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One of my greatest struggle with sticking to a budget, is that I always overspend what I budget on food. Here are some of my tips to help an Adult with ADD when going Grocery Shopping:

1. Write a menu of what you want to eat for the week. Make sure to include breakfast, lunch, and snacks. There are software products available to help adults with ADD who are more visual thinkers.

2. Based on the menu create a list of what you will need to prepare the items on your menu.

3. Look in your cabinets and refrigerator, for items that are on your list, remove those items from your list. If you go the supermarkets to buy cleaning products or toiletries, you will need to check your bathroom, closets, and if you are like me anywhere else in the house where you put these items. Add items that you are running low on, on to the list.

4. Can you afford the items that are on your list? This will be difficult to determine if this is the first time that you have set a limit for yourself, or if grocery shopping is new to you. Once you have shopped a couple of times with a set limit, you will understand whether your food budget is realistic, or if you will have to make changes to your limit or what you buy. A lot of adults with ADD like to use online services that will deliver the groceries to you. This can be helpful for several reasons; it will total up all you purchases before you make them, it reduce the time of a mundane task, and it helps to control impulse buying.

5. If you are planning to go out shopping, make sure you eat a proper meal before hand. This helps you keep a clear head and reduce impulse buying, by not buying things that you are craving because you are hungry.

6. Have you checked circulars, newspapers or the Internet for coupons for the products that are on your list? This can be dangerous because you might also be tempted to buy additional items that you do not really need.

7. Before you head out decide if you want to go to one store or more than one store. While you can save money by going to additional stores, I would not recommend it. First the additional money and time that you spend traveling could negate any savings that you get. Second it adds a lot of complexity to a task that should be done as simply as possible.

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The best way to improve your life and earn the respect of others is to improve your self-esteem. This is not a very difficult task. All that it needs is good guidance. Here are ten tips that can happen when you improve your self--esteem.

1. You should surround yourself with people who are positive and supportive, and shun friends who are cynical and negative. This will generate a huge swell of positive feelings in you. You will respect yourself more, and your self-esteem will grow.

2. You should be clear about what you want to achieve in life. Set goals, and work for their achievement. To make your task easier, break your main goal into several smaller goals which are relatively easier to achieve. This will make the task of reaching your main goals seem easier. It will also give you a feeling of satisfaction whenever you achieve one of the smaller goals.

3. Always be positive about yourself and keep reminding yourself about your good qualities, your accomplishments and how you help your family, friends, others and yourself. Don?t make the mistake of brooding over negative things, and never put yourself down.

4. Develop the ability to accept criticism about yourself, without getting upset or defensive. This will help you eliminate your weaknesses one by one. However, make sure that the criticism is constructive. Don?t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by criticism that is cynical or meant to lower your self-esteem. This will be a great mistake, and do irreparable damage to your self-esteem.

5. We all need to accept the fact that we will fail from time to time. We should not let it get us down or to have too much of a negative effect on us. We should think that we have not been successful this time and that we will succeed the next time. This will help us to pull ourselves together and move on. Such an attitude will help us overcome the most difficult conditions.

6. Never compare yourself with others. This is the easiest way to feel inferior and lose self-esteem. It is much better to rate yourself on your achievements. Such an approach will give you self-confidence. At the same time it will make you feel better when dealing with your peer group.

7. Never put yourself down. Failures are like parasites. If you allow them to grow they will eat away your self-confidence, self-respect and self-esteem. The best is to push negative thoughts out of your mind, if you want others to treat you with respect. This can only happen when you project a positive exterior, even in most adverse situations. Make it a point to filter out all self-criticism.

8. Don?t give in to bullies in your place of work or in your personal life. You must learn to stand up to them. This can only happen if you are assertive about your rights. Of course, this does not mean that you should pick up physical battles to make your point. On the contrary, you should exercise restraint and make your point in a dignified manner. This will not only make others treat you with respect but also increase your self-esteem.

9. You may be self-conscious and because of this you may avoid talking to groups of people. Try to approach groups of people and introduce yourself to them. Ask them questions about themselves and try to be genuinely interested in the answers. Listen carefully and attentively to what they say and respond to show your interest. Interacting with people will make you feel more relaxed. You will realize that it is easy to speak to groups of people and to relax by concentrating on what others are saying, rather than on yourself.

10. Self-esteem is also dependent upon the felling of well-being. A lazy person or a poorly groomed person will always feel inferior to a confident, smart individual. So, you need to take good care of your body. Remember, a healthy body is essential for a healthy mind.

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When you listen to your perceptiveness you will notice that you intuit issues deeper than they appear on the surface. When you apply insight into a situation, you have an opportunity to offer greater value to the interaction.

Bringing your intuitive perceptiveness forth creates a reciprocal effect, as well, bringing positive energy into your spiritual circuitry in the process. When you apply the urgings of your intuition, you align yourself with the wisdom of the universe and you can trust that everything is part of a grand design, albeit, you have no concrete proof at the moment.

You are put into a place of greater understanding in order to share your unique light to benefit yourself and others. You will also receive a flash of insight that allows you to know more about a situation, even though, you do not have access to the universe's wisdom in the moment. The universe's wisdom will be revealed as the events unfold.

By turning within whenever you are seeking guidance, you can center yourself to speak from the highest place within yourself. When you receive intuitive guidance then you know it can be trusted. You can know that you are a clear channel for the universe to work through you and that you are not merely reacting to emotions or circumstances. You can look beyond the surface of any situation and make a deeper connection by listening and looking into the eyes of another.

Whether you awake to the insight or consciously choose it, you have the ability to manifest light in the world.

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Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Metaphysician - Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, Author and Speaker. Dr. Dorothy facilitates clearing blocks, fears and limiting beliefs. You can live the life you deisre. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one's thoughts and feelings. http://www.gen-assist.com

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Being in negative state of mind is really harmful. It damages daily functioning. You cannot carry out the routine chores and cannot concentrate well. This happens to all of us once in a while.

It could result from being tired. Moreover, disappointment can also be a culprit. Such situations are hard to deal with. However, you can solve this problem by following the advices given below.

Start by altering your thinking pattern. It is our negative way of thinking that can lead us into such a mess. Correct that.

Observe your way of thinking. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. It is really not that hard.

In case, you are going through stress, take a break from daily routine. Do something different just for a day. Call on a friend. Go out to shop. You can also exercise. Do anything that allows you some escape.

Relax. Make time for yourself. Sometimes, we get too caught up in a situation. In this regard, making some time out from yourself from your hectic routine can do you a world of good. This is a nice way to get you to stop thinking.

If you can do anything to correct your problem, then, by all means, do so. Deal with the situation. If you are going to allow it linger on, then it will only keep on complicating matters for you. Even if you fail to sort out the problem, you actually tried. By attempting, you also learned something.

Count your blessing. Take time out each day to review your achievements. This will instill in you a sense of achievement. It will motivate you to take action and remedy the situation. Many people are so busy thinking about an existing problem that they fail to see the life beyond. They fail to account for what life has given them. they keep on focusing on that one thing that went wrong.

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Here, I focus on a range of items and features that we use in life without giving them a second thought such as Coca Cola, body muscles and holding ones own breath. Though, most of these notes are not fundamentally necessary, they are such that you can use them for a good laugh, at a drinks party or for picking up women or men.

1) Coca-Cola: Did you know that its original colour was green?

2) Mohammed: Did you know that this is the most used name in the entire world?

3) Geographical Letters: Did you know that the name of each of the continents begins and concludes with the exact same alphabet? Do not believe that? Look up Asia, Europe, Africa, America, Antarctica and the rest.

4) Muscle Strength: Did you know that the strongest muscle in the entire body is that one which we use to lick a popsicle? Your tongue.

5) Credit Cards: In the United States, were you aware that each and every person has at least two credit cards?

6) An Antique Machine: The word for an old machine that was once used for writing letters and other documents is the largest word that one can make if they click only on a single row of their computer's keyboard: typewriter!

7) Blink: Men wink at women, but research has found out that the average woman blinks nearly two times more than the average man.

8) Suicide: Even though you might have wondered if it was possible, studies have discovered that it is impossible to kill oneself by simply holding in your breath.

9) Licking: However much you may try, you will never be able to lick your elbows.

10) Sneeze: Try sneezing. People will automatically answer you with a bless you greeting. Have you ever imagined why? Some say that this happens because a sneeze stops the functioning of the heart for a very tiny second.

11) The Blue Sky: Did you know that a pig, no matter how much they try, cannot look up into the sky?

12) Twisting Your Tongue: We have all dabbled with different tongue-twisters in our day. But do you know which is the toughest? Sixth sick sheiks sixth sheeps sick.

