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The majority of people know the expression, 'A Guilt Trip.' For those who indulge in or experience 'Guilt trips,' from others, the words are as familiar as their skin