associated with nearly $350 billion in medical expenses and will reach more than one-fifth health-care spending before the year 2020. The financial and emotional burdens upon the individual families with diabetic members is correspondingly high!

Today's children are members of the first generation that will not live longer than their parents. Obesity is a major culprit behind that statistic. Moreover, the United States holds another distinctive position. It is unique among countries of the world in that the number one health threat to children in lower socio-economic groups is NOT starvation! It is, in fact, obesity. Heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and a host of other maladies come along for the ride.

The very real fact is that if people will incorporate some very simple preventive measures into their lives, their finances could see a dramatic boost! The preventive measures are frequently touted in the media and are likely well-known to all of us: Avoid tobacco, get exercise, lose weight, healthy diet etc.

With finances occupying such a huge segment of people's 'worry lists,' it's very helpful to know that control of health AND wealth can go hand-in-hand. It is just a matter of implementation.

Action Items:

One difficult part about starting any sort of exercise program is holding onto the belief that there is such a long way to go before any measurable results become apparent. It is crucial to let yourself understand that even the smallest amount of exercise is immensely better than remaining sedentary. Understanding that important point will remove the obstacles that arise when you feel that any new effort today would be futile.

You will have a much greater chance of success if you recruit a friend to go with you and to prod you to stick with the program. Find someone with your same situation and bolster each other toward the goal.

Just do it!

To your financial and physical health.

K.C. Moore, RPh

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K.C. Moore is a pharmacist with a long-running interest in various entrepreneurial pursuits as well as interests in medicine, prevention and health and wellness.

From time to time he will acquire a product in a variety of niches to study, evaluate and publish a report.

Products of interest include self-improvement courses and practices, high-tech gadgets and more.

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A path filled with ease vs. the path that feels hard. Which one do you tend to choose? You might be thinking "Why on earth would I CHOOSE the hard road?" Yet we do it all the time.

As you engage in growing your dreams, are you noticing a theme of struggle? Does your process often feel heavy and draining? If so, have you convinced yourself that this is the way it is supposed to be? Are you telling yourself that ease is just not possible?

I am asking you to consider if you have a habit of making things hard.

I know I sure do at times. Even as I was writing this article about ease, I noticed that I was beginning to make it hard. How silly is that! In all honesty, I have recently come to understand that this shows up in my life much more than I ever realized. This awakening has ignited a deep appreciation for the value of becoming crystal clear about where we spend the majority of our time, energetically speaking. Is it in the state of resistance or allowing?

So I am curious as to what you see for yourself in this arena. Essentially, how open are you to ease?

If these questions are shining light on your need for support with releasing resistance, I invite you to savor The Art of Allowing. As stated in the book, Ask and It Is Given, by Esther and Jerry Hicks, "The Art of Allowing is the art of no longer resisting the Well-Being that you deserve; the Well-Being that is natural; the Well-Being that is your legacy, your Source, and your very Being."

I love how the above passage highlights our opportunity to be firmly rooted in the knowledge that we are an extension of Source energy. And FLOW is always available to us. Always. We just need to tap into it.So let's explore what might help us with creating a habit of embracing ease. I hope the following five ideas make it much easier for you!

~ Fully recognize that it is not typically knowledge that you are lacking; it is permission. Often times, you know exactly what would support you in experiencing more ease, but you are holding back. You are not allowing yourself to "take a break" or "let go." Please, discard the old script that says you have to keep going at any cost. The price of operating in this manner is way too high, not to mention ridiculously counterproductive. Ultimately, being attached to the idea that it has to be hard will lead you far, far away from where you want to be. So please love yourself more lavishly. Let it be easy. Honor your inner knowing that choosing more ease is a brilliant, grounded, responsible choice that allows for radical growth and joy.

~ Give up obsessively searching for the right action. When you are overwhelmed with things feeling hard and you want to "make something happen," I imagine that you are quite skilled at pushing, forcing, trying harder. No need for instruction there! My request is that you turn your attention in a new direction and become a master of your energy. Ease and flow is about energy. Therefore, when you are feeling disconnected from ease, get curious about your energy. What soft, subtle shifts could you make energetically that would be way more powerful and productive than any action could be?

~ Access the wisdom of your body. Sometimes we fall into the trap of listening only to our heads. And this approach has a tendency to block the flow of ease in a massive way. Remember that you have multiple sources of divine guidance available to you. In your journey to stay connected to ease and flow, I strongly encourage you to be in constant communion with your heart and intuition, especially in the midst of struggle. Be open to receiving the messages from your body, and enjoy the spirit of ease.

~ Reach out and ask for help. Are you clinging to the idea that you have to do it all by yourself? Without a doubt, alone is the hard path. And let's be clear. You are never REALLY alone. Source is always with you. And we are all connected. Furthermore, big visions require big doses of help! So take advantage of the splendid support that surrounds you, and allow others the delight of serving and contributing along with you.

~ Don't forget the fun! If you really want to embrace ease more easily, place fun at the top of your priorities list. As you engage in the adventure of cultivating your dreams, how often are you showing up with a playful spirit? Where do lightness and laughter live in your vision? I am here to remind you that your journey is meant to be one of joy. And the more you stay in alignment with this truth, the more you will feel the flow of ease in your life.

In closing, I would like to leave you with a final thought to ponder from the book, Ask and It Is Given. "There is only a Stream of Well-Being that flows. You can allow it or resist it, but it flows just the same."

How comforting to know that the FLOW of love and ease is always there for us, no matter what.

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By: Carrie Garber

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As a Transformation Coach, Carrie Garber works with heart-centered, aspiring entrepreneurs who are longing to create a business rooted in passion and meaningful service. Visit Deeper Waters Coaching to sign up for your FREE e-course, "A Recipe for Richness: 7 Essential Ingredients for Cultivating a Juicy Journey in Life and Business" and learn more about Carrie's coaching.

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The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.
~Proverbs 9:10 (KJV).

Many are confused as to the path to take to wisdom and seemingly the concept of the 'fear of the LORD' is part of that confusion. After all, why should we be scared of God? Of course, there's more to it.

What is the beginning of wisdom, or otherwise the "foundation" (NLT) or "chief and choice part" (Amplified), is not the end of the matter, and this too can confuse us.