13) Ribs: Did you know that you should try not to sneeze too strongly. Why? A very powerful sneeze has the ability to cause a fracture in your ribcage. But, then again, if you try and withhold one, you stand the chance of breaking one of the many blood vessels in your neck or head. This could cause death.

14) Cards: Did you think that the Kings are all just random cards referring to random figures? No. Each one signifies a different king: Diamonds for Julius Caesar, Clubs for Alexander the Great, Spades for David and Hearts for Charlemagne.

15) And finally: Most everyone reading this (Caught You!) are trying to lick their elbows at this exact moment!

Conclusion: Most of these are not scientific facts, but they are hilarious, funny and can be used to lighten up the ambience when a conversation has gone dull. Use any and see your popularity rise up to great heights. Visit http://www.gambling-portal.com for more jokes.

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Are you feeling low? Are you feeling as if you have hit the rocks? Do you feel as if nothing is to your interest anymore? You cannot seem to pay attention to anything anymore.

Everyone suffer from this. The situation can be remedied easily. You just need to take some initiative. Such a situation occurs after a setback or when you are tired. If this state was bought up by a disappointed, you need to stop thinking about it.

By thinking about it, you are giving it all the more attention. You are adding to your suffering.

You need to attempt something new. It will do you good to change your routine a bit. Do something that you have never tried before or seldom find time for. Give exercising a try.

Just take your mind off it. Usual routines allow too much to worry. This is owing to the fact that we become used to what we are doing. Therefore, it gives us a lot of time to think, think and just think.

Listen to yourself. The way we talk to ourselves is really important. If you find yourself doing negative self talk, then stop it. Saying to you that things will never get better is one example of negative self talk. This can be really destructive.

If your problem has a possible solution, then go for it. Doing something is better than waiting for things to happen for you. If your solution does not work, then you learned something.

People get so caught up in one single problem that they lose sight of all the other good things in their lives. You should account for the good things in your life daily. This will make you appreciate your life bit more. Set new goals, and work on them. This way you will keep yourself occupied. Remember, the importance that you give to something depends on you.

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The development of a positive self-concept, or healthy self-esteem, plays a major role in life success and happiness.

Self-esteem is quite simply how we feel about ourselves and our behavior clearly reflects those feelings. The way we talk about ourselves is very important in everything we do. What we think determines how we feel and how we feel determines how we behave.

A strong positive self-concept allows individuals to open themselves to new opportunities and challenges both personally and professionally. People who lack self-esteem are less willing to move from their safety zone and so miss opportunities in life, love, and success.

We can often place the blame for low self-esteem on people in our past such as our parents, teachers, or other important people. However once we reach adulthood, we need to take responsibility for our own self-concept.

In many ways self-esteem is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Those with a positive self-image will constantly reinforce that image with new successes while those with a negative self-image will find new failures to reinforce that image. If your self-esteem needs bolstering then you must find ways to bolster it.

One way to boost your self-concept is through self-talk. Psychologists have found that negative self-talk is behind depression and anxiety. It is important to emphasize to ourselves both positive self-statements and mental pictures. Do this several times every day until it becomes a habit and you do not need to force yourself to imagine a positive self-concept but instead allow it to become a reality.

A second important step is to decide what you can and cannot control. Change and act on the things that are in your control and release the things that are out of your control. You can control your eating and exercise habits but you cannot change your body type. You can control your personal hygiene and appearance but you cannot control whether others find you attractive. You can control how you feel about yourself but you cannot control how others feel about you.

Third, set up a competition you can win. This means only compete to improve yourself not to beat someone else. Constantly setting meaningful, achievable goals for yourself allows you to keep improving yourself and can also build your self-esteem by reinforcing your achievements.

Fourth, become a positive person. When you ponder a decision or change in your life then think of everything that could go right. Emphasize the positives even when something unexpected occurs. Recognize that mistakes are opportunities to try again. Keep the setback in perspective. Most mistakes are not personal tragedies but rather problems you now have the opportunity to solve. Success is often the tail of a string of failed attempts to get it right.

Finally, accept responsibility for yourself. Finding self-confidence requires accepting responsibility for your own happiness and recognizing that you are a product not only of your genetic code and your environment, but of the choices you make. Release the blame for your past and do not dwell on the others who may have contributed to your low self-esteem. That was yesterday. You and you alone are responsible for the person you will be today and tomorrow.

Building your self-esteem is crucial to your success and happiness. If you follow these five steps then you should be able to give your self-esteem a boost.

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A few evenings ago, some friends and I decided to watch the latest Star Wars film, Return of the Sith. This film got me thinking about a concept that is key to much of the hypnotherapy that I do, and is an excellent example of how not to lead one?s life.

Much of what makes the Star Wars story so alluring is the puzzling change that occurs in Anakin Skywalker. How is it that a man can turn from supremely good to the embodiment of evil? We?re led to love Anakin the Jedi and hate the same man, only a few days later. It is both puzzling and troubling. What is even more puzzling (and perhaps troubling) is that, on the surface, it seems that Anakin?s love for Padme is what leads him, ultimately, to the dark side.

This is an excellent example of the way the Jung claims that the human shadow works. The shadow, according to Jung, is a huge portion of our personality that we disown. We disavow it, and lock it away. Once it is locked away, it becomes destructive. We can see this in many ways: a person who denies something about themselves turns to self-destructive behaviors such as excessive drinking, or even worse, becomes violent. It is commonly accepted that many anti-social behaviors have their roots in a person?s inner conflict.

Anakin?s inner conflict is severe. He lives like a Jedi?which is, more or less, a monastic life. So many of the other Jedi do this very well?and Anakin fails. He fails the moment he starts to let his shadow express itself. What has been locked up for so long has grown vicious, and now consumes and destroys him. The image of Anakin locked into the hood of Darth Vader shows that he has really become consumed; he shadow has gotten loose; all that is good about him has been destroyed.

There is a lesson to be learned from this; and it?s a lesson that goes back thousands of years. There are parts of us that we, or society, don?t like. We have instincts, desires and urges that are, in some ways, unacceptable. It is only natural that we should try to repress them?by doing so we can be accepted by those around us. Unfortunately, when we oppress what we don?t like about ourselves, it causes problems. It is the root of many neuroses and other problems in our lives.

The solution to this problem seems simple and is a monumental task: we must strive to make ourselves whole. That means, when we feel an urge to do something unacceptable, we must step back and examine that urge. We have to figure out what is at the root of that urge, and we have to integrate it into our lives in a positive way. We must understand that we are good?and that applies to everything about us. Something that has been shoved aside and allowed to become bitter and vicious is simply a natural part of us gone bad, and it is incumbent upon us to address that. In order to live good, healthy and happy lives, we have to embrace our dark side.

If Anakin Skywalker (and the Jedi) were to embrace the Dark Side in a healthy way, they would be more powerful than ever. They would feel emotions?love, anger, fear, and hate?and all of those emotions would be in proper perspective. Additionally, they would have access to the power that all of these emotions affords their adversaries, the Sith. Keeping the ill effects of some human emotions at bay does not help the Jedi at all; it just leads to dramatic outbursts of those same emotions. The lesson here is simple and very important: embrace your dark side in a healthy way, and you will be happier and more powerful.

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The study of the energy...

No, not oil, gas and solar panels... The energies about which I write, are the unseen vibrations of life, the very core and essence of all that exists in our world - This is the world of quantum physics, but if you are seeking information from a scientific perspective, this article is not for you. I am writing about the world from an energetic perspective. We think our world is solid, but it is not; it is made up of moving molecules of vibration. They affect us and we affect them.

ENERGETICS studies and uses the unseen moving molecules of vibration that make up all life as well as its interactive effects. It helps us to more deeply and accurately understand the world in which we live. There is so much in our world that we miss by focusing solely on what we identify and substantiate with our five senses. I have been learning about the world beyond physical world; I want to share that unseen, but oh-so-real and oh-so-relevant energetic world.



I consider myself an Energy Worker.

I allow my body to be the conduit or vehicle for the energies from 'other' dimensions. These energies exist in the realms of our extra-sensory perception. They come from beyond the Third Dimension.

As an Energy Worker I let those other dimensional energies play through me to do unseen, positive and I believe, essential work on the planet.


Let me try to explain. I was in France recently. It was market day, my favorite day of the week. I love wandering leisurely amongst the stalls, breathing in the smells of the marketplace, the scent of the flowers for sale, the heady aroma of freshly baked bread, or the range of colors in the vegetable market, the array of fish at the fish mongers -the color, movement, sounds and smells. I love buying my still warm rotisserie chicken and fresh veggies and going home for lunch on the back terrace, overlooking fields of sunflowers. What could be better?

