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"If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants." - Isaac Newton

I have come to realize that one of the greatest misunderstandings about creativity is the incorrect belief that a creative idea must be totally original. Perfectly good ideas are disposed of because the originator, or individuals the originator expresses the idea to, are familiar with the concepts from which the idea was derived and dismiss it as a likeness.

There is no such thing as a completely original idea. Every novel concept is a patchwork of earlier ideas that have been uniquely merged, and every new discovery, unless it was blind luck that required no thought, is revealed through the application of existing concepts engineered in a novel way.

As time goes on, one of the central themes you will hear from me is that creativity relies heavily on knowledge. You can't put two and two together until someone teaches you what numbers are. You can't even express your idea until someone teaches you how to talk. Creative ideas are built upon the bedrock of existing knowledge.

Nearly everything you now know was learned from someone else. Whether that someone else was the author of a book, the artist who created your favorite painting, or simply people who taught you directly, like your parents and teachers, friends and colleagues; your fountain of knowledge springs from very deep wells.

Too often we tend to see the things that are completely new to us as being the most creative ideas. But that is only due to the fact that we have no knowledge of the foundation upon which those things were built.

Creativity is not a measure of our own ignorance. It is wrong to say that one idea is very creative because we knew nothing about the concepts that led to it, and conversely say that something is not very creative simply because we understand all the foundational concepts quite well.

It is easy to perceive a very intelligent person with novel ideas as being very creative because we simply don't understand how they arrived at their new concepts. But, if we had the time to learn all the same things that person knew that led to their new idea, we would be unlikely to marvel quite so much.

Those new big ideas, the seemingly incredible revelations, spring from vast landscapes of novel ideas that we know nothing about, and the sum of the novelty, due to our own ignorance, makes it all seem that much more fantastic. But to the people who built the foundation that led to the big idea, the final creative connection will seem quite small.

The point to take away from this is that you are doing yourself, or others, a great disservice by dismissing novel ideas simply because you already understand the concepts that the ideas were woven from. In instances like this, the very creativity that is sought is trampled underfoot. You must learn to identify the novelty of that new idea, despite the foundation it was built from, and give credit where and when credit is due.

The true measure of creativity is usefulness, not our own ignorance.

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I reasoned with time, everything gets better. "When I get older, I'll be stronger" was my favorite line. So I waited to grow up to do stuffs. I was scared to find the reverse to be true in reality. I noticed that things don't get better with time, they actually degenerate by default in nature. If I'm meant to live for 80 years for example; I have already depleted 27 years and 9 months of it, and tomorrow is yet another irreversible reduction from my vanishing days on earth. The same is true for materials, possession and strength. To maximize the value of anything I've got therefore, I have to put it into profitable use while it is still usable, before the law of diminishing returns becomes fully operational.

I ran after the things I wanted; Money, luxury, fame and women as well. I continuously improved my hunting skills and honed my apparatuses but soon realized, even the best hunters could only slay a game at a time. I found wisdom in the perception of our fathers, "He who chases two games at the same time catches none." Although my love for good things has only increased, my method for achieving them has been greatly refined. I've simply learnt to modify myself into a magnet that attracts the things I wanted. I recreated my fate. Like my shadow, things I used to chase now trail me. I have leant; it's about me being the right person for those things after all. I'm now a smarter hunter.

I only saw what readily meets the eye and took people for their words. This was my biggest undoing of all time. I almost went mad at the contrasts I experienced. I was perpetually fooled. Thankfully, I know better now. I know longer judge the content of a book by it's over. Inside every container, there is content. Beneath every smile is a motive. Inside every container is a content. The interesting part is, what is exterior, most often than not, has absolutely no correlation with the interior. When people say "good morning," please quickly check your watch, it might just be night. I now listen more to unspoken word which seldom correlate with the ones they utter. I could imagine what God saw when He said, "The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?" It is now easy to see the coward behind the spineless dude who puts up boldface instead boldness; and the whore who hides behind the flashy external embellishments to hide the cheapness of her character. Who they are screams so loud, I can barely hear what they are saying. I effortlessly recognize the contrast.

I assumed that the more I acquired, the more I had. I went by "get all you can and can all you get" theory. It turned out it was the wrong theory. Now I understand, to have more, I have to give more. I know it doesn't sound reasonable, but it works! The more I give, the more I have. I leant what not to do from the Dead Sea into which many seas, river, streams and tributary collects and doesn't flow to any. Little wonder it is called "Dead". It stinks of selfishness and sustains no life! "The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving." - Albert Einstein

I was made to believe that money is the solution to poverty and I mistook activity for productivity. This turned out to be another awful myth. I've come to see many very poor people with a lot of money. Let's take my country, Nigeria for an instance. We are the eight largest exporter of crude oil in the world, and one of the poorest nations of the world. We live in abundance but die of poverty. I see people who work so hard and live hard lives. I've now learnt that the solution to hard life is not hard work. It is not how hard you work, it is how smart. The manual laborers are paid peanuts and their bosses who sit in the comfort of their posh offices just making phone calls earns all the bucks. Activity is not equal to productivity.

"When I was a child, I talked like a child; I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me." - 1 Corinthians 13:11 (NIV)

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A Course in Miracles is a set of self-study materials published by the Foundation for Inner Peace. The book's content is metaphysical, and explains forgiveness as applied to daily life. Curiously, nowhere does the book have an author (and it is so listed without an author's name by the U.S. Library of Congress). However, the text was written by Helen Schucman (deceased) and William Thetford; Schucman has related that the book's material is based on communications to her from an "inner voice" she claimed was Jesus. The original version of the book was published in 1976, with a revised edition published in 1996. Part of the content is a teaching manual, and a student workbook. Since the first edition, the book has sold several million copies, with translations into nearly two-dozen languages.

The book's origins can be traced back to the early 1970s; Helen Schucman first experiences with the "inner voice" led to her then supervisor, William Thetford, to contact Hugh Cayce at the Association for Research and Enlightenment. In turn, an introduction to Kenneth Wapnick (later the book's editor) occurred. At the time of the introduction, Wapnick was clinical psychologist. After meeting, Schucman and Wapnik spent over a year editing and revising the material. Another introduction, this time of Schucman, Wapnik, and Thetford to Robert Skutch and Judith Skutch Whitson, of the Foundation for Inner Peace. The first printings of the book for distribution were in 1975. Since then, copyright litigation by the Foundation for Inner Peace, and Penguin Books, has established that the content of the first edition is in the public domain.

A Course in Miracles is a teaching device; the course has 3 books, a 622-page text, a 478-page student workbook, and an 88-page teachers manual. The materials can be studied in the order chosen by readers. The content of A Course in Miracles addresses both the theoretical and the practical, although application of the book's material is emphasized. The text is mostly theoretical, and is a basis for the workbook's lessons, which are practical applications. The workbook has 365 lessons, one for each day of the year, though they don't have to be done at a pace of one lesson per day. Perhaps most like the workbooks that are familiar to the average reader from previous experience, you are asked to use the material as directed. However, in a departure from the "normal", the reader is not required to believe what is in the workbook, or even accept it. Neither the workbook nor the Course in Miracles is intended to complete the reader's learning; simply, the materials are a start.

A Course in Miracles distinguishes between knowledge and perception; truth is unalterable and eternal, while perception is the world of time, change, and interpretation. The world of perception reinforces the dominant ideas in our minds, and keeps us separate from the truth, and separate from God. Perception is limited by the body's limitations in the physical world, thus limiting awareness. Much of the experience of the world reinforces the ego, and the individual's separation from God. But, by accepting the vision of Christ, and the voice of the Holy Spirit, one learns forgiveness, both for oneself and others.

Thus, A Course in Miracles helps the reader find a way to God through undoing guilt, by both forgiving oneself and others. So, healing occurs, and happiness and peace are found.

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Did the title just say define my own price tag? Yes, every individual has a 'price" or value given to them and the best things is; we can change it.

This is something which I learnt from a recent seminar that I've attended.

So what is this price tag all about? It is about your personal income or net worth you have or desire to have. A successful businessman perhaps have a net worth of $1,000,000 with an annual income of $100,000, these numbers become his 'price'. It shows how much his worth.

