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If you have trouble getting up in the morning, this article will provide you with a few very useful tricks you can start using right away to help you become a better morning person.

The first thing you need to do to wake up more easily is to set a specific time for when you want to wake up and do not change it. You should wake up at the same time every day, including weekends. Waking up at the same time trains your body to expect when it needs to wake. If you always wake up at the same time, it is quite possible that eventually you will not even need an alarm clock any longer.

Many people who have trouble getting up early in the morning are night owls. They typically do not go to bed until after midnight and sometimes much later than that. They then adjust the time that they wake up depending on how late they decide to go to bed. This is a recipe for failure if you are trying to become an early riser and waking up at the same time is the cure to this problem.

Waking up early at the same time each day will force you out of the night owl habit. For example, if you go to bed at two in the morning and then push yourself to wake up at six-thirty the next morning, you will most likely be very sleepy when it is time to go to sleep the next evening. Out of habit you may end up going to bed after midnight the next night too, but if you faithfully wake up at six-thirty again, your body will soon give in and you will be forced to go to bed earlier.

In addition to sticking with the same time for waking up, another trick to being a better early riser is to get up immediately when your alarm goes off. Most people who have trouble getting up in the morning tend to use the snooze button on their alarm clock a lot.

Instead of setting your alarm clock a half an hour earlier than when you plan to wake up so you can snooze, set the alarm clock for exactly when you need to get out of bed. By not using the snooze button, you do not allow your brain to talk you into snuggling under the blanket just a little while longer.

There are quite a few other tricks you can use to help you get out of bed earlier in the morning. However, if you just master these two useful habits, you should be on your way to transforming yourself from a night owl to an early bird!

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Your marriage life might have had ups and downs and it has not been easy all this while, in fact you were forced to leave him and live on your own, but you might have thought life would have been a bed of roses after this but this has not been the case, in fact you find out that you need him more and more and wondering what to do to get him back in your life again.

Don't continue to wallow in sadness, its time to show him that he means a lot to you and without him their is very little you can do just take the step and try to bring him back so that you can live together as husband and wife just as you used to be.

Reading books with information on the specific rules on how to be able to get your ex back come in handy in ensuring that you are able to get your husband back professionally.

Most writers of these books have experienced in what is to be done, so you reading the book will ensure that you are kept abreast with what is going to happen and what you are going to do.

One of the rules that you do not know even though is written in the books is don't allow your husband to see how you are devastated by the breakup. You need to ensure that at all costs you ensure to stay happy and do not be seen that you are sad.

Pretend that you are always happy when you meet or when you are doing your daily chores, it will ensure that the man is convinced that you are very happy with whatever that you are doing and you do not need him in your life which will create an urge in him to rethink what he is missing.

A certain lady decided to pursue the odds when he broke up with the husband. She bought new clothes; new shoes and everything that would make her look more sensational. She went ahead and made new friends who would lighten up her life more and more and in a matter of time she was able to convince the husband she was happy, every time the husband looked at her she thought she enjoyed this life.

Just as advised by professionals he was able to get her husband back, so if you do as advised be sure you will have her back.

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Everything in your life starts and ends with you. The decision to be poor or rich is entirely in your hands. If you want to make a difference in life "be the change you want to see in the world". Our difficulties in life are largely due to confused ideas and ignorance of our true interest. There is a world within us, a world of life and thought; of power and beauty although invisible its forces are mighty, and this world is under our control. This world am talking about is governed by the mind. The mind is the factory of all thought. Nothing exists on this earth without being conceived in someone's mind.

Whatever, success one wants to achieve starts with him taking the first step in the right direction. This step is thinking the right things. You cannot be successful by thinking you will not achieve success. It is impossible to become rich when your thoughts are those of poverty. When you make a decision to become rich stand by your decision, see yourself and feel yourself being rich. Act rich even.

Control what you think.

The world we leave in is a direct reflection of what we think. You are poor because you think so; you are rich or successful because that is what you think. In order that we change our living environment we must change the way we think. Every thought is a cause and every condition an effect for this reason it is very important that you control your thoughts so as to bring forward desirable conditions. To remove discord, we must remove the cause and this cause is found within us.

Most of the things we think about are as a result of what we feed our minds on. The main source of which are; what we read and our daily life experiences. If we feed our minds with negative things we obviously will think negatively and vice versa. However, we have the power to change and control what we think. The mind will obey what you want it to think. It is under you control. Remember what you think largely influences what you do in life. Since reading plays a greater part to what we think, you must feed your mind with the right material. Always refuse to think negatively about your situation. Besides in every bad situation there is a positive one. Look for the positives and derive pleasure in them.

Improve your mind

In order to express life there must be mind; nothing can exist without mind. "Nature compels us all to move through life. We could not remain stationary however much we wished. Every right-thinking person wants not merely to move through life like a gong, but to develop - to improve - and to continue the development mentally to the close of physical life". How better can you improve your thoughts without improving your mind? How better can you improve your physical life with improving your mind? Remember your thoughts are a direct result of what you feed your mind. Your outward results are also direct results of your thoughts. Nourish your mind with positive things and positive thoughts will manifest out of it.

In order to achieve greater physical success you need greater mental success. You can achieve greater mental success by continuously improving your mind. Keep acquiring as much knowledge as you possibly can. If you are not in the habit of reading please develop one. At least 30 minutes a day of reading a good book will get you started.

You have the power

All growth comes from within. This is evident in all nature. Every plant, every animal, every human is a living testimony to this law, yet, we error by looking for power or strength from outside of us. We have the capacity to grow physically and mentally without outside interference. When we focus our energies and efforts on success we can surely achieve it. Thought is energy. Active thought is active energy; concentrated thought is a concentrated energy. Thought concentrated on a definite purpose becomes power. This is the power which is being used by those who do not believe in the virtue of poverty, or the beauty of self-denial.

The failures of our lives are largely due to the fact that we cannot recognize and appreciate the power in us. We cannot express powers that we do not possess. The only way by which we may secure possession of power is to become conscious of power, and we can never become conscious of power until we learn that all power is from within.


The need for us to recognize the power built in our minds cannot over emphasized. This topic is far from being exhausted in this small article. I will continue to talk about it in future. Many people who have succeeded have realized and harnessed this power. Not until you fully realize and harmonise it, are you going to achieve your destiny. Remember personal development and growth does not come easily. You need to be persistent and patient for it to manifest. Always remember to "standout tall and be counted".

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Ah, yes. It's that time of year if you live either on the East Coast, Mid West (like myself) and the Rockies, where you look outside and see the snow on the ground along with temperatures between 0 and 30 degrees with the wind chill well below zero. After you look at that window, you take a deep breath and sigh to yourself. The winter time blues does also, affect those who live in the South, West Coast and the Southwestern United States, but at least you guys can go outside (well, earlier this month, those living in Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, North and South Carolina, and Tennessee had to deal with some snow and Florida had a cold snap) while the rest us has to stay indoors and deal with cabin fever.

There are people out there who love Winter, the snow, cold, the idea of White Christmas. In my opinion, I think that the whole concept of having a white Christmas is very ov-er-rat-ed!I put it like this: the same people who want a white Christmas, or at least see some snow falling from the sky on Christmas Day, are the same people who want the snow to start melting away on December 26 and making sure that the white stuff and the cold doesn't come back. You can't have it both ways. Either you want to have snow or you don't to see it coming down when the holiday season is upon us.

What is the Winter Time Blues?

Winter time Blues usually takes place in Mid to late January when the holidays (Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day) have come and gone; when you have already took down your Christmas tree; when you have put up all of your Christmas presents; when you have not gone to the mall since you have finished Christmas shopping; when you have stopped baking holiday treats (cookies, pies, cakes, etc.) once the season is over; when you have already gone to every single Christmas party that you could possibly attend (who doesn't love a good Christmas party!); and when you have put up all of your Christmas decorations (indoor and outdoor, even those some people might leave them up until Spring or even year-round.) Pretty much, once the run of the holidays are over and done with, there is an emptiness inside of you, and then you start to feel somewhat depressed by the gray skies, cold temperatures and the sun setting earlier than usual (Daylight Saving Time.)


This ranked at the top of almost everyone's list of goals for the new year (notice that I said "goals" and not "resolutions because we have the tendency to break our resolutions a few days or weeks in the next year, while goals are the destinations that we want to reach with the sense of real change, accomplishment and progress without the idea of failure crossing our minds at anytime.) The purpose here is to either lose weight or get their bodies toned for the summer. If you fall into this category, then go to your local Gym, sign up for a year-long membership (well, if you have the money for it) and get busy. Now, if you don't have the resources or the weather outside is bad, you can develop a workout routine in the comfort of your own home. Incorporate sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, jump rope routines, etc. in your workout regimen. Just make sure that you exercise in moderation without the chance of straining any muscles or breaking any bones. Also, if you like to run outside regardless of the weather conditions, by all means go for it, but be careful. If you wear too much clothing while jogging, you will pass out once the exercise routine is over. At the same time, if you go out running without covering up your skin in the cold weather, you will catch hypothermia very quickly. So dress warmly and comfortably before you go out there to jog.

