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There are many things I regret from my past that I can do nothing about today. So I choose to move on and not dwell on what I can not control. Everyday is a chance and an opportunity to be better than I was yesterday, and I try to take full advantage of that.

Over the summer while visiting my parents, I remember talking about an old friend whom I have not seen or talked to for 20 some years. My mother decided to help me track him down and see if we could locate him so I cold reach out and say hello. A month later I did indeed contact this old friend and it was a great telephone reunion.

That experience made me think. How many other people are living each day with the attitude that an old friend could care less about hearing from them? So often we lose touch with old friends and family and we just assume that all is well left alone. The truth is, you have done nothing but create a stalemate and no one wins.

Old friends are very important for several reasons, but to me the most important one is that they helped shape who we are today. Think about it, 20 or 30 or even 40 years ago, you were influenced by something that an old friend did or said. Think about all of the advice you shared with each other, all of the tears you cried and celebrations you had. They are indeed a big part of who you are right this minute.

We live in a world today that makes it incredibly easy to find someone. Don't wait a minute longer, pick up the phone or write an email and re-introduce yourself to your old friend. You will find that what happens next will simply amaze you. Most likely, you will be greeted with incredible love and happiness. You have broken the stalemate. You will be amazed at the immediate connection that you will have within the first five minutes. It will be as though no time has passed between visits.

Old friends are the foundation of who we are today. When we cut them out of our lives, we are indeed doing just that, cutting out a piece of ourselves. Do not wait to hear that an old friend is now a grandparent, parent, getting married or even passed on. This is not the way you want to be re-introduced. Take the time today and prevent the ultimate regret, you and your soul will be glad you did. The choice is within.

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Brian Patrick Lewis, is a trained Chef, Author and Speaker. His new book, "in the weeds, landscape of a chefs life" can be found at http://brianpatricklewis.com

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