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It is so important to take time to do nice things for ourselves. Especially for those of us who spend much of our time helping and caring for others, it is too easy to neglect ourselves and become worn out, stressed out and run down.

Self-pampering is not about being selfish. It's about taking proper care of yourself and treating yourself as kindly as you treat others. We spend so much time and effort caring for our spouses, children, pets, friends, family members, employers and employees. Add to that numerous volunteer activities, errands, housework, family functions, meetings, etc. - and there isn't much time left for caring for ourselves.

We need to make caring for ourselves a priority, otherwise we will continue to put it off. Set an appointment with yourself every day, or at least once a week. Block the time out in your calendar and do not let anything interfere. As much as you do for others, you deserve this time for yourself. It doesn't have to be a huge amount of time, even an hour or two will do.

You might have a hard time with this in the beginning. You might feel guilty or selfish. You might say you can't fit it into your schedule. You might say you have too many other obligations. If your schedule is that full every day, then it is even more crucial to carve out some time for yourself. You may need to sacrifice something else to fit this time in. You may need to rearrange some things in your schedule. Aren't you worth the effort of trying to fit this in? It's a matter of believing that you deserve to be cared for just as much as everyone else in your life does. It might take some practice for you to fully believe that, and act on it.

In order to make time for yourself, you may need to say "no" to various extra obligations in your life. So many of us take on responsibilities that aren't even ours. We have various reasons for doing this, such as wanting to be liked, not wanting to let others down, wanting to help lighten the load for someone else, or simply because we don't know how to say "NO". However, this "pleaser" mentality can get us into big trouble as we take on more and more responsibility, and end up with less and less time for ourselves.

People will take advantage of us if we let them. They may not realize they are taking advantage, and they may not mean to take advantage. They might not even realize that we don't want to do what they ask of us. After all, if we've never said "no", how would they know? It took me years to learn how to say "no". Finally I realized that it's as simple as saying, "I'm sorry, I'd love to help you out but I just can't right now." That simple. The first few times I did this, I expected the Heavens to crash down upon me. Instead, the other person said, "okay, no problem" and they asked someone else. Who knew it could be that easy?

Now, if you have people in your life that have become fully dependent on you doing everything for them, you might face a bit more opposition than that. You may have a fight on your hands in order to make time for yourself. In the end, you may need to decide which is more important: 1) pleasing everyone else in your life, or 2) putting caring for yourself as your highest priority. You will need to decide if you are worth the fight, or not. I believe you are.

Be kind and gentle with yourself. If you don't make the time to care for yourself, who else is going to? Look within your heart and see the bright, shining light of God there. That light needs to be nurtured and cared for, or it will begin to dim . . . and eventually die out altogether. And what a shame that would be.

Here are some self-pampering ideas to get you started:

Take a bubble bath by candle light. Spend time in Nature. Get a manicure or pedicure. Have a massage. Listen to soothing music or nature sounds. Send yourself flowers. Treat yourself to lunch or dinner at a nice restaurant. Go window shopping. Relax with a cup of calming chamomile tea. Write your hopes, dreams and wishes in a journal. Watch a comedy or read something funny. Go for a quiet stroll in the evening, or early morning. Buy yourself something new. Get a new hairdo. Visit a spa and have a facial. See a new movie. Dance. Take a nap. Go to an outdoor cafe and watch the world go by as you sip a latte, cappuccino, espresso or flavored coffee. Curl up with a good book. Write a love letter to yourself and mail it. Take dance lessons. Learn a new language. Take pottery classes, or quilting classes, or learn how to make yourself some beautiful jewelry. Say this to yourself every morning and every evening: "I am a beautiful person and I deserve to be treated kindly. I am loved, and I love myself."

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What is motivation? Motivation is that inner feeling that drives one to achieve a result. It is an internal energy that moves one to actively pursue a goal, a desire, a dream. Many words can be used to define motivation. Here are a few: passion, drive, fire, enthusiasm, heart, tick, itch, motor, engine and so forth. These words can all be used to describe an intense emotion we call motivation.

Millions of dollars are spent each year to hire motivation speakers. They are in demand and rarely is there a day that goes by when someone is not speaking to a business, an organization, a civic group, or some other massive audience of people on the subject of motivation. Many feels this is the key to success in whatever you are in pursuit. Motivation is important, but before one can become motivated one must have a target, a goal, a result, or a desired end. It is the substance of this result that will determine, in many cases the level of motivation.

What is it that motivates you today? What compels you to get out of bed in the morning? What motivates you to go to work or go to school or even to interact with those you love? What motivated you to come to church if indeed you are a church member? What motivates you to remain a part of the things that matter most in your little world? We are all motivated by something and maybe it is time to start thinking about it because our level of motivation will greatly determine our level of success.

Sometimes we face challenges in life that are very difficult. There are circumstances and situations in life that rob us of our energy and may put us in neutral or reverse if we do not have what it takes to overcome these times. The key to overcoming these trying times is wrapped up in this concept of motivation. If we are living with motivation, living with passion, we will be able to push and press our way through even in difficult times.

Successful people are a motivated people. They are people who live with a passion to reach a desired end. Motivated people are not hindered by the challenges and roadblocks of their life, because their passion in life sustains and empowers them during such trying times. If we desire to be successful in life we must set a course to accomplish goals and ambitions that we are passionate about and live with a drive to fulfill that heart's desire.

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This past week I ran into a friend of mine who I hadn't seen in quite some time. It was good to see him again, at least for a few minutes.

Then I remembered why I stopped associating with him in the first place.

The guy has a big heart, and you can't help but love him. Unfortunately, he is also an incessant whiner.

He is always going on about how he doesn't make enough money with his job, and how things never seem to go right for him in life. No matter what you say to him there is no shaking his loser mantality. He has chosen to be the victim in life, and to be quite honest I think he enjoys it.

But it doesn't stop there. It's not enough for him to mope and complain about his own life, he does his best to bring the people around him down as well.

He asked me how my 'little internet business' was going. Remember it's been a long time since we had spoken last.

I certainly didn't want to rub anything in here, so I just told him politely that things were moving along and that I had quit my job as a delivery driver last year.

I could see the irritation in his face. This guy was genuinely distraught over my success.

He gave a grunt and said "Well good luck."

But he didn't really mean 'Good luck'. What he meant was 'I hope you fall flat on your face and have to go back to your old job so I can feel better about who I am'.

He's a loser because he projects nothing but negative energy into his own life, and he wants everyone around him fail and be miserable alongside him. No thanks.

I spent just a couple more minutes chatting with him, then told him I had to run.

I really do wish him the best, but I'm certainly not going to spend my precious time letting him sap the life out of me with his pity party no-hoper mentaility. There are plenty of positive, success-minded people for me to hang out with and that's where I prefer to spend my time.

There is a lesson to all this, and here it is.

Think of the most successful person you know. For our purposes today, let's define success as financial and emotional prosperity. This should be someone you know on a personal level, and not a character you've read about in your favorite business or glamour magazine.

Now, ask yourself who this highly productive individual associates with. Chances are the group of folks you identify with this question won't be a bunch of lazy, negative, self-pity freaks.

Now try the same excercise with the least successful individual you know. It's not too likely that your selection for "least successful" is a person who surrounds themselves with positive, productive human beings.

The kind of people we surround ourselves with will have a profound effect on our thought patterns. Since it's safe to say our reality starts with our thoughts, the value of our personal associations can hardly be overstated.

To spend the majority of our time around people who offer us doubt and discouragement is to limit ourselves to a bleak shadow of our full potential. Alternatively, by mingling with those who project confidence and optimism, we are sure to absorb an attitude of determination and tenacity. It's good practice to socialize with individuals who reflect our aspirations.

People who want to whine and complain about how unfair life is, and how they just can't seem to 'get a break' are bad company. Especially when these people want to project their misery and negativity onto you.

One of the best things you can do for your own success and happiness is give these losers the boot and find some happier, more productive people to associate with.

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There are many common signs that people addicted to prescription drugs often exhibit. Prescription drug addiction symptoms are pretty universal, occurring in most addicts, such as an increased tolerance for the drug, and physical dependence on the drug. Treatment can begin once the symptoms are recognized and the addict realizes that he or she has a problem. Kicking a prescription drug addiction can be difficult and painful, but it is infinitely better than a lifetime wasted on drugs.

One of the main signs of a prescription drug addiction is that the user develops an increased tolerance for the drug. This means that the user needs an increased amount of the drug to get the same effects that used to result from a smaller amount of the drug. When a person increases their tolerance for a prescription drug, more and more of the drug is required to get the desired effects. For example a person may need to take four times as much of a drug to get the same effect. This is a problem for a number of reasons. It can lead to death or hospitalization due to an overdose, it can cause the tolerance to continue to rise, and it can cause serious financial problems if an addicted person needs to buy a significantly larger amount of the drug.