Mind Stimulation

We are all guilty of this. Anytime we come home after work, school or any other activity, we turn on the TV, sit down on the couch or our favorite chair and that's it. Since we only just watch television and don't do anything else, at times, one hour after another, our brains can turn to mush by being inactive. You see, our brain is a muscle and just like any other muscle, we have to strengthen it. So how can we do it? Since we can two things at once, here are some solutions while watching television, or better yet, do these activities away from the television:

1. Read the newspaper or book

It is important to learn what's going on in the world because you don't want to be the person that doesn't know anything about current events, sports news, and celebrity news. After you're doing reading the newspaper, why don't you pick up a good book and start reading it. In today's world, everyone is so busy doing something (work, school, other activities, etc.) that we just can't slow down and relax. One way to relax is to get yourself something to eat, a hot or cool beverage, a book, a comfortable place to sit and just read.

2. Taking a class

Whether it is in the classroom or online, try to learn something new. If you really think that you seen it or heard it all before, you haven't. By taking a class, it allows you to learn something that you have never heard before and you can use the valuable information either at your job or for future reference in your personal life. Also, you can learn something outside of the classroom as well. If there is a specific hobby that you are into, then learn as much as you can about that activity. The knowledge you'll pick up while doing the research will show that you have a serious passion about something (i.e. your hobby, activist work, etc.)

3. Doing a crossword puzzle or brain teaser exercises

By doing the crossword puzzle along with the brain teaser exercise in the newspaper (local or national), you can test how much you really know. The puzzles and exercises are designed to challenge you and determine how smart you really are. The exercises are fun and I strongly encourage everyone to try it.

4. Learn a foreign language

If you ever wanted to learn how to speak a foreign language, now is the best time to do it. Now granted, studies have shown that is best to learn a new language when you are a child rather than as an adult, but that should not stop you from pick up a book, CD, DVD or Mp3 and learn how to speak a foreign language. It takes time and patience to learn a new language but it will pay off in the long run.

The 4 above mentioned tips are exercises that will stimulate your mind, penetrate your soul and just make you feel good all over because in each activity, you are 1) Gaining knowledge and 2) Doing something that you would normally not do at all. I want everyone to try at least one or all four of those exercises. You never know, you might like it!


If you ever wanted to write that novel? How about that movie or television script? Better yet, have you thought about composing songs? Go ahead and just do it. The only person that going to stop you from doing it is YOU, so go and try it! Before you get started, do some homework and research how to do it. Once you are done, the first thing you must do before someone look at your work is copyright it immediately. As a writer, your worst fear is that you send your work off to a company before copyrighting it. Then, that company would reject your work, edit a few things here and there in your project, slap their name on it, and the next you know, they just stole your fame and fortune because your project is a smash hit. You could sue, but you will lose the case because there isn't documented proof that you copyrighted your work and they outright stole your project.


So you think you can dance, huh? Well, it is no secret that Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance are always in the top 10 or near the top of Nielsen's television ratings. Both shows are popular because of two reasons: 1) People like to watch other folks dance and 2) People love to dance. It is no mere coincidence that the number of people participating in Ballroom, Latin and Swing dancing has skyrocketed in popularity ever since both shows made its television debut a few years ago. If you ever wanted to dance, go ahead and try it. If you have two left feet and can't dance at all, well that should not stop you from seeing what you can do on the dance floor. You can learn how to dance with a dance instructor or even better, you can bring a partner along to help you out.


If you love to cook, but at the same time, prepare the same meals every single day of the week, why not give your regular dinner routine an extra kick by trying something different. Give it a shot by adding spicy and tasty dishes to your menu. Learn how to cook different types of meals such as Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Korean, etc. and you will be surprised how it will turn out. If you never cooked anything before in your life, give it a shot and see what happens. Of course, it is by trial by error, and you will make some mistakes along the way and that's all right. Don't worry if you mess up, because we're all human and all of us have either burned up a dish or the meal didn't come out as originally planned. With repetition, creativity and patience, you can cook anything for anyone at anytime. Who knows, you could carve out a cooking career and become the next Paula Deen or Gordon Ramsay.

Playing an instrument

When you were a child or teen, did you ever play an instrument, or thought about it and never got around to it? Well, it's never too late to pick an instrument and learn how to play it. It doesn't matter if you're 8 or 100 years old, if you are interested in playing music, by all means, go for it. First, decide on which instrument(s) you like to play. Then, select a music teacher/instructor and learn music theory (major/minor chords and scales; the importance of time signature; find out how to find out what key a specific song is in; etc.) As a piano player, I know about the ups and downs of playing an instrument. You can never get bored playing an instrument because each musical style (Pop, Rock, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Funk, etc.) presents a new challenge and at the same time, it's a lot of fun learning those styles, too. If you want to be successful in playing an instrument, here are some my suggestions:

1) Time

You don't have to practice all day long in order to become really good in play an instrument, especially if you other obligations going on in your life right now (work, school, etc.) The minute that you have come free time, practice as much as possibly can. The key word here is practice because it doesn't matter how long you practice, but rather how many times a week you should practice. If you can't practice everyday, make it 5 to 6 times a week.

2) Patience

Okay, if you have never play an instrument before, you will get frustrated after a while because the song you are learning right now doesn't sound like the way that you want it. My advice is simple: start off slow and steady, and when you feel comfortable, then pick up the tempo of the song. The biggest thing that you have to realize when you begin playing an instrument is that you're not going to be great overnight. It takes a lot of patience and the desire that you want to become one of the best instrumentalist out there right now.

3) Repetition

As the old adage says: if you keep doing something over and over, you're going to better each and every time. The same is true when playing an instrument. Not only you must play with your favorite instrument on a regular basis, but also learn the major and minor scales and chords. Also, once you master the art of memorizing and playing a song without having the sheet music in front of you, then you are on your way to become a true artist.

Get out of the house

When the weather outside is fairly decent and if it's not too cold outside, then get out of the house as often as you can. While you're out, do some fun such as going to the movies, join an organization, participate in volunteer work, etc. Hibernation might be cool if you're a bear, but cabin fever is not the way to go if looks and feels temperature-wise okay outside.

If you are still feeling depressed as I finish up this article, cheer up. Spring is not that far off, but at the same time, you only wish that it would come fast enough.

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Drawing lines as a society is despairing. Drawing lines as an individual gives unprecedented opportunities of understanding. Understanding opens reason. Reason diminishes uncertainty and belief. Belief is the vague interconnection that everyone shares, however unobstructed reason exemplifies the architecture of self. Architecture is order drawn out for reason and purpose. Reason presents itself as meaning and meaning coincides with understanding.Simply put, order=understanding.

Reason is aesthetically pleasing, however uninhabitable. Categorically speaking, reason is coinciding with perfection, definition... pure clarity- In simpler words: impossible. Beauty is defined by this aspect in such a way that it folds in on itself as an anti-beauty. A driver. The ambiguity of reason becomes a weapon, simply because it is completely infinite. Corruption stems from conflicts indulging in each other whist the conflicts try to reach the everlasting reason... the infinite truths... the realities that brought on such conflicts as they began. This corruption masks the past, exaggerates the present, and promises to fulfill the future. Corruption is impure.

Architecture is commonly misconceived as simply the structure of a habitable building, however the term becomes almost ambiguous as the term reason. Interchangeable within changeable order. A structural bond between everything and everything. Links that were meant, or at least implied, simply are.

Conflicts are everything. Everything relates. That is the architecture.

Why are there relationships between conflicts? That is the reason.

Visually, the pair are highly improbable together. Reason reaches infinity, though order opposes forever by drawing lines. The two compliment each other while expelling each other in a twisting vine of existence.

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If you would like to become more self-confident there are resources available to help you to achieve your goal. Essentially, self-confidence can be described as being free of self-doubt which means having no doubt either in yourself as an individual, your place in the world, and in your own talents and abilities. It comes down to a belief that you are capable of rising to a specific goal or challenge because you have faith in yourself and trust yourself to be able to handle the situation whatever it may be.

Having self-confidence is essential in today's world. It is key to the good performance of our children at school and in the way we perform our tasks and responsibilities in our day to day lives, whether professionally or privately. Having a low self-confidence can be debilitating to our lives, keeping us from reaching our full potential and hampering our interactions with other people. For some of us it can become so intense that it is almost impossible to function normally in society.