One simple example will be two bottles of Cokes; I believe you have notice the difference of one begin sold in a supermarket and the other sold in a 5-star hotel. This has shows us one of the way on how we can define our price.

Why do I need to increase it? This is an important question that we got to ask ourselves. Increasing your value can bring great help in your business; imagine how people see you when you are doing deals with them?

How can I increase my 'price'? Well, there are many ways to do so; you can learn new skills, finding your personal mentors. Learning new skills is the easiest way to increase your price, but the increment is less significant. The best will be finding a mentor who is willing to provide guidance to you.

You can also mix around more often with people who are already successful; mixing with them allows you to expand your network; which in turn becomes your net worth.

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HypnoPeripheral Processing Peak Experience Changing Emotions A Stress Management Program by Dr. Lloyd Glauberman - A Two CD Set

Are you seeking a solution to your stress woes? Dr. Lloyd Glauberman presents an excellent CD series that might provide that previously elusive solution.

HypnoPeripheral Processing Peak Experience Changing Emotions A Stress Management Program by Dr. Lloyd Glauberman truly does head into some interesting territory for those seeking self-improvement. This is certainly a great achievement because the ability to reduce or outright eliminate stress is a long sought after and elusive goal so many people seek. And it is most assuredly a goal a great many people wish they could achieve. Stress is a natural mental response to troubling stimulus. A small amount of stress may even have its benefits. However, a significant amount of stress could prove to be debilitating both mentally and physically.

What makes this two CD set extremely helpful is that it employs the same tactic that causes stress to reverse stress. That is, the CD helps people tap into their subconscious as a means in which the underlying causes of stress are identified and addressed. This allows the person afflicted by stress to alter his/her state of mind. In particular, one's mental state can be altered so that the emotional reactions that yield stress are "converted" to different emotions.

HypnoPeripheral Processing Peak Experience Changing Emotions A Stress Management Program by Dr. Lloyd Glauberman offers a hypnotic method to aid in achieving the desired outcome. HypnoPeripheral Processing helps someone to tap into the subconscious an convert the messaging that it yields. Once again, harnessing the power of the subconscious is frequently the absolute best way to gain control of the emotional states that contribute to stress. As soon as such emotional states are brought under control, the reversal of much of the negative stress one experiences is equally brought under control. That helps restore the mind's natural state of harmony while also eliminating the impact stress yields on the body. In fact, the impact of stress on the body could prove to be even more problematic.

Feelings of fatigue and depression frequently result when someone is overwhelmed with stress. Stress delivers a complete change to the chemistry of the human body. As a result, the body's sense of harmony is completely undermined. Through following the techniques presented in HypnoPeripheral Processing Peak Experience Changing Emotions A Stress Management Program by Dr. Lloyd Glauberman, the potential to restore a sense of harmony can be acquired.

Such improvements will never occur overnight. There will always be a need to engage in the slow and deliberate process of reversing the underlying causes of emotional stress. While some may not look at the time commitment required for change in a positive light, the mere fact that the potential for change exists is a good thing.

Self-help CDs follow all manner of different approaches in order to deliver their intended benefits. This particular 2 CD set from Lloyd Glauberman does provide a rather unique and novel approach. Consider that a good thing since so few self-help audio recording present a different approach that brings forth a new manner of effectiveness.

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As more and more baby boomers approach their senior years, they often share with me their concerns about dementia, Alzheimer's, and other mental disabilities. They often want to know, "is there anything I can do to stay mentally fit as I grow older?" Fortunately the answer is yes. Let me give you the details.

Two important studies on the mental deterioration associated with aging were conducted years ago. The studies were called "The Baltimore and Seattle Longitudinal Studies On Aging," and what they discovered provides the answer to the problem you are seeking. The studies analyzed individuals who were 80 years old or older. You are going to like what it revealed.

The story showed that people who read books on a regular basis had a much lower frequency of both dementia and Alzheimer's disease. While the frequent reading of books did not cure Alzheimer's it did slow down its progression. The same was true with dementia. More interesting was the fact the individuals who hadn't been reading were able to reap these benefits by starting on a regular reading program. Here is the reason why they believe this occurs.

If you are over thirty years old, then your brain is losing thousands of neurons every day. This is a normal part of aging. When your approaching eighty then years of losing neurons can begin to affect your memory. However, people who read books stimulated their brains. This extra stimulation made the existing neurons form more connections. Connections that helped to compensate for the neurons that were lost. As a result they had better mental acuity even at advanced ages.

What is the lesson to be learned from this? If you are a baby boomer and you want to keep your brain mentally fit, then you need to exercise it regularly. The best exercise is to continually read as you grow older. Your brain will reward you for doing this by staying focused and sharp as you grow older.

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During a recent 2-day workshop I was holding, one of the participants was a lovely woman by the name of Angie who had a big, nasal voice. When she got excited, not only did the pitch of her speaking voice rise, but her volume increased as well. Does that sound familiar?

While speaking too loudly is not nearly as common as speaking too softly, it does happen. And, for your listeners, it can be painful to their ears. If you find others recoiling when you talk, you should consider voice training in order to learn how to lessen your volume to a comfortable level.

One of the most interesting aspects of voice training is that the exact same techniques used to help the soft-spoken speak at a normal level are the same techniques that will lessen the volume of the loud voice. It is truly fascinating to see how this works.

With the right voice training approach, you are taught how to find your `real? voice by using your chest cavity to power your sound. Of course, you still use your throat, voice box, mouth and nasal cavities. The difference is that most people are unaware of and not using their chest cavity which is the largest of their 5 resonators responsible for voiced sound.

When you make this change, you will find a richer, warmer, deeper voice that decreases your volume naturally.

Why this happens is because the loud voice is characterized by stridency, shrillness, and sometimes excessive nasality as well. The voice that is powered by the chest cavity, however, loses the stridency and the shrillness because of the change in placement of your sound. Your voice will no longer be harsh. Instead you will discover a sound that is more akin to the likes of Sean Connery, Kathleen Turner, Kate Beckinsale and James Earl Jones.

The other good news about your `real? voice is that it will no longer hurt your throat and vocal folds (cords) to speak. If you have a loud voice, then it is quite possible you suffer from vocal abuse as well in which you have chronic hoarseness or a persistent sore throat. Use your chest cavity as your primary sounding board and your vocal abuse will be gone.

There are so many marvelous benefits of voice training, one of which is that you will actually enjoy hearing yourself on recording equipment. Isn?t it time to stop the loud talk and learn to speak at a comfortable level for your listeners? Trust me, they will thank you.

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By: The Voice Lady

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Mr. Jones is my friend. He always regrets what he did the day before. He wakes up in the morning and remembers what he said to his boss, the day before. He worries about going to his office because of it. Working in his office, he received a phone call from angry customer, and he thought he should not have said what he said to his customer. At home, his boy told him he had a lousy mark in his examination. Mr. Jones regrets that he should have pushed his boy to study harder. At the end of the day, as a result of his many regrets, he remembers that he did not do anything productive that day. He regrets it before he goes to bed.

I have another friend. His name is Mr. Smith. He worries so much about what will happen tomorrow. He has a young and beautiful wife. He worries his wife will not love him any more tomorrow. He also has a beautiful boy. He worries if he loses his son for a car accident tomorrow. His mother is old, but she is still healthy and active. He jumps one foot above from the chair he was sitting, when his home phone rings, wondering if it is the notice for his mother's passing. His job is prestigious with high pay. His boss is kind and generous man. Still he worries if his manager will be mad at his work and fire him. He constantly worries he makes a mistake in his presentation next day.

Mr. Jones can never release him from regretting. Therefore, he cannot think something productive today. As a result, his life becomes miserable and affects his life style. He thinks a lot about yesterday and his colleagues think he is almost daydreaming whole day. In the middle of his, so-called, "day-dreaming", he sighs so often that his friends think that something dreadful happened in his family yesterday.

Mr. Smith cannot stop worrying about the future. He looks being afraid of something all the time. He has lost his ability to address problems in the right moment in worrying that something terrible will happen tomorrow. He over-reacts to things. When office phone rings, he looks at the phone as if the phone itself is something evil. When his supervisor knocks his office door, he is ready to jump out of his office window. He feels miserable for his future.