The End of Wisdom

Since we've discussed and proffered over the beginning of Wisdom, and particularly in studying Proverbs, now we consume some thought for its end - if indeed there is an end! Allow me to suggest the following as a construct of thought to this end:

The logical end point in the practice of the wisdom motive, at least so long as our circumstances are concerned - in our decision making, for instance - is not doing so for the awed respect of God (otherwise, 'fear of the LORD'), but simply because it's the right thing to do.

Achieving God's will, thus, has become an intrinsic passion. It's what must now happen for us, beyond even our personal desires.

There's a sense of moral congruence that this person-of-wisdom exhibits in this. They're beyond being consumed by the 'fear of the LORD,' however, it is still - and always will be - foundational. It has to be.

Maturing in the Faith

Going on from the beginning of Wisdom, then, is about a fuller acceptance of the reason enfolded of faith - to act a certain way, and that, implicit of any other motivation. Wisdom action is central to the core here. It's the only way we can be now.

The end of Wisdom, perhaps, is truth, or as M. Scott Peck puts it, a pure dedication to the truth ideal; and this is about a critical path of honesty at all costs. This is when we really know a pungently powerful wisdom, one that subsists in us more and more each day. And life corresponds confirming it's the right way to live.

When we no longer care about the costs of exhibiting integrity, and that alone and above all, we suddenly find that Wisdom has both met and kissed us (Proverbs 24:26).

Copyright (c) 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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Steve Wickham is a Registered Safety Practitioner (BSc, FSIA, RSP[Australia]) and a qualified, unordained Christian minister (GradDipBib&Min). His blogs are at: http://epitemnein-epitomic.blogspot.com/ and http://inspiringbetterlife.blogspot.com/

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Do you want to break away from your dull job and become a millionaire? Are you tired of turning up to work every day and putting up with the garbage from your boss? Are you getting paid on a low income but being worked like a slave?

Did you know that the difference between successful people and the normal worker is only small? People do not realise this issue but it's true. Those who become millionaires and billionaires are those people who are willing to dare and challenge the bounds of their comfort zones. They have the guts to attempt challenges and fail many times before begin successful.

They are successful because they never give up their hope and dreams of one day becoming successful. How do you becoming successful in life and balance all the responsibilities and daily chores? How do you deal with life without being stressed and overwhelmed? All you need is to adopt a positive attitude and aim to keep mentally and physically fit.

A successful life requires you to be consistent at your tasks and to continue to improve as a person. So how do you do this? Why do so many people with so many skills fail to achieve the goals, but those who don't have much skill seem to always get there? Is this a true story of the rabbit and the turtle? Is there meaning to this story? To become this successful is easy. To fail is even easier.

It is natural for people to become negative and feel sorry for themselves when things don't go according to their wishes. Try to understand your reactions and weaknesses first. Then find solutions and methods to solve these emotions when they arise. Do not run away when you feel negative and useless. Do not feel ashamed about yourself. Every person has these feelings. Just become accustomed and get use to the fact that no one is perfect.

When you fail a task tell yourself it is only a temporary setback but also a learning curve. Failure only happens if you do not continue your journey. All it takes to become successful is for you to adopt this mentality to never give up. You may work for years in trying to achieve your dreams but you must understand success does not happen overnight.

Failure can happen in a split second. To fail in life is not a happy feeling. Do not be another statistic! Break free and achieve the potential you have always had!

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Lam Bong is an Author living in Sydney, Australia. He is interested in reading and creating websites. His latest website is about Property Investing Tips and finding the Finding Cheap Investment Houses in Australia on the web today.

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Yes you can. Do you believe you can? There is no right or wrong answer, just your answer. Your beliefs hold your key to more happiness. Your habits have probably locked the door in the first place. I simply offer to you an understanding that the answer lies with you. Nobody else can think your thoughts.The answer lies with the way that you choose to think, the way that you choose to speak and the way that you choose to act everyday of your life.

Your life around you is created firstly by what you think. You really start to create much more when you start to speak. So you are creating your "happy day" conversation by conversation. Your most powerful creating mechanism is when you start to act, that is to say, what you choose to physically do something, like your work.

If beliefs and habits hold the keys, and they are very influential on how much happiness you are going to experience each day, it is helpful to define what beliefs and habits are, and to see how they effect your day, your week and your life!

What is a belief? A belief is formed from an idea that "pops" into your mind. This idea you thought is quickly given reasons, usually lots of reasons to support the idea (positive or negative). You have preferences whether you like the thought, or not. When you have lots of reasons to support an idea you begin to feel certain about the idea. Your idea forms a belief which you begin to stow away in your unconscious mind.

A good example might be when you learn to do something, for example like learning to drive your car. At first, you have an idea to learn to drive the car. You begin to learn how to drive the car gathering lots of reasons as you learn to support all the different things that need to be done to drive, all seemingly at the same time and finally, you begin to believe that you are a good driver and you pass the test!

So, what is a habit? Habit is defined in the Webster's dictionary as a behaviour pattern acquired by frequent repetition that shows itself in regular performance. So, when you have bult up these beliefs, you automatically lock them away into your subconscious part of your mind. These beliefs will ventilate in your regular physical performance of thinking, speaking and acting. It is how you begin to reflect yourself to others and how you respond to situations that arise in your day. The people you talk to etc.

Finally, you can see your state of happiness. So you can have a good look at the reasons for your beliefs and the analysis of those reasons will tell you something, if you listen.

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By the way, do you want to learn more about improving yourself, just for you?

If so, download my new free ebook summary Rich Life Poor Life You Choose here:

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A higher vertical leap is the key if you need extra edge in sports. The difference between the professional level, college and high school can be a little inches in vertical jump. Below is how you can develop your explosiveness for running or any sport that need leaping using exercises.

1. You need to stretch out before and after an exercise and before you leap. It is very essential because it gets your muscles ready for activity; it decreases the danger of being hurt, and keeps soreness away from you. From a leaping view, stretching usually advances your vertical leap. It enables your leg muscles to contract and spread out more than when you did not stretch, hence incrementing your ability to leap higher. Consider your legs as coils. The more you stretch the more your legs can explode and coil. It is a good exercise to jump higher fast.