Physical dependence is another prescription drug addiction symptom. Physical dependence is when a person needs a certain amount of the prescription drug in their system in order to function normally. The body adapts to the drug and needs it to perform. Withdrawal symptoms often occur when an addict quits using the drug. Some withdrawal symptoms include feeling physically ill, temporary loss of memory, and wild mood swings, which can sometimes culminate in physical aggression.

The main sign that a person is addicted to a prescription drug is if they are unable to quit using it, even if they try to go without. It is important for people showing prescription drug addiction symptoms to seek help with their addictions. It often takes a doctor?s advice to manage withdrawal symptoms in a healthy way. It is important that addicts do not complicate their health any further.

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A man is what he thinks about all day
---Ralph Waldo Emerson

Each day, we go about out day in the same general way. We give little thought to what goes into our brains. Our thoughts are what program our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is the center of all our emotions. When our subconscious accepts an idea, it immediately begins to execute it. And then our subconscious uses our ideas, knowledge, energy and wisdom to find a solution. Sometimes, that can occur in an instant, sometimes, it may take days, weeks, or even months to find a solution. Your mind will continue to work on finding a solution.

What we think programs our mind. Our subconscious mind will always accept what we program it to think. Bottom line is that we are what we think about and we have the power to choose what we think.

Ask yourself these questions: What is my dominate thought? What specific thoughts should I deliberately place in my mind? What thoughts are sabotaging my success? How can I encourage actions to happen from my thoughts? How can my rational, conscious thought come together with my emotions to complement and strengthen one another?

Closely related to directing our thoughts, is our belief system. Just as airplanes have guidance systems to direct them; we have systems guiding and shaping what we think, believe and do.

What many of us don't realize is that we are tuned into multiple control systems at the same time. For instance, many of your beliefs have come from your parents, spouse, and close friends, and the rules of the community, society, and even religion. Many of these influences may conflict with one another, so we have to prioritize who or what dictates our belief system. Without synchronizing these influences, we wander through life, always missing the target.

Here are examples of some general conflicts of interest:
The pursuit of wealth Money is the root of all evil
Job Security Entrepreneurial Freedom
Spontaneous Planned
You only live once Plan for the future
Spiritual Grounded

Can you identify conflicts of interest in your life? After you identify which beliefs contribute to your life, your next step is to determine which beliefs are personal truths for you and which ones may be left over, unresolved beliefs of others.

In order to truly change, grow and prosper, we need to be consciously aware of the rules we've made for ourselves, where they have come from, and what they're based on. Do they all serve your purpose? Are they sabotaging you and what you want for your life? It is time to throw out what isn't working for you and take ownership of YOUR beliefs.

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F.C. Boyd is a freelance writer writing on a variety of subjects. Preview her website at http://theunleashedwriter.webstarts.com and for a sometimes hilarious look at everyday life, check out her blog at http://lifeonthefunnyside.blogspot.com.

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I remembered the word I heard from my father in faith; Bishop David. O. Oyedepo that "until you locate the right place you are not in place". Until you discover your place of destiny you keep wandering around like a sheep without a shepherd, keep searching for the place of your pasture. This also made me to put into writing the experience I had recently when I was going to a place where God doesn't want me to be but I refused and at the last stage everything stopped working. I have discover my place in life, I cant be stranded anywhere He send me to, provisions are always there before getting there. This is to all those who play USA visa lottery that God is not interested in you selling out your destiny to America, if God wanted you to be there the right way He will make a way. Look at the story of Abraham God said to him leave your father's house to a land I will bless.

The place was already arranged for Him no struggle for it all, no puzzle. God doesn't work by this one won the other didn't win. You don't suffer to get things done when you follow God's direction. I don't know who I am talking to by this write up but God said that place you are going to, to get things by bribery, cheating, manipulation and other fraudulent way is not the best way. Have you ever asked God what plans do you have for my marriage before getting married or who should I marry. Adam took a wrong step of sin and ruin His destiny. After Jesus you were the next Adam, will you then repeat same. I congratulate you if you are in the right place. Bishop David. O. Oyedepo some years ago was in America when God told him this is not the place, if he had remain there he would have terminated his destiny but see him today God built a city for him and the winners family that seats fifty thousand people. What a testimony. I remembered years back when God called me to ministry and recently confirmed it and thank God it as started manifesting no matter what happens and what they say. I would only get B. S. C for nothing sake but only to do what He called me for.

Thank you Jesus I know my place and I am called, even people around me knows both d devil. It is clear, no noise about it and I am not saying it for you to know but to celebrate God. stop making new year resolutions, locate what to do in 2011. discover the right atmosphere for 2011. what am I going to do this new year should be your watchword.

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i am a writer based in Nigeria and I run an organisation by God's grace called army of change. I have two written unpublished books.

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Most of us dream. But only a very small percentage of us understands that dreams hold much importance and opportunity for our self growth, improvement and self discovery. But many mystics of both Eastern and Western origins are aware of the fact that dreams hold a wealth of untapped knowledge. Because of its inherently vague nature, dreams and the art of interpreting them never entered mainstream sciences. Jungian psychology is the closest mainstream science that took dreams seriously.

This article is a concise description of the method of dream interpretation that I use. There are several points/guidelines to take note.

1. The dreams are often symbolic representations of what we are experiencing or are about to experience in the near future. I have found that my dreams often convey messages of occurrences that will most likely happen within a month or so.

2. Usually the people that we encounter in the dream symbolize the different aspects/characteristics of ourselves. For example: a woman may represent a feminine aspect of oneself even when one is male in the waking hours. Much of our repressed tendencies also tend to manifest themselves as characters in dreams as well.
Have you ever wondered why we sometimes appear and behave so differently in our dreams. Well, my take is that dreaming offers an outlet for us to be 'somebody else' that we never had the opportunity to be during our waking hours.

3. Often how we feel and the emotion we felt during the dream reveals and conveys much about the meaning of the symbols.
Intuition and the willingness to examine ourselves with brutal honesty are two very important factors for successful analysis.
Below is a list of commonly encountered symbols. In my opinion, we should always take into consideration the fact that symbols hold certain semantics and meanings that are specific to individuals. Thus the interpretations of symbols are not generic and therefore there can be no hard and fast rules with regards to dream analysis.

Common dream symbolism

Water- associated with emotion.
Ocean or any large body of water - often represents the subconscious mind. The state of the sea often is an indication of the emotional state as well
Eating/digesting- Trying to understand an issue/situation
Walking- associated with learning and assimilating.
Path, road or pavement- symbolizes life or spiritual Path/journey
House- symbolizes our self. Within the house, the various rooms could represent the various aspects of self.
Snake- symbolizes knowledge.
Tree and forest - subconscious feelings that governs our emotions
Bridge- a transitional phase or period of transformation / change

Below is an example of a dream and its interpretation. Like any other types of skills, dream interpretation is an art in which one's proficiency improves with experience.

Miss A was visiting a foreign country. She boarded a train that has a stop in a shopping complex that meanders through mountains and terrains. She remembered telling the train driver that she wanted to alight in the shopping centre so that she can find her way home.
Instead of alighting at the intended destination, she alighted at a strange place. She had difficulty getting to her destination. She contacted her partner (boyfriend). Though they communicated through the phone, she was still stuck and lost in that unfamiliar place. By this time, she was starting to get depressed. In the moment of depression, she woke up from the dream.

Symbolism involved
Foreign country- unknown knowledge, new experience Train- accelerated learning and understanding Through mountains and terrains- ups and downs Find the way home- spiritual path Train-in-charge ? guiding aspect Her partner ? male/ mental aspect Queen shopping center station ? an intermediate stage that must be attained.

Miss A is currently experiencing and/or learning something that is still unknown to her. It is something that is rather difficult for her to grasp and apply. She is/will be experiencing some feelings of ups and downs. However, if understood, the newfound understanding and knowledge could significantly accelerate her self-growth and discovery. However, for the time being, it is something not within her experience yet (as symbolized by alighting at a strange place instead of the designated station). When she tried contacting her male partner (which symbolizes using her mental reasoning), she was still confused and thus became depressed.

Well, that's all for a quick lesson in dream interpretation. I hope it is informative and beneficial.

Happy Dreaming...

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Self Improvement has become mainstream. In the last few years, since I have been writing articles and submitting them to article sites, I?ve noticed that the category of ?Self Improvement? has been showing up lately when it was never there before. To me, this is very good news.

But what does it really mean to ?Self Improve?? What are we really improving when we self improve? And what ?self? are we improving?