But that was only a small part of what I was doing at that marketplace that morning...

What you just read was a three dimensional description of what took place. Beyond, beneath or around those activities were the unseen energies of the subtle realms, where the energetic cleansing, clearing and harmonizing efforts of the Energy Worker occur.

Every person with whom I interacted, came to the market with a clear or not so clear energy field. The vibrations moving through them for many different reasons created the overall quality of the energies they carried. My job was to allow the other dimensional energies to pulse out from my body in such a steady harmonious way that the chaotic or unharmonious vibrations around me synchronized to my beat, to my vibration, and created a calmer, clearer field around us both. I think of myself as a COSMIC VACUUM CLEANER. Go ahead and laugh - it is really a very apt description. That now cleansed, more balanced field enables the optimum that can occur in that field to actually unfold. Folks feel better - calmer- less anxious, though they may have no conscious understanding of why. No, I don't impose my goals on the field; I only hold the intention that the most appropriate goals for the most people occur in that time and at that place. Et voila... one of the many jobs of the Energy Worker. Oh yes, there are many more... but that's for another article.

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Elaine Seiler is a Writer, Facilitator, and Coach, specializing in the field of Energetics. She is a conduit for other dimensional energy, thereby catalysing the transformation and evolution of everything in her field, and the awakening the innate gifts of multi-dimensionality in her associates and clients.

Visit her web site - http://www.transformationenergetics.com to sign up for her Free ENewsletter and to receive notification of the launch of her groundbreaking new book on energetics and evolution.

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Entrepreneurs often jump from one thing to another expecting the new thing will be easy and much faster to make a better living. A better living is the basic craving factor of all entrepreneurs. If one is not able to make a living as he wants in the expected time he is likely to jump from one to another. I categorize entrepreneurs as born entrepreneurs and those who opted to be.

The in- born entrepreneurs are powerful, accept changes for the goal and are very challenging and the mechanism of self-motivation works in them. They have inherited certain core aspects of perseverance and patience with the mind to adopt to situations and are more daring and willing.. They are fearless. They are born in fire and so survive any harsh conditions and most likely to succeed. They have the intuition and inner guidance of how to move about. They have the inborn vision and the inner mind tuned to goal at all times.

The case is not same with those who opted entrepreneurship. My target group is those who want to become successful entrepreneurs as they opt to become an entrepreneur for a living.

Choosing of a niche is often based on the fascination one has in the subject. A person who dislikes cutting meat will not shine as a butcher and is likely to change his mind every now and then. One cannot sell fish if he does not like the smell of fish. I mean a small enterprise where the majority of the work is maintained by one self, it is difficult to make the venture successful if the niche is alien.. I don't deny the fact that there are exceptions in every rule and cases of entrepreneurs who became highly successful without any knowledge of the subject are there too. What I mean here is, there are more failures in such cases than success. So I opt to say what I said above. Let us continue with our main theme of setting the inner mind.

How to set your inner mind to the goal?

You might be thinking what is inner mind? Yes you guessed it. I am talking about the inner mind, the unconscious mind. People often fix up their mind, their external mind in the things they have to do and hear superfluously how they can do things, to be successful. But the fact is, it is very easy to make yourself successful if you set your inner mind for success.

The inner mind never thinks of failure and never work thinking if. If it became a failure...What is next? What I will do next if this is going to be something different than what I think it should be? What if I don't get the finance I want to make it successful? What if I don't get the customers I want? What if \I am not able to support me and my family with this venture? If ever you ask and try to find out solutions for these questions, there is every likelihood that your venture becomes an utter failure. Your inner mind or the unconscious mind already give you a way from the present one and take you to the next level. Believe it or not, the unconscious mind is so powerful.

When you try to cheat yourself you get cheated.

So set your mind to the goal you are in. Think of the goal when you get up in the early morning. Think of the fruits of the goal just before you sleep in the night. Think of the goal in your prayers. Think of the results and think of the right path to reach your destination and feed these things in your inner mind. Let the external mind strive, meet challenges, remove obstacles, fight and survive. Keep your inner mind focused, totally concentrated.

There will be a point or several occasions when you will be driven to tell yourself that you are a failure and you cannot make it up. But this is your external situation but tell your internal mind you will succeed one day and go strong. Your internal mind will motivate you and inspire you to work in such situations where as your external environment will tell you to get out. Your friends and relatives will tell you to get out. Listen to your internal mind.

It might help you to get an experienced coach who might be able to help you reach your goal much faster than you think. The coach will support you, motivate you and help you to accomplish your goal much faster than you can think of and shall be able to hold you responsible and answerable.

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Confucius said that the day you enjoy your work, would be the last day you ever worked. Another quotation you may say! However, quotes are mind triggers designed to set an attitude, a mindset, a culture. In simple words, using non corporate lingo, as a way of life! We use them as inspiration for self and others.
The above was just a quote until recent times. This quote coupled with various experiences in the recent past led to a concept that inspired to write what you are about to read below.
This concept will only make sense to you if you are willing to accept what is being said at face value. There is always an argument that you are different and that your 'work' cannot be made fun. If this is the mindset, guess what? You are right. Whether you think you can or cannot? in either case you are 100% right.
Work is actually an art. It requires you to use the science but display it like art. Your work is a piece of art because no one else has the brush but you. You are given a blank sheet to paint - your job description and responsibilities. How you paint, is purely in your hands.
In my previous article 'Career Proofing' I have already introduced you to my great Service Provider friend from ABN AMRO Clifford Lucas. Work is art for him.
Now lets take you to any corporate Dude(tte) working in a company. Day in/day out, doing the same stuff. Fun is dying out. The first month excitement is out. Gone are the days when s/he used to be thrilled with that first business booked, the first promotion, the first 100% quality achievement and many other firsts. Life has become a drag. It does not offer any more 'firsts' the way it used to. So big deal. Think of it this way. Today is the First day of the rest of your life. LIVE IT, PAINT IT!
I recently read that a routine life leads to a rut and the only difference between a rut and a grave, is the depth. Bring back life in your work by treating it as an art.
In order to do this, Stop Planning! Yes a corporate consultant saying stop planning. Planning processes are dull, uncreative, boring (here we go again) I mean Board Room activity. It lacks life. You design your home, do not plan it. Mental creation is a function of design and not planning
Planning is out and as Tom Peters would say, Design sells. Taking the same principle a little further, Navitus recommends not planning a future but designing it.
Next time you are 'planning' at work remember if you plan, you are about to recreate disgustingly outdated ideas. Instead sit to design. Play music, remove your ties and design future with passion of a sports person, the vision of Michelangelo, inquisitiveness of a 15 month old, determination of a boxer and speed of a cheetah
Once the designing is done you are ready to put it into action. This is critical. If your designing process is right, you are inspired and ready to be inspired. It is simple! Miandad (a legendary Pakistani cricketer) gave us the reverse sweep. These are initiatives that are a result of commitment to work. You may call it unconventional, creative or artistic, the fact is it is a result of sheer love of what one does.
When you are done on the stage (workplace), you are performing. Perform like no one has ever performed. Out do your own previous performance. Surprise yourself. It will be the last day you worked!
Another thought provoking quote at the end: Work joyfully & peacefully, knowing that right thoughts and right efforts will inevitably bring about right results. James Allen, 1864-1912, British-born American Essayist, Author of ''As a Man Thinketh'
Don't work today. Design your future! Your last working day was yesterday and yes it is all a state of mind...

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Just a chat about what i have been studying and the two techniques that are so simple to add to your daily life. These techniques just give back some meaning to life and are used to help enjoy life. They are my personal choice of technique that i get a lot out of. I hope you will beneift too. If you do that is great, if you dont think they will help you that is ok too. Visit the Relaxation blog here which i update with videos or posts you may find interesting: relaxationsanctuary.blogspot.com More videos to come on guided meditation, techniques for living a meaningful life and relaxation. I hope you enjoy the video. Please remember to subscribe so i can carry on with the channel and build it up into something really special. Take care of yourself and talk to you soon.
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Doch leider nur weniger wissen uber diese Krankheit bescheid, oder wissen, wie sie zu reagieren haben. Dazu kommt noch, dass viele Menschen, auch in Deutschland, die Gefahr eines Herzinfarkts sehr unterschatzen. Dabei ereignen sich pro Jahr rund 300 000 Herzinfarkte in Deutschland. Die Uberlebenschancen nach einem Herzinfarkt stehen dazu noch nur bei 50 Prozent.