2. Always lift up weights. You should not only do squatting, exercise your hamstrings and calves, but you should also develop your upper body strength. Work your shoulders, chest, biceps, and back. Your upper body plays a critical part in your vertical leap and getting a firmer one will enable you to leap higher. Attempt to leap without making your arms to move and make your backside to be erect when jumping.

3. You should jump after your muscle gets weary. For instance, perform a fence sit. Sit with your back on the fence and bend your legs until it burns and you cannot do it any longer. Without delay, perform a set of box leaps. When your quads get tired, it is the best time to leap because you will get more from it.

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"Nowhere can man find a quieter or more untroubled retreat than in his soul."

-Marcus Aurelius

One topic that comes up most often when coaching people is their fear of being alone. It's sad to know that there are so many lonely people in the world who don't know how to enjoy their life unless they have a significant other. Tom Cruise's famous line, "You complete me" sounds so sweet and nice in the movies but when you need someone to make you whole, it's time to do some soul searching.

It's a dream for many to share their lives with someone, to live happily ever after and to know that they have loved and were loved by someone. But, if for some reason that is not your reality and you find yourself single again or still single, what is so bad about you that you don't enjoy your own company?

Loneliness and the fear of being alone seem to set in when the only thing you aspire to is to have a relationship. Or, when all that really matters to you is being connected with someone and being alone feels like there is something wrong with you. The only thing wrong with you is that it becomes your only focus.

Well, if that's the case, how on earth do you think you are going to feel when the only thing you want you don't have?

You may even get to the point of being desperate and we all know that's not attractive, not to mention that desperation is a horrible feeling. So why, if you have a choice, would you want to subject yourself to fear and loneliness? This is where people lose perspective. They don't believe they have a choice and they also don't understand that what they focus on in life will become what they experience.

So if being lonely and feeling bad because you don't have someone is on your mind a lot you will attract what you focus on, which is being lonely and feeling bad and that is exactly what you will get; more loneliness and more sadness.

But more to the point, why do you need someone else to be happy? There are so many other ways to find fulfillment and happiness in your life but you are only focused on one solution, a partner to "complete" you. I say, "Get a life." Take back your power. Don't give it to someone "out there" that you don't even know yet.

Learn to love yourself and like being with yourself. When you start to "get out of yourself" so to speak, and either volunteer your time, learn about a new subject, take up yoga, go to cooking class or learn a new language, learn to play an instrument, write a book, read a book or whatever, you become a more interesting person!

Plus the best part is you aren't focused on your life being so terrible because you don't have someone in it. Instead you have several interesting and fulfilling goals that fill your time while you are just hanging out and enjoying your own company.

Last but not least, you become your own best friend and you really start enjoying your life. And, that new sense of contentment and aura of confidence will emanate from you. You will not only rid yourself of that relentless feeling of being lonely but you may even learn its okay to be alone after all.

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Susan Russo has written one of the top breakup books on the market. Her direct approach is a wake up call for anyone who is stuck in the letting go process. How would you like to move beyond the pain and start to feel like a human again? Find out how to by starting with Susan's FREE e-course on how to heal your pain.

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I lost my wallet; does anyone know where it is? I had cash of at least $100 and 3-4 credit cards. If you found it, what would you do? Would you return it? Would you take the cash? Would you try to use the credit cards? Do you have to make a choice between what you should do versus what you want to do? Does it matter if you are having hard times financially? Should it matter that you need the money? Often, that is an excuse for bad behavior.

If you found my wallet, what would you do? My address is on my driver's license which is in my wallet. Would you call me? Would you mail it to me? Why not? Would you take the money and toss the wallet? The worst part of losing your wallet is replacing the identification cards (medical), driver's license, and various other cards. Generally speaking, most people realize their wallet is missing within a 24 hour period and would cancel the credit cards. Following this scenario, the store is out any purchases made on the lost credit cards.

Okay, you found my wallet, now what? You have been staring at it for hours, what are you going to do? I would recommend doing the right thing. You are torn between what you could spend a $100 on and doing the right thing. This is that moment in life where no one except you will know if you did the right thing. What is the consequence of doing the wrong thing? You sold out your character or integrity for a paltry $100. No big deal! Is that right? You probably have done this for far less money and often. Who are these people? They are your neighbors, friends, and colleagues, fellow members of your church or worst relatives. Some of you may disagree, my point is they do not wear horns or stick out in any way.

Doing what is right requires an extra effort or standing out in a sea of mediocrity. We are conditioned to not report errors! Remember when you were a kid, tattling was considered wrong! In school, I had to adhere to an honor code. I was supposed to report infractions. Silence was considered the same as cheating or condoning the infraction. For me, there is an almost euphoric feeling when I do the right thing. Is that lost in other people? I feel good when I do something nice for somebody. Why isn't that encouraged and reinforced?

Why is he making such a big deal over a wallet and $100? It is important because I do not want to be around people who do not feel the same way as I do. Let's personalize this, would you want to have that person around you? Would you want to invite that person to your home? Could I leave something valuable out and be confident you would not take it? If you were a cashier for me and you came up short $20, is it a mistake or are you a thief? If you did this too often, I would fire you! Either you are a thief or inept! It doesn't matter. You lost your job. The moral of this, do the right thing! By the way, I did not lose my wallet; I used this as a metaphor to express how important it is. What would you want to happen, if the wallet is yours? your parents? your friends? What would you do, if you found a wallet?

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Take a look at what your life is like now. What sort of area do you live in? What is your house like, what is the inside decor like, what sort of car (if any) do you drive, what sort of job do you do, what sort of people do you associate with, where do you spend your recreation time, what sort of things do you enjoy doing? Look closely at every aspect of your life.

Do you have the life that you really want or are you just making do? Do you wish that things were different or are you just thinking that you are just stuck there and there is no point moaning about it?

You are where you are because you created that and once you learn to accept that you will realise that as you have created your "now" existence you can also create your future.

You think as you do because that is what you have been taught to think. It is the perception of you that everyone else in your life up until now has taught you. It is not who you really are.