Yesterday is history, and Tomorrow is Mystery. Only today is the reality. Are they not manufacturing their own miseries by their imagination and illusion? Do not let history and mystery waste your valuable time today.

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Shaw Funami is an owner of "zhen international, inc.", known as a mentor for cross cultural relationship called "Fill the Missing Link". You can learn about his profile in Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/shaw.funami. Please feel free to contact him at "hisashi.funami@zhenintl.ws" or visit his business website. http://webtraffictoolbox.com/

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Have you tried a meditation practice but have trouble making it a habit? You can tap in to your power with a daily gratitude practice. Gratitude is an inner resource that can help you experience more of what is good as well as help you find solutions to challenges. Don't take my word for it. Make the 6 easy steps below a daily habit.

Giving thanks everyday is an active form of meditation that has greater benefits than traditional sitting mediation. Three areas to focus on in your daily practice are expressing thanks for what you enjoy having in your life now, for difficulties that you feel you must endure now, and for goals you have yet to manifest.

The 6 steps below are a guide to help you begin a practice. With daily thankfulness, your awareness will expand, to create variations of this process that work perfectly for you.

Step #1: Put your attention on something in your life now that you feel good about having. It can be any subject like a friend, health, a car, home, bank account, a child, and so forth.

Step #2: Say out loud or in your mind or write in a journal, Thank you for _____.

Step #3: Create a mental image of the subject and make a connection to it from your heart.

Step #4: Imagine bringing this connection from Step #3 down into your gut, and then let it go.

Step #5: Go back to Step #1, this time giving thanks for a situation that brings up negative feelings for you. Repeat steps 1-4, using this situation as the subject.

Step #6: Go back to Step #1, and this time, choose a goal you want to have. Express thanks as if it was already in your life now. Repeat steps 1-4, with the goal or desire as the subject.

Expressing gratitude for what you have now helps to increase the frequency at which your energy vibrates. The law of attraction, which many people are familiar with, brings you events and situations that match the frequency your energy sends out. Expressing gratitude is an act of acknowledgment, attention, and acceptance, which are three powerful states of consciousness. People tend to ignore or take for granted the good in their lives, but expressing gratitude for good enables it to expand and increase.

Feeling grateful for situations or events that challenge you seems counter-intuitive. The fact is, however, that resisting or refusing to accept these situations is what keeps them stuck. Ease into this concept if it feels foreign to you by being willing to hold an intention to feel something positive about the challenge. The act of willingness alone will begin to dissolve resistance you may be holding in your body, subconscious, or energy field. Gratitude expressed consistently will eventually release the blocked energy to create space in your energy field for positive vibrations of peace, joy, abundance, and love.

Giving thanks for something you don't have also seems counter-intuitive, but it can work like magic to quicken the process by which the goal will eventually manifest.

Investing in a special notebook to keep by your bedside will train your mind to focus on sustaining your daily gratitude practice. Before going to sleep, list the day's events and interactions you felt good about, then note any moments that felt uncomfortable for you. Finally, record the desires that you expressed thanks for as if they were in your life now. Browsing past entries in your journal, before sleeping, additionally benefits your practice.

? 2011 - Gloria R. Nash - All Rights Reserved.

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Practicing gratitude over time can dramatically transform any area of your life. I invite you to click here now for your FREE Daily Gratitude Practice template from NRG?: Natural Resources for Growth to help you remember to practice daily.

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Pet fanciers, even bird lovers, may not realize this, but compared with advances in the medical field, breakthroughs in applying the wisdom of cartoons depicting buzzards and human happiness have been fun and far between. Until now.

My field is wellness, and the lessons of the DBRU equivalents applies to this art of living well. Advances here have also been slow in coming from studies of bird cartoons. Not until about the time of the Renaissance were physicians able to rely on science at all. At first, the focus was on healing methods derived from ancient Greek, Chinese, Indian and other systems. When will bird lovers and wellness promoters emerge from the dark ages with comparable leaps forward resulting in epidemics of well-being, veritable plagues of wonderfulness and mass contagions of optimal functioning?

Surely the domains and skill areas associated with wellness and self-management are ripe for new theories, paradigms, constructs and the like. So, where are the Edisons, Fords, Mozarts, Molieres, Einsteins, DaVincis, Franklins, Fermis, Boccaccios, Swifts, Pepys, Jeffersons, Maughams, Beethovens, Pasteurs and Al Gores (Internet) to lead the way to new visions of wellness?

Well, I'm sure such people will be along shortly. Meanwhile, I have a pretty neat idea.

Of course, wellness breakthroughs, like new theories, paradigms and constructs, are not fashioned anew out of whole cloth, but rather are constructed on the insights and advances of those who came before, to pioneer in modest but vital ways. The art of making art is putting it together, bit by bit and little by little, over time. So, too, it is with pretty neat wellness ideas. Mine was inspired by the creative talent of Gary Larson, the comic genius who gave us the immortal "The Far Side" cartoon series. Specifically, my pretty neat idea, my claim to fame in this life, is based on a Far Side concept that made possible my creation, my invention, my neat idea. I refer, of course, to the concept of the "DBRU equivalent."

The particular "Far Side" cartoon that gave birth to my "DBRU equivalent" was one depicting a large, deceased rhino covered by buzzards with more filling the sky, arriving to join in the feast. In the caption, one buzzard remarks to another, "Just think, here we are, the afternoon sun beating down upon us, a dead bloated rhino underfoot and good friends flying in from all over. I tell you, Frank, this is the best of times."

I looked at that picture, thought of those words and asked myself that question -- that is, what, exactly, ARE "the best of times" in my life? Ever since, I've been asking audiences this question: "Are you getting enough DBRUs? That is, enough dead bloated rhino underfoot equivalents?"

That's my neat idea, my contribution to the advancement of wellness and self-management.

So, what are the best of times for YOU? Put the question to yourself on a regular basis. Ask if you are getting enough DBRU equivalents. What are the best of times in your life and are these experiences occurring with sufficient frequency to make life wonderful? If not, take steps to rectify the situation.

I did one of my famous double-blind, crossover trials of a longitudinal, horizontal and dignified nature a few years ago and discovered we all need a MINIMUM daily requirement of 23 DBRU equivalents. They need not be spectacular. Instead, little pleasures, simple reflections of gratitude and conscious appreciations of wonder will do nicely. When you wake, be grateful you are still alive, living in a free country with plenty to eat, that your kids are not in jail (assuming they're not) and that the sun is still up there and that we continue to revolve on planet Earth, not too fast and not too slow. There -- you already would have six DBRU equivalents -- and you're not even out of bed yet! In other words, DBRU equivalents need not be epic and triumphant events, like recovery from a grave illness, hitting the lottery, winning the Tour De France three times, climbing Mt. Everest in the nude -- that sort of thing. Little pleasures throughout the day will do the trick. Tune in to these little delights, bring them into conscious awareness, celebrate them and pause often to honor your good fortune! By the end of the day, you could have pondered hundreds of these wonders, let alone the minimum 23 -- and you will be richer (and healthier) for it!

I hope this puts you in a good and inquisitive mood for the day and fires up your commitment to take charge of your life and develop a strong interest in self-management. It's time to go out there and celebrate life more than you already do, to seek DBRU equivalents and ways to get fitter, to have more fun and play, richer relationships, more emotional intelligence, to be a more critical thinker and to discover added meanings of and purposes for living, in YOUR unique fashion.

As my then high school-age daughter once said to me, "Dad, may all your dead rhinos be like totally bloated on this lovely day."

It's a pity the FDA has not set an RDA standard for DBRU equivalents, but as with other worthwhile initiatives, you don't want to wait for the government to get around to doing the right thing. Seize the day -- go out there, identify and enjoy as many DBRU equivalents as possible.

Please consider one more thing. Try to remember that the DBRU concept was not invented, built or written by Thomas Edison, Henry Ford or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart -- or any of those other brilliant folks noted earlier in this essay. No, remember who gave the world the DBRU concept when the time comes to carve another image on Mount Rushmore. Yes, remember who is responsible for the fact that the world knows about and daily enjoys DBRU equivalents - and give Gary Larson his due.

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Professor of REAL Wellness In Advance of Reason, Exuberance and Liberty
Publisher of the ARDELL WELLNESS REPORT (since 1984)
Author of REAL Wellness (and 15 others)
Lecturer / Entertainer
2009 and 2010 World Triathlon Champion

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Caught your attention didn't I?