Besonders Manner sind Herzinfarkt-gefahrdet. Zu meist befinden sich die Manner zwischen dem Alter von 50 und 60 Jahren. Aber auch Frauen sind zwischen dem Alter von 60 und 70 Jahren Herzinfarkt-gefahrdet. Naturlich gelten diese Zahlen nicht fur alle, Infarkte sind auch bei jungeren Menschen moglich und bekannt. Besonders Menschen mit den Risikofaktoren wie hohes Cholesterin, Diabetes, Bluthochdruck, Ubergewicht und Rauchen sind gefahrdet.

Wer folgende Risikofaktoren aufweist und im entsprechenden Alter ist, sollte sich die Gefahren des Herzinfarkts bewusst sein. Regelma?ige Arztbesuche schaden nie und sollten gemacht werden. Ab dem 35. Lebensjahr zahlen die Krankenkassen einen jahrlichen Vorsorge-Check.

Welche Symptome weisen einem auf ein Herzinfarkt Risiko hin?
Es gibt verschiedene Symptome, die einem ein Herzinfarkt andeutet, wird oft ubersehen oder falsch gedeutet. So sollte man bei Ubelkeit oder Schwindelgefuhle zweimal nach checken, ob es sich nicht ums Herz geht. Auch starke Bauchschmerzen konnen ein Hinweis auf einen moglichen Herzinfarkt sein. Diese Schmerzen und Symptome konnen so plotzlich wieder verschwinden, wie sie gekommen sind, sollten aber nicht ignoriert werden. Sie sind meistens ernstzunehmende Anzeichen fur ein Infarkt Risiko.

Die typischen und wichtigen Anzeichen kurz vor einem Herzinfarkt sind Druck- und Schmerzgefuhl im Brustkorb ? hinter dem Brustbein. 90 Prozent aller Herzinfarkt Betroffene empfinden unter diesen plotzlichen Schmerzen. Weite haufige Symptomen sind Schmerzen in der linken Schulter, seltener auch in der rechten Schulter, Schmerzen in der linken Brust, Schmerzen im linken Arm oder Schmerzen im Unterkiefer. Typisch sind auch Vernichtungsgefuhle, kalter Schwei? und Ubelkeit.

Dank diesen und anderen Symptomen (Herzschmerzen, Druckgefuhl in der Brust und allgemeine Brustschmerzen) kann man also einen bedrohlichen Herzinfarkt rechtzeitig erkennen und agieren. Also, erste Anzeichen eines Herzinfarkts fruhzeitig erkenne ist das A und O fur die Vorkehrung.

Wie kommt es zum eigentlichen Infarkt?
Ein Herzinfarkt entsteht, wenn ein wichtiges Blutgefa? durch verkalkte Arterien (Arteriosklerose) verengt ist. Die starren Wande der Blutgefa?e werden immer bruchiger, es lagern sich Blutplattchen an, die das Gefa? schlie?lich verstopfen. Der Herzmuskel stirbt ab. Dieser Vorgang muss nicht immer lange dauern, er kann blitzschnell in nur wenigen Minuten passieren.

Wer an einem Herzinfarkt leidet oder neben sich eine Person sieht, die an einem Herzinfarkt leidet, muss sofort reagieren, den jede Minute zahlt.
Also sofort den Notdienst anrufen, Situation des Patienten und Ort dem Notdienst beschreiben. Gleichzeitig auch den Patienten beruhigen und sich zur Seite stehen. Nicht mit dem eigenen Auto in die Klinik fahren. Wertvolle Zeit zur Behandlung durch den Notfallarzt im Krankenwagen geht verloren.

Ein jeder Mensch der glaubt, Herzinfarkt gefahrdet zu sein, kann aktiv dagegen was tun. Um sich vor Herzinfarkte schutzen zu konnen muss er sein Lebensstil andern. Am wichtigsten ist es, den Kreislauf wieder in Schwung zu bringen. Am besten macht man durch regelma?ige Bewegung und korperliche Aktivitaten. Auch muss auf eine gesunde und richtige Ernahrung geachtet werden. Obst und Gemuse sind empfehlenswert, auch Olivenol sehr gesund, dagegen sollte man auf Salz und Alkohol verzichten.

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Wind is such a magical force, especially when it exceeds 40 mph. It's a popular power source for electricity. Consider the energy it provides us each personally and collectively. When the wind shakes your house, you thrive on the comforts of home. You feel grounded as you take shelter, enjoying a warm blanket, a book, and a hot beverage. On the flip side, it may be a pest. As I write this, my glass paned doors and windows are shaking with winds in excess of 55 mph. My screen door has a hole it in from a flying object protruding the screen. It kept my daughter awake last night, which in turn kept me awake last night. Additionally, the wind is actually decreasing our power with downed power lines. This is opposite of how we trust wind to provide us power.

How do you stay grounded and centered in these situations? What impact does it have on your personal energy? How about the energy of your surrounding friends and family?

If the wind brings up concerns of weather emergencies, like a tornado, it follows with an increase in your heart rate and anxiety. It may then lead to irrational thoughts and actions. What a wonderful opportunity to focus on your breath for relaxation and stress reduction. Taking it a step further, if the power is out, meditation by candle light is a beautiful option. Think of the energy created by the wind as you close your eyes and release all thoughts, ideas, and expectations. What comes up for you during that time? Think of the energy created when you stop thinking about the wind and just let go in the moment.

For me, I gained awareness of the forces greater than myself. We are all one and our energies impact each other. What one person says or does impacts others. Each of us are impacted by how one day's weather flows. A hurricane in the south still impacts the north - less impactful, but still impactful. It has a powerful influence that cannot be ignored. As the waves crash and the leaves blow, we are reminded of this energy far greater than who we are individually. Does it shock you? Does it shake you up mentally or emotionally?

Our responses and reactions to such situations demonstrate for us our ability to 'let it go' and 'love ourselves regardless of the circumstances.' If you get bent out of shape by a weather pattern, what's behind that emotion? If you peel back the onion, what's going on for you at that moment? Are you feeling as if the wave is physically crashing into your body or mind? The wind and the storms have significant energy, but you don't have to let it consume you inside and out. You also have power, the power to accept that which is happening around you, and the power to 'ride it out' or 'drop to your knees'. As you read this message, consider what area of your body is responding to these words. Is it an energetic, wonderful feeling? Is it pain and discomfort? Regardless, your response to the energy of the wind and the storm, personally or meteorologically, is a great indicator of your life. To listen to it and understand it takes courage and often assistance. Give into it, for your health and well-being.

...in Happiness and Wellth...Namaste

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Jennifer D. Culver, PCC is a Professional Certified Coach with Jentle Wellness LLC, empowering individuals to become who they aspire to be - mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. She excels in supporting you through your Transition. Jennifer is also a Reiki Master, a Seva Stress Relief Acupressure Practitioner, an Author, a Business Consultant, and a student of Holistic Nutrition. To learn more about gaining support with your transition and to test drive a sample, click on http://jentlewell.wordpress.com and then click the button FREE TRIAL Professional Coaching for a FREE 60-minute Transitional Coaching Session.

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Where does negative energy come from? Some of it is from the other people we spend time with. Don't we all know people who just suck away our energy? However, it also comes from our own thinking habits. Here are some examples of both sources of negativity and what you can do about them.

Negative Energy People

Perhaps you have a friend who needs to challenge everything you say. Some people you know may point out the negative aspects of everything. Then there are those who are just plain depressed and who seem to want the world to join them.

What can you do about these "negative energy people"? First recognize that it isn't always just that person. It is often the way you interact with that person. For example, a critical person can be a useful person if critical analysis is what you need at that moment. However, such a person may drain your energy if you waste your time defending yourself from their petty and unnecessary comments. Ignore them or ask the person to stop!

There are other ways to change the negative energy between you and another. One way is to talk about something you both have a common interest in. This can dissolve the negativity, unless it is a very depressing topic. Another simple technique is to ask negative people for some good news. Get them to tell you about anything that is going well in their lives. It's hard to maintain negative feelings when talking about something good. This one really does work most of the time.

If the above ways don't work, or if the person is just always depressing, the solution is simple, but not necessarily easy - spend less time with that person. You have to spend some time with unpleasant people, of course. They could even be people you love. However, you have no obligation to take part in their negative thinking, and you can reduce your exposure.

Negative Energy From Our Thinking

At times, don't we all produce our own share of negative energy? It comes from primarily one place - our thoughts. You may have heard the saying, "change your thinking, change your life." Don't believe it? Start to imagine all the things you need to do and all the things that could go wrong in your future, and see if you aren't feeling more stressed. The lesson here is obvious: Drop your negative thinking.

It is a simple, but not always an easy solution. Start by watching your mind. When does it indulge in negativity, and what triggers it? What can you change to trigger it less or discourage it? You don't want to ignore problems that you need to pay attention to, but how often do you do the same five minutes of thinking about a problem fifty times over? Just do what you need to do and drop it!