We each have two ?selves? ? our wounded self and our core Self. Our core Self is our true self, our natural soul self ? our essence. Our core Self is our passion, our joy, our gifts and talents, our ability to love, our creativity. We come into this life as our core Self, and when this Self is loved and valued by our parents, we continue to naturally grow our God-given gifts and talents and manifest the fullness of our beings. This Self wants to improve by learning the skills necessary to fully express itself.

But when this Self is not seen and valued in the way we needed, we create an alternative self, a self we hope will have control over getting the love we need and avoiding the pain we can?t handle ? a self to help us feel safe. This is our false self, our wounded self, our ego self. This self is filled with the false beliefs that we absorbed as we were growing up ? beliefs that end up limiting our true, core Self. This self does not needs improving ? it needs healing.

The term ?self improvement? can sometimes be a bit misleading, because we do not want to improve our wounded self. We do not want to improve on the ways we lie, manipulate, and avoid in our attempts to have control over getting love and avoiding pain. We don?t want to improve on our many addictions to substance and processes. We don?t want to improve on our anger, our compliance, our withdrawal and our resistance.

We want to heal it.

Healing and improving are not the same thing.

We can certainly self-improve when it comes to skills. We can improve in sports, in art, music, writing, cooking. We can improve our health and wellbeing by improving our diet and exercise program. We can improve in the knowledge we need to be more successful regarding work and money. We might be able to improve our relationships by learning new communication skills. But what if acquiring new knowledge and skills does not improve our health, or our ability to earn money, or our relationships? And what if learning new skills does not bring us more joy and inner peace? It may mean that we need to heal the underlying fears and false beliefs that cause us to be anxious, depressed, stressed, guilt-ridden, shamed, withdrawn, angry, blaming, or sad.

Sometimes Self Improvement just means practicing a skill, and others times it means that we need to participate in a deep healing process. For example, many people try to improve their health by losing weight and exercising. But if their food addictions are covering over unhealed pain, they might not be able to just change their diet. They might need to open to a healing process in order to eventually improve.

If you are really trying to self improve but find yourself stuck and unable to progress, or find that you have no joy or inner peace, you might want to open to the possibility that unhealed pain and beliefs are blocking your progress and causing your pain. It is easy to improve yourself when there is nothing blocking the way. But if you have old false beliefs about your adequacy and worth, these beliefs may be blocking your ability to take loving action in your own behalf. All your efforts to self improve will not bring you the satisfaction you are seeking if you have beliefs that are keeping you limited in fully expressing your true, core Self. If you are stuck, then you need to seek out a healing process, such as the Inner Bonding process we teach, that will move you out of the fears and beliefs that limit you. Healing these fears and limiting beliefs will open the door to improving your life in all ways!

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Inevitably in life we will have to face disappointment from time to time. Sometimes they may be little disappointments, and other times they may be great, big, heart wrenching disappointments. When this happens to us, we have a choice in how we react. Some of us may give up on our dreams, others may keep fighting stubbornly against the tide, and still others may choose another path to travel.

One important aspect of dealing with disappointment is acceptance. When we keep fighting against our circumstances and disappointments, it can leave us feeling frustrated, bitter and exhausted. Especially during those times in life when everything seems to keep going wrong for us, we get more and more stressed as we try to resist the undesirable circumstances.

Practicing acceptance can help ease that inner tension and allow us to see our situation more clearly. Accepting your circumstances does not mean giving up! It does not mean that you have to be 100% happy with your current situation. Acceptance means that you acknowledge and accept where you are in your life at this moment, even though it may not be ideal.

Maybe you hate your job or your marriage is faltering. Maybe you are struggling to lose weight and can't seem to get anywhere with it. Whatever it is that is causing you stress, try accepting it instead of fighting against it. Repeat the following to yourself: "I may not be thrilled with the way things are in my life right now, but I accept it. I will do what I can and give the rest to God. I am thankful for the blessings I do have right now, and I know that more are on the way."

It may take alot of practice at the beginning, but as you continue to do this, something amazing happens. The struggles suddenly don't seem so large anymore. They won't magically dissolve before your eyes, but the edges seem to soften a bit. Life doesn't seem quite so harsh anymore. Solutions to the problems may even begin to appear. If that doesn't happen right away, that's okay! Know that they will eventually. Just keep practicing acceptance and have faith that things will turn around.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. We are where we are in our lives right now because we are meant to be here. Several factors may have contributed to our current circumstances, such as choices we made in the past, or outside influences we have no control over. The questions to ask yourself are: What is the lesson here? What do I need to learn about this situation? Though you may not be happy with your current situation, there IS a reason you are there right now.

This is especially true if you continuously find yourself in similar situations! For example, if you keep choosing unhealthy relationships, you might want to take some time to discover why. If you are always struggling financially, there may be a message for you there. If you can't seem to figure it out on your own, you might consider seeking professional help. Sometimes an outside party can see things that we can't.

No matter what difficulties you are struggling with right now, know that this too shall pass. Difficulties do not last forever. Sometimes struggles are opportunities in disguise . . .

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I am sure that most of us probably know by now how important first impressions are. We often hear the usual phrases "One never ever gets a second chance to make a first impression", "First impressions are usually long-lasting impressions" and so on. Although you probably can't tell everything about a person by the first impressions, a lot of people still give a lot of weight to a first impression that the other party may sometimes end up having to spend most of the time in the relationship just to make up for it.

So how do you actually make a powerful and long-lasting first impression? Here are 4 tips you can use to help you get started today:

1. Having a lot of confidence

No one can deny today that confidence is probably the sexiest, most impressive and most attractive trait any man or woman can portray. But how can we actually communicate that we have a high level of confidence to somebody else? If you have a high sense of personal value, usually this confidence just comes naturally. If you have low self-confidence, you can still 'fake it till you make it', by observing the way confident people move or talk, in terms of eye contact, posture, handshakes and so on and then adapting it into your life.

2. Use a little mystery

This is probably one of the golden rules when it comes to first impressions: be a man of few words and give the person some things to ponder over and guess about. If you reveal everything about yourself the first time, chances are you leave no curiosity at all in the person's mind, and curiosity is one of the first principles when it comes to generating interest.

3. Respecting other people

Although you may not want someone else to determine your personal value based on first expressions, respecting other people is still the key when it comes to interacting with other people successfully. Respecting other people can sometimes be really as simple as using their names during the conversation, really listening to them while waiting for your turn to talk, and so on. If you are able to show decent respect even when the person has a bad impression of you, chances are you will still be able to turn it around eventually.

4. Having a high social value

This again is another one of the most important rules of making a powerful first impression, but the good thing about this is it usually comes naturally when you radiate confidence, respect and mystery. So just practice on the first 3 tips, and this will come naturally eventually.

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Living in today's metropolitan world of cellular phones, mobile computers and other high-tech gadgets is not just hectic but very impersonal. We make money and then invest our time and effort in making more money. Does it end? Not usually because we are never satisfied. How many times have we convinced ourselves that if only we had some more money, life would be so sweet? But then, after receiving a substantial raise, we realize that it wasn't enough and that we need more?

What Should You Do?
I have read many books on life such as Robin Sharma's Monk says this and the monk says that, and they all seem to say that money is not necessary. But it is. Can you do without cash and a lot of it? I know I can't.

So, I went to the neighbourhood Rabbi and asked for advice that will help me find my true way in life.

The rabbi nodded and took me to the window. "What do you see?" he asked me.

Promptly, I answered, "I can see people walking to and fro and a blind man is begging for alms at the left corner."

The Rabbi nodded and guided me to a big mirror. "Now look and tell me what you see?"

"I can see myself," I man answered.

The Rabbi smiled. "Now you can't see anyone else. The mirror and the window are both created from the same raw material: glass, but because on one of them they have applied a thin layer of silver, when you look at it all you can see is your own reflection."

The Rabbi placed his arm on my shoulders. "Compare yourself to those two pieces of glass. Without the silver layer, you saw the other people and felt compassion for them. When you are covered with silver, you see only yourself."

I looked at the Rabbi and stared. "I don't understand."

The Rabbi continued. "You will become someone only if have the courage to remove the silver covering over your eyes in order to again see and love others." He patted me on my back and sent me on my way.

I have thought of what he said and come to the conclusion that he had a point. Yes. We need money and we should not aim to lead a moneyless existence; its pointless and will only cause us and our families many heartbreaks in the future.

Instead, I suggest that we should follow the advice the Rabbi gave me. When we approach life through a silver covering, all we are able to see is ourselves. But discard that covering, and you will be able to see and feel everyone else.

In life, we are allowed to and should be able to look at both kinds of mirrors, but we should remember that a mirror reflects only us; a window is the door to compassion, health and true wealth. In other words, seek wealth by all means, but don't let it dissuade you from life, people, children and the poor and needy.