Here are some things I could give up:

- Friends who fail me
- Family members who disappoint me
- Work that overwhelms me

However, these are not the things I choose to give up. I choose to keep the friends who fail me as a way to learn forgiveness and patience. I take disappointing family members as opportunities to show the kind of agape love God shows for me. And I tend to not give up on work because it actually energizes my creativity and sparks forward movement. No, I won't be giving up on any of these things soon.

What I choose to give up:

- That stinky negative attitude that creeps in when I'm weak
- The unlovely part of my character that strikes out at unsuspecting subjects
- Those feelings of failure that tend to bring me to the edge of "enough is enough"

Heavenly Father, I want to give up all those things that make me unlovely to you and to the ones I'm commanded to reach. I want my light to be brighter, my spirit to soar sweeter, my radiance to reflect your glory! I want all the things of my life that make me undesirable to drop like a weight that is unchained. I want You to be the governing factor of my entire life. The one who gives me purpose, strength, and courage to continue. I ask that you be those things for me today, Father!

So what do you need to give up?

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Terre K Ritchie, Executive Director, CBH Ministries

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A job can be defined as anything a person is expected or obliged to do; a piece of work, especially a specific task done as part of the routine of one's occupation or for an agreed price. Through a job, a person can earn to support her basic needs and family or friends. A job can also be viewed as a contract between the employer and the employee. In commercial enterprises, the basic purpose of a job is to create profits for the employer, and the employee contributes labor to the enterprise, in return for payment of wages, or stock options, etc.

People engage in different kinds of job with only one thing in mind; how much pay is involved. Little wonder why people change jobs as many times as possible. They never get enough; always moving on to the next level as soon as they recognize an opportunity to get more wages. This owes up to one fact; jobs are meant to cater for needs, so an employee will always leave a job that seems not to be capable of performing its function and move to the next available job that promises better reward.

A career is the pursuit of a lifelong ambition or the general course of progression towards lifelong goals. A career is built over time and becomes in most cases the life of the one in question. A career though may not seem rewarding enough for starters, in the long run it becomes a huge source of income. A career is also characterized with fulfillment as the career man finds fulfillment in doing what he loves. You don't choose a career you don't love, it is not possible.

While a job is mainly to cater for needs, a career does much more. It brings both financial and emotional satisfaction. It brings about the fulfillment of a lifelong dream, the dawning of a lifelong achievement. A job is short term as it can be terminated anytime by the employer or even the employee himself in search of greener pastures, while a career is long term.

In Ayn Rand's Fountainhead, the main protagonist, Howard Roark seeks a career and his best friend Peter Keating was only looking for a job. That's why in the end Roark built some of the finest buildings using his skills, experience and imagination. On the other hand, his friend Peter Keating worked only on old architecture. He worked on it only to support his basic needs. This shows that career may be more rewarding than a job on long run.

Moreover, a job expires as an employee must retire one day especially when old age sets in and the employer sees as him as becoming a liability to his firm, as research has shown that up to seven thousand brain cells are lost from the age of thirty-five. A career cannot end as long as it doesn't require much physicality, even at old age.

After juxtaposing job and career for a long time, I have come to the conclusion that both job and career may have different importance to different people as most times what is required to build a career lies in a job. The requisite experience, the capital, etc. are most times gotten from the job. This is why most people get a job which may have nothing to do with their career choice first with the hope of making enough money from it to build their career.

Career versus Job; which one would you pursue?

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Well they say Einstein was a man who was able to use 7% of his brain while most of us only use 3% of it. They also say that our memory is much better than 10,000 10 GB USB drives. The point is 'they' always say stuff which either motivates us or demotivates us. For a majority out there, increasing mind power is not really much of a concern. But, for those who actually want to do it, the solutions are not difficult.

First off, one fact needs to be acknowledged - not everyone has a powerful mind. Not everyone is born with a brain that can solve Einstein's Riddle - 'Who Owns the Fish'.


Simply because not everyone has brains that can solve mathematical or logical riddles!

So, even though Einstein's riddle is considered to be the toughest riddle of the world, it does not stand as the final psychometric test. If you are a wizard of logic, you will solve it, but those who aren't, can't. That, however, does not determine that someone's brain power is lesser than yours. Maybe they are the artistic types or the creative types who can create things from scratch. So, just because they can't solve the riddle doesn't make them any inferior.

Can you increase your brain power?
Certainly! Everything in this world has a solution, and Einstein didn't come from outer space. Some individuals are born and brought up in environments that automatically increase their brain power without the need of extra efforts. So, to be like them, you have to live like them.

So let's get started!

Here are simple ways which can substantially increase your brain power. Again, don't expect to be the next Criss Angel! Increasing your brain power has nothing to do with being an illusionist. But, you can expect to become more efficient at work or at college for sure. Try out these exercises and you'll gradually realize how it works.

Deep Breathing
How many of us practice that? Almost no one actually! Nobody wants to take out time just to 'breathe'. But, believe it or not, deep breathing does have a huge impact on your brain power. The process here is simple -- the more oxygen you inhale, the more oxygen goes to your brain. The result? You feel relaxed and your brain becomes more active. All you need to do is to breathe deeply through your nose which would draw more air to your lungs. Either make it a regular practice or do it whenever you have the time - your call!

Improve your posture
Most people may snort when they read this. However, your posture has a lot to do with your thinking process and brain power. Sit up straight, do some glute bridges daily to reduce stress on your spine, and try sleeping on your back. All these exercises contribute towards improving your posture. The better your posture is, the more enhanced your thinking ability will become.

Meditation helps!
Everyone recommends it and it's not that hard to do. In fact, most of us meditate without even knowing it. The easiest way to meditate is to close your eyes, sit up straight and pay attention to your breath. All you need to do is exhale slower than you inhale. It will relax your body and brain, and eventually increase your brain power.

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Danial Harris manages a personal growth website. For more about mind power, please visit http://SuccessEsource.com/

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Students preparing for UTME/Jamb exams think that the exam is hard,the fact is that it is as hard as you make it or see it- as man think in his heart, so is he, for few who know the secret it is not easier said than done at all. All you need to know is the secrets- these points, before registering and going into the examination hall.

First: Study hard and thoroughly prepared for the questions-get relevant textbooks, preferably the recommended texts and a few texts also to aid your preparation.

Second: Know the technique and mode to answer UTME/JAMB examination questions.

For example, in the art subjects, no calculation is required, so it would be better to start with the subject you are good at most first to gain some amount of time for the other subjects, please DO NOT follow the order of subjects in the question paper set e.g LIT- CRK-GOVT and you know that you good at GOVT most, then you have to start with GOVT and proceed accordingly to others. And for sciences such as chemistry and physics, the first few pages are filled with calculations whereas the last pages are straight answer questions. Beware of this trap. Start with the subject you are best at first, the easy order is CHEM-PHY-MTH or BIO-CHEM-PHY or choose any order suitable and be fast and accurate as well as you only 54 seconds to answer a question (yes less 1 minute)

JAMB/UTME ENGLISH- Read the questions first before answering and pay attention to details.

Third: Practice, Practice- Learn to practice with past questions with proper and required timing at certain practice sessions as the examiners, no matter how creative or crafty, would still come out with similar and related questions to the questions.

Finally, have a positive mindset for success in the exams and forget about 'runs' because most of the 'runs' men do not know anything.

Following the above steps is the easiest and surest way to find yourself on your choice institution campus come next academic session. Hope to see you on campus next session.

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Matthew Lasisi is a career coach and author of How to Pass JAMB UTME at One Sitting and POST JAMB UTME Success Digest Tips.

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In the workplace, the memo is common form of the communication. By using the memo, you can convey the information or ideas to your employees or the coworkers easily. It is also quick and informative. The memo itself should be effective. Here are some tips in writing the memo.

Before writing down anything, you should organize your thoughts. Since the memo is supposed to be direct and to the point, you have to write the information in the organized and efficient manner.

It is better for you to understand the basic memo's format. The memo's heading always the date, the sender's name, the recipients' name, and the subject heading. You have to make the subject heading as specific as possible. The memo should be able to be read in quick time and can be understood easily. Because of that, you need to simplify the information. You should replace the large words or the uncommon vocabulary with the synonyms which can be understood easily. It is considered as the appropriate thing to use the numbered list or the bullets.