Once you accept this you can start changing your perception of yourself and by so doing you can change your future. You and only you have the choice( no matter what the circumstances) there is only you who can decide the outcome.

We all tend to look at our outside circumstances and make our choices based on those. Up until now no one ever told you that what you have thought in the past has decided on what you have in the present.

Now you have the ability to think for yourself, you also have the ability to change your thoughts to get that better life for yourself. If you were to go on holiday then you would decide where you wanted to go, how you wanted to travel, when you wanted to go and when you would return. You would investigate the sort of things that you could do at your chosen destination, what sort of currency you would need, how much money you will need, what clothes you should pack, who will take care of your animals and plants whilst you are away and any other thing pertaining to your vacation. Yet most people do not put a fraction of effort into planning their future.

If you went to the shop to buy your dinner, would you buy food that you hated or would you get something you love? You just made a choice. When you woke up this morning did you get straight out of bed or did you have another 10 minutes lie in? You have made another choice, Getting easier isn't it. We make choices every nano second of every day and yet we are not always aware of it. Most of the choices we make are made by habit, they are controlled by our sub-conscious mind. You do not have to instruct your sub-conscious as it just accepts and does. It is your conscious mind that you have to start instructing and when you have mastered the art of instructing your conscious mind your life will start changing at a dramatic rate.

Now you need to learn to control your thoughts. Your consciousness is similar to a radio station, you send signals and programs and you receive signals and programs. If you tune into a radio station and there is a program on that you don't enjoy, you just turn a dial and and tune into to a station that you do like. You can do that just as easy with your thoughts, if you have a thought that you do not enjoy, change it for another one.

If you have a lot of debt and are always worrying about it, all that you are manifesting is more debt. If you start thinking of abundant wealth instead of debt you will start attracting opportunities that will bring you wealth.

The law of attraction works all the time for everything and just because you are not getting what you think you want at moment does not change that. You are getting what you are putting your focus on. So in order to get what you Do want, you need to start focusing your thoughts on positive things instead of negative things.

This may seem like a challenge at first but as you practice it will become easier, just like it did when you first learned to tie your shoelaces or to ride a bike. You struggled at first then you got more proficient and then you could do it without even thinking about it.

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Fear of speaking in front of a crowd is the thing most feared by people?greater than snakes, spiders or being shot at! The very idea of standing up in front of a room full of people leaves most of us speechless.

Before I conducted my first workshop I went to the bathroom and threw up. However, there are ways to allay those fears. With practice you can even become confident and relaxed at public speaking.

The following activities will help you gain the confidence you need to speak in public.

Practice, practice, practice. Public speaking gets easier every time you do it. Each opportunity helps build your confidence. That?s why we encourage children to become involved in public speaking from an early age.

Know what you are going to say. Have brief notes just to remind you. Choose topics you know something about. Research your topic so you feel confident that you know what you are saying. Being prepared will cut nervousness in half!

Don?t over-complicate the activity. If you try to make your speech too involved, you will lose yourself and your audience. Keep it short and sweet. If your topic is very wide e.g., gardening, shorten it to a specific focus: e.g., growing tomatoes in patio planters.

Find an audience: your mirror, your parents, your kids, the neighbors, colleagues at work. Use notes but don?t memorize. You don?t want to sound like a recording. You want your speech to be natural. You need to show your audience that you are interested and enthusiastic about your topic. Try videotaping yourself and looking at the tape. Do you look and sound natural?

Try to relax and infuse a little humor into your speech. This will relax both you and your audience. It?s okay to say, ?Boy, am I nervous. There are so many of you and you all look so serious.? If you make a mistake, admit it and laugh about it. Your audience will relax and laugh with you. Your audience wants you to do well!

Be positive. You are going to survive this experience. You are prepared. You have interesting things to share with the audience. They are going to love you!

Public speaking is the number one fear of people but it need not be. It?s never too late to build your confidence and slay the public speaking dragon.

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By: chickie maxwell

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"Levels of Truth." I chose that way of putting it because truth is something that has many different levels. We've heard people refer to "higher truth," and so on and so forth. And that's true. There are higher truths and there are lower truths.

There are the truths which we're all used to. That's where something is, what something is, who did what with what when. These are the levels of truth of the physical universe. Physical universe truths are all to do with motion. This is the world of motion. Like, who moved the object? With whom, when, with what motive, and where, and how many times? This is a low level physical universe type of truth.

Then there is a whole other layer of truth which is what the individual's personal idea of truth is. We've all heard the story of 10 people see an accident and there are 10 different stories? Yeah, there are 10 different stories and then there's what happened. Because what happened got filtered through their concept of truth, their level of truth.

When a being is very enmeshed in the physical universe, the physical level of truth is all that he sees. So he will not be seeing very much more than, who moved the object. Now, I don't think anybody would be here unless we were interested in a higher level of truth than that. So, we get into a peculiarity where there's our own universe, our own world, then there is the physical universe, the world we all share. And where we come into contact with our world to the physical universe, we look through and we see a combination of the physical universe and our own universe. It's true, but how true is it?

And way above that you get the level of truth where somebody is aware of the illusions of this universe as illusions and not truths, and then above that you have the person who's aware of his sovereign position helping to create this illusion. In between there are all kinds of levels of truth.

A person at joy of living is a person whose truth level is going to be pretty high. This person is seeing the universe pretty much as it is. Seeing the universe and seeing their own universe, but not confusing the two. As you go down a little bit, you find somebody in enthusiasm. Now his level of truth isn't quite so high. He colors things with his enthusiasm. It's still pretty good, still a pretty high level of truth. Down lower you get the person in interest. Everything's interesting. He is actually putting interest into things. He's actually placing it there. Then he's seeing the interest and saying, "Now that's true." And in anywhere from enthusiasm down in the emotional band, the person is actually seeing and dealing with the universe of motion and other beings, but he is adding to it at the same time.

Let's start at the bottom and move upwards. It's more fun that way. So down in the level of apathetic depression, the person is putting depression out into the universe, in his dynamis, in his life energy. He's putting it everywhere around him and then he looks at everything around him and it looks very depressing! How did it get to be so depressing? Because he made it that way. It doesn't necessarily look that way to anybody else. Somebody else may walk in and say, "Hey what a beautiful day!" And he goes, "What's good about it?" Or, "Glad somebody thinks so." The person is getting feedback from his own creation.