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I think we have all heard these quotes many times, "what you put out you receive back tenfold," "what goes around comes around," we say these things freely, do we believe them?

These quotes are absolutely true one hundred percent! We tend to say things like this with ease usually when sitting in judgment of others, and we mean it, we can see that the action of someone will bring 'justice', likewise we see a good deed and know that the person will receive good back, but when it comes to ourselves we forget all this, why?

Judgment - what We Put Out!

We tend to separate ourselves from others, we have some weird blueprint that convinces us that we are either better off or worse off than someone else! We are not singular we are one, and the first thing we must get right is to stop sitting in judgment! It is easy to judge, and we may say that it is human, but we are more than that, much bigger than just human, and there is a difference between an opinion and judgment.

We can sit for a while and think about our opinion of something, although it is not good to spend too much time on it, this is healthy as long as we only think in positive terms, but to judge is negative, and a waste of time and energy. We are all here to learn and we will all make choices that sometimes don't turn out to be the best ones, they are not mistakes just lessons, so instead of making judgment, maybe we could help a person to see a different way, not "the error of their way's," but a new way! Maybe we could share our opinion?

Does this Feel nicer and kinder? Can we see that this is growth for us too? It works the other way around too, so if a person did something we admire, then can we learn form that? Can we share their opinion? Thinking this way makes us expand and feel better, much nicer than judgment thoughts!

What And How You Think Will come Back to You!

There is probably a time we can remember when someone judged us, it does not feel nice and we shrivel under a dark cloud, but the same thing happens when we judge others, we think negative, have a nasty taste in our mouths, and a snarl on our face! We are thinking and feeling horrible things, these will reflect back to us! Remember what we put out!

So the moral is, yes we are human and these things are our lessons. Trying to be non judgmental and look at everything as an opportunity to grow is the way we will learn to live in peace and show love to all things and experiences, the way we are meant to live as one. When we have this mentality we see light in everyone and everything rather than negativity!

It's not rocket science, just a nice way to live!

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It is not easy to stop negative thought, especially when we are upset or angry about something or with someone, but it is so much nicer to let it go. We will only draw negativity to ourselves if we don't get over it. To judge another is not good, it holds us all back, what we put out we receive back ten fold! Learn how to let go and forgive, see all things in light and not judgment! My Success to you, to all you deserve and desire!
Cheryl Fauvel

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The basic principles of the drug addiction treatment start from considering each case a particular and individualized expression of the medical condition. Based on this fact, the specialized doctors build a complex treatment that includes each patient?s individual needs and problems, in order to succeed the reintegration in the healthy and normal life of the society. Even more, the drug addiction is not a unidirectional condition, as it concerns multiple medical, affective, social, personal, and legal problems.

The second most important principle when discussing drug addictions is the flexibility of the therapy. This implies changing the therapy, medicaments and alternative methods, regarding the patient?s evolution, problems and difficulties that might occur during rehabilitation. A major part of the rehabilitation program is the strict supervision of the patients, in order to assure the abstinence from drugs during the time of treatment and the optimum counseling that provides reasons and principles that stop the patient from restarting to use mind-altering drugs in the future. In most of the drug addiction cases, there is the need to combine the classical medicine therapies that use drugs (like levo-alpha-acetylmethadol - LAAM) with the intensive counseling and psychological therapies, in order to provide a complex and successful treatment with long term effects. Motivation is an important factor in the drug rehab process. Although before beginning the treatment, the inner motivation and admittance of the severe condition might be hard to achieve by the patient, further motivation is essential for a complete rehabilitation. During the advanced stages of treatment, the patients share their experience, motivation and needs that stimulate them to overcome the situation.

Our bodies are continuously exposed to several toxins and unwanted substances that might develop serious illnesses or health affections. A full body detox should consider all types of therapies, diets and exercises that are supposed to fasten the toxins releasing process. The detoxifying foods and drinks are operating from inside, taking action directly on the liver, lungs, kidneys, pancreas, bowels and the whole digestive tube. The recovery from drug addiction is a permanent process that, in most of the cases, requires various steps of treatment, as it is considered similar to a chronic illness. The specialized doctors in drug rehabilitation sustain that, during these multiple episodes of treatments and in between, patients should be constantly supported and encouraged by close family members and friends, in order to avoid relapses and to assure the safe and healthy reintegration in the society.

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Do you find shopping a frustrating chore rather than a fun experience? Maybe you're unsure what suits you and end up buying on impulse when you think you should have something new. Many women feel they're no good at shopping and would benefit from the assistance of a personal shopper. After all, if you're not an expert in wiring you employ an electrician. So if shopping isn't your thing, why not get a personal shopper to help?

What can a personal shopper offer?

Shopping with a personal stylist has many advantages.

1. Your stylist will be an expert in choosing clothes that suit your colouring. They will select colours that make you look young and healthy. It is often very difficult in poorly lit shop fitting rooms to tell if a colour suits you or not but your personal stylist will be an expert in finding colours that will bring out the best in you ensuring that you get compliments and feel great in your new clothes.

2. Your personal shopper will be used to dressing all body shapes so she will easily be able to find clothes that compliment your figure and guide you away from more unflattering items. They will disguise areas you aren't so fond of and accentuate your good features.

3. A personal shopper can prevent you from getting stuck in a groove! If you usually enter a shop and go for the same old black trousers, white blouse etc. then a personal stylist to help with your shopping is what you need. Whilst you need items that suit your personality and lifestyle, you also need to make sure that your clothes stay up to date to keep your look fresh. A personal shopper will be able to suggest items that you probably would never have chosen on your own but which may well become your favourites.

4. A personal shopper can save you time and money if you hate dragging around the shops without success. You will be amazed how quickly your shopping gets done with a personal stylist on hand. Three or four hours is usually enough to get you everything you need for a season. You won't waste money on mistakes as your stylist will only let you buy items that look good on you. And your shopper will help you keep within your budget by taking you to shops that are suitable for your wallet.

So if you need confidence to shop for this season's collection, inspiration to create a new look or if you need to find the perfect outfit for a special occasion, why not book some personal shopping with a personal shopper and make your shopping time fun and easy.

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Beth Price is a senior personal shopper and stylist with ColourMeBeautiful. Based in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, Beth offers consultations on all aspects of image, including colour analysis, style consultations and personal shopping.

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My co-author and I have been working on our book for months. Every Monday, we meet at a local coffee shop to evaluate our progress. The shop, part of a national chain, has a central fireplace. Tables and chairs are arranged around the fireplace, with extra tables and Internet connections along the walls.

Our weekly meetings have made me aware of the "regulars." One group seems to be working on a downtown development plan. Senior citizens read daily newspapers. Other patrons sit alone wuth their laptops. While most patrons buy food, some buy the cheapest beverage and nurse it as long as possible.

These meeting places offer patrons more than coffee and baked goodies. John Sherry writes about the pluses in his article, "If you Need Help Why You Should Have a Coffee." He thinks these establishments are the heart of the community, "bringing people together to chat, do business, meet old friends, treat new ones, have a break and a brew, and catch up on the gossip."

But the old-fashioned shops are in danger of disappearing. Today, many coffee shops are filled with laptop patrons, staring at the the greenish light of their computer screens. These patrons are annoyed when distracted or when someone wants their table. America's coffee shops are a cross-section of life, according to Sherry, "a public private place to communicate."

Michael Jones examines these businesses in his article, "Are Laptops Ruining the Coffee Shop?" Ten years ago, Jones notes, technology began to invade these businesses. Instead of conversation, many patrons "don't move or say a word for hours." Heads down, ear buds in place, they are examples of unsocialability. The problem has become so widespread that some shops have banned the use of laptops.

I understand the difference between a coffee shop and an Internet cafe. Still, I like the old-fashioned places that promote conversation and companionship. People tell stories, share problems, and work out solutions together. They show worn snapsnots to each other and talk about grandchildren. Will coffee shops ever be the same?

I think there are ways to preserve them. One way is to charge a small fee for connecting with the Internet. Another way is to treat the Internet connection like other items you rent, and put a time limit on use. The patron may be asked to make a minimum purchase if he or she is going to use a table for an extended time.

I have another idea. Many shops have community bulletin boards. To stimulate conversation, they could hang a white board, with markers and erasers, on a feature wall. The heading, "This Week's Hot Topic" would be at the top. Patrons would be invited to share their views on these topics. Their participation may stimulate conversation and even lead to community improvements.

Weekly coffee shop meetings have worked well for my co-author and me. Though I don't object to laptop patrons, they change the atmosphere and social nature of the place. Let's bring conversation back to America's coffee shops!