Eliminating any statement which is not related directly to the memo's purpose should be done. For your information, the memo is not the place where you can show your personal feeling or the opinions. Inserting your personal thought will only lengthen your memo and can distract the audience from the main focus.

In writing the memo, you should use the language and style which is appealing and easy to comprehend. You need to ensure to send the memos to everyone who need the information's content. If you are not including all the necessary people, it can result the breakdown in the communication and the confusion. Your information will not reach the sources you want.

Do not forget to check the spelling, grammar, and punctuation before sending the memos. The grammatical mistake can distract the receivers of the memo. It will also make the memo looks less professional.

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Since it is important to make the memo readable, you should write it in the readable style. It is better if you print the memo. To get the better result, do not print the memo when your printer is running out of the ink. If your printer is HP printer, you should find the HP cartridge refill. To find other printer cartridges, you may browse www.computerinkcartridges.net to get more information.

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If you want a New Year?s Resolution that can improve your life, both professionally and personally, you might consider voice training. I am sure that you are questioning how this is possible. What is fascinating about the techniques for discovering your `real? voice is that those techniques will directly influence a number of other aspects of your life.

From better sleep to greater endurance, from less stress to lower blood pressure, voice training which prioritizes diaphragmatic breathing will do just that. It is truly a marvel how this works.

If you were to ask 99% of the population to take a deep breath, they would:

1. pull in their lower torso region;

2. throw out their chest; and

3. lift up their shoulders.

Sounds correct, doesn?t it? Unfortunately, that type of breathing is known as shallow, lazy or upper chest breathing; and, it is not correct.

What is one of the basic fundamentals of yoga? Breathing with the support of your diaphragm. Do you know why? Because respiration in this manner is relaxing and relieves your stress since it eliminates the toxins in your blood. Shallow or lazy breathing, on the other hand, has the opposite effect. It actually increases those nasty toxins, thereby increasing your stress.

When I teach voice improvement, diaphragmatic breathing is one of the prerequisites of my approach because I want you to learn how to power your voice by means of your chest cavity. If you are a lazy or shallow breather, however, using your chest as your primary sounding board is not possible.

Yes, we are a population of lazy breathers; but, we are also a population who overtaxes the voice box and throat cavities in order to produce voiced sound. What results are voices that tend to be higher in pitch, thinner in quality, and young-sounding.

When you learn to breathe with support and use your chest to power and amplify your voice, you will discover a richer, deeper, more mature sound: a voice that has resonance. And, in the process, you will find that if you make diaphragmatic breathing a habit, you will be able to greatly reduce the stress in your life. The result is lower blood pressure, better sleep, less pain, and greater physical endurance.

Imagine improving your life, both professionally and personally, just by learning to breathe with the support of your diaphragm. And, in the process, you will discover the voice inside that is just waiting to be found!

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By: The Voice Lady

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

The Voice Lady Nancy Daniels offers private, corporate and group workshops in voice and presentation skills as well as Voicing It!, the only video training program on voice improvement. Visit Voice Dynamic and discover the best means of sounding more mature.

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Your attitude has a great deal to do with your personality. It influences your response to people, events and things as well as your likes and dislikes. People that have a healthy attitude toward life are persons that meet difficult situations with calmness and who are cheerful, pleasant and easy to get along with.

Control your temper - once you have spoken, you cannot recall a single word. A person with an unrestrained temper can throw others into a state of confusion. Everything one say, starts a reaction - good or bad. When you master your own behavior, you will be free to choose the course your behavior will take. You cultivate the characteristics that are desirable and you discard those that are unwanted.

Emotional stability is important - practice self-control. Learn to suppress the signs that betray unpleasant emotions, such as facial grimaces or gestures of anger, impatience, envy or greed.

Be polite. The root of politeness is thoughtfulness of others. Politeness should be easy to practice for it includes all the little things in life such as 'thank you' and 'please'.

You must have a sense of humor. Cultivate your sense of humor. Take yourself less seriously. When you can laugh at yourself, you have gained the ability to evaluate realistically your relative personal importance. A pleasant personality is the key to success.

Learn to display pleasant emotions - graciousness. The willingness to assume the responsibilities of friendship, the ability to fit into new situations and to meet new people with friendliness is all parts of professionalism. A sincere smile sets the mood for warm human relations.

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When the winds of change blow chillingly upon our bodies, enlivening us to realities we're going to find it difficult to bear, we're faced with some jealously awkward prospects.

So, what will be our choice?

This is a subject we can all relate with. It's all about the change we hate - those changes that come in without much notice; the ones requiring us to change our approach to the living of part or all of our lives.
What enters, then, is essentially the grieving process, for which acceptance is our goal.

We have three common response options (a fourth exists, but for the present discussion it's unconscionable), as we gather pace toward our acceptance (given that not accepting the new situation is not going to do us much good at all).

'FLOW' - Go With It

This is perhaps our easiest default if we can achieve an acceptance of the situation quickly. And even if we can't we perhaps fake it until we can make it. That's a faith of itself, though only time will tell whether it's a good or bad faith.

If we accept this way we're to go - in the flow of the change, which is what our reality now requires of us-going with the flow is quite easy.

'GROW' - Be the Change!

Change Agent, come on down! This is the ideal situation for the person in us who can rise to the new challenge, no matter how daunting it presents as, and prove to others as well as ourselves that we have what it takes to 'improvise, adapt, overcome'.

Not everyone, and not in all circumstances, can do this.

It certainly takes a blend of situational humility and tenacity to go this extra mile or two. It's a commitment to growth, here, sometimes even against our temporal better judgment. We go with our gut and it often comes off beautifully, though at times it ends horribly. It also takes a lot of energy to go this way.

But, rich is the reward when we get it right!

'GO' - Onto a Better Pasture

Not all changes afford us this option but still many do. Workplace changes, for instance, can force us into an area of thought where we begin to browse the job advertisement columns with a bit more vigour and scrutiny.

It's actually a lovely freedom to have this option at our disposal, but it usually has some very rich costs for us. It doesn't usually work that well to jump from one undesirable situation into another, new one; many times it doesn't work out. It's a risk where we might actually stand to lose more than we'd otherwise wish to.

Departing from one reality to go into another is best done under circumstances we have control over.

Three Options

There we go. The three options give us at least some feeling of self-efficacy over the changes that bully their way into our worlds.

Copyright (c) 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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Steve Wickham is a Registered Safety Practitioner (BSc, FSIA, RSP[Australia]) and a qualified, unordained Christian minister (GradDipBib&Min). His blogs are at: http://epitemnein-epitomic.blogspot.com/ and http://tribework.blogspot.com/

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Every person in his life has to face some difficulties and problems. It's difficult for students and teachers to coordinate easily and with an ideal character. Some people have to work hard to understand these connections, but some of the people easily find out how to deal with that type of relations.

There are many ways to solve such problems. Easy solutions are also available to tackle the issues.

It's a part of life to go through such kinds of problems. It's a fact that everyone has to face in his life. So, we should face these problems or try to resolve them and it is good to see the positive side of the situations instead of avoiding these issues.

The best way of treat such type of people is to behave politely. Try to look charming, delightful and cheerful in front of them. You will obviously get a good response, smiles in return and also a cool behavior from the opponent.

It is not necessary that all the people having a complex and difficult to understand nature always cause problems. You will be amazed and you will really find them cool if you offer them a chance to show their abilities.

Let's suppose, there is a person named Martin who has indeterminate personality. He always remains in a bad mood. People do not feel comfortable with his bad attitude but you are the only one who can understand and bear his attitude.

Martin had a bad time throughout his life and that's why he always remains in bad mood. The people have always behaved with him in a ridiculous way. He wanted to make progress in his life but was always failed and disappointed.

You can also come across the similar kind of situation and then you will understand the reason behind the Martin'Aos rude behavior. The negative behavior can be changed into a positive one with love and care.

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Most of us do not take time out to assess our lives very often. For this reason, we are sometimes surprised to see that the course of our lives has somehow changed direction when we apparently weren't paying attention.