If you move up a little notch you'll find the person who's sad. The person is putting sadness into the world. He thinks the world is giving him sadness, but he is actually giving it to the world. So after he's sat there and emanated sadness for awhile, the very walls give him back sadness. And he gets a little confused about what's causing what. So obviously at these levels, the level of truth isn't very high.

The person who is fearful, emanating a tense and anxious energy, is going to not only perceive things to be frightened of, but is actually going to attract to him or her things that he actually should be frightened of. Because the nervous energy will tend to bring in other beings with nervous energy, and then they get a joint thing going. So now you have several people all putting the same thing into the universe. The universe didn't have it to begin with, they put it there, and then they saw it. This is very confusing to some people. Because it appears to be coming at them, they think they're victims of the universe and other people. Actually they're victims of themselves. So, immediately, you see, there's a number of untruths on the line for them. Anything they say is going to be somewhat untruthful. They don't mean to be lying, they just are. It's not deliberate. The person simply sees it that way, but he doesn't see that he's making it that way. So he thinks he's a victim. He thinks it's being done to him. The universe is a cruel and dangerous place and people are frightening.

As you move up into the more aggressive bands, you get the critical type of person who is not openly critical, but who's always sitting there thinking critical thoughts. The most beautiful girl in the world can walk in the room, and all that this person can see is that she had a face job. He doesn't say it. He's sitting there thinking it, though. A person like that can find something to criticize about anything, and will. And then, of course, sooner or later somebody's going to criticize that person. And then that person is going to criticize himself. So you get kind of a viscous circle here, criticism going round and round and round and round and round.

Okay, well let's take an example of that. Let us criticize, for example, that flower. "It's artificial." "Yeah, but it's pretty." "So what? It's artificial. No smell." So, one can criticize the unfortunate flower, or one can simply say, "That's an attractive piece of junk." There's a real difference in the attitude. One is more truthful. The other is simply putting an emotion, that critical emotion, into the flower.

Some people specialize in silent criticism. They look at you with an air of disapproval, and boy, do you get it. They don't have to say anything. They just have to look at you with that look. And you go, "Oh, God, what did I do now?" The person who's emanating this critical disapproving stuff thinks he's seeing things to disapprove of out here, but they're really inside. He's got it reversed. We're still in the reversal. It's still untrue, it's still back to front.

When you move it up a little notch in terms of power of dynamis, which is what this is all about, this particular set of attitudes, then you'll get to somebody who's actually angry, and aggressive. Now I'm talking here about chronic emotional bands. Yes, anyone can get angry. But somebody whose attitude is chronically angry and aggressive is emanating anger into the universe and saying "The universe is making me angry!" And he will find things to be angry about, and if he doesn't, they will find him. Which is what makes this difficult for him to spot, because it always looks as if there's some external cause. It always looks as if there is something doing it to him. You will find a person in that particular anger band reaching out to find things to get angry about. Reading an article with smoke coming out of his ears. He's seeking it. Because it confirms what he knows, which is that the universe is jolly well pissing him off. And he'll get plenty of confirmation.

Aggressive is just a little tad above anger, but it tends to swing into anger very quickly because the aggressive person is going to stir up any anger in other beings he can find. Just the emanation of that attitude, you can see it written all over certain people. It's aggressive. "Come on. Ya wanna fight?" The person doesn't have to say this. It just simply pours off. And anybody that does want to fight will be there.

And then above that level you get the level where the person is emanating disinterest. He can look at the most interesting movie, or the most fascinating book, or the most marvelous puzzle, and go, "I have nothing to do. I just can't get motivated. Nothing interests me." Okay, this is the crossover point, you see. This guy's complaining that the universe isn't doing it to him. It's the crossover point from "It's being done to me," to "Damn it, I wish somebody would do something to me." There's just not enough sensation. The person fails to notice that he's so busy emanating disinterest and boredom that he can't feel anything else coming in. This person actually has stronger dynamis at this level. Things aren't coming in on the person so much. He is actually affecting the universe more than the person in anger. His dynamis is not as jagged, but it is more pervasive, covers more territory. And it's very, very interesting to watch an angry man and a bored person come together. They kind of cancel each other out.

And above that of course we get into the band of conservatism. "Hold it still, don't let it change. Everything's fine the way it is. Yes, I know I'm not terribly happy, but I'm not terribly unhappy, either, and if I'm real careful and cautious they won't be able to do anything to me." This is conservatism. This is put your money in the bank, get your 5% interest, work at a job 9 to 5 preferably, but one that you hate. That's kind of in there, if you're going to be conservative, you have to have a job that you hate. It's mandatory. And you can't quit because you run your credit cards up. You buy a house and you go for the solid investments that everybody agrees are so solid. And eventually you retire, and 6 months later you die. That's conservatism. It's actually a more powerful emotional band than the ones below it. The person does survive. The person does get through life. But what is his end product at the end of it? His truth level is somewhat higher, inasmuch as he is not sitting there blaming the universe. He is able to do a few things in the universe still. He's able to create a very limited sphere and he has to control the edges very greatly because if he doesn't control the edges some truth might slip through that he's not ready for.

I have a friend who was talking about that the other day. He wrote a book, quite a good book, called Rich Dad Poor Dad, and it's basically teaching people what the rich fathers teach their children and what the poor fathers teach their children, and the effects of these ideas. Somebody was reading the book and got to the point where he was talking about investments. He was talking about conservatism, and the promotion. "Well, we're paying the bills," this whole attitude. "I'm working for this big corporation, and I'm going up to the top of the corporate ladder." He was talking about that has a ceiling on it. There's only so far you can go. And this man was reading it and got really pissed off and said, "Well what's wrong with a promotion?" Well of course there's nothing wrong with a promotion. That wasn't the point. But he got really defensive about it, because if he had fully understood the concept of selling your soul for a buck by doing something every day for your whole life that you detest, and never getting yourself into a position of freedom, if he had faced that he would have had to change. Heaven forbid that any of us ever change. He couldn't face the truth in it. But his level of truth, again, is mediocre. He's going to be probably very truthful about physical universe things, because the physical universe isn't really affecting him that much. He is licking it into a very orderly little shape, one that he can live with.