Copyright 2011 by Harriet Hodgson

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Harriet Hodgson has been an independent journalist for 30+ years. Her 24th book, "Smiling Through Your Tears: Anticipating Grief," written with Lois Krahn, MD, is available from Amazon.

Centering Corporation published her 26th book, "Writing to Recover: The Journey from Loss and Grief to a New Life" and a companion journal. The company also published her latest book, "The Spiritual Woman: Quotes to Refresh and Sustain Your Soul."

Hodgson has another new book out, "101 Affirmations to Ease Your Grief Journey: Words of Comfort, Words of Hope," also available from Amazon. Please visit her website and learn more about this busy author and grandmother.

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Setting healthy boundaries is essential for a healthy work life balance. That sounds true, but what does it mean? What do healthy boundaries look like, and how can you know where and how to set them?

I notice a tendency among small business owners and free agents to think of boundaries as ways to keep something or someone out, as if they could achieve work life balance in this way. This emphasizes protection of their time, energy, and resources. This kind of boundary is a line in the sand. When a customer, colleague, or vendor crosses the line, an alarm goes off, signaling the business owner to say "No."

Because most owners want their businesses to be accessible and to offer excellent service, they are naturally conservative in setting this sort of boundary. After all, they want to say, "Welcome" to prospective customers and partners, not "Keep Out." As a result, they set boundaries at the last possible point to keep invaders at bay.

I've done this, by the way, so I know of what I speak. I know how confining this sort of boundary can be. There is no room to move. There is barely room to breathe. The longer this boundary stays in place -- even if no one ever tries to cross it -- the more confined, cramped and edgy those inside the boundary will be.

After working inside this boundary for a while, it is natural to become unbalanced, impatient, cranky, even resentful. It is uncomfortable inside this boundary, and it feels as though this is the fault of those pushy customers, colleagues, and vendors out there. After all, if it weren't for THEM, you'd be out in the fresh air.

But wait -- a client is not an invader. A vendor is not a spy. A business is not a castle on a hill, placed there for strategic advantage against enemy forces. Let's take a big breath and take another look at this business of setting boundaries.

What if boundaries were not last-ditch protections against marauders? What if you set them so that they were lovely, sturdy fences defining a spacious and resource-rich territory in which you can do your best work and enjoy your life at the same time? What if boundaries created a pasture rather than enclosing a cell?

Further, what if boundaries were designed to let in light and air? What if you could see out and others could see in? Working inside of these boundaries is quite a different experience. For one thing, there is plenty of room to move. When someone approaches your boundary, you have lots of choices about how to respond.

Maintaining these healthy boundaries feels entirely different, too. With what pride of ownership and delight in the scope of our pasture we walk the fence line. How pleasing it is to oil the latches on the gates, to replace broken posts, to trim the hedges.

Check in with your boundaries this week. First, notice what constitute the fence posts and gates in your business. Are they the hours that you work? The rates you charge? The terms you offer for special services? Get familiar with the structural elements you can use to build your beautiful fence and gate.

When you have identified those elements, look at where you have set them. Do your rates give you room to do your best work? Do your working arrangements give you breathing space? Examine your boundaries, and notice if they are giving you room to live and to do your best work or cramping your style. Experiment with moving your boundaries out a bit, not to keep your customers away, but to create a bigger space from which you can serve them wholeheartedly and well, maintaining a healthy work life balance.

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As you become more self aware, or are already self aware enough, you can take advantage of that in setting your own personal goals and objectives. The self aware have a strong communication with their subconscious, which gives them an invaluable tool in setting and achieving goals and objectives.

Presenting an objective to your subconscious as a fait accomplis will pave the way to that objective being met. Do so often enough, and from as many angles as possible, will just about ensure that it will happen, so long as it is something achievable.

In practice, though, how do you use self awareness in your objective setting? If you have personal goals, how can self awareness become an aid in their achievement?

One way to do this is to allow your periods of reflection, meditation, peace and quiet to embrace your objectives. During those times when you are in communication with your inner self, allow your personal objectives to be a subject of conversation with your subconscious. It will be a one way conversation; your subconscious will only listen. But through repetition and emphasis, you will gradually convince your subconscious mind that what is your objective is actually a given; your subconscious will then set things in motion to ensure that it happens.

That all sounds very simple, and it is. If you use your self awareness fully, then a range of changes may take place in order to help you reach your objective. You may become harder working, more determined and receptive to change, if those are essentials to achieving your objective. Most goals are not straight line, and involve more than one facet of ability, skill and knowledge. Your subconscious will be aware of that, even if you are not conscious of it.

Here are a few tips on when and how to utilise your self awareness programme, as discussed in Parts 1 and 2, to assist with achieving your personal goals:

1. In Meditation Sessions

While the purpose of meditation is to clear your mind of conscious thought, once you know how to achieve a meditative state you can use it to communicate positively with your subconscious. By repeating your objectives in your mind while you are in a contemplative state, you will gradually stamp them on your subconscious. Each repetition will imprint the objective deeper, making you more likely to succeed. By repeating this process daily, or even more than once a day, you will wear your subconscious down, and awaken it from its slumbers. Once awoken, it is very powerful, far more powerful than you may imagine.

You can take this a step further by breaking the objective down into necessary elements. For example, if you need to learn two new skills to achieve your objective, communicate those too, with the same repetition as the objective itself.

2. While Travelling

This is the same as 1. only done in snatched moments on a train or bus, or even in a car while someone else is driving. In fact, you do not have to be travelling. Any odd moment, such as the children going out in the garden and leaving you in peace, can be utilised in this way. Once you are self aware, you can switch on your meditative state much as you want. It is worth it, as you will feel in control of your life, and as soon as you feel that, you will want to develop your meditation skills.

3. Before Sleep

I have found that just before sleep is a very powerful time to communicate with your subconscious. If you have a work problem, for example, there is a good chance your subconscious mind will find the best resolution if you communicate the problem in a concentrated way just before falling asleep. When I used to manage complex projects, and had a problem of any sort, I never worried about them, knowing that when I woke in the morning the solution would be there, ready for me, dutifully presented on my desk by own subconscious mind.

The same can be true of personal objectives. Repeat them in your mind, to your inner self, before you allow yourself to fall asleep at night. If possible, visualise the results of achieving your objectives, as if they are already a reality. Do so every night, and you are surely paving the way for their achievement.

The above are just a few ideas which I have found personally to be effective in reaching your goals by increasing self awareness. Experiment with those and others you may come across, and find what works best for you. Everyone is individual; even more so after becoming practised in self awareness.

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Self-Worth; this is a word that is so much easier to say, and spell then it is to feel!

Why do so many women feel that they have no self-worth?
How did they lose it?

Is it because of the way the world has portrayed the perfect woman today?

Is it because someone took it from them?

Is that the void some fill by over eating?

Did their partner breach a trust?

Did their partner fall into the grips of the world of pornography?

Does their partner demean them with insults about how they look?

Did their partner continuously admire other women?

Did they grow up being ridiculed by a family member?

Have they been suffering from a controlling illness?

Were they bullied and criticized through their school years?

Were they sexually abused as a child?

Were they laughed at in a moment of vulnerability?

Were they ever raped?

All of these experiences definitely play a part in pouring a woman's self-worth right down the drain. The people causing these kind of negative actions are totally responsible for tearing down a woman's worth. To tear down a persons self-worth is one of the cruelest ways to treat a human being. It is a no win situation for that person. They cannot fight back. They are being attacked with a blindfold on. You have succeeded in humiliating them, and you have won that battle. Well, that's not a real brag story, because anyone can win against innocence. The true win is when the battle turns around. The true win is when the person who has lost their self-worth, stands up and takes that control back.

For those of you that have been through this battle and are struggling to just get up on an elbow, or feel empty inside and so alone that you wonder why you even get up in the morning, you can beat this!

Listen to me! You are not responsible for falling, or losing the battle. But you are TOTALLY responsible for getting back up. Yes that's right, it is you that has to pull it together. I know, it's a joke to even think about it, but you need to go back as far back as you can and find a place where in your mind that will make you smile. If you cannot, then try to think of someone that you know that is hurting more deeply that yourself and use that knowledge as your motivation. Go there in your mind. Use that thought to give you a reason to get up and pull yourself together. Your self-worth is worth fighting for. You are as strong as your greatest strength. You will always be stronger than your greatest weaknesses. Those weaknesses will never win against your strengths.