Once you have identified the need to become more self-confident your next step is to seek the help that you need in order to build up your self-confidence. There are many self-help tools available on the market today and any newsagent will have loads from which to make your selection. This can make you feel somewhat overwhelmed as you are literally spoiled for choice. You might find that you have no idea which tool is the best one for you.

Becoming more self-confident is a journey in matter of speaking, and it is helpful to view it as such. As with any type of journey the key is deciding that you are committed to reaching your goal and that you know exactly where you are headed.

Becoming More Self-Confident by Dr. Arnd Stein is an excellent tool to assist you on this journey. Dr. Arnd Stein studied psychology at the Ruhr-University in Bochum and received his doctorate back in 1975 in the fields of media psychology and journalism. It was while he was still studying that he began his practical work as a child psychologist, beginning with child guidance.

Becoming More Self-Confident by Dr. Arnd Stein reveals the latest discoveries in the sciences of sound, psychology, and superlearning. These discoveries were incorporated to develop a totally new, safe and effective psycho-technology that assists in reprogramming your subconscious in more positive ways. By doing this you are able to achieve your goals and the satisfaction that brings.

Most of us could do with a bit more self-confidence so that we can do the things that we want to do and achieve the things we want to achieve. It doesn't matter if your goal is to lose weight, live a healthier life, overcome anxiety and depression, quit smoking or relieve stress; self-confidence is a major component of achieving these things and more in our lives, both professionally and privately. Let Dr. Arnd Stein's Become More Self-Confident help you to realize your own self-confidence.

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Do you often arrive late to appointments, commitments, or seldom complete tasks on schedule?

Being late can seem like a small thing that does not matter. However, it communications volumes to yourself and others, whether you mean it to or not. Being kept waiting is an experience almost no one relishes, because at best, it wastes time and at worst, it indicates a lack of regard not only to the other person, but, also, yourself.

It is as if you are saying that your time is more important than their time, therefore, you do not need to honor them by showing up when you said you would. When you are running late, it means a lot if you call and tell the person, especially if it will be more than ten minutes. However, when you are repeatedly late, it will take more than a phone call to properly address the issue.

When it is a habit of being late, you need to look inside yourself and discover what is promoting such disregard to yourself and others. It is easy to make excuses about your behavior, or to project responsibility on the other person, perceiving that he/she is uptight if he/she is upset when you are late. What is more difficult, and more meaningful, is looking at yourself and asking, 'Why is it that I am late, or often late?

Sometimes lateness can be attributed to wanting to please everyone and thereby, putting too many things on your 'commitment' list and then being unable to manage everything. Or it can be a lack of self-regard, as if you are not really important, so, 'No one will care if I am late or do not show up.' Repeated lateness can also stem from being disorganized or wanting to do it all. Another reason for lateness is that you do not really want to be there or do it. You communicate your disinterest or lack of respect by not showing up.

No matter your reasons, if you raise your awareness to what you are denying you are doing, you have an opportunity to live a more conscious life. As you begin to understand the real reason behind your inability to show up on time, you have the option to communicate clearly and consciously about how you feel, rather than communicating to yourself and others deceptively.

Addressing repeated lateness helps you to honor both yourself and others and to reestablish your integrity.

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Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Metaphysician - Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, Author and Speaker. Dr. Dorothy facilitates clearing blocks, fears and limiting beliefs. You can live the life you desire. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one's thoughts and feelings. http://www.drdorothy.net

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Medical studies have revealed that your emotions and stress affect your physical health. In the realm of metaphysics all physical symptoms are a manifestation of emotional dis-ease/distress. There is a mental and emotional cause for each and every medical diagnosis and there is a metaphysical way to heal them.

Metaphysical healing has been used since the beginning of human existence. All knowledge is ancient and infinite. If you are willing to do the mental and emotional work, every physical symptom can be transformed - from A to Z - Abdominal Pain to Zits and everything in between - arthiritis, asthma, cancer, diabetes, fibromyalgia, lupus, migraine headaches and the list goes on. The condition is caused by emotional/mental dis-ease/distress. When the emotional/mental dis-ease/distress is transformed the condition will go back to nothing from hence it came.

The word, 'incurable' is used because, prescriptions, chemotherapy, radiation and cutting out body parts does not transform the root cause of the dis-ease/distress. Medical protocol, procedures and cutting out body parts suppress the symptoms, but, the root cause is still impacting your mind, body and spirit. Therefore, the cause of the dis-ease/distress simply impacts another area of the body. That is why the majority of people have multiple diagnoses.

There is a highly effective protocol to heal the root cause of all diagnosed symptoms. It is a protocol of Emotional and Spiritual Healing (ESH). ESH is direct, focused and combines creating health while healing the past. It is exacting, powerful, virtually painless and an accurate way of changing the landscape of your inner and outer mind, body and spirit. ESH allows you to access your past, present and future - as well as your subconscious, and clear negative energy on all levels - mind, body and spirit.

ESH transforms your fears, anxiety, blocks, indoctrinations and conditioning that keep you from living a more fulfilling and stress free life. ESH works at the cellular and soul level thereby eliminating spiritual, mental, emotional and physical dysfunctions, blocks and challenges.

When a method works on the deepest level spiritual and cellular level, instead of only the emotional and mental level - it is possible to find causes linked to past life trauma or spiritual DNA information, spiritual realm issues, and the creation of the soul itself. Frequently, your physical issues are linked to the creation process of the soul throughout time.

Your dis-ease/distress has become a 'program' that is the root cause of your symptoms which negatively affect your life. Programming can be positive or negative. It is the negative programming that creates distress, dis-ease and dysfunctions.

With the ESH process you will release hidden negative thoughts, negative energy and transform only negative programming. Releasing unconscious negative programs allows the soul to move into its full expression of joy and prosperity.

You can give yourself the best advantage only you can give yourself. What are you waiting for? In four hours you can eliminate the root cause of your symptoms. "If you do what you've always done - you will get what you've always gotten." -Attributed to Anthony Robbins

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Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Metaphysician - Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, Author and Speaker. Dr. Dorothy facilitates clearing blocks, fears and limiting beliefs. You can live the life you desire. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one's thoughts and feelings. http://www.drdorothy.net

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The procedure for finding a job abroad can be very risky if there is nobody to contact and seek advice regarding the best method of job search. A person in pursuit of jobs overseas to gain a work visa, which can either be sponsored by the company that employs a person or they may want the person has a work visa before hand and then make an application for designation in their company.

These instructional days in the field provides the maximum benefit as well as many teaching positions abroad opportunities based on their levels of expertise consists of primary, secondary and college levels. International schools are known for their capacity to smaller class sizes, resources and exceptional service extraordinary, but most teachers who work there do not realize the value and prefer to take the trouble to look for jobs teaching abroad.

Nursing is a profession that focuses primarily on health issues related to an individual, family or any other community so they can stay healthier and live a life of good quality. There are abundant job nursing abroad that contribute to a nurse to advance in their careers, to participate in large medical practices and also generate more revenue because there is a severe shortage of nurses to practice. Before scrutinizing nursing jobs abroad, the person must be able to provide evidence showing the appropriate education and levels of education and also be enrolled in their homeland. The fact is that there are more good-paying jobs nursing overseas where the money can be good on the basis of coursework. Course work for nursing jobs abroad can be either shorter or longer period, either of which provides a nurse with huge amounts of money in their banks and many other gains .

Foreign countries still stand as a symbol for prosperity and to live an independent life, where there is the dignity of work, no matter what the occupation is. minor benefits as soaring pay and merit employment exercised a pull on people to countries like U.S. and Europe. Maximum rate of migration is among the Indians of their native land to the west of the continents. Jobs abroad for the Indians are still open because the Indian citizens are still under surveillance to obtain better education and greater comfort for improved services to improve their lifestyle and to seize any opportunity that comes always on their way.

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"He can who thinks he can, and he can't who thinks he can't. This is an indisputable law." - Henry Ford

Have you ever noticed how often you say, "I can't"?

"I can't lose weight."

"I can't find my soul mate."

"I can't find a job I love."

"I can't take care of myself."

"I can't heal this shame."

"I can't get myself to exercise."

"I can't find my passion."

When I was little, one of my favorite books was "The Little Engine that Could." For those of you who don't know this children's book, it's about a little train engine who was given the job of pulling a very big load up a hill. As it was pulling the load, it kept saying, "I think I can. I think I can. I think I can." And, of course, it did.

As a three-year old, this little book impressed me very much. I memorized it and read it over and over. I integrated "I think I can," into my thought process, and every time I was challenged, I would say "I think I can," to myself. Like the little engine who could, I never gave up on something that really mattered to me. Fortunately, "I can't" didn't become a part of my language.