The flip side of negative thoughts is positive ones. This doesn't mean you need to be overly optimistic. You can change your state of mind by simply recognizing of all the good things you already have in your life. Continually thinking about the advantages you have, the good things about your character, and the wonderful things you have seen and are seeing, makes it difficult to feel very negative.

Start doing what you have to. For example, if it's difficult for you to remember to think positively, write a list of the things you are grateful for. Then put it in your pocket and pull it out and read it from time to time. Maybe you can experiment with affirmations. Start watching for things that are going right in your life and pay attention to those. Positive and negative energy come from where you aim your mind. Why not choose better places?

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We change constantly. Every step is a step to the unknown. You have never been exactly like you are now. You have never been in this set of circumstances. So, as you are under this type of transiency, you can begin to second guess your decision and as reaching definite aims in life take time, we become impatient with reaching our goals. Our mind begins to wander, we begin to lose sight of our definite aim and we are tempted to give our commitment away.

There are days when I'm up to my gills with philosophy, ethical development and science. I can be so frustrated that I want to swear never to return to these fields again. But then the golden moment arrives. I remember why I chose these fields in the first place. I remember how much time and discipline I have invested to these subject areas. I recollect the moments in solitude when I have thirsted the life I would otherwise have if I weren't living in solitude to maximize my creativity and specialization. So I ask myself, do I really want to give all that away? That what has made me what I am today? And I have to say in front of my convictions and sacrifices that there is no way I would give them away only to go to a new starting point and begin the process again. And you should think this way too.

Whatever it is that you have chosen, finish it. It will lengthen the lifespan of your decisions. You learn to live with your decisions. And by going to your chosen destination, you will gain a perspective of how long it takes to reach a goal. And these things become vital when you begin to estimate the next goals you are bound to set for yourself. Because you are looking for an article that tells you how to stay focused, it tells that you want to stay focused and are dealing with another vital lesson. Discipline.

All of those who have reached some level of greatness speak of the importance of discipline. And you are now learning that lesson. By staying focused now, and working for reaching your definite aim although you are now in need for empowerment, I promise you that when you WILL reach your goal, all the emotional sacrifices you have made now will be rewarded with the satisfaction of reaching your goal. You'll feel proud of yourself because you know what obstacles you had to work your way through to get to your definite aim. And as you are empowered by it, you have more confidence and hunger for reaching another. You can do it.

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Henry M. Piironen is the author of "The Power of Transiency (How Thoughts Can Harness the Power of Life, the Universe and Everything)." To purchase this definitive book, visit Amazon Kindle Store now! Already read it? To purchase his other books, click here.

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A prisoner in the sixteenth century wrote a statement on the walls of his cell that was discovered many years later. He wrote, 'I believe in the sun even when it's not shining. I believe in love even when I cannot feel it.'

These words are a poignant reminder that you can believe in the goodness in your life, albeit, you can not see it or feel it. Remember the Universe's power and the goodness of the Source or Greater Power is Omni-present even when you are unable to see it or feel it.

Remember to believe the ever-present goodness surrounding you. No matter what you are going through, it gets easier, because you are surrounded by the Universe's supportive energy.

The Laws of the Universe guarantee the results when you believe without doubt, because they are a natural principle that does not change over time or with the vicissitudes in life. Believing in the Universal Laws is no different than planting corn and nurturing the soil. You do not need to wonder if the seeds will produce corn when it is given enough nutrients and water. Corn seeds only produce a corn plant.

This analogy holds true with your life. Believing in something even though you can not see it or feel it is belief in a natural principle. When you believe without doubt you can proceed to create your desires.

Ironically, humans limit their ability to create because of doubt or negative beliefs. When you believe something even though you can not see it or feel it, you will create it. You are creating everything in your life whether you believe, have doubt or negative beliefs. What are you creating? Are you creating what you desire or something else?

Pause now. Consider improving your manifesting success rate - believe even when you can not see it or feel it.

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Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Metaphysician - Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, Author and Speaker. Dr. Dorothy facilitates clearing blocks, fears and limiting beliefs. You can live the life you deisre. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one's thoughts and feelings. http://www.gen-assist.com

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Everyone is periodically faced with an angry person, and can be challenging to deal with. I?d like to share a few ideas in how to react to another?s anger, whether it?s a spouse, friend, or even a stranger. Some of these will also apply if you are angry yourself, which of course is something to avoid in the first place.

Listen - Let the person vent a little, and get their words and feelings out. If you interrupt them too quickly to defend yourself, it?s going to just make things worse. Wait for them to finish or for a pause. Being a good listener is an important skill in many other situations also. A good technique for listening is to ask questions. It not only helps you understand them better, but shows them you truly care to understand.

Stay Calm - Don?t go into anger mode yourself, it just compounds the situation. Just remind yourself that anger is unlikely to accomplish anything good, so why do it.

Validate - Validate their anger, do not just dismiss their emotions just because you feel it?s unjustified. The fact is that they feel this way, and you will help the situation by accepting and acknowledging the way they feel. Let them know this with phrases such as ?I see that you?re really upset with me and am sorry this had to happen?.

Take Responsibility - Don?t let you ego assume that you are totally without fault in their anger. You may not be fully aware of how you come across or what you did. Just accept that your actions could have been responsible, regardless of whether the actions were justified. Find things that you can freely admit you were in error about, and this may help resolve the other person?s anger.

Time-Out - If possible, take a time-out, and let the other person cool down. Trying to debate the situation immediately will often make it worse. Give ti some time to settle down, and then discuss it if necessary. People will require different amounts of time to release their initial anger, so be adaptive to their needs.

Agree to Disagree - Sometimes you?re not going to ever decide that someone was right or wrong, and the debate can go on endlessly with each party trying to convince the other. In these cases, it?s best to just acknowledge that you each have different options, and leave it at that. We don?t always have to agree on things. Just ?Agree to Disagree? then change the subject and move on to something else quickly. If you can find a win/win solution to the issue that?s great, however it?s not always possible.

Keep Perspective - Keep things in perspective, and ask yourself how important the topic of the argument really is in the big picture. It?s so easy to get into a huge argument over what is a trivial thing, and the debate becomes more a personal issue of proving something which really doesn?t matter. Be willing to just let it go.

Release the Anger - If you?re holding a lot of anger yourself, find a good way to release it. What works best will be different for each of us, but some ideas include: talking a walk, go for a bike ride, play a video game, work in the garden, phone a friend, go shopping, take a bath, or anything that will take your mind off it. Time is a great healer.

Avoid Violence - Never use physical violence against another in anger, if you are doing this you should seek professional help before you hurt someone. If you are the recipient of violent anger, then you need to physically get away from that person, as quick as you can.

With anyone you spend a lot of time with, you should work together towards ending anger. Make a pact to try to avoid this emotion which does your relationship no good. If you can both become better listeners, it will go a long ways towards reducing anger, because people will know they can count on you to listen to them. Anger will otherwise become their tool to get your attention.

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It was a drab Monday and I was in a black mood that day. My shoulders were hunched. I walked with a shuffle. I avoided eye contact. My normal "life-of-the-party" spirit was dead.... and somehow that shrouded me with a queer impenetrable invisibility.

Wherever I went, people didn't notice me. The salesgirl failed to serve me. The waiter failed to pass the
menu. And a dog nearly ran me over. I might as well have been dead!

It felt oddd. That was the first time I ever felt like a none-entity.

Around lunch time I entered Starbucks and got me a shot of mochha frap. Zap! Almnost instantly, the caffein lifted my mood... and with it, my vital energy came flooding back. I automatically reared higher. My gait widened. I made eye contact. And best of all, I began smiling.

The magic didn't stop there. With my personal energy flooding out my pores, I noticed an instant effect on those around me. Strangers greeted me with grins. A police offer waved. And a dog came to be petted. What a difference one's mood does to those around us!

Here are some techniques to be noticed:

* Maintain high energy levels. Avoid heavy meats and starchy foods which kill metabolism. Go for organic veggies and fish.
* Walk with purpose. Keep your spine straight and take measured steps.
* Gesture with command. Occupy as much space as you can. Model after Pierce Brosnan
* Maintain constant eye contact. The eyes can magnetize even the most frigid.
* Vary the tone of your voice. Monotony kills.
* Greet everyone you see. The clerk. The officer. The vendor. Even the dog.
* Smile smile smile smile!
* Be distinct. Wear something decent and unique that no one else has.
* Have an active lifetsyle. Go to the gym. Play ball. Athletes are attractive because their personal energy is boundless.
* Mingle at gatherings instead of sitting at a corner.

Want to be the life of the party? Keep your mood up. Straighten up, smile and walk with confidence. And don't forget the coffee.