You have been hurt and raped of one of your most sacred emotions, self-worth. Now you want it back, so take it back. It is right there inside of you. You just have buried it under all your dirty laundry, so to speak. You can go on feeling empty if you want. Noone will care, not for long anyway. You can continue to use drugs, alcohol, or even food to fill that empty lonely void inside of you. You can miss out on life because you are forgetting to fight and it is so much easier to fall into the pity pit. You can spend the rest of every second worrying that if you even try to gain back some of your self-worth, you will fail and feel even more lonely. Well, you might just fail the first try, the second and the third. You may even feel that it's hopeless. If you give into that feeling, then you are letting yourself down. You have now become responsible for losing your chance at regaining your self-worth. You are allowing whatever it was that tore you apart in the first place to take control of your everything. You are allowing a memory to defeat you. There is no person there now; it's just a thought. A memory that you are allowing to ruin what little time you have on this earth. Why are you doing that? You know you can stop it. You know how! I have repeated myself so many times and I will continue to repeat this. -HABITS- positive habits of thinking. You must reconstruct your thought patterns to think WIN..not to think LOSE! You must make a new commitment to yourself, one that you can reach out and touch!

I understand the strength of negative thinking, and I have felt its power many, many times. To the point that I could hardly feel myself breathe. That was when I knew that I, and only I could stop it. It was inside of me. It was not standing beside me or next to me or behind me. It was ME! Inside of you, is where you must look and dig for the real you. Not the you that has been scarred and hurt, but the you that can smile and laugh and appreciate all the good things in life. There still are many good things if you will just open your positive side and allow them to reach you. The more positive thoughts that you fill yourself with, the less negative thoughts can survive. Also you must be honest with what your bad habits are and where they are taking you. Identify with them and how they are bringing you down, instead of up. These are bad habits that you have allowed to run your life. Now, as you have invited them in, you will simply un-invite them. Additionally, say no to abusing Drugs, Alcohol and yes FOOD!

In order to strengthen the mental you, you must also strengthen the physical you. I don`t mean be a body builder or an Olympic athlete. I just mean a healthier you, a you that you want to be!

Remember whatever it was that brought you down in yourself is in the past. If you continue to allow the pain to live inside of you, you will suffer. The past is over and there is no suffering on your part that will erase it. So get on with life. Search deep inside of you and bring back who you are. Bring back the person you can smile at in the mirror. Bring back the person you talk to all the time. Bring back the person that you were meant to be. Bring back you, and then you will have your self-worth back!


I am goodness.

I am all my goodness.

Even when I feel I am less,

I am always more!

David Viscott

Dorothy Lafrinere
Website- http://www.womensselfesteem.com
Weblog- http://www.justblogme.com/Dorothy
Forum- http://womenselfesteem.proboards29.com
email- dorothy@womensselfesteem.com

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Have you ever had someone attacking you and you can't figure out why?
They may say it is because of something you said, did or wrote, yet you know that it had nothing to do with them.

This happens more than we realize. And knowing how to recognize it and how to deal with it, is important in business and life. Quite often, an angry or even violent reaction from another person is due to a conflict or perceived threat with his or her inner belief system. On a fundamental level, the information or action triggered fear for their survival.

You see, when our inner beliefs are challenged, when tend to go into protection mode. It can shut down our ability to think and respond clearly. And quite often, we are not even aware of what these inner beliefs are.

Many if not most of them were developed in our childhood when we were learning how to survive and how everyone around us did things.

This is why, you can have two or more people in the identical situation and they all react differently. It's not the situation that's good or bad, it is just the viewpoint of the person experiencing it.

When we look at these beliefs, we can find that many of them no longer serve us. One destructive belief that I have seen people hold is that they can?t be wrong, ever. It apparently is a death sentence to be or even appear to be wrong. So when someone else has a difference of an opinion, then it becomes about right / wrong as apposed to just being different.

I have seen people shake and go red when someone else gives a different perspective on an issue then what they thought. This is very destructive in business. It stops production, and destroys teamwork. It can cause other people to be nervous about saying or doing anything, especially if the reaction came from a boss, team leader or supervisor.

So, what do you do when some one is freaking at you?

Getting mad or shouting back rarely if ever resolves the situation. This will only escalate the situation. Neither will insulting them work, as they probably don?t even know the real reason for their reaction. As far as they are concerned in that moment, it is something that you said or did.

It is important to remain as calm as possible and ask, "Why are you angry?"
The answer at first will probably be about what you said or did. Then repeat the question and ask, "But why are you really mad? What is it about this that has you so upset?"

However, there are situations where it's best to get away from the person for safety reasons. You can say that you would love to talk with them when they are calmer. It can often help to write a letter to the person, because when they are angry they are not listening anyway.

Most people don't even understand that they are reacting to something else and if given a chance; they will realize that it had little or nothing to do with the person that they are focusing their anger on.

It also helps to have a third party suggest that the person look at the real issue. Many psychologists have stated that people are never angry for the reason they think. And when they can look at it and communicate with themselves and others about it, they can then make real inroads at never being controlled by the destructive belief in the future.

Actually, we can all do this. Start noting when you are reacting instead of responding and then ask yourself, "Why do I feel strongly about this?" When we take the time to make insights into our own behaviour, we can release the control the destructive beliefs hold over us. Then we can have a happier more productive life.

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Since lots of individuals' use their days sitting hunched over in front of computer screens, it is only likely that their posture takes a turn for the worse. A poor posture can result to a variety of unwanted indications, like muscle twinges, enlarged tendency for wound, and physical indications such as headaches. Some posture workout can help to get you taller fast.

1. Reaching a level of good posture can naturally aid you to develop you height. Posture deformities needs Kyphosis, which is an unnatural hunching of the spine, fixed with a jutting "head-forward" attitude. Bring back your spine to its natural length and position will literally permit you to get taller.

2. Overly tight hip flexors mixing with inhibited glutes can cause kyphosis, so turning that condition can aid you to recover your natural height. One of the easy workouts to do is called pelvic shift. Lying on your back with your knees, bend to a ninety-degree angle with your arms at your sides, lunge your pelvis upwards until your body creates a straight line from head to knees. You will feel a strong reduction in you butt muscles. Do this for fifteen to twenty repetitions.

3. Taking on a steady and universal routine of stretching is important for your continued development. You should aim to increment your maximum range of motion while stretching by using various sets of progressive strong workouts. Intend to stretch at least three times a week for fifteen minutes per session, experiencing a series of basic stretching postures.

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Grow Taller 4 Idiots is a powerful ebook which contains secrets which you can use to add 2 or more inches to your height in 2 weeks. It reveals methods which are proven to work in helping you to get taller. You can get it by visiting Grow Taller 4 Idiots.

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It's not hard these days to find articles on self-improvement.
You may be thinking that this is one of those, obviously.
What have you got to lose by reading one more self improvement article?When you came the 40-year stage in your life, you will suddenly realize many things.
You get to ask yourself questions.
How will it be when I get to the end of my life? How do I feel about the life I lived?Then someone gave you some self improvement articles while telling you that it is not yet too late.
Does that mean anything to you?You bet it does.
The feeling of anxiety that will come next is just normal.
Then you will feel confused because life had felt so good.
You were happy, had a successful marriage, two wonderful kids, and a job you reasonably enjoyed.
What was my problem? It was your class ceiling.
The ?practical? and fear-based side that had convinced you all along that your passion and dreams had died.
Here are top ten shifts in perspective that can help you move your life to the next level.
This self improvement article will assist you in breaking through your own glass ceiling to create the life you really want.
Give yourself permission to dream.
You probably had no problem dreaming as a kid.
What happened to your ability to imagine and dream about what you want and who you want to be? When was the last time you caught yourself daydreaming and appreciated it? 2.
Stop looking outside yourself for happiness.
Look inside.
Increase your self-awareness.
Get curious about who you are at the core.
Cultivate and nurture a relationship with yourself.
Cover the basics.
Take the time to address your personal needs.
How can you focus on thriving in your life if you are in survival mode? Set up that meeting with a financial advisor, get your space organized, clean up the details that are wasting your energy.
Embrace your past and move on.
Shift from ?why it happened? to what I want to do about it now.
Asking ?why? is not a very empowering question.
Asking what or how I want to proceed can be much more powerful and produce forward movement.
Remember that you are not alone.
It is easy to feel overwhelmed with life.
Seek support.
Read more self improvement articles.
They might help you figure about some things that are puzzling you.
Remember gratitude.
Count your blessings.
What is working right in you life? Make a list.
Set aside a bit of time everyday to acknowledge what or who you are grateful for.
The more you practice gratitude, the more you attract into your life things to be grateful for.
Court your passion.
You still have your passions though it has been a while since you may have felt it flow.
When are you the most alive and joyful in your life? Who do you most admire and what do they inspire in you? 8.
Take action and take a risk.
All the inspiration in the world is not enough to make you move your life to the next level.
It takes inspired action to do that.
Keep breathing.
You probably forget to take deep full breaths.
We have all learned to constrict our breathing in response to stress.
According to many self improvement articles, we not only need oxygen to stay alive, we need oxygen to give us energy and keep us healthy.
Right now take 5 deep, full breaths.
Have fun.
Call a friend, take a bubble bath, take yourself to an art museum or schedule a whole day out in nature.
Put on some great music and dance till you drop.
And you thought this was just one of those self improvement articles.