With many of my clients, it's a different story. "I can't" seems to be deeply entrenched into their language. In the work I do, I help people learn how to heal their shame, how to take emotional responsibility by learning to be loving to themselves and others, and how to connect with a personal source of spiritual Guidance. Very often, my clients say things like, "I can't take care of myself. I don?t know how." "I can't connect with my spiritual Guidance. I'm not capable of this." "I can't remember to be present with my feelings." "I can't speak up for myself - it's too hard." And, as Henry Ford states in the above quote, as long as they choose to believe this, they can't. They prove themselves right every time.

I wonder if you would be willing to try an experiment. What might happen if, every time you hear yourself say "I can't" you consciously turn it around and say, "I can!" If you did this often enough, you would change your way of thinking, and in changing your thinking, you can change the outcome of your efforts.

Fortunately, another thing I learned very early in my life is that it's okay to fail. To me failure only means that I need to try harder and learn more. Failure never means that I am stupid or incapable. While I've had plenty of failure in my life, it never stopped me from saying "I think I can," which is what enables me to keep going until I succeed.

From 1998 until 2010, I worked on creating a major software program, called SelfQuest. During these 12 years I had many failures and disappointments, but never once did it occur to me that I would not succeed in creating the program of my vision. It was vitally important to me to create this program that I knew would be a huge help to others, and I knew that nothing would stop me. Even when the programmer disappeared with all the work, I knew in my soul that it would all work out. And it did. After finding an incredible new programmer, the original programmer resurfaced and gave us everything we needed to complete it.

No one succeeds without failures, and no one succeeds by saying "I can't". Try reading "The Little Engine that Could" and integrate this into your mindset!

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By: Margaret Paul, Ph. D.

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Margaret Paul, Ph.D. is a best-selling author of 8 books, relationship expert, and co-creator of the powerful Inner Bonding? process - featured on Oprah. Are you are ready to heal your pain and discover your joy? Click here for a FREE Inner Bonding Course, and visit our website at www.innerbonding.com for more articles and help. Phone Sessions Available.

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1. Blaming things due to gender

I was once in an argument recently with my partner and she forcefully uttered the remark "typical male!" responding to something unkind I had said. Although I felt sorry for what I have said and wanted to apologize, her remark had put me in a spot as if I apologized I would not only have apologized for my comment but also for my own gender. But since I can't really change my gender, I would be apologizing for being myself!

Think about this for a moment: He is doing this because he is not a perfect woman, he doesn't do this because he's not a woman, she is doing this because she is not a man, and so on... This actually makes things a whole lot more complicated, and things are actually simpler if we approach conflict with as little stereotypes as possible.

2. Exhausting yourself needlessly

Don't waste your energy and time on the late-night TV or web browsing which is not productive at all when you have work or a job in the early morning. Skipping your late-night TV or web browsing will help you to become a more useful person at work, a friend who is more fun to be with, and it will also definitely be easier to hit the gym or whatever you had planned for your new year's resolution.

3. Putting off your dreams

If you have put off your dreams up till now, stop doing it. Look at your biggest dreams and identify the things that make them so appealing to you. Is it the free time that you will get as a result of them, the great relationships or just being in the best shape of your life? Pick out something that you can do this year that will enable you to enjoy some of that dream without all the extras. Maybe you would also like to save up a bit of money and spend it on that amazing purchase you have always wanted or take some unpaid time off. Learn to treasure the time you have and don't wait until you have a lot of money before starting to savor the world around you.

4. Not asking for help

I am sure that you will be surprised and stunned if you just knew how many people are actually willing to help you if you clearly define what you want and ask for help directly instead. But of course don't ask for help and expect people to give you everything on the golden platter. Ask for help like the friend who has done almost everything in his power to achieve what he wants and needs only that final push from a buddy or someone else to reach success!

5. Taking things for granted

Time is limited and we don't have all the time in the world. Seize the moment and learn to treasure the things you have right now. As you are coming to the end of this article, you would have realized that the time you have spent here is gone. So learn to treasure the information that you have gotten back from this article, time, your loved ones and anything else you currently have in your life!

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When push comes to shove the difference between those people living the life they want and those people settling for the life they get comes down to a few simple understandings and strategies. Successful people are not born success. Success people do not have magic powers. Successful people just understand simple life changing strategies and implement them better than other people.

Success can be measured in so many different ways, financial, health, relationships, family, work, imagine if you had a level of success in all of those areas, if you had the life you dreamed and desired and every day you achieved everything you wanted in life. Well it can happen. Success is something that is learnt, life principles are things that you can use, creating levels of success come to those that are discipline enough to take notice. Using just these 3 strategies everyday will see a vastly different you and a vastly different level of success.

Live Above The Line:
In this world there are two types of people, those that live above the line and those that live below. People who blame others, do not take responsibility for their actions or life, do not think it is ever there fault are living below the line. They are not willing to accept responsibility for anything and therefore are not willing to do something about changing it. They are always looking for others to blame rather than taking action to form change. Success people live above the line, they take responsibility for everything that happens in their day and life, and they never blame others or other situations for what happens to them.

They are proactive in ensuring good things happen and that they are in control of their emotions, actions and outcomes. For example you need to get some photocopying done and the machine breaks during your job. Do you cause a fuss and carry on or do you except it and look for a solution to the problem? Or You have a big meeting to secure a big deal, however the prospect decided to go with someone else. Do you blame the world for not getting it or do you focus on what you could have done better to learn for next time. As simple as what this sounds it is amazing how many people actually live part of their day below the line, blaming others for circumstances or looking for others to be responsible.

Be Around Successful People:
Successful people are always around other successful people. Each day people make mistakes, they do the wrong thing, they take steps backwards, however this could be avoided if they were around other successful people. Successful people have already made these mistakes, they have already learnt these lessons and using them as mentors, coaches, guides you can fast track your outcomes from learning and modelling what they do and why they do it. Find books to read, videos, CDs and DVDS to soak up the knowledge, education and learning and then use it in your own life. It is no accident that successful know and hang around other successful people, they have their own groups, their own networks and their own places to go. Average people hang around average people as it is their comfort zone. Tip - Find a successful person and take them to lunch. You pay for it and during your time ask all the questions you can think of, pick their brains on how they first started, what they did and how they did it.

Focus On Your Goals:
You don't need another piece of writing telling you how to set goals and why it is important. I would prefer for you to focus on your goals every day. Have them up see you can see them daily, so you can tick them off when you achieve them and so you can monitor how you are going with achieving them. Goals are just as easy forgotten if you don't keep a focus on them, if you are not looking at them daily and doing little activities that get you closer to the end result. Planning should be done on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis, you should know what you want to achieve, how you are going to achieve it and in what time frame. It is fine to have goals, however if you do not continue to focus on them then your goals will disappear as the months go on and you will still be in the same spot as when you started.

Using these three simple strategies will improve the levels of success you have in your life and allow you to move forward in achieving great things.

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Michael Griffiths is the CEO and Founder of Secrets Of A Super Life, helping individuals live life with more passion, purpose, happiness and fulfillment. To get your free life success resources visit http://www.secretsofasuperlife.com

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It is a part of everyone's life that there is always a person you have problems with. Due to some reasons, sometimes the children or the teachers do not fit our nature. Some people have already found how to deal with such problems and some are still trying to find solutions.

It's not necessary to get entangled in different behavioral situations as there are always some means to resolve such situations.

There are usually two choices for us. One is that we should accept this reality that we have to face and deal with them and other one is to mold the things according to our desires. It's far better to be optimistic and look towards the bright side of situation rather than spoiling it with criticizing comments or rude expression.

To accomplish this task, we have to think about all the aspects properly. The best thing we can do is to keep our gestures happy and smiley and manage the situation. In return, the next person will surely smile back at you.

Some people are difficult to understand but it's not always necessary that they are your opponents. We always carry an image of the person in our minds that depends on our personal perceptions. But, we should look at our opinion about the person once again, sometimes it proves to be useful and we find the bright side of the person as well.

Suppose we take Martin, an adult for example. He has an ill-tempered nature and people do not like and agree with his opinions excluding you.

The reason for the ill-tempered nature of Martin is that he had faced many difficulties in life and people have not treated him well. He wants the people to be good with him but he gets no positive response.

You can understand Martin's rude nature because you might have faced a similar type of problem in your life too. The difficulties and complexities of life change the nature of people and they behave in an irritating way.

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The promotion of women in business is not just good for women - it's good for everyone.