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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, even though I know that November also heralds cold weather and the possibility of snow-ugh! It's a real Catch-22 for me. I love the family get togethers and the idea of a special day (or month) set aside to ponder and be grateful for our blessings, yet I hate being cold, wearing coats, and driving in the snow and ice.

I decided this year that my goal will be to stay in the moment as much as possible, being grateful for a wonderful life, without straying into the future, worrying about the temperature, or wishing the sun would stay in the sky longer.

So you're probably wondering how I intend to accomplish this lofty goal! Well lately I've been running into the concept of 'mindfulness' everywhere I go. According to Jon Kabat-Zinn, author of "Full Catastrophe Living", mindfulness is as simple as being aware of what you're doing while you're doing it. He also uses an image that I really like-creating an island of being in the sea of constant doing. But, how do I manage to be instead of do? Simple...by paying attention to my breath.

Most of you are probably familiar with meditation, and may even have a daily practice. Kabat-Zinn teaches us to meditate by focusing on the breath, noticing how each inhale fills our belly, and how the exhale leaves it. See, I said it was simple, but I didn't say it was easy! Most of us are very invested in our thoughts. We believe them and become driven by them. In meditation, we learn to observe them and let them go, returning our attention to the breath each time we realize we've given the attention to our thoughts.

For the month of November, I plan to take mini breath-breaks throughout the day. Each time I come back to the present moment through my breath, I am prolonging and enhancing the experience of the month of Gratitude. Not to mention that I'm not dwelling on how cold I am or may be soon!

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Dr. Annie Wills is a Life Coach, retired psychologist, wife, and mother of two grown children. She owns Full Circle Coaching in Knoxville, TN, where she works with people who want to create sacred relationships with themselves, others, and Spirit. Contact her at 865-256-9388 or annie@fullcirclecoaching.net Her website is http://www.fullcirclecoaching.net

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Over the centuries, human beings have developed many techniques to gain access to their inner wisdom and improve learning.

One technique that many people have found very beneficial is to have an imaginary guide that they can call on for advice and insight.

A modern variation of this technique has been developed by intelligence researcher Dr. Win Wenger and it is detailed in his book ?The Einstein Factor?

This exercise is sometimes called ?Putting on the Expert?s Head?

This technique enables you to access some of the enormous untapped potential that resides in the mind of every individual. This technique can even accelerate your ability to develop a new skill. It gives you access to parts of yourself that you are normally not aware of.

The first step is to decide what knowledge or skill you would like to develop in yourself. What are you interested in that you would like to do better? You might wish to improve your skill at archery, portrait painting, doing mathematics, or playing a musical instrument.

Once you have decided what skill or knowledge you would like to develop, take some time to think about those people you consider an expert in this chosen field. Whose skills do you admire? Who do you think of as a great role model and expert in the field?

The person need not be currently living. Before you move ahead with this exercise, you may wish to research the life of the person you have chosen.

You might even decide you want to see the world from the perspective of your favorite animal or bird, such as a wolf or an eagle.

When you are ready to do the Expert?s Head exercise, prepare yourself by deeply relaxing your body and your mind. Take some time to get comfortable in a place where you will not be disturbed. Internally scan your body for tension, and allow your muscles to relax. Breathe calmly and smoothly in a relaxed way.

Now think: is there a particular place where you would like to meet your imaginary expert? You might want to meet this guide in your own home, but feel free to imagine another site. For example, you could visualize meeting in a beautiful garden, in a forest, on top of a mountain, or some other location.

You can improve your ability to visualize imaginatively by speaking out loud your inner impressions to a tape recorder, or to another person. Eventually, even the slightest glimmer of imagination will be reinforced and amplified by consistent practice of this exercise.

If you are not yet able to easily imagine a location in which to meet your chosen expert, don?t worry. Simply move forward to the imagined encounter with this person, whenever you are ready.

Your imaginary encounter may go exactly as planned, or there may be surprises in store for you. Perhaps someone you weren?t expecting shows up. Perhaps your chosen expert does not want to participate. If no one appears in your mind?s imagination, ask for someone to come forward, and then wait.

When your imaginary guide appears, handle the encounter with as much politeness and respect as you would a real life encounter with a real person. Do you feel comfortable in the presence of this expert? Do you have the sense that the expert feels comfortable with you?

Even if these guides are figments of your inner mind, you still need to be sure you are accessing a part of yourself that wants to promote only the best for you.

If you get any sense of discomfort between you, thank the expert for coming, and politely dismiss him or her. Think of another expert you admire in your chosen field and create an imaginary encounter with that person. You may even have to create a totally fictitious character to be your imaginary expert.

Once you have established a meeting with your chosen expert, mentally picture yourself and your visiting expert standing facing each other in an attitude of great respect. Gently put your arms out and slowly remove the expert?s head from his or her body. Since this is only an imaginary person or animal, the head should come off quite easily.

Place the expert?s head above your own, facing the right way, and lower it over your own head. Now believe that you are looking out at the world through the eyes of your chosen expert, hearing through the expert?s ears, smelling through the expert?s nose.

Take the time to allow the expert?s mind to slowly merge with your own mind. Now gently pull the expert?s body towards you, and step into it. Feel as if it fits you perfectly. Feel that you have merged with the expert?s body and can feel and do the same things.

When you feel that you are actually in the expert?s body, notice what seems different to you. Does the world look different in any way? Do any of your attitudes feel different? How does your body feel different? Can you feel the confident attitude of the expert? Memorize the sensation.

Focus on the differences you notice and start to talk about them out loud. Spend at least five minutes doing this step. When you have finished, gently step out of the borrowed imaginary body and carefully remove the expert?s head from you own. Respectfully return the head and body to the expert. Thank that person for allowing you to have this experience.

You can use the Expert?s Head technique to improve your skills at some desired activity, or to accelerate your ability to learn to do something you have never done before.

First spend a few weeks performing the Expert?s Head exercise daily to familiarize yourself with it. Once you are accustomed to the process of donning the expert?s head, you are ready to use this technique to accelerate your skills development.

First spend a few minutes performing the desired skill entirely in your mind. Feel as if you are actually performing perfectly it and that you really know how to do it. Then move to the Expert?s Head exercise, and spend about 10 ?15 minutes, performing the activity in real life, but mentally be the character of the expert, wearing the expert?s head and body.

After about fifteen minutes, gently remove the expert?s head and step out of the expert?s body. Thank the expert for the use of his or her body, mind and talent. Ask the person to continue filling your mind with more of their expert knowledge and ability even when you are not practicing this exercise.

Before the experience starts to fade from your memory, spend a few minutes writing down or speaking out loud everything you can remember. Write down or speak everything you can remember that was really different when you were in the expert?s mind and body, rather than as yourself.

When you wish to improve a particular skill, first spend about 15 minutes mentally doing it as yourself. Then slip into the expert?s head and body to continue the exercise in real life for another fifteen to thirty minutes. If you repeat this process about three times a day, you will experience a greatly accelerated ability to master the skills you desire.

Please realize that advice and knowledge received in this manner is not infallible. Do not feel obligated to act on any advice received from your inner dialogue with your imagined guides unless you are absolutely convinced it is appropriate for you at this time.

This technique can greatly increase access to your inner creativity and wisdom, but you will still need to make informed and reasoned decisions about what you do.

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There are many ways by which you might be harming your relationships. Often you are not aware of them. You use them in a routine manner, on automatic pilot. They've become your pattern of thought and behaviour. Not being aware of this situation, when your relationship fails you don't take responsibility - and continue behaving in the same harmful manner with your next partner. In order to understand what you do wrong and how to change it, you need to develop Self-Awareness.

Ways in which you sabotage your relationships:

Being driven by fears and needs: These cause you to behave with your partner in unhealthy ways (such as: smothering; afraid to commit; afraid to give your partner space; needing constant approval, and more).

Trying to prove you're "right" at all costs: You believe that proving you're "right" about everything is more important than the relationship, therefore you can never relent but always need to "push" your partner to agree that "your way is the right way".

Not allowing yourself to be open with a partner: You are too much in control of your emotions; operate under the belief that "one doesn't have to be too open"; or afraid of being hurt. This can't lead to a mutual give and take.

Wearing masks: You don't show your partner "the real you". At times you are not aware that you wear masks. When a relationship fails, you don't associate the failure with your not being "who you really are".

Denying your vulnerability: You put a wall between you and your partner; you close yourself down; you prove you're always "right"; you behave in a headstrong manner (all of which you've unconsciously developed as a means of denying your vulnerability).