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One of the famous stories about the philosopher Socrates is when one of his close friends traveled to the Oracle at Delphi and inquired whom was the wisest person in Athens. The Oracle replied that Socrates was the wisest person in Athens. Socrates refused to believe this, because the result of all his philosophical inquiry had pointed out his own ignorance. Socrates proceeded to speak with the best & brightest people in Athens to prove his ignorance, but made a startling discovery on accident. Although the people he met with were all very intelligent, none of them were fully aware of that which they did not yet know as demonstrated by a willingness to speak decisively about topics which they possessed no real knowledge of. Thus, Socrates was in fact the wisest person in Athens... not because of his great intelligence, but because he was actually aware of his ignorance.

In a similar fashion, there are many intelligent people who go through life in total ignorance of that which they do not know. This tends to create an artificial sense of confidence from the feeling of "knowing everything." (Typically, teen aged individuals suffer from this malady with the greatest frequency) The unfortunate irony of this situation is that it closes people off to the vast sea of knowledge that is available.

The twist of irony comes when a person who had previously been vastly confident in their knowledge "gets it" and becomes aware of how small their knowledge and wisdom really are in relation to everything else that is out there. Thus, it is very true that many of the wisest people are not necessarily the ones that proclaim their wisdom the most loudly. The wisest among us are often those that are actually aware of their relative ignorance and are constantly seeking to learn everything they can from every situation in life. The critical question for each of us to ask ourselves is whether we are actively seeking to learn from everybody or whether we stand confidently closed to anything that stands contrary to what we "know?"

The importance of this insight comes from the fact that we cannot hope to continue growing and developing until we humble ourselves to learn. This necessarily involves understand our own ignorance. In the end, each person is responsible for building their own library of knowledge and insights. It is critically important to ensure that our library does not become closed to new knowledge by our own arrogance.

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Anxiety is a reaction often associated with stress, illness, or even treatment. During an anxiety attack, a person feels overwhelming nervousness, tension, fear, forgetfulness, and panic. Although people experience anxiety as a normal part of life, true anxiety attacks are much different. For instance, if you were interviewing for a new job, you might feel a little anxious or apprehensive but this is different from true anxiety in which the above symptoms take over. If you find yourself being faced with anxiety often or if you have an anxiety attack that persists, you want to see your doctor.

In the meantime, remember that anxiety is treatable. If the situation is serious, your doctor may recommend prescription medication such as Klonopin, but before you get to that point, you might consider a number of natural ways for dealing with anxiety. With this, not only can you bring the anxiety attack under control but also help prevent the attacks in the future, which would be the ideal solution.

For starters, when you feel an anxiety attack coming on, find a quiet room or place where you can sit and relax. There, use what is called imagery, which is where you allow your mind to imagine other things or places that are calming. As an example, you might sit in a quiet room and envision yourself on the beach, hiking around a lake, shopping, or whatever it is that you enjoy. During this time, try to hear the sounds and smell the aromas of the experience to make it as real as possible. Most often, imagery works quickly and successfully.

In addition, you will find a number of safe products on the market to help ease the tensions associated with an anxiety attack. Often, these products are made from things such as Lavender, Melissa Officinal?s, and Passiflora Incarnata. Together, these natural substances calm the anxiety but also irritability and stress. For this type of product, just a few drops in a glass of water provides relief within minutes. Available in a small bottle, you can carry it with you so you are always prepared.

Another favorite combination is made from Passiflora and St. John?s Wort. Again, when used in therapeutic dosage, this mixture can provide a sense of well-being in helping stabilize anxiety. The thing to remember is that if you suffer from anxiety or full-blown anxiety attacks, you have great natural remedies and solutions to consider. However, in severe cases, remember a visit with your doctor may be needed, whether for prescription medication or perhaps some counseling to help you through the challenges of anxiety.

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In order to master the art of motivation, you must understand, at least in part, in what motivation actually is. Broadly speaking, motivation is doing something, either for its own sake or for another reason. The motivation for "doing something" varies greatly depending on the person, the situation and the time: for instance, if someone is doing something for its own sake, the motivation is drawn from personal understanding or interest, however this type of motivation is prone to someone getting carried away with their own interests and not focusing on the specific task.

Another example is if the person is motivated to do something for personal gain. This type of motivation has a high level of commitment, but the person may be particularly fickle with the task at hand. If they are beaten or the object of personal gain is taken away, the motivation is drawn away with it.

Social acceptance is another type of motivation which often in place during team work. The motivation to please or do work for others is strong and this type of motivation can be one of the strongest as there are clear consequences if the task is failed. The disadvantage of this type of motivation is that the person may focus too much on the actual appearance of the task, and not the quality of the task itself. This may then mean that the person has not learnt or benefited from the task themselves and cannot gain long term value.

The final type of motivation is 'instrumental' - motivation to do something for a tangible reward or to avoid terrible consequences. This is often the strongest form of motivation and can even develop into a long term motivation or commitment. The person may find that slightly different rewards are just as acceptable and will perform for different consequences, however they fall where there is high anxiety involved and may crack under pressure.

For any type of motivation to be successful, the environment in which the task is taking place needs to be free from 'de-motivators' such as unclean surroundings, other people, maybe part of the team, that are causing lack of motivation or the explanation of work given. The person must have a clear understanding of what is required before they can be fully motivated to do the job, and do the job well.

Enhancing motivation is also a key strategy if rewards or consequences are not enough. Music, for example, may enhance many people to do work faster, better or help relieve stress to complete work to a deadline.

Finding these key motivational types and strategies is important for any business, and do not forget to include yourself in your analogy. Motivational speakers can help identify such types and strategies. Speakers such as Ken Livingstone can help give you a perspective on your business and how to deal with motivation in an effective way.

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Many people are frustrated with career or home business stagnation. They find themselves stuck in the same position at work while others continually bypass them with promotions. Some people stare at their home business bottom-line and wonder why it never grows. We can even include those who never seem to be appointed to leadership positions in volunteer organizations either, despite years of participation.

Do you wonder why this is happening?

A study of history has revealed some common characteristics of those promoted. To have serious breakthrough give yourself an honest assessment of whether or not you have any or all of these personal characteristics: Are you loyal, faithful and responsible? Are you trustworthy?

What does it mean to be "loyal?"

To be loyal is complete dedication and support of authority. This dedication and support is demonstrated by actions as well as words. Are you for sale? There may be offers from other companies and people but there is not a constant search for something else or something better. People know if you are always "keeping your eye open for other opportunities" (so to speak). This characteristic involves a focus on everything except ones' self.

What does it mean to be "faithful?"

To be faithful is to graciously accept the tasks assigned and endeavor to complete then in an unrelenting manner. The picture of "faithful" is a "never-tiring" endurance in that which one sets out to accomplish. This is a never-ending and unyielding climb over obstacles. This is not an emotional state with fear and sweat that others can see and feel sorry for. It is solid and enthusiastic.

What does it mean to be "responsible?"

The characteristic of being "responsible" is an acceptance of the outcome. If the outcome is flawed or falls short, there is an acknowledgment of participation and understanding that ones' actions may have contributed to the shortfall. Following events that "fall short" of expectations there is a self-analysis and a desire to learn from the mistakes that were made and improve. One who is responsible always carries their "weight."

What is it to be "trustworthy?"

The characteristic of being "trustworthy" is one that sees tasks through to completion even if they are not fun, easy or desirable. A trustworthy person is reliable and available in all situations. As the word spells out, this type of person can be trusted to never cheat, steal or make false statements.

In summary, if you are stuck in career stagnation or mired in a slow-growing home business, why not take a look at whether these personal characteristics are evident. Make these four personal characteristics yours to ensure successful promotion in careers. Make these characteristics yours and you will be perceived by consumers and prospects as the one to work with!

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By: Walton Miller

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There are many types of disablity. I am somebody who believes that to have a stutter is a form of disability.

I think most people would probably say no, however I disagree. People who stutter have to struggle their way through life at times. I am somebody who had a stutter for eighteen years. I am going to now explain one of the situations that I found difficult and how my mind or what I would call my demons would be saying to me.

This is when trying to meet and approach people of the opposite sex. Lets say I am in a bar and I see a woman/girl who catches my eye. I think to myself, who don't you go and talk to her and make a move etc? My demons are always talking to me, and are basically saying "She won't want to know you.