My writing on this topic has led me to develop a new kind of "science" that I call Gender Physics. Like many of the physical sciences, it is predicated on the idea of balance and equilibrium - in this case, the balance between masculine and feminine energy. We all have an abundance of one energy or the other, which is often (but not always) dictated by our actual gender - that is, men will usually have an abundance of masculine energy and women will have more feminine energy. But just as a corporation will benefit from the infusion of feminine energy that women will bring to the table, so too do I believe that individuals will benefit from developing the opposite energy in themselves.

The Two Energies

Masculine energy is action-oriented and forceful. It is a spear that cuts its portion, stakes its claim, and protects its territory. Masculine energy is primarily motivated by external concerns; it emphasizes independence, reinforced by a "can-do" spirit. If properly balanced, masculine energy can be a force for good: the father lovingly providing for his family, the government enacting regulations with a social conscience. In an organizational context, it is the impetus for action, for taking good ideas and seeing them through to completion.

Meanwhile, feminine energy is internally-driven. It is the source of creativity, imagination, and introspection. In contrast to the independent and forceful masculine energy, feminine energy is all about co-existence, cooperation, consensus, and nurturing. Feminine energy can likewise be a force for good in the world, as it resolves conflict and helps people band together in times of need. Its internal focus also provides the creative spark of innovation.

For all the good that these energies may provide, though, they do more harm than good if taken alone. Excessive masculine energy without the counterbalance of feminine energy leads to mindless, risky action. We'll eat too much, spend too much, or work too much, without the introspective feminine impulse to ask why. Masculine energy also seeks to dominate the outside world; in the absence of the value system provided by feminine energy, this impulse can quickly lead to conflict and war.

An excess of feminine energy can result in co-dependency, as we become devoted to others at the expense of ourselves and follow their opinions without developing our own. This leaves us depleted and unable to make good decisions for ourselves regarding various aspects of our lives. Fear also comes with too much feminine energy, as our focus on cooperation leads us to believe that we need someone else to take care of us. Masculine energy also compliments feminine energy by providing that spark of action and decisiveness; without it, nothing gets done. I've often seen this in charitable organizations that are afraid to make any decisions for fear of offending donors and volunteers.

Finding Balance

The solution, of course, is to be balanced - to use both our masculine and feminine energies. If we are in a balanced state our thoughts, emotions, and actions easily flow back and forth between the two energies; we will be able to use the most appropriate energy for every situation. I call this state "Good Gender Physics," and it's a goal that every individual and organization should strive for. On an individual level, good Gender Physics can have far-reaching benefits. I often use the example of Thomas Edison, who called on innovative feminine energy to conceive of the light bulb, then masculine energy to see his invention through.

Organizations and even the world at large can also benefit from good Gender Physics. Even though women constitute half the population, the world is very much dominated by masculine energy. Society reveres the achievements of the self-sufficient individual and view the emotional feminine energy as weak - after all, feelings can be an impediment to getting things done! Furthermore, the attributes of masculine energy are rewarded financially, so both men and women aspire to them. The result is a masculine energy-dominated world characterized by war, conflict, and reckless decision-making.

This trend is perpetuated by the fact that the business world is dominated by men; those women who do attempt to climb the corporate ladder tend to suppress their feminine side in an attempt to "fit in." While it's not a bad thing to see these women develop their masculine energy, the big-picture result is that they don't bring enough feminine energy to these masculine institutions. And the men at these companies are not actively encouraged to develop their feminine energy; companies may have paternity leave available, but in most cases men know that it is career suicide to take it. Businesses and organizations must encourage the growth of feminine energy, not only by hiring and promoting more women, but also through family-friendly policies and a more responsible corporate culture.

The Six Steps

I frequently speak about finding a state of Effortless Energy by following the Six Stilletto Steps. The truth is that gender balance plays an important role in this process. The Six Steps are a journey, similar to the quests of ancient mythology when an ordinary boy or girl steps out of their comfort zone to face their destiny. On the journey, they discover who they are inside (feminine energy) and learn that they can depend on themselves (masculine energy). In changing their internal world, they develop the confidence that they can change their external world.

Indeed, every step in the process requires both masculine and feminine energy, which develops both our energies as we work our way through them. Step 1, Self-Awareness, is the most introspective (and thus feminine) step, yet it is also masculine insofar as it also involves awareness of external signals. The second step of Self-Acceptance again has two elements: it takes the feminine energy of compassion to accept what we have learned about ourselves, but also the courage of masculine energy to stand up and "dare to be different." Step 3, Self-Assurance, is all about the masculine energy of actively seeking support systems through friends and family based on the feminine energy of your self-knowledge. It is important that our external action reflects our internal value system which is established by our feminine energy. Again, it is an inner, to outer, step.

Step 4 is Self-Care, in which we arm ourselves with the tools and weapons we need, be they messages, affirmations, or knowledge. Self-Care tools can be as individual as what gives us energy. Again, it's the masculine energy action that fills the tool bag as we "invest in ourselves," but it's based on our internal value-system of restoration (feminine energy). The fifth step is Self-Reliance, the moment where we set out on the quest. This is clearly the most masculine of the steps, as it is the point where we stop planning and start doing; yet we also draw on internal strength and resolve in times of peril, and that resolve has its roots in self-knowledge. Even the final step, Self-Celebration, has a masculine and feminine side. While much of the celebration is conventionally external, it is also a matter of internally showing gratitude - whether to yourself, to your god, or to the support system that helped get you there. And the best form of celebration is laughter, which always brings you back into balance.

Sometimes people ask me why I call them "Stilletto Steps." For starters, it's because I've always loved stillettos! But the real reason is that Stillettos represent a perfect blend of energies - the feminine stilletto heel evolved from the stilletto knife, the ultimate symbol of forceful masculine energy. Each step is a precarious balancing act between the two energies - but if we can keep our balance, we'll reap the benefits.

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After a highly successful career in business, including 26 years with PotashCorp where she was Senior Vice-President, Betty-Ann retired in 2007, the same year that she was named to Canada's Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Hall of Fame?. She now works as a speaker, author and mentor and is committed to using her personal and professional experiences to inspire and empower other women. A firm believer in the value women bring to organizations, Betty-Ann explores changing perceptions of male and female roles including candid observations about what she calls "Good Gender Physics" on her blog at http://www.stillettochick.com. She helps both men and women understand the primary energy of their gender but also accept and appreciate the strengths of their opposite.

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No matter who you are or what you have accomplished, false and limited mental programming has held you back from achieving your true potential. If you find yourself acting in contradiction with your own values, causing pain to yourself or others, if you say to yourself: "I know that what I do is wrong... but I still do it... Why? Why do I repeatedly suffer instead of joyfully going through life?" then you are not alone... and you are asking the wrong question.

We are creatures of habit. Conditioned from your early childhood to react to outside circumstances in particular ways, emotionally and mentally, your actions are much more mechanical that you realize. Intelligence and values have a much lesser influence than you think and often do not have the final word in the matter. This explains why so many highly intelligent women act like "out of control teenagers" when it comes to body image and health habits.

Therefore, the question of "why" is rather trivial. Instead, we should ask: "Since I act out of habit, IS there a way to change my habits NOW; and if so, HOW do I do that?"

You need to delve into mental conditioning to permanently create your physical beauty and health. It gives you the tools to overcome your mental, emotional and physical bad habits and replace them with the new, positive habits that will give you a new life. In time, these new habits will become second nature and seem automatic. Since this transformation is taking place at a deep, subconscious level, this is a permanent change in your lifestyle, your way of thinking and feeling, not just a temporary quick fix. Mental reconditioning can be a beautiful and effective path to your true self and the life of your true values and aspirations.

Have a Vision.

Most people, when asked what they want, come up with a list of things that they do NOT want. While knowing what you would like to avoid is important, you need to also have a clear vision of what you DO want to achieve. The more specific your vision, the better!

Have a Powerful WHY.

What is the reason you would like to achieve your vision? Think in terms of benefits, not features. For example, a feature may be: being slim; the benefit is: having less fat and more lean, toned muscle will make me healthier; I will have more energy, I will feel confident, dressed or naked; I will feel great about myself and that will help me to be more successful in other areas of my life! If your WHY is powerful and convincing (for you), it is more likely that you will achieve your vision.

You need Momentum and Personal Power to Change.

Old habits have a strong gravitational pull. To break away you need a lot of energy and motivation. Having a clear vision and knowing the WHY will help, but you need momentum or raw personal power to make things happen! One of the most direct ways to develop personal power is to practice focused meditation and doing what is right for you! You need to realize that you are worth fighting for!


Strategy is a direct application of the new, healthy habits. While developing personal power is accomplished through focused meditation and following the life path that is right for you, strategy is Mindfulness. The methods include visualization techniques, affirmations, being present in the moment, being in touch with the core of your being and acting from your truth as opposed to acting from old habits. Acting in such a deliberate manner instills new habits that are inline with your purpose, your goals and the more authentic YOU.