You move up, into interest, and now you see that the person is actually beginning to see what's there. He is putting interest in it, but he's saying, "Let me see that. Let me learn about that." His level of truth is higher, purer. He wants to know.

And I started off originally with the enthusiasm level. One of the troubles that people run into with enthusiasm is that they've failed to realize that they generate it themselves. They think, again, that "This is such a neat story," or "This is such a neat thing," and it knocks them to that degree off the center of their universe. Enthusiasm's a nice, nice level to be at, as long as you're using it, and it's not using you.

But we've all seen people go into wild enthusiasm over dippy schemes, and put all their money into some little business that's going to fold very quickly because it hasn't been thought through. They were just given a bill of goods by some good sales person and involved in it. Got involved in it because they were talked into it, and the talk was sufficiently interesting to them and was made to sound sufficiently seductive, that they fell in. The critical ones are the ones who tend to do that. Because they are so critical they know how it feels to pour sugar on the coat. They've made a science of it. And so the people at the higher emotional bands tend to fall for the ones in the critical band. In the critical band you'll find all manner of scams and schemes. These scams and schemes are the effort of the person in the critical band to get out of that band and become more successful. Unfortunately because to them the world is not a nice place to look at and they're convinced that other people are out to get em, so they've got to get em first, they'll come up with a lovely scheme. And I'm sure that everybody has run into at least one or more people at that level. People at that level try and prey on those who tend to be enthusiastic. Because they can use their enthusiasm to gain monetary advantage, or get in their pants, or get them to do something for them, or just generally manipulate the situation the way the person wants it to go. So down there is where the level of truth gets really rocky, because it's deceptive.

But I'm going to move us up again, up to the joy of living. Now even at that level, there is a level within a level. You have the person who's just having a very nice life, a very nice time. They're very joyful. Things look fine. But they're not necessarily aware of the spiritual side of life. They're just having fun. When you move to the more awake band of people, people who are somewhat enlightened, who have some awareness of themselves spiritually, when these beings get into the joy of living, they are doing it with a sense of self that is rather deeper than the person who's just having a good time. And here is where you get into a very high level of truth. See a person can be going through life and not be aware of themselves spiritually. Not be aware of themselves as anything more than a mailman, or you know, just a common Joe, or you know, a person whose wishes in life are nothing more than to be comfortable and get through life comfortably.

When you have somebody who's pretty much at the top of this band, wakes up to their spiritual nature, and really starts coming alive as a being, lots of times, when they wake up, they're here usually in apathy and or depression. "My God, I've been walking around like a zombie. That's depressing!" And then they start feeling sad for all the times that they missed out because they weren't awake. All the opportunities that went by.

And they start coming back up these levels, until eventually, with whatever work they are able to do, if they're able to find Dynamis Clearing they're a step ahead of the game. Because it's about the only thing I know that will actually help a person to get up these levels spiritually and still keep their sanity. It's easy to think you're going nuts when you wake up in an unenlightened world. And everyone is talking about things which make suddenly no sense to you. It's not very magical when you look around and see what is really being created, not very magical at all. We have to put some magic in it.

But, to do that, one has to have some idea of what one's doing because you can make a lot of messes as you start coming upscale spiritually. You start awakening to the true nature of this universe. You start seeing things as illusory. You are no longer able to buy into the little agreed upon spheres of existence. It's no longer okay with you to have for your future 2? kids and a white picket fence. It starts becoming very strange. Your wishes and your desires change. It's no longer okay with you to be told that your children are going to be drafted and go to war and they'll probably be killed. All of a sudden you go, "Why am I agreeing to this?" So, by about that time, the awakened being hits anger. And he can get into a lot of trouble around that, because he's now got some horsepower, real horsepower.

If the being who has woken up is lucky enough to find dynamis clearing, he's got a chance of really achieving personal empowerment, personal sovereignty, and the things which beings want. Beings want lots of other things, too, but what's the biggest hunger a being has? It's to be fully themselves, fully empowered, able to assist in empowering others to be fully themselves and fully empowered. Beings want that. They want it so badly they can taste it. In many cases they want it so badly they can't even admit that they want it. So you find them dabbling around, looking for the right piece of crystal, or messing around with physical universe objects to try and see if they can't maintain that spark of awakening that they've had. It becomes a deep hunger, and there are many, many pathways which will lead them away from what they've already achieved.

No, folks, vitamins are very nice, food supplements are great, but they're not going to get you to enlightenment. They are not the answer to the hunger of the spirit. And I am not advocating not taking your vitamins. That's not the point. The point is that every aspect of life has its own goals, its own desire. The ultimate in peak physical health is a very nice goal, if you happen to be a body. It's a very nice goal to have a body in top, peak health. But that isn't opening the doors of perception. It isn't getting you to a higher level of truth.

Truth comes when you eventually get to the point where you realize each being, each of us, is truth. All the other stuff is just stuff that's been stuck to us, that we've stuck to ourselves, that we've emanated into the universe so that we could then experience the results of our own creation.

Many people start to awaken and they run around, trying to awaken other people. Big mistake. People wake up when the right chord is created for them. But they have to create it. You can't do it for them. So you'll find somebody who's woken up, they want to wake other people up because it's lonely, and because they can't quite tolerate having this viewpoint that is so different from the ones everybody around them has. It's a little painful, a little lonely, and they feel a little alien. So the trouble is that you cannot wake a sleeper before their time. They just go back to sleep.

And for many people when they do first wake up, they're madly looking for something that will explain to them what these new perceptions are. How to use these psychic abilities that are beginning to wake up. And unless they have somebody there to teach them, they're going to usually make some big mistakes.

When I had a group years ago, and I'd have trainee practitioners, we had what I called the "bird with the broken wing" syndrome. And I used to warn trainee practitioners: You're only allowed one at a time. Because birds with broken wings will break your wings. Work as much as you can with those who are closer to truth. Don't let your sympathies lead you astray. Because they will eat you, take your energy, suck you dry, and go on their way. Fair warning to new practitioners. Only one bird with a broken wing at a time. They're going to do it, so you can't forbid it. You can just minimize the damage.