Many of us realize how hard it can be to change our course when we're in mid-stream, in much the same way that it is difficult to change habits once they have been formed. If we choose to live a life of purpose and consequence, we need to make sure that our intentions and our actions keep us on the pathway to that goal. That means that we need to be consciously aware of our attitude and our behavior and that perhaps we should be taking stock of our current status from time to time.

Living a purposeful life does not necessarily mean that we are completely organized and that we are able to check off everything on our "to-do" list each and every day. Much the contrary, often it means that we override some of the things we felt we needed (or wanted) to do with something else that came up that we deemed more important. Many times it means that we set aside our plans to take care of someone else's needs. These instances often provide us with a much better use of our time than what we had originally planned.

If we find that our days are out of balance with too much work or too much play or even too much idle time, it would be to our benefit to work on getting a better rhythm going. If we lack enough social interaction perhaps we should look for ways that we can spend more time with others. The reverse is also true, if we find that we never have time to ourselves we should readjust our schedules so that there is some time to call our own. These times are necessary for the contemplation and reflection that help to keep our lives balanced.

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Nancy Smith is one of the owners of RobbinsSports.com, an online retailer specializing in basketball backboards and punching dummies.

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Have you ever got over a difficult period of you life by listening to a particular song? Months later, you are listening to the radio and that same song comes on, making you recall those difficult times? If you have, congratulations, you?ve experienced first hand the power of an anchor.

What is an anchor? An anchor is something that we see, hear, touch, smell or taste which makes us recall a past experience or event. In the case above, the song was an anchor as it made you remember a sad experience. Whenever you hear this song playing again, your mind is jolted into recalling the sad feelings during that period of your life.

How can you use anchors to your advantage? To be able to use anchors to your advantage, you must first create an anchor. Basically, you would have to link a memory, feeling or experience to something.

For example, when you?re feeling very motivated and happy, listen to a particular song. Relax your mind and ?feel? the song thoroughly. The next time you?re feeling stressed or pessimistic, look up this particular song and listen to it again. You?ll be able to recall the positive feelings you initially felt when listening to this song, which you?ll then be able to transfer to your current state to make you feel better.

You could also use anchors to persuade other people. For example, food plays a vital role in political fund raising these days. The distinguished psychologist Gregory Razran called this the ?luncheon technique? and concluded that food produces a variety of responses from humans; in particular, it produces a good and favorable feeling. Thus, this pleasant feeling is induced in the guests at a fund raising dinner when the food is served, which leads to more funds being raised.

So the next time you want to clinch an important business deal or make a positive impression on your date, take the other party to a restaurant which serves good food. The positive feelings that are associated with food will be passed on to the other party, thus making them more likely to favor you and agree with your requests.

If you?re a teacher and you want to motivate your students to do well, you could consider using an anchor. Whenever a student does well for an assignment or test, praise him or her for a job well done and generate positive feelings in the student. The next time a student is working on an assignment or test that you set, he or she will remember the positive feelings that they felt when they had done their assignment or test well and this well fire up their desire and motivate them to do well in the current test / assignment and the following ones as well. Hence, you will never have to worry about students failing tests or not handing in assignments!

An anchor is what we call a covert persuasion technique as the person whom you?re applying it on normally has no idea that you?ve used such a technique on them. As with all persuasion techniques, I?m not going to say that anchors work 100% of the time. However, I can assure you that they?ll subtly increase your chances of successfully persuading someone to agree to your requests.

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By: Vincent Kyle Ng

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Vincent Kyle Ng is the founder of a website ( www.thesecretofpersuasion.com ) that aspires to help others by giving advice and information on the latest strategies in the fields of persuasion, influence, public speaking, relationships and much more.

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People think that by having a pretty face alone can get people to talk to you but most of the time, having a pretty face is not enough for you to become the best person in the world. Approaching you might be difficult which is why you need to do something with how you deal with people.

Always be open for conversations. When you let yourself loose, you also open yourself up for people to come inside your own world and have a friendly chat. Be wary that people are also interested in what you say to others.

The one thing people want to talk to you about is common interest. That is the ultimate goal in having conversations. Finding a common ground for both of you to talk with so find that when you begin talking.

Mind your body language. When talking to a person, make sure that your arms are not crossed and that you are making gestures. When you mean something, lean towards the person and always maintain eye contact.

Assuming is a dead end for conversations. When you assume, you immediately underestimate the person you are talking to and that can be the life sentence for your conversation.

Keep your lines open. Have a lot of options for people to be able to approach you. Even if you are halfway across the country, you should still be able to get in touch with people. Technology has provided us with such options nowadays.

Saying hello to someone should not be feared. Most of us are scared to say hello to someone for the fact that we might not get a reply. And for those who never get any replies, do not be discouraged. Instead, be more warm and gentle with your greetings.

Smile at the people who approach you or even at people around you. Smiling sends out an impression that you are welcoming them for any conversations.

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Denim leggings will never matter if you're in the dance tights.

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You no doubt have heard the axiom, 'Everything is a trade-off.' We exchange one thing in return for another, i.e. relinquishing one benefit or advantage for another that is more desirable.

Everything in life has a price and is up for the giving or receiving, if you are willing. Day after day you go up to life's counter and barter for what you desire. 'I will give you this, if you will give me that.'

It is the Law of Compensation that coupled with the Law of Cause and Effect being applied to blessings and abundances that creates a win - win exchange and needs to be followed implicitly. The visible effects of your deeds are given to you in money, job, gifts, inheritances, friendships and blessings.

The Law of Cause and Effect states - nothing transpires by chance or outside the Universal Laws. Every action creates a reaction or consequence and you 'reap what you sow.'

Furthermore, the Law of Attraction is part of the exchange of one thing in return for another. This Law demonstrates how you create the things, events and people who come into your life. Your thoughts, feelings, words and actions produce energy which in turn, attract like energies. Negative attracts Negative. Positive attracts positive.

You are exchanging this for that every day of your life, whether you want to or not. No matter what you desire in life you need to give something in order to get it.

The key to these exchanges/trades is learning to give up the lesser for the greater - thus, you create a win - win exchange/trade.

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Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Metaphysician - Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, Author and Speaker. Dr. Dorothy facilitates clearing blocks, fears and limiting beliefs. You can live the life you desire. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one's thoughts and feelings. http://www.drdorothy.net

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When you think of that next step for yourself in your life or career/business how often do you say to yourself, "I just wish I could figure this out!"? Do you ask this question and then launch into a bunch of mental gymnastics of working really hard to find an answer? If so, you?re not alone... I hear it all the time from people in my classes and often from people when they first come to me for coaching.

How does this habit, this energy of trying to figure it all out leave you feeling? Perhaps you feel:

* Struggle (I?m going to figure this out if it kills me dammit!)
* Frustration (Argh! I can?t quite get it!)
* Self-doubt, like there?s something wrong with you (Why can?t I figure this out?!)
* Irritation and aggravation (When AM I going to figure this out ALREADY!?)
* Defeat (Oh for goodness sake this is too hard, I should just settle for what I have.)

Any of this sound familiar?

I know I can relate... I spent YEARS trying to figure it all out. I tried to tackle my life like a problem to be solved or a journey to be endured. I read the books, I took the classes, I followed the expert?s advice, and I took the assessments. Only to realize I was back where I started...with me, myself, and I. At that point it didn?t feel like very fine company at all!

Then through the experience of some awesome transformational work and coaching I realized that this wasn?t a problem to be solved at all. Discovering who I wanted to be when I grew up wasn?t about a job, an industry, or any particular thing I might "do" at all. It had to do with uncovering, embracing, and expressing the full, no holds barred, authentic ME. Once that happened, even while I was still in my old career and building toward something new, everything changed.

So you see it isn?t about trying to solve your life like a math problem. The answers lie when you make the shift from struggle and problem solving to becoming an adventurer in your own life - your inner world as well as your outer experiences. Finding out what you?re meant to be doing personally and professionally starts with exploring and discovering the roadmap back to YOU. The uniqueness that is inexplicably and genuinely you (and only you, no one else!).

It is impossible to arrive at this knowing, this clarity if you?re trying to wrestle your mind to the ground "figuring it all out". You need to let go of the struggle (even if that feels scary!) and lean into uncovering what is already within you. You don?t need to "find" yourself; you just need to reignite the person who already knows.