Commitment, Determination and Resilience.

These three qualities make a difference between success and failure. When you have a clear vision, personal power and strategy, your unbending commitment, determination and resilience will carry you through to success. Your mantra should be: I will never give up! I resolve to succeed!


It is extremely challenging to achieve big successes on your own. As you probably know, in sports and business, behind every great success is a great coach. To overcome lifelong habits, it is crucial to have support!

Affirmation for the day:

"I love the positive transformation that is taking place in my mind and body. I am ready for great success!"

Becoming Successful Is Easy and Making Money is Even Easier. Click Here Now to find out more.

Mila Diamond - Co-Founder of "Women's Perfect Body Program"

CEO of Diamond Mind Coaching

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Each and every day has its own heroes. Oh, yes, because we are brave and courageous beings when the enemy has a form, a structure, a body, a name. It is then that we know what weapons to choose, how to fight, when to retreat and regroup in order to deliver one last powerful attack in order to destroy our enemy.

We are brave when we fight wars against well-known and very well-defined enemies, when we try to defeat natural adversities and rebuilt everything that was destroyed from and with almost nothing, when somebody is in danger and we do not hesitate once in running to their rescue. We know that we have to use guns or just our fists to fight the wars or to come to the rescue of another human being, we know that we need boats to run from floods, we need water to put out fires, we need to plant trees on muddy slopes to prevent them from collapsing, we need to take cover when powerful storms take hold on everything around. In each and every action we use our intelligence in order to see in chaos the seeds of a new world. For all of the above mentioned situations and maybe for many other, we somehow manage to find that courage which takes us out of our inertia.

What if the enemy is invisible? And I do not mean it as in the science fiction tradition... What if that enemy lurks in the darkest, unreachable corner of our souls and hearts? It has no name, it has no face, we do not know when and how it will attack, but we surely feel when we are under siege. We get that feeling of absolute panic and we start running around in circles, clueless of what to use and how to do it in order to silence it. Where is our courage, our bravery, our fortitude?

Well, they are still in there, in us, but since the enemy is apparently invisible, the panic will not allow us to see our courage. And I will tell you a secret: it is not true that this ferocious enemy has no name, no face. Just go and look into the mirror! See?! Here it is, in front of your eyes you have your worst enemy: Yourself! Or to better put it: your innermost Self. The one which knows you so well, knows your weaknesses, your fears, has a memory that goes beyond what you are still able to physically remember, hears your doubts and can hardly wait to feed itself from all of these and grow stronger. This enemy does not want you to make a move, tries to belittle you and makes you feel unworthy. It keeps pouring into your ear words of the type: 'you can't', 'it's impossible', 'don't try this, it's pointless', 'there were others before you who did that better than you could possibly do it', 'you don't have what it gets to succeed', 'you don't give enough'. You are familiar with these words, aren't you? What about its direct attacks to your heart, your feelings? 'Don't you see, they don't like you', 'nobody understands you', 'they ignore you', 'you're insignificant', 'you're alone'... Ouch, those hurt a lot!

How can we fight such an unpredictable and well-prepared enemy, an enemy which strikes from within? Simply by applying the same rules we apply in fighting the external enemies.

  1. We need to establish the battle field. In this case the battle takes place within us.
  2. We need to find our allies. It is good to have an external ally: a family member, a friend, but your fight is your fight, they cannot get in there, so you are still alone. Your allies are: your wishes, your dreams, the voice of your heart. You will know when your heart is speaking because your heart has no such words as: 'don't', 'can't', 'impossible', 'silly', etc. in its vocabulary. Your heart will tell you to go on no matter what. All the other words you hear belong to your mind, to that inner Self that thinks you are unworthy.
  3. A war is always fought with weapons. Once you transformed that loud voice, that tries to prevent you from moving forward, in a feeble sound, you are going to see clearly your weapons: courage, power to ignore the annoying buzzing of the negative thoughts, perseverance no matter what. You do not give up on a real battle field, why should you give up on you?
  4. You will also needa reason, a 'why do I fight this war'. Be it because you cannot stand anymore the inertia state you are in and you feel the desperate need to move on, be it because you have a dream to fulfill, be it because you want to improve your life or change it, be it because you do it for the welfare of your family, in the end, it does not really matter what the reason is, if it exists. Any reason is a good reason. We are not born to stand still and do nothing. Nothing we see around us, from the smallest to the greatest of things, would be here if our ancestors would have stood still, paralyzed with fear by their worst enemies: they themselves.
  5. Rule number four may be completely overlooked if the voice of your heart is so strong as to silence the rationalizations you will nevertheless keep hearing in your fight. And your heart makes itself heard loudly and clearly when you follow your dream. The voice of your dreams is in fact the voice of your heart, and, thus, you do not need a reason, but only a heart to follow.
  6. Finally you need a goal.You have to know where you are heading, what outcome you want your fight to have. Are you scared to think on the long run? Then keep in mind your final goal, but each and every day, assign a new one that will bring you one more step closer to the final goal. Just make sure you achieve your daily goals!

It is as simple as that and after a while, when looking in the mirror, instead of seeing that unknown, powerful enemy, you will be able to see yourself as you really are: courageous, an example of fortitude in front of adversities, a being with a worthwhile purpose, a fighter for a noble cause: that of overcoming fears and making a difference, always moving forward, steadily and decisively as a river which carves its way in stones. When its waters dry out, its bed will always stand there as a proof over millenniums that it once flowed over that land.

Be a river and the enemy within will become your guide: you will know that the stronger its voice gets, the truer is the path you are on.

Have a good fight and you will live a good life!

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In the deepest silence of your soul you will hear your heart's voice brought to you by the whispers of the winds. This is the page where they are translated into stories

Join me at The Whispering Voice page


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Recently, I came in contact with some people that I use to work with years ago. They reminded me of all the amazing people with nothing in their hearts and minds except to provide for their families. My passion is and always has been, to help people see and believe in themselves. Believe that anything is possible. I greatly desire to inspire people to take a risk on themselves in faith. My family & people who know me would say that I live the phrase "Give until it hurts". I am VERY thankful to for Giver's Heart.

I have been a Master Trainer / Coach & Counselor for more than 12 years now. Being a trainer coach is a rare privilege that some people have a natural talent for. I don't think I was a natural at it, although many have said that I am. I think that the sum of my life allows me the perspective to see who people are or who they are meant to be, not who they see themselves as. To see past the words that flow endless out of their mouths (aka excuses). I see greatness in all people and passionately desire to give to them to help them achieve their heart's desires.

I have seen some amazing people in my life. I give them the respect and song of my heart, for I see them as so much more than who they are right now. Yes, amazing people indeed. Give them belief and they believe in themselves. Give them hope and they begin to dream. Give them trust and they begin to trust in others. It is such a small thing to belief in the good of men and women. But I truly and passionately believe and desire. Like the SJB Crew of the Lear Tampa Plant that recently closed down displacing some of my most precious of friends all over Tampa Bay. Oh the leaders that were born out of those days. Or the people who worked on the factory floors of plants all across America.

People that I have had the privilege of spending time with and honored by the exchange. And people whom I have called my closest and dearest friends over the years and have made an impression on me and moved me in ways I could never have imagined. They drove me to give more to people and honor others as I honor myself. Giving to others and serving others is not a fault. For those of you who have been told that it is.....they are wrong. The givers heart is full not empty. Never without a cause to fight for, never without compassion to my friends. There is someone to believe in us all. I am just a gap filler, a passionate person put on this earth to move people from where they are to where they want to be......in their hearts.

Dear God, Thank You for the tearful tugs at my heart that make me cry and fill me with joyful passion for others. Thank You for the passionate giving heart that I have and the courage to accept that with You there is nothing in my days that we can not achieve or overcome together. Thank you for my Giver's Heart.

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Hi, I am Ginger Rockey-Johnson, THE Spice Girl of Tampa Bay. We provide remarkable marketing solutions to independent entrepreneurs, small to medium-sized businesses in Florida. As one piece of an overall strategy, I provide word-of-mouth marketing, Social Media, & Internet Marketing Concierge services catered to meet the individual or small businesses.

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Beliefs are so deeply embedded within our minds that we often don't even realize that it is they that are in control, and not us. People tend to blame outside forces for their current set of circumstances, when in actual fact, the problem lies within and not without.

The cause of what is happening in our outer world lies within us, not without. Our beliefs are the cause and the effects are the circumstances whether good or bad.