Having negative attitudes towards and about "the other sex": You operate on the basis of damaging attitudes about the other sex: you feel "they" are not smart enough; don't deserve equality; are there to "serve" you; are less important than you are, and so on. You have most likely adopted these attitudes in the home and society in which you grew up and they "control" you: you behave according to them without second thought.

Not being true of yourself: You behave in your relationship in ways which you would rather not, but are afraid to be authentic and true to yourself (and to your partner). This often happens due to fears you have, messages you adopted during your childhood about how you "should" behave, and so on.

Using manipulations to get what you want: You think that manipulations are the way to get what you want. You think in terms of If - Then: If (I'll do such and such) then (my partner will react in such and such way). You might have learned it from one of your parents while growing up, and you don't consider more "honest" ways of communication.

Denying and rejecting traits you own: You deny some of the traits you have (such as anger, aggression, control, unfaithfulness) without being aware that they are part of who you are - and therefore you project them on your partner. When problems and conflicts arise between you and your partners, you blame them to be angry, aggressive, controlling or unfaithful.

Having unrealistic expectations and fantasies about partners and relationships: You expect things to happen without considering if they are possible or not. You have fantasies that can't be materialized. As long as you stuck to these expectations and fantasies you'll be disappointed time and again.

Self-Awareness: becoming aware of the ways in which you sabotage your relationships

As long as you are not aware of yourself you don't realize how your attitudes, reactions and behaviors sabotage your relationship.

Developing Self-Awareness helps you understand your attitudes, reactions and behaviors and realize how you have adopted them, is the means by which you can stop harming your relationships and make the necessary changes to cultivate a healthy and satisfying bond.

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Dr. Gil is the author of the recently-published "The Self-Awareness Guide to a Successful Intimate Relationship: Understanding Why You Fail in Your Relationships Over and Over Again and Learning How to Stop it!"

Doron Gil, Ph.D., is a university teacher, workshop leader, counselor and consultant, specialized in the interplay between Self-Awareness and Relationships. He has taught this subject to thousands of students and trained physicians, managers, school teachers and parents on how to develop Self-Awareness in order to expand their personal and professional skills.
More about Dr. Gil and his book: http://self-awareness-and-relationships.blogspot.com

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Actress Susan Saint James, in a TV interview after the terrible plane crash that claimed the life of her 14 year old son Teddy, and injured her husband, NBC Sports Chairman Dick Ebersol, and her son Charles, made the following brilliant statement: ?Resentment is like taking poison and then expecting the other person to die.? Even in the face of her great loss, she is not angry, blaming, or resentful.

Resentment and blame are poisons to the soul. They are far more harmful to you than to anyone else. Our ego/wounded self believes that if we blame and resent someone, we can somehow have control over that person or over the outcome of things. But what the resentment really does is pull us into the darkness of seeing ourselves as a victim.

It?s very helpful to think of resentment as poisoning yourself while expecting the other to somehow be hurt by it. If you can think of anger, blame and resentment as poisons to the soul, perhaps this will make it easier to release these dark feelings.

These feeling do not come out of nowhere. They are the result of your thoughts and beliefs. For example, if you have the thought, as Susan could have had, ?God is punishing me,? you will likely see yourself as a victim and feel angry and resentful. But having this thought or belief does not make it a reality. The resulting resentment is actually Spirit?s way of letting you know that you are off track in your thinking. Thoughts that cause anger, fear, and resentment are thoughts that are being made up by the wounded self. They are not based on truth. The truth never causes anger and fear. The truth can certainly cause sadness and grief, such as the reality that Susan?s son is gone. But anger and resentment are not the same as sadness and grief. Anger and resentment are the result of blaming someone or something.

Susan?s truth, which she stated in the interview, is that her son Teddy has ended one phase of his life and started another. Her faith in God as a loving source is sustaining her. Her belief that the soul does not die, but leaves when it is finished with what it needed to learn here, is making it possible for her to grieve without resentment. She is not allowing this great loss to poison her soul.

The literal biblical translation of the word ?sin? is ?off the mark.? When our thinking and behavior are off the mark, we are ?sinning? because we are not in truth. God is truth, love, peace, and joy. When we are not in love and truth, we are off the mark. Being off the mark in our thinking results in negativity ? in anger, fear, anxiety, depression, resentment, blame. Negativity is harmful to the soul. This is a ?sin? against ourselves.

Our ego wounded self - which originates in the mind and is the part of us that wants control over getting love, avoiding pain, and feeling safe - constantly makes up thoughts that are off the mark. The ego is incapable of knowing what is true and what is not. It thinks it is wise and knowing, but in reality it is always ?off the mark.? All the thoughts that come from the ego are based on the desire for control over others and outcomes. The desire to control is the opposite of the desire to love and be in truth, and is therefore off the mark.

Truth does not originate in the mind. Truth comes into the mind from Spirit when we are open to learning about love and truth. Truth never creates resentment.

Anger, resentment, anxiety, fear, depression ? these feelings are signals that you are not in truth, that you are allowing your ego to have dominion over your soul. When you open your heart to learning the truth and learning what is loving to yourself and others, you will move out of the negative feelings and into the peace and joy that come from being in truth, even in the face of sadness and grief. Even in her grief, Susan Saint James?s face was filled with the light of truth. There was no darkness in her being as she shared her experience with us. Thank you, Susan, for your courage, love and faith. You have given us a great gift.

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1. Setback should never be given the permission to stand in the way of potential victory.Setback that are not useful enough to be springboards to success should be decimated or ignored.

2. Life has different faces to it. Each face causes a different configuration on the faces of the living. We all have our happy and sad moments at different times. We simply take turns to experience them. Treat people with a consideration for the face of life on their face.

3. There is no nation that can ever make significant strides in the direction of success without a true and genuine empowerment of its own citizens. While nations can not grow in isolation from the strengths of others, the local citizen must have priority in benefiting from the opportunities presented by the nation of birth.

4. Everyday has its own issues; its own weather and its own opportunities. Establish a habit to extract the benefits that accrue from the chance to experience each day. The living have one very important advantage over the dead; they have a chance to turn around the fortunes of each day.

5. A normal human being must be one that can survive the rough and tough situations and not be destroyed by the dangers of luxurious and abundant moments. Life is dynamic in that it follows the model set by weather; change punctuates each day.

6. Those that fear and resist the advancement of technology may as well fear for their own lives. Life as we know it now is going to be totally different tomorrow. Yesterday's technology will be remodelled, improved, expanded to suit the ever growing needs of the moment. Your risk not being able to access your livelihood if you do not wake up and tech-up.

7. The progress of others is not the reason for your regression. We all have seasons of acceleration and chances to be on the fast lane. Celebrate those who seem to have all the favor because your season of favor will not keep to itself for much longer. Your signal to join the fast lane may miss you when you focus on bringing down those in the spotlight.

8. As long as you live you will encounter risks; some mild enough while others stand tall like giants. The only place where you will never feel any threats is located six feet below the earth surface. When you go there you won't need to worry about risks. You would have escaped them. Risks do bring flavour to life; anxiety, goose bumps, tears and laughter.

9. It is easy to critic those in authority when you can easily do worse than them given then chance to lead. Those in authority should lead by example with integrity and honesty. Should they stumble and not meet their promises they should still be commended for taking the initiative to lead.

10. Admire the symptoms and you harvest a real problem. Nurture a problem and you reap a catastrophe. Ignore the catastrophe at your own peril. It costs you a lot less to mend a problem at its infancy.

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Rabison Shumba is an author, businessman and philanthropist. Writer of the book. He is author of the award winning, The Greatness Manual. He is Founder and CEO of Infotech Solutions and Chairman of the Greatness Factory Trust. Rabison speaks about success, leadership, motivation and inspiration. Rabison is well traveled having been to Asia, America, United Kingdom and all over Africa. He is married to Jacqueline Edwards and they have two children. They reside in Harare, Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. His site http://greatnessmanual.wordpress.com will transform the way you live your life.

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Are you looking to strengthen your portfolio? Do you want experience in your field of study before you graduate? An internship is a great way to start your career as well as an excellent learning tool. Today, many companies are looking for interns to help them grow and help you to be a better employee when your day comes. There are 5 important skills needed to take part in interning in the professional world of sport management.

1 - People Skills
Whether it is with your boss or customers you need to have great people skills. Many jobs in sports have you interact with your fans or a customer since public relations is a must in this field. Also, sports encourage criticisms and response from their fans to keep improving. You also must be able to work well with other interns or coworkers to plan, build, and work together since many internships have you working, planning or managing events with others. As a represent of your company you must be able to handle yourself in public settings as an accurate role model for them.

2- Writing Skills
Many internship programs require you to write articles or blog about events the company runs, future promotions, etc. The written word is one of their main ways to connect and be seen by the public. The ability to write, clearly and detailed, will increase your opportunities to getting any internship.