When you make this quantum shift from trying to figure out what you should be doing to relaxing into the person you most want to be in this lifetime, possibilities open up. Clarity rains down on you like a summer thunderstorm. The "doing" takes care of itself...

Discovering your next career or life direction (or perhaps just tweaking the one you have so it fuels instead of exhausts you) is a path that it so much easier and quicker to walk with a guide. You can try to figure it out for years or decades like I did, or you can grab yourself a trusted guide who knows the way, like an adventure guide on a trail in the backcountry. Because that is what this is for you right? Unchartered waters? An unwalked path?

So I want you to be honest with yourself...take a few minutes to get quiet and ask yourself - am I struggling and trying to figure this all out for myself like a big old math problem? How is this serving me? How much progress am I making? How am I feeling about this? Write down what comes to you right away...just let your pen flow. And be honest with yourself...

If you don?t like what you?re uncovering, make a choice, make a commitment to yourself right here, right now, to do something different. Take a new approach. To activate the energy of this new approach, I invite you to choose 1 thing that inspires you or gives you energy. Then go do that -- just go out and feel what it feels like to be juiced up and alive.

Notice a difference from the frustration of trying to figure it all out?

This is a possibility, a way of uncovering this next step for you that is available to you. You don?t have to stay stuck, you don?t have to struggle. You can explore and play your way back to the you that you want to be in the first place!

Are ready to drop the struggle and frustration and choose to do things differently? Wouldn?t you rather go on a treasure hunt to your best life rather than try and wrestle some made-up-in-your-head solution to the ground? If so, apply for a complimentary Breakthrough Acceleration Meeting at http://www.thepaulagcompany.com/application and connect with a trusted guide that can help you create the best next step for you.

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By: Paula Gregorowicz

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

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Never underestimate the importance of loving yourself. It's fundamental to your journey in life if you wish to maintain your emotional mental and physical health.

Loving yourself is not something you ever finish, as you go through the ups and downs and the twists and turns of life you will continue to grow and you will adjust to change, this gives us plenty of opportunities to learn to love ourselves.

There's another common term I'm sure you've heard that's generally used to describe the way you feel about yourself this is self-esteem, this term is used to describe how you perceive 'you'. Without a steady and solid foundation of self esteem, life will be a challenge.

Why is this important? - The way you feel about 'you' will affect the way you 'are' in the world, it will affect your perceptions, decision making, social life, relationships and health.

People that do not love or think very highly of themselves, don't expect much from life, they tend to repeat negative thinking patterns, and can feel inferior to others. To help you understand this point I have added this case study.

JANE - Jane does not like herself, she is not consciously aware of this, her thinking patterns are negative and repetitive. This is normal for Jane she doesn't know how else to behave. She is not enjoying life, she hates her job, she doesn't have a very good relationship with her children or husband, Jane is depressed and de-motivated.

Together we discussed Jane's life and childhood and it soon became apparent that her parents were overly critical they were not demonstrative with their love and affection, Jane did not receive the emotional support she needed as a child, this consequently led her to believe that she didn't deserve good things, that she was a nobody. When Jane left home she continued to repeat these patterns criticising herself calling herself names, and putting herself down.

I explained to Jane that she had low-self esteem, she did not love herself and explained that if she did not love herself then it was hard for her to accept love from others, slowly Jane started to understand how this had impacted her life. I explained...

When you don't think much of yourself, you don't respect yourself, it's easy to allow others to de-value you (as her husband was doing) it's easy to allow others to manipulate you (as her children were doing) it's easy to allow others to take advantage of you (as her family and friends were doing) it's hard to say NO, and people that knew she found that difficult took advantage. If you lack respect for yourself, then others will not respect you. Jane realised she was 'allowing' all these people to 'treat' her this way because she didn't believe she deserved anything else. She didn't realise there was another way to live she had been going around in circles all her life.

This is how Jane's life improved, when she started to love and respect herself.

She started by noticing the negative comments she said to herself and replaced them with 'positive' comments. Changing the tapes in her head changed her perception and the way she felt about herself, these changes had a major effect on her life.

She was able to say NO to her friends, and was not used as a taxi or babysitting service.
She was able to say NO to her children, teach them to become responsible instead of relying on her help, time and money.
She was able to tell her husband what needs he was not filling within their marriage and when he was being unreasonable.
She was able to see she was being 'used' at work and changed her job.
Jane's life is now very different, she is happier than she could ever have imagined and all because she learned to love herself.

I hope you can see how important and fundamental this is to your life if you want to be happy, and maybe you may see a little of your own life in Jane and now you know what you need to do.

Shelley Harris

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This article was written by Shelley Harris, who helps women to discover and dismantle psychological barriers.

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A search of the internet reveals a number (but not that many, about 20) of apparently reputable, scientific research papers about whether subliminal audio messaging works. Most come down against any evidence of efficacy, except where there might be a placebo effect. (About which more later).

The argument seems to be that if the message is too quiet to hear, effectively hidden or masked by the main music or other foreground sounds (ocean, rain, wind), then by definition it is not processed by the brain because it doesn't get through.

Sounds (pun intended) pretty convincing. But is it?

The trouble with these experiments is that they are just that - tests undertaken in laboratory conditions on a very limited number of subjects. Like evidence-based medicine, they are valuable to the extent that the evidence base is complete and unbiased.

Unfortunately for the sceptics they do not take into consideration the idea of Silent Evidence - in the case of subliminal audio messaging this means that just because there is no evidence that it works does NOT constitute proof that it doesn't.

Indeed two of the studies did grudgingly show some positive effects of subliminal messages not due to chance, but these were put down to the placebo effect.

Here lies the answer to the question: surely this is the way to approach subliminal audio - believe that it works and it will. It's the self-fulfilling prophecy, or as Henry Ford put it "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're probably right".

The best way to benefit from subliminal audio is to know exactly what the subliminal messages are. The most professional recordings have a list of the affirmations, no more than 10 or so, which are embedded in the soundtrack.

The idea behind affirmations is that the conscious mind doing the affirming is passing the command to the sub-conscious mind where it will be rooted as a new belief. At a basic level the mind cannot tell the difference between reality and the imagined.

Picture a lemon; hold it close to your nose, smell the lemony tang; now slice the lemon in two with a sharp knife, feeling and scenting the fine mist; now bring the cut lemon up to your mouth...what's happening? You're salivating, aren't you, over this thought-lemon?

Affirmations are well-researched and widely accepted as being effective in changing thought patterns, and ultimately behaviour. They are written as personal, positive and present tense, for example "I am grateful for all the good things in my life". However, the feelings of the affirmer should be in sync with the affirmation. If affirming peace but feeling angry, the affirmation will not produce the desired outcome.

So, if you believe in the subliminal affirmations, if you feel they are right for you, and if you believe that they are penetrating deep into your sub-conscious, then you will in time see results.

The key is "in time" - this is not a quick fix. However the beauty of subliminal audio is that you can listen to it when you're doing something else - just download an mp3 to your iPod or whatever and away you go.

They are deeply relaxing anyway, the sounds of ocean, thunderstorm, wind and fire all drill down into the ancient, atavistic parts of the brain - much more evocative and powerful than chill or new age music.

In conclusion then, subliminal audio messaging works if you want it to - it's really as simple as that.

Not sure what to expect? Try subliminal audio for free.

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The author has been involved in management training, performance improvement and self-help for most of his working life. He firmly believes that people have it in themselves to make profound and lasting changes to their life - if they want to badly enough.

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It seems that every month ushers in a new kind of diet for weight loss. We see these diets on television, on magazines and online in various guises most of them advocating healthy exercise, healthy diet and healthy lifestyle changes. More often than not, most people will fail at these diets until The Motivational Weightloss Program comes into their life.

No, this is not another diet pitch that provides the ways and means to attain a lean and mean body through a set of dietary guidelines and exercise program. We already have too many of these products and services in the market that may or may not be effective. In fact, you can choose the weight loss diet and exercise program that you believe will work best for your case, all while also applying the principles found in Dr. Glauberman's work.

So, the question remains: What is the The Motivational Weightloss Program? To put it simply, this is a program touching on the many psychological aspects of weight loss. This program was developed by noted psychologist and hypnotist, Lloyd Glauberman. You need not worry as there are no subliminal messages contained in any part of the program.