Beliefs become firmly rooted in our mind due to a moment in our lives, usually when we are younger, when something happened or someone said something that stuck with us, and we reinforced it by internalizing it and thinking about it often. Our personalities are developed this way naturally, although I think it was meant to only be for those beliefs that serve a useful purpose. As using our mind is not exactly something that is taught us from a young age, we unwittingly program countless negative beliefs into our system without really knowing what we are doing.

There are ways to challenge and replace those negative beliefs though and one of the best ways is to bring them to the surface and analyze them, showing them for what they really are. They are nothing more than deadweight pulling us down and holding us back from ever achieving anything substantial.

Ask yourself these following questions and answer as truthfully as you can, because in doing so, you are facing them for the first time and can go about replacing them.

The questions:

1. How did this limiting belief form in the first place?
2. Who came up with the idea of it originally, you or someone else?
3. How does this belief limit you?
4. What caused you to decide that this was true for you?
5. Does the belief serve you in any way at all?
6. How is it helping you?
7. If you hold onto his belief, what will the consequences be in regards to your family, health and career?
8. What would you like to believe instead?
9. With this new belief, how will things improve?
10. How will this new belief make things worse?
11. What is the best thing that could happen based on your old belief?
12. What is the best thing that could happen based on your new belief?
13. What might stop you from adopting this new belief?
14. How will your new belief fit with your view of yourself?

Once you have answered these questions you should have come up with a new belief to replace the old one, as well as realized that the old one is useless baggage that needs to be offloaded.

In a notebook, draw a grid with 3 columns. Head column 1: "life area" and in this column put all the areas of your life, each in a separate row. Head column 2: "Limiting beliefs" and for each area of your life write a limiting belief that is holding you back. Finally, head column 3: "New empowering beliefs" and in this column, write the replacement beliefs.

Each day look at the grid and keep the new beliefs fresh in your mind. Repeat them over and over throughout the day as affirmations. Whenever you feel the old beliefs resurfacing, brush them aside and bring your new belief to the fore with repetition. Within 30 days, you will have reprogrammed your mind with a new belief, and sometimes it takes less than that, it all depends on you. Good luck!!

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Your life is a holographic reflection of your experiences from our first breath to the present. Many people believe we are a holographic reflection of experiences beginning from the source until the present.

When you examine your feelings about something you might notice that the feeling you have is based on family patterns. If you trace your feelings back to its source, you might find that one of your parents reacted/responded with the feeling that you are exhibiting. For example, your mother or father might have had an intense fear of lack of money, stemming from their life experiences. If that fear was not resolved, chances are you carried it into your life. Meanwhile, you may have no actual experience of lacking money, so being fearful does not make sense, and now the fear of lacking money blocks you from doing certain things that you want to do.

Keep in mind that your parents managed their lives and yours to the best of their ability. There was no intent to pass negative beliefs about money. Yet, that is what transpired. However, you can change it when you discover you have carried fear of lacking money into your life.

You can not resolve anyone's fear for them, but you can decide to let go of it on your behalf. Whether your parents are alive or not, it is best to complete a symbolic 'letting go' of any fears that belong to them.

An easy 'letting go,' exercise is simple. Visualize inviting your parents to sit across from you in a room and share your desire to move on from the fear. Tell them that you know that they did their best with no intent to instill fear or harm you in any way. Then, forgive them from your heart. You might be surprised at how easy this exercise is.

Doing deep inner work with your fears will serve you well for yourself and for your children; if you currently have children or when you have children. If you have already seen the effects of your fears within your children, remember any changes you make now will be passed down to them. Either way, the effects will be felt, because once you break your ties of fears from the past, your children's ties to those fears are greatly weakened. It is important to remember that is it never too late to have a new beginning.

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Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Metaphysician - Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, Author and Speaker. Dr. Dorothy facilitates clearing blocks, fears and limiting beliefs. You can live the life you desire. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one's thoughts and feelings. http://www.drdorothy.net

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Recently, I worked with an NFL player in voice and presentation skills. During his 3rd session, he discovered the techniques for increasing his volume without shouting which I refer to as projection. He was stunned. It did not hurt his throat; it sounded better; and, his voice carried with more depth and breadth.

This is not the first professional athlete I?ve taught who has discovered the benefits of projecting the voice. Athletes, politicians, teachers, trainers, coaches, ministers, professional speakers, and even those who work in loud environments notice a tremendous difference when they learn the correct techniques for increasing their volume.

Unfortunately, if you are speaking loudly for long periods of time, you may also be suffering from vocal abuse which is characterized by chronic hoarseness, sore throats, or even loss of voice by the end of the day. And, if you frequent loud bars, projection is the only way to be heard without hurting your throat or your listeners? ears!

In order to increase your volume properly, you will need to do 3 things first:

1. Breathe with the support of your diaphragm;

2. Use your chest cavity to power your sound; and

3. Find the optimum pitch of your speaking voice.

This technique is how you make the change from your habitual voice to your `real? one. In the process, you will discover a sound that is deeper in pitch, warmer in quality and resonant. You will know when you have found it because you will not only hear the difference but you will feel your chest vibrating when you speak.

Once you have made this change, you will be able to increase your volume by means of your pelvic muscles instead of just your throat and voice box. Those pelvic muscles, sometimes referred to as your girdle of strength, will enable you to amplify your voice comfortably and with ease.

If you need to be able to speak with a larger volume of sound, stop shouting or yelling and learn how to project your voice instead. Your throat will thank you as well as your listeners!

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By: The Voice Lady

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The Voice Lady Nancy Daniels offers private, corporate and group workshops in voice and presentation skills as well as Voicing It!, the only video training program on voice improvement. Visit Voice Dynamic and watch Nancy as she describes Your Volume Control.

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Using crystals can change your life. Einstein said that there, 'is no matter, only energy,' he told our world what so many energy workers already knew. Everything is made of energy that vibrates at different frequencies and speeds. Our body, our mind even our emotions are all frequencies that are constantly changing. We can affect these energies or frequencies in many ways, we can make them stronger, weaker balance them,or imbalance them. Every thought, movement, what we eat, who we are changes moment by moment. Healing with crystals can enable us to re-organize and re-balance the energies of our body, mind, environment and emotions.

When we are learning 'how to use crystals,' we need to consider the energy they hold and what we are wanting to achieve through using them. Most 'crystals' hold one or more frequencies, we can study how each one can affect each of our many energies, or we can learn how to use crystals in an intuitive way. This is much more powerful than having hundreds of books we have to paw through. Crystals that hodl more than one mineral or crystal type give us more for our money and magnify the power of the crystal. Like when we hold gold, silver, copper, pyrite iron in snowy quartz. This means that they hold many balancing transformational frequencies and are perfect for using as crystal healing stones.

First you want to 'get to know' your crystals. Crystals will show you how to heal with crystals if you let them guide you. Carry them with you and sit sometimes silently in a quiet place and wait to feel their energy, the tingling, the warmth or cool or any messages from them. Let them become your friend, be guided as to where your hand seems to want to place them. Just go with your first feeling as to how long they need to be there. "Gut feelings' are usually right. Your crystal healing stones can help you to balance your energies as you get more 'in-tune- with them and the energy they carry.

They can become your 'pet' and you can find that they are a great support to you.They do need to be cleansed regularly unless they hold balancing minerals like gold within them.
To cleanse a crystal, clap over it and then smile into it, you could also run it under cold water and place it in the sun.

'Crystals' can be an amazing tool in our life. Remember crystals are great gifts.

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Earth Song Crystals is a small family crystal company that is committed to helping people to find crystals that are transformational and beautiful http://www.earthsongcrystals.com

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Subliminals and affirmations are extremely effective tools in your success arsenal. As you use subliminals and affirmations in effective ways, you will yourself achieving much greater levels of success than you may have imagined. This is highly important and critical for you to achieve the success you want in life. We explore more below.

Realise That Your Thoughts Are A Creative Force

The thoughts you have are a creative force which can influence physical outcomes all around you. The thoughts can also increase and decrease in strength, depending on your level of focus. To achieve maximum power from your thoughts, it is essential that you increase the power of your thoughts as much as possible. By increasing the power of thoughts, you are able to wield even more influence over the physical environment around you. This happens because thoughts have a binding nature. Thought one is bound to thought two, which binds to thought three and so on. These thoughts, when powerful enough, can have an impact on the physical environment around you. Thoughts are essentially magnetic components which can influence all manner of physical events and circumstances than you may have thought about previously.