You have a stutter and when you start talking she will hear it. Do you really think she will want to date somebody who has a stutter? Even if she is interested, you then have to possibly meet her friends and family.

How will they find you and treat you, when they realise you have a stutter?" These demons would make me think twice and more often than not I would not even bother going over and talking to the person. I would therefore let the demons win.

This is one example of thousands where the stutter handicaps your ability to live a normal life. This is why I believe stuttering is a disability.

Having a stutter affects your confidence in and gaining employment. People who stutter can find it hard attending an interview, having to speak under pressure to people they do not know.

Social occasions such as weddings or a party can fill people who stutter with dread. Not only finding conversation difficult but also ordering food and drinks.

Stephen Hill

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Expert or Generalist - what are you? Are you one who will know more and more about one subject and less and less about others? Or you are one who knows something about everything? Those of us who are experts are surprised that some people on the earth are generalists and vice-versa. But both the breeds exist on our earth. What are you? Which type is better?

Let us take example of medicine. For example if someone gets fever, he/she cannot approach a specialist, because they would not know which specialty is concerned. In this case they will have to first consult a generalist and after that if needed go to a specialist.

The problem arises when one is a total generalist in his/her profession/work/business. No growth can take place here because if you are in retail but know as much about retail as you know about export procedures, that will be of no help. Slowly you will have to develop expertise in retail to succeed.

Similarly, if you are an expert in retailing but know nothing about other professions, that will hurt your interests. You will find it difficult to grow because retail does not grow alone. It has to get support of other specialties also such as manufacturing.

What is the best way? The best option would be to develop expertise in one trade/profession and get related knowledge of other professions, which will be needed to grow in your chosen field.

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Are you kinky? Do you find feet sexy? If you do, you know that it can be hard to find a partner who shares your foot fetish and is eager to become your dominatrix. You may not be sure where to look, so here are a few suggestion.

Let me define foot fetishism for those who are unfamiliar, it's a sexual attraction to the feet which may involve one partner dominating the other. Both receive rewards and punishment related to behavior involving the feet.

They type of sexual behavior regarding the feet can vary. It can be simple stroking and washing or violent kicking and trampling. The obsession may involve worship in the form of kissing or sniffing which often results in some form of reward. Believe it or not it's not that hard to find a partner for your foot fetish. The best place to look is the mainstream dating community. It just takes some imagination and effort.

There are dating services that are designed for foot fetishists but they can include exorbitant membership fees. Additionally, it may not even be necessary for you to join such an dedicated dating service. You may find what you're looking for on a traditional dating web site which has millions more members.

Just find a dating site that appeals to you and join. Many offer free memberships to new members. After you've joined you can craft your membership profile in such a way that people with the same interest in feet will know you share their obsession. This may even lead to you connecting with forums and groups where you may find a suitable partner.

Some dating web sites will allow you to do searches for particular profiles using specific words. Type in the words "feet", "master"? and "fetish"? and you should be able to pull up several people who are also foot fetishists. You should be able to find someone to be with in no time. You look for one partner or several. The choice is yours.

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Organic baby blankets and wool comforter are the most suitable materials for your little ones.

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The woman on the couch looks up at me miserably, tears in her eyes, as she tells me about her most recent bad relationship. ?I?m sick of choosing guys who aren?t there for me. They seem great, they want me, they tell me how terrific I am, then either they have an affair, or turn on me once we are involved, getting that cold look in their eyes. I can see they don?t care after all. I can?t stand this. Why do I do this over and over??

In my work as a therapist, I help people discover repeated patterns. Despite our conscious desire and urgent efforts to make our lives better, we end up feeling the same as we did as children, but the feeling of despair and depression can deepen if we see that we are simply repeating our abusive or abandoned childhood.

This may seem confusing to understand, but this is how it works: Rooted deep in the unconscious is a desire to make the story turn out right?to find someone who will finally come through and love us the way we want. But the pattern of repetition, until it is resolved, will cause us to choose people who will do exactly what was done to us as children. If you were abandoned, they will abandon you. If you were hurt physically, this may be what you experience all over again.

For instance, most women involved in relationships where there is domestic violence either were beaten as children, or observed it for many years. If you were verbally abused, you will find yourself hearing the same phrases and feeling exactly the same as you did when you were a child. There you are, thinking you have just found the love of your life, when a terrible feeling comes over you??I have been here before,? says the voice inside your head, a feeling of dread running through your body. It?s not deja vu; it is an unconscious repetition of the past.

There is good news about all this: You can change these old patterns. It takes time, awareness, determination, and work on your part, but it can be done.

How to help stop repeating abandonment and abuse in your life now:

1. First, you have to recognize you are repeating your past patterns. Become aware of a familiar, sinking feeling, or the feeling that you are a bad person, or not good enough, or feel awful about yourself. Ask yourself: is there something going on now that reinforces that feeling?

2. Consider your past patterns with parents. It helps to write down these patterns, as you can be objective about them if you see them on the page.

3. Write about being a child of about five years old; nine years old; 12. What was life like in your household? Who was there connecting with you, and how?

4. After making that objective list of patterns in family and in the past, write down any parallels between then and now, paying particular attention to feelings. Sometimes the action is different but the feeling is the same.

5. When you are drawn to a new person, get to know him better before getting involved. Spend time to find out how he treats you when he is having a bad day, or how he acts when you say no. How you are treated at the beginning of a relationship when you are not being pleasing or saying yes, when you make boundaries for yourself, is only a hint of how it will be later on.

6. Keep your need to be loved and accepted in balance with who the other person is and his or her needs. Take your time to find out more before getting too involved.

7. Write in your journal to become more aware of patterns, concerns, and actual events. You can refer back to them later. This documentation may clear up any future confusion about reality.

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Are you stuck?!

Are you trying hard to achieve your simplest dreams but you seem to be standing on the same square without moving a step forward?

Now, I will give you the super-smart proven success recipe that will help you get what you want faster and easier than before. This success recipe is your way to live a purposeful life and achieve your goals.

Get ready to unleash the power of your dreams.

1. Make Meaning!!

Make a meaning for your life and work. Do what you love and love what you do. Search for ways to live with passion. You are unique and you are here for a purpose. Find the reason of your existence. Describe your role in life in 3 or 4 words. Forget about these long, general and not memorable mission statements. Be very specific about what you are here to do in this life.

2. Have a Hot Vision!!

Have a HOT vision; a vision that really inspires you and triggers your greatness. Your vision must be clear and motivates you to transform it into reality. Make it hot. A hot vision gives you a tremendous amount of enthusiasm that makes you can?t stand still. Have a hot vision that keeps you alive and spices up your life. Have a hot vision that makes you an unstoppable achievement machine.

3. Design Milestones

Milestones are big goals and turning points in your journey. They are like indicators along the road to tell you that you are on the right track. Each milestone is a big achievement on your way to your ideal life.

4. Set Goals

Goals are small and specific tasks that define your action plan. Goals must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. Each goal is a step towards achieving one of your big milestones.

5. Get Going

Take action. The only difference between an average individual and a super successful one is taking action. Get going. Take the first step and keep the momentum. Just start. Be flexible to changes and improvements.

6. Project Positive Energy

Be optimistic. Broadcast powerful positive energy and confidence over your own media network. Positive energy will attract positive results and opportunities. Become a magnet that attracts success 24/7. You will always receive the energy you project. If you project positive energy you will receive multiples of it and vice versa.

7. Act As If It Is Happening

Act as if your vision is happening. Act as if you will never fail. Act with confidence and power. Keep your vision in front of your mind?s eye day and night. Act as if you are living your vision. When you do that you will attract more opportunities and more success to your life.

8. Ignore the Doubters

Avoid negative people. They don?t have dreams and want everyone to be like them. They are dream robbers and energy vampires. Don?t care about what they say. Ignore anyone?s negativity and focus on what you want.

9. Face Fear and Uncertainty

Develop confidence and trust in yourself. If you don?t believe in yourself and your dreams no one will do. Face your fears. Fear will do nothing except stopping you from getting what you want. Let your dreams give you the power to face fear and uncertainty.

10. Create a Master Mind!!

Find a team with the same interests and dreams then work and think together. Have a soul mate who cares about achieving the same level of success as you do. Gather around yourself people more brilliant than you. Develop a strong network of influencers who can help you get what you want easily and quickly.

My friend, these 10 proven tips form the best success recipe I have ever known. I used this recipe to achieve levels of success that I always dreamt of. These are the common tips which are used by the top successful people in the world.

Follow this success recipe and you will become a huge success magnet that attracts success beyond your imagination.

It is all about your action. Do it now!!

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