Instead, Dr. Glauberman utilizes his revolutionary method known as Hypno Peripheral Processing (HPP) to bring about lasting changes into how the listener thinks about the subject of weight loss. There are no diet and exercise plans in the The Motivational Weightloss Program since Dr. Glauberman wants to break down the mental barriers that prevent anybody from actually adopting the weight loss programs proposed by health and fitness experts.

Think of the Dr. Lloyd Glauberman's program as an important adjunct therapy to your weight loss treatment. While your body undergoes the desired changes in size, shape and girth through a healthy diet and exercise program, your mind also undergoes a series of welcome changes wherein you can stick to your healthy lifestyle. If you have ever gone on yo-yo diets, backslid into overeating and reverted to being a couch potato, it may have been largely because your mind was unprepared for these physical changes.

This is where The Motivational Weightloss Program comes in. Slowly but surely, you will condition your mind to accept the physical changes being made until such time that whatever lifestyle changes are required in your weight loss program becomes second nature for you. For example, if the lifestyle changes say that you have to eat less, listening to the CD will condition your mind to actually eat less.

Indeed, so many people fail in their weight loss efforts because of their exclusive concentration on what the body needs and then pandering to it. The mind is then woefully and wrongfully overlooked, which should not be as weight loss is so often a matter of mind over body. So, if your weight loss plans are not going as expected, we suggest listening to the The Motivational Weightloss Program today.

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Please visit The Personal Development Company if you would like to learn more about Peak Experience - Inside/Outside - The Motivational Weightloss Program by Dr. Lloyd Glauberman

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Feeding your spirit with positive energy can help you stay happy in difficult times. We have learned this lesson a time or two! This is important because in this internet marketing industry it is easy to get discouraged and give up. So having positive energy and feeling deep down within yourself can truly keep you motivated even at the low points of frustration. There have been times when we wanted to throw in the towel in our minds, but in our hearts we knew that success is what we were after. We knew that if we stayed positive and encouraged that we could make it through the rough patch that we were going through. The best thing to keep in mind when you're feeling down is that bad times don't last forever and tomorrow is always a new beginning. Just because you may have had a bad day doesn't mean that you have to have a bad tomorrow! It really is up to you, no one can make you be happy and positive if you don't allow positive thoughts to enter your mind and spirit.

One way to stay positive is to surround yourself with positive people. Believe us they are out there! And in this industry there are more of them out there that you can connect with even if you don't have someone positive living near you. This is the beauty of the internet --the ability to meet people around the world that are like minded and all striving to better themselves and others in the process. It's a comfortable feeling when you can get some words of encouragement right on your computer screen from someone who wants to help lift your spirits. With technology we are able to build relationships with people with a few clicks of a button and help change lives from the comfort of our own home. Isn't that wonderful? We think so! We believe in trying to touch as many lives as possible and help as many people we can using this powerful tool called the World Wide Web.

There are a few people on twitter that we follow that have positive tweets everyday that can lift your spirits even when you feel at your worst. We've caught ourselves thinking "Does this person know me personally?"(lol) because sometimes it feels like they are talking directly to us. A few of those people are, Tony Robbins, John C. Maxwell, Rev Run, Tony Gaskins and Ralph Marston. These are some great people to follow on twitter that will help you get through rough patches when you're feeling down. Oh and don't forget us Faith and Kirsten! We are always here and on twitter and Facebook to help uplift you and guide you to success as well. You need your spirit and mind to be on one accord so that you can move forward in a positive direction with confidence and a smile leading the way.

A positive attitude changes the way you look at the world. There was a point where when we didn't have any direction in life and we looked at everything to end up bad. Thinking like that lead us straight to the negative. If you want good things to happen to you, you must first expect those things to happen for you! The power of positive thinking can move mountains if you are willing to step outside of the negative shadow that the world tries to bring your way. You have a choice everyday and with every situation on whether or not you're going to look at it in a positive light, or if you're going to see it negatively. Which way of thinking will you choose? It's up to you!

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Faith A. Grady and Kirsten J. Goudeau take pride in helping you become the best network marketer you can be! We challenge you to take your business to levels higher than you could imagine and learn from absolute best that this industry has to offer. Unlock your guide to a 7-figure income now! http://www.faithandkirsten.com/

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The Jim Rohn Sampler CD contains tons of useful information that can be applied to any aspect of your life. Those who are having relationship difficulties, trouble finding out what they want to do with their lives, how to exceed further in their career, as well as those who simply feel stuck in a rut can benefit from taking the time to listen to this self-help product.

Some of the segments of this product including Turning Nothing into Something, What Money Can Do, Success is Everything, Being Fruitful, Sharing, Time Management, and Sowing and Reaping. Obviously, the key essentials of success are simple to figure out. First off, you must know what you want out of life in regards to all aspects including personal relationships, your career, and overall life direction.

However, the difficult part is knowing the exact details that will help to make it all work. How will you get to where you want to be? The Jim Rohn Sampler CD provides all the hidden details you need to put your plan together and motivates you into action. When it comes to making nothing in to something, most everyone who is successful has been able to do just that. The majority of all individuals must start out at the bottom and work their way up the ladder.

In order to do that, you must have superior time management skills. Knowing how to make the most of your time will help you to achieve success at a much quicker rate. On the days when you aren't feeling your best, you must still continue to push because those are the times where you will be made stronger and able to endure. When your time is effectively managed, you actually help to provide yourself with more time to spend with your children, family, friends, and doing the things you love.

The Jim Rohn Sampler CD by Jim Rohn helps you to realize that everything you do will produce a result. When you sit around all day, the result will obviously be nothing. Likewise, another example would be cleaning your house. The more time you spend cleaning your house with greater concentration and attention to what you are doing, the better the result. In the end, time spent in action working toward a desired outcome results in a feeling of accomplishment and an increased sense of self-worth.

In life, it's all about what you can achieve. Everyone was meant to do something. It's natural for people to have a thirst for success. People are always searching for things that will help them to become happier and more content in life and with themselves in general. The Jim Rohn Sampler CD is composed of all the knowledge you need to obtain the satisfaction in life that you are searching for.

If you're like most people, you sense that something in your life is missing. Probably you are not utilizing your talents and strengths in the way that you were meant to. There is also a probable chance that you do not even realize how much you can achieve. The only way to know is to do it. The Jim Rohn Sampler CD by Jim Rohn will help you to build a plan that will lead you to the place where you will find the most happiness.

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Did you know that color has the ability to evoke emotions? Most of you do... but, do you know which ones evoke which emotion? This fun and useful information about just a few colors in the palette will help you use color to:

1. Counteract negative emotions

2. Encourage positive emotions

3. Look and feel your best.

GREEN: brings feelings of relaxation, happiness, comfort, peace and hope. It can be very healing emotionally to spend time looking at green in nature. If you live in a climate where green "goes away" during winter look at beautiful pictures and videos during these months.

YELLOW: evokes feelings of energy, happiness and excitement. It is connoted with summer and sunshine. Soak it in whenever you can!

BLUE: induces a relaxing and calming effect. Think how you feel when sitting by the ocean watching and listening to the waves roll in... or laying on your back staring up into the sky.

RED: brings thoughts of love and romance which evokes feelings of happiness and passion.

PURPLE: has always been connoted with royalty, but many connote it with laughter and children. Either way, it can make you feel good when you see it or wear it.

BLUE-GREEN: combines the wonderful emotions both blue and green evoke. Blue-green is a color that is becoming to nearly every skin tone... so, where it with confidence!

YELLOW-GREEN: does NOT combine the wonderful emotions these two colors have separately. It often induce feelings of illness and disgust. Few people can wear this color well. You need to be certain this is a color for you - if it is, you will turn heads.

Whether you just look at color or you wear color - it is a powerful tool. Use it wisely and freely.

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Carin Hansen was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 40. After a long battle she emerged victorious and began a one-on-one wardrobe and beauty consulting business for other women journeying through cancer. She has been a model, actress, talent agency owner, benefit founder, certified acting/modeling instructor, writer, speaker and passionate cancer advocate. Please visit http://www.bridges2beauty.net for information and products related to beauty and cancer along with self-esteem building. We also invite you to visit her blog at http://bridges2beauty.wordpress.com.