3- Technology Skills
It is important in today's world to know and understand technology. Many companies are now using social networking and media to promote or advertise. Also the ability to use common programs such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, are important as an intern and will only help you in the future.

4- Critical Thinking Skills
As an intern you must be able to think and learn fast. Many times a job is given to you with little help and a short deadline. Also it is common for problems to arise at events and the ability to think quickly and clearly is the key to fix any situation.

5 - Personal Skills
As a person looking to be an intern you must make sure you are organized, self-motivated, and be ready and willing to take on any task given to you. You must also be prepared to spend long hours working but realize not only is it benefiting the company but also yourself.

The use of these skills together will allow you to be a great intern as well as future employee. Internships are a growing requirement for jobs and the ability to access your skills and work on them can help anyone ensure the future opportunity of an internship and the many opportunities that can follow.

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Do you or anyone else you know, expect others to read their mind?

This is a common trait especially with family, spouses and close friends.
You lose all control of your life when you do this. You are leaving probably the most important issues and decisions of your life on the hope that the other person will know what you are thinking and feeling. Then when they don't or mis-guess, well, then there is hell to pay.

Much of this comes from an underlining feeling of, If you loved me then... (Fill in the dots)

Did you know that this causes you to toss away you power, confidence and the ability to communicate with others.

The challenge with this, is that you are leaving yourself vulnerable to other people's wishes, beliefs and understandings. And most people misunderstand another without having the added burden of being expected to read minds.

I have seen people get upset and state that their birthday was ruined because the other person, husband, boyfriend, etc., didn't do what they wanted them to do. When I ask if they told them what they wanted, I get a No, I can't do that they should have just known.

Well if it is that important, then why don't you say so? Why are you leaving your happiness to someone else's guessing?

I have seen this go both ways. Men have come home and said to their wives, where is such and such. Or why didn?t you cook?? I left hints this morning.
Think about this, the other person was probably half a sleep and you left hints. Why not just say it. When you don't speak up, you don?t own your mind and you allow others to own it for you.

Sometimes we just hope others will know what we want and other times we may be scared to say what we want.

I was at a workshop and much of it was based in Quantum Physics and practical application. One of the important things was to be very

clear on what we wanted. This one person said a job. So I started asking what kind of job. Then she said research. Well, this too is a huge field. After several more questions, she stated out loud exactly what she wanted and said that it was the first time that she had ever said aloud what she desired in a career.

Many people are like this. They don?t want to say and sometimes even admit what they want and just hope that others will figure it out. Or, that it will magically appear. Well, quantum physics teaches that even the universe needs a hand and that you being clear on what you want can help bring it to you.

Quite often, the universe, source energy, God, whatever you wish to call it, is confused by most people's thoughts. We say we want one thing and then act or think in another manner. If we are sending out confusing and mixed signals, no one is going to know what you want.

It is up to you to first, communicate with yourself, get clear, make that crystal clear with what you want, and then communicate this to the people around you. Most people will be very relieved at not having to guess anymore.

One word of caution, if you are not used to speaking up, there is a good chance some people may try to stop you at first. They have gotten used to having things their way and even if they said it was annoying with you not speaking up, they would rather keep the control.

That way if they do what they want, they can fall back on the, well I had to guess what you wanted.

Over all though, when you take back your power and life, you will find yourself being a much happier, confident and self-empowered person.

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1. A significant portion of learning comes out of observation of others who have done something of interest. It is prudent for the observer to not follow or replicate the mistakes of those ahead but avoid them and focus on propagating the successes.

2. Your mind is one very important engine in the manufacture and realization of your future. It is therefore not an option but mandatory to guard jealously the gates to your mind which includes governing what you see, hear and feel. The fastest way to pollute your future is through the information you tolerate.

3. The future of any nation or society is in the willingness and determination to invest and protect the gains from the education of its people. It is wisdom to increase access to education by people across the economic divide as this gives everyone confidence about what the future holds.

4. It is important to understand that a number of decisions that people make are based on another person's assurance and a genuine trust in their word. If your word is this important, you have no business being careless about your utterances and promises.

5. Unless you have experienced or lived it you may have no right desiring to be an authority about the subject. We must resist the temptation that comes from a desire to portray attributes or demand honor for what we have only encountered in books and not in real life.

6. You are not helping anyone by being blatant in your reminders about their terrible past, no one can ever turn back the activity that lays in history. Likewise in your encouragement about the present and future, it is better to be true to what you see than flatter people through imaginary words you don't even see.

7. Depression is an unnecessary habit to allow. The aftermath of such an emotional state robs people of opportunities to maximize on innate potential. The lower your emotional state the higher the risk of losing valuable time.

8. No individual or country is immune to mistakes and challenges. Instead of spending time laughing at the negative impact of another person's decisions, one would rather use the same time to create safeguards to avoid walking into a similar challenge or situation in the future.

9. Giving should never be out of compulsion, force or manipulation. Giving should be an attitude of the heart. We do not give to be seen to be givers. Giving should just be a way of life not passport for recognition.

10. You can not claim championship until you participate in the race, you can not claim that you know until you study and experience. You certainly can not claim that you have influence when there is no trace of people whose lives you have touched.

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Rabison Shumba is an author, businessman and philanthropist. Writer of the book. He is author of the award winning, The Greatness Manual. He is Founder and CEO of Infotech Solutions and Chairman of the Greatness Factory Trust. Rabison speaks about success, leadership, motivation and inspiration. Rabison is well traveled having been to Asia, America, United Kingdom and all over Africa. He is married to Jacqueline Edwards and they have two children. They reside in Harare, Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. His site http://greatnessmanual.wordpress.com will transform the way you live your life.

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When a person goes through life living with mental illnesses, it often delays them from gaining inner peace. To all the mental ill patients in the world, I recommend you read all the FREE information available to you regarding your diagnoses, and learn to accept what you cannot change.

Sure, you are saying to your self easier said than done. Some of you might say this writer has no idea what she is talking about, or has no idea what I deal with in my mind. Wrong. I do have an overall idea of most mental illnesses, studied human behaviors my entire life, and lived and dealt with more mental ill persons than the average bear.

Thus, learning about what you are suffering can help you find inner peace. When a person knows what they live and who they are they often feel peace of mind. Furthermore, when a person learns to accept what they have and what the person cannot change, they often find inner peace.

Countless of people today are diagnosed with Bipolar and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder-ADHD. The two major problems touching the world today are affecting millions worldwide. To help you understand these diagnoses, if you are suffering, you must first realize that both Bipolar and ADHD are missing chemicals or faulty functions in the brain, which cause the symptoms to occur. Thus, you are not mentally ill; rather you have a need within the brain that requires restoration, which will provide you peace of mind. Still, mental ill does not mean you are crazy, rather it means your mind functions differently than other minds do.

Paranoid Schizophrenics often believe they are crazy and never learn to accept self. Unfortunately, this is one of the largest diagnoses that make it difficult for others to help them find inner peace. Still, it is a fault of the mind, since the Twin in the brain is faulty. Therefore, the mind is off balance, which creates the symptoms.

Other mental illnesses such as Oppositional-Defiant Disorder-ODD are common in society and rob individuals of their true inner peace. ODD is a dangerous disorder left alone, thus to obtain inner peace something has to give in the mind, and medications are needed to control the persons mind. ODD patients tend to act out defiantly under rule, and often fail to adhere to authority, at the same time the person acts out violently when emotions are threatened. Therefore, the person will need medications, and after spending hours with a few of these patients, I noticed a major overlook on expert?s part. Thus, many of these patients tend to have a medical deficiency that creates this reaction, which includes the hormones and thyroids.

Mental illnesses such as psychopathic tendencies, traits, or personality disorders exist in our society. To find inner peace for these people is next to impossible, since they lack the ability to show compassion, consideration, respect, et cetera to others rather than self. Many of these types self-worship and human creation has no value. Thus, to find inner peace while suffering this disorder is going to take the will of the person to seek out medical care, including thorough testing to determine if the hormones and thyroids play a part in the faulty ailment and will take determination to control the mind, which brings us to a problem?

Most people with these types of mental illnesses cannot benefit from mental health advice. Therefore, to find inner peace the person alone is going to need to come to terms with reality. This diagnoses, while experts claim is not incompetence or else insanity might need to re-assess the diagnosis. There are tips for helping such mental illnesses coming in the near future, but until learn to accept, and learn to control your behaviors to find inner peace.

For the most part, nearly all mental ailments have a resolve to find inner peace. Again, learn, accept, and grow to help you find your inner peace of mind. It is essential to take care of your health and mind when suffering mental ailments to find inner peace.

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