So, as the being reaches further and further to complete empowerment, there are certain levels of truth along that way, too. In Dynamism's clearing practices, we first clear away the things that are overwhelming the person in life, and handle the psychic wounds which are causing the person to emanate distress into the universe, where the universe promptly mirrors it back. And as one goes up the line, the first major, major goal is personal sovereignty, the Game Sphere Program. Personal sovereignty is where the being is knowingly at the center of their own universe, being themselves fully, knowing they are an agent of infinity, and not some created object. Above that, the person starts to handle their spiritual connections, starts to look at their integrity as a being, becomes really whole, and then after that the person is really ready to start the Empowerment levels and move in on the levels of actually handling dynamis, creating with dynamis, creating effects with dynamis, actually beginning to manipulate the fabric of the universe, which is, at base, dynamis, anyway.

So, I look at the situations and the people that come. People come because they want their baggage cleared away. They want their baggage straightened out, and they want to be able to be in charge of things again for their own universe. This is usually the first thing that spurs the person to come into Dynamis Clearing. They feel that life has run away with them, and they'd like to get back on the bus. And of course, everything we do, every step of the way, is raising their level of truth. When you hear somebody telling you what a terrible run of luck they've had, and how the world has been doing it to them, and how terrible it is that all these dreadful things should be allowed to occur, you know you're listening to somebody who is not only lying to you, he is lying to himself. As the Celestine Prophesy said, there are no coincidences. I actually don't agree with that. I think there are coincidences, but there are very few of them. Very, very few of them.

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When a being finally gets up to personal sovereignty, and starts operating fully as himself, there is a nifty little thing that comes into play, called serendipity. Serendipity is when a nice thing happens that you would have intended to happen if you'd ever thought of it. That's serendipity. It's serendipitous--the universe just sort of delivered it in your lap. It's part of the magic of being yourself. It's all that is. Because now you're emanating clean, pure dynamis into the world, and there's no reason for the world to mirror anything back at you other than clean, pure dynamis, the stuff of life itself. Boy, does that say it all!

Enid Vien is the founder and author of the philosophy of Dynamism; the study of Life Energy. Blending Eastern and Western philosophies with a large wooden spoon, her writings are a humorous and pithy stew of metaphysics and common sense. Born and educated in England, ordained in 1964, Enid prefers to use no honorifics and is not affiliated with any particular denomination. She has been a student of Humanity throughout her life and has studied most major religions and philosophies in her ongoing quest for understandable truths.


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This article is about how a person may try to protect an existing belief system, reject any other belief system but with some guidance can eventually adopt a new belief system and project themselves to others in a new way. A lot of people do not want to believe anything that might challenge the current belief system.

Some people may act with anger or profanity or worse at the very idea that what they believe could be different from what is actual. There is a level of difficulty in accepting new age thinking, of tossing out the old and bringing in the new, it is not within the comfort zone, it is for some to be feared. However, we all must change with the times and there is a lot of new thinking going on and best to get on board!

There is some very exciting information to be read and digested about reality and what we think it is and what it really is and how to change our reality to serve us better. A person could choose to stop protecting the old beliefs so much, stop rejecting new beliefs and take a look at whats going on in the area of evolutionary growth. The benefits are tremendous and there are many fast track methods to bolster confidence, self-esteem, abilities such as enhanced awareness and much more. Being involved with personal growth programs one can really excel and eventually project ourselves in a new vibrant way and also attract desires by using special techniques!

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The sense of smell and sight brings a person to the awareness of what is happening around. This, in most cases is an instant awareness in the mind before even knowing or identifying whatever the issue is. This situation is commonly referred to as 'mindfulness' and has to do with our internal vision as opposed to the physical sight.

Many people have ignored the state of 'mindfulness'. A lot of them will prefer to solve the condition by taking the time to understand it first. Sometimes they end up viewing the signals from the eye or the ear in a negative way. In other words, mindfulness teaches one to notice our emotions.

The central communication part is the mind. What happens touching the body is of great concern to the mind. It will scrutinize all happenings though not to make any negative move but to keep the entire body is properly informed.

Though the concept of mindfulness is difficult to exhaustively explain, it is established that it has its origin in the philosophical as well as cultural traditions. It gives the person that conviction that something good or bad may be happening or may happen.

The Mindfulness art will do great help to a person if it is well applied. This has been proven by many people and psychological practitioners.

Should you wish to enhance your thoughtfulness techniques, the following methods all thoughtful in nature can be considered;Yoga,thoughtful thinking or breathing, Outdoor walking(echo therapy) or listening to music also called music therapy.

There is a vast difference between 'Mindful' meditation and Mindful concentration. In 'Mindful'? concentration the mind is focused on one particular point, thought or word. All attempts of the mind to wonder to other things are discouraged.

Mindful meditation involves does not shut out other thoughts instead it ensures that they are taken into consideration. As a matter of fact, mindful meditation will observe all what is happening around the person and inform accordingly.

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Feeling caught between a rock and a hard place spiritually can be like dwelling in a place of utter darkness. When a new plateau in our awareness is about to be reached, the ego-side of us takes such hold, that we feel held back by some invisible force.

With each plateau we come to understand that we are actually stuck in the space between love and fear, and we know this. We feel stuck, because I think we are.

Our attitude, the lack of trust, and our own thoughts that we use to scare ourselves with, those are the reasons why it can feel as if we are being played with by God himself. Like a cat playing with a mouse. All happening in our mind.

While we know, we know, that the most productive way to solutions comes from being connected to Peace first, we are still having times in our evolution experiencing being on a ego-level, kicking and screaming to a God that ego thinks is outside of ourselves. While knowing it's not true at all.

We are raging with anger and frustration, so furious with God and we just want to cry.

At moments like this, if we have developed in our consciousness, we are very aware that our behavior not attracting any solutions to us. We are very aware of the fact that by our rage we are only fueling the law of attraction to bring us more to feel furious and sad about.

The stronger the feeling, the stronger the attraction.

There's a lot of anger and feelings of hopelessness involved, and we have to make an effort to bring ourselves back to peace again. Going from having one foot in the new awareness (God), and one foot in the old (ego), we must decide to let go of the striving and struggle.

The trying so hard to bring forth a solution, coming from a place of desperation and motivation based in fear, to a place of embracing the space of uncertainty, to honestly say to ourselves; "I don't know" and accept it, being OK with that. Accepting the fact that we simply don't have a clue, and knowing that God has.

The universe knowing about it all, and is waiting for us to relax, so we can let it in. Our real job is to let it in.

We know all this, don't we. If you are on a spiritual path, I'm sure you know all about these moments.

It's a part of our growing process, and God is bigger than any of our problems. Letting go of the struggle to even understand is crucial. To let go, and Let God.

That's when peace can enter and our lives will transform. Let go and let the light in.

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I hate the word so much, it's hard to say sometimes but I'll put it here: resolution. You know, the one that never seems to get used except at the beginning of each year.

You wake up that first day after the new year (possibly still hungover after having so many shots, they decided to put your pic on a newly created "in your honor" Wall of Fame) and decide "Ok, this is it. This is the year I FINALLY stick to my New Years resolution!" You just spent the past 2 months celebrating holidays that involve eating massive amounts of calories and decreasing the turkey population by half. You gained weight, feel crappy and you have been hyping yourself up that once the new year gets here, you are going to get on it. You arrive at the gym and you see a picture like the one to the left. Apparently, everyone else also believes that the new year brings about this "magical" spell that will force you (all of a sudden) to stick to a plan. As a trainer, this is honestly a good time of year. It's typically busy and everyone has the "bug" to exercise.

It's also a horrible time of year going into any gym in the world because IT'S TYPICALLY BUSY AND EVERYONE HAS THE "BUG" TO EXERCISE.

The normal 75-100 people that are usually at your larger gym shoots up to 400. You bump into people at every machine and elbow your way to your locker afterwards and just pray you make it to your car without committing assault and battery on someone for invading your space. It never fails that after the month of January, the gyms will be back to normal. The resolution is no more and you fall back into the same habits. This is one of the reason I HATE the word "resolution." It's time to come up with a new word. Something I always tell my clients and anyone else who cares to listen is it should be all about making LIFESTYLE changes, not once a year "resolutions." You should aim to make a "Lifeolution" and it can be any day of the year, not just Jan 1st.

Don't get me wrong...I LOVE to hear people really try to make changes for the better and I do it too. It means you at least WANT to make a change. Just don't get so wrapped up in following what everyone else does. When you truly put your mind to making actual changes to your lifestyle, it no longer is a "diet"...it simply becomes the way you eat. It's no longer a "resolution" but just how you LIVE YOUR LIFE. You notice that you NEVER have to make a resolution to eat unhealthy food and exercise as little as possible. It just happens and the only reason it "just happens" for most is simple: It has become a way of life. Everyone has the ability to break this pattern and start putting in place simple steps to make sure that if you do decide that this is the year you are going to turn your health and body around for good, you are able to incorporate it into your daily life and not feel like it's a chore.

Here are some things I have learned over the years and that I have told others that may help you STICK to becoming a NEW YOU:

1) Never bring all the pots/pans of food to the dinner table - Most families, when sitting down to eat together, bring the pots and pans or serving dishes to the table and sit down and eat. This easily can lead to reaching and eating more since the food is RIGHT there in front of you, yelling at you to eat more. Changing this one little thing can save tons of calories each meal. Have everyone make their plate at the stove and then sit down and eat.

2) While on the topic of eating, SLOW DOWN when eating! - Ever been around someone who seems to be the only person at the table who heard the "bell" and decided to eat as if they are on Coney Island in front of thousands of people cheering them on??? Yep, you have probably seen them or are probably ONE of them. Slow down. Unless you are eating something that is still alive and you HAVE to eat fast before it gets away (if you are doing this, I would LOVE to see video of this), slow down and take your time. There are many methods to practice this but the best ones I have heard over the years are a) Take at least 15-20 chews per mouthful and b) Put your fork down in between each bite. It typically takes around 20 minutes before the signal reaches your brain to tell you "your full" and if you stuff an entire plate down before that signal and then some, it's easy to see how one can overeat. Once you get full, there is a sure fire way to make sure you don't overeat: Put the (insert whatever colorful adjective you like here) fork down and get up from the table! Trust me, you will get to eat again so don't act like this is your last meal, unless you are on death row and having your last meal...in that case, eat HOWEVER the (again, insert whatever colorful adjective you like here) you want and I'll see you on the other side.

3) Don't let anything get in the way of your workout - Yep, this is definitely "easier said than done" but if you really plan on finally making your New Year "You Know What" stick, you have to get in the habit of doing this. You would never let anything interrupt your sleep (except a new baby)...you rarely let anything keep you from work, from meeting friends for drinks, etc. Same applies to your workouts. Make it a part of your LIFE. Besides any life threatening emergencies ("You said she fell down the stairs and is in the ER??? OK, I'll be there soon as I leave my spinning class...") never let something get in the way of you sticking to your scheduled workout.

4) Buddy up or get a trainer - Of course I had to say something to convince people even more why they need to hire me (if you are in Seattle, LOOK ME UP and if you aren't, tickets aren't too expensive to fly here...I'll give you a good discount!) but all kidding aside, a GOOD trainer will help keep you motivated and work with you no matter what you may be dealing with. A good trainer will truly care and do whatever they can to help. A friend can also help with this, especially one who has the same goals as you. Keep each other accountable and push each other to stick with it!

5) Believe in yourself - I have trained with many who were their biggest critic. They would psych themselves out of doing a certain exercise, tell themselves they can't stick to eating healthy and so on. BELIEVE you can make this the year you truly change your lifestyle. Negative people around you who keep bringing you down and pushing bad habits on you??? Get rid of 'em (and just to clarify for any possible subpoenas asking me to appear in court, NO, I don't mean kill the person or make them disappear in a way that can have you fighting something that starts with the words "capital" or "felony") but really limit time around those type of people. Surround yourself with others who have a lifestyle you are trying to attain...those who truly make their health a priority and not a chore.

Do you have any tips or ideas that have worked/are working for you in sticking to your new "Lifeolution?" Comment and let me/everyone know!

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