Affirmations Are Positive Suggestions Which You Recite

Positive suggestions are the same as positive thoughts, so by saying positive affirmations over and over, you are setting yourself up to achieve huge levels of success in whatever you do. This happens because the thoughts are acting to re-program your mind into much more efficient states of being. The thoughts act as positive tools to transform your thinking and your life. When you change the thoughts you have and do the things you need to do to accelerate your thought power, you are able to achieve what you want quicker than you may have imagined. The thoughts you have, when they are new, act as new neuronal pathways into your brain. As you repeat those thoughts - whilst not repeating the old behaviors -you set yourself up to completely re-wire the makeup of your brain. The makeup of your brain is very important for your success, because it determines the thoughts you think and the importance you place on certain things. It influences your focus, idea generation, enthusiasm, creativity, confidence and everything else associated with success. So for you to achieve what you want and go the extra mile for success, it is vital that you make your affirmations powerful, easy and natural. Good examples of affirmations are any positive suggestion which reinforces your thinking and your mindset. For example, "I am prosperous. I prosper wherever I turn". "Money comes to me from multiple sources on a daily basis. I feel good about my life. I deserve success. I am worth success. Success comes easily to me. It is easy for me to achieve my goals" and similar.

Subliminals Are Stealth Affirmations

Subliminals are exactly the same as normal affirmations, except that they are delivered directly to your subconscious mind, instead of the conscious mind. This is extremely powerful and effective, because it means that you can bypass the conscious mind altogether, and access the subconscious mind which is the real seat of your intellectual capability. By bypassing the conscious mind, you bypass the critical mind which tends to be analytical. This analytical nature causes the mind to sometimes reject affirmations when they are said consciously. This is why subconscious affirmations in the form of subliminals are so effective. It allows you to reach into the subconscious mind and plant firm seeds of success.

Subliminals Are A Passive Way To Make Change

All subliminals require you to do is to listen to the audiosfor a certain time length per day. As you do that, you will be able to access your highest mental states easily and naturally like never before. The subliminals act as super powerful tools to change your neuronal thinking with very little effort required on your part. This means the changes take place in your life quickly and naturally. All subliminals require you to do is to keep your mind in a certain state, called the momentary living state. This state of mind is about you living in the present moment and not thinking about the future or the past. When this is done, you are able to detach from your previous thoughts and thinking patterns, and to form new thinking patterns which can transform your life. So all in all, you should use subliminals and affirmations in combination to enhance your levels of success in life.

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Kingston Adams is the author of this article on Subliminal Audios.

Find more information about Subliminal Messages here.

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Stress is a critical body disorder that affects both the young and the old. Its signs are insomnia emotional unbalance, tiredness and even body pains.

This occurs when the pressure of work is subjected more to you until everything in your life loses value. Never allow the effects of work to creep into you otherwise you will develop stress which might lead to depression. So it's good to reduce the number of overtimes and ensure you do not worry too much about your work and what might happen to you in future. By allowing work to occupy your daily lifestyle, you will find that you have no free time to enjoy and your life would be susceptible to stress. Below are some tips on activities that you can engage in to avoid stress build up in your body.

Exercising is important, it tends to increase blood flow in your body and allows you to utilize the energy you have. So, if thinking of reducing stress levels you can exercise by getting a good cardio workout which will transform your health. Learn to relax after the day's work, relaxing helps one to remove the effects of work and lower susceptibility of stress, you can relax by reading a book or even going for a holiday. Always enjoy a good night sleep it will help you to reduce the effects of stress and provide you ample environment to enjoy work next day. If you have developed insomnia try engaging in any physical activity. That activity should be an activity that may make you tired creating the nice mood of sleeping. Also try to go to sleep at regular time intervals everyday.

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Benjamin Franklin said time is money and for his western mind it made sense. As a westerner it makes sense to me to, but as an African I can also understand it in the opposite sense; Money consumes time. An African friend of mine once said: "The West owns Watches; Africa owns Time".

One day I ran like hell to get to a shop that I knew would close within minutes and as I ran I saw an African standing against a wall looking at absolutely nothing. An hour later I passed him again and still he gazed into heaven knows what. I went to a restaurant with friends that afternoon and two hours later the man was still standing in the exact same position looking at exactly the same black hole. This time I couldn't leave it at that so I went to him and asked him about his stare: "What are you looking at?" He replied that he wasn't looking at anything, he was enjoying his time.

I had no idea what he meant by that, but today I think it has something to do with the opposite perspective that Africa has on time. Franklin saw time as something that is passing you by at the speed of light and therefore you have to make haste or you will lose the chance of making money, doing something, creating stuff. Africa says: "Life is flying past you so beware that you are not creating and creating without enjoying the fact that you are alive."

Maybe that is why Africa is poor in possessions, but rich in culture, family, community and relationships. I am used to deadlines so everyday I get up, run around, do my thing, create stuff and go to sleep so that I could have energy for tomorrow's deadlines on things and stuff and....

Running around from one side of town to the next, without standing still, to enjoy the fact that I am alive. Creating and creating because when will I have enough, money, possessions, cars, houses and a chain of broken relationships brought about by not having time for me, for others, for live itself.

Perspective on time that is money might be our problem in finding happiness. Why else would the richest countries have the most sufferers of depression and Africa, South Africa excluded, have none. Sometimes we really need to be irresponsible with time in order to be responsible with our ourselves.

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Now that I've gotten your attention...

It sounds crazy but it's true, we need problems, and as much as we might hate them we need them.

You're having one of the best moments of your life that you've ever experienced in a long time or ever at all. Everything seems perfect, life couldn't be sweeter. For the first time in a long while you feel like things are finally starting to go your way, then without notice PROBLEM! Unexpectedly it happens and because it happened so quickly you didn't know how to react. You didn't have time to plan for it, you didn't think it could ever happen to you, things were so great, now it seems like the worse moment of your life. Depression, frustration, stress, deprivation, they all start to settle in one by one, and you're sure dying could be better than what you're going through right now.

Yet...we need problems. Why?

Problems make us Stronger. You ever had a problem and it just completely drained every single being of your existence? Emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, it just completely drained you. The burden was so much on you that your body began feeling weak, your mind drifted and suddenly you felt as though every part of you is here and yet you are not. Yet there exists that moment, that simple moment when you don't know how and you don't know where, but somehow you found the solution to that problem. Suddenly you felt as though you could lift the world on your shoulders, and certain things that made you feel useless and helpless can be conquered with a mere thought. You feel as though you could walk into an arena with a battle axe and defeat the greatest foe. You feel stronger than you've ever been. Why? Because strength is derived from adversity; the more difficult the problem, the stronger you will become once you've overcome it.

Problems make us more Courageous. Problem hits; you're worried, you're anxious, you're fearful. This is only because you don't know what to do, and that's okay. We aren't going to always know what to do, and when we don't we feel completely helpless to the situation, and fear what will result because of our helplessness. Now you've stopped, thought about it, and decided that you didn't want to be fearful or feel helpless and you found a way to solve the problem. It worked! Suddenly you feel relieved, you feel confident, you feel as though you have the courage to conquer any problem that confronts you. Why? Because you have now realized that fear doesn't solve problems, courage to face the fear and the problem does. The more you face them and succeed the more courage you will develop to conquer any problem you are faced with.

Problems make us more Determined. How? Because we need problems to become better individuals. Problems also exist to make us wiser and not repeat past mistakes, and also drives us incredibly to achieving greater than we ever thought possible, just so we won't have the discomfort of experiencing certain problems ever again.

Problems make us Grow. When you are faced with a problem that you solved, it inevitably makes you (1).Stronger, (2).Wiser, (3).More courageous, (4).More determined, and (5).Gives you a greater appreciation for who you are and what you are capable of doing. Take note of the wording used stronger, wiser, more courageous, more determined, gives you a greater appreciation. In case you didn't notice you are now better than you were before; a more valuable person to yourself and others than you were before. That is what truly represents growth and personal development, the ability to be a better person than you were before.

Did I mention it makes life more Exciting. Imagine how dull life would be without its little dramas to knock us out of our comfort zones, to get up, and make a better person out of ourselves.

That problem that you're running from, fearing, or worrying about is there to uncover the person who you truly are. That coal that laid beneath the earth waiting to be mined and refined into the finest diamond. To be strengthened, encouraged, to grow, and imparted with greater knowledge and determination.

Problems suck, they're the worse, but in life even the worse of things can end up being the best of things, you just have to look for the best in every situation.

Remember: Every problem has a solution, every problem has a purpose.

All the Best.

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Winston A. Henderson is a Personal Development Enthusiast, Marketing Enthusiast, Creative and Article Writer, Poet, aspiring Entrepreneur and most importantly Philanthropist.

His newly created charity organization Jamaica Reformation Project (J-ReP) focuses on enabling people to become better persons and live better lives through personal, social, and economic development. The organization has done work to raise awareness about HIV/STI in Colleges in Jamaica, and also raise funds for homes that house children with mental disabilities.

Visit his blog at: http://yourjrep.blogspot.com, find J-ReP on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/YourJReP or on Twitter @J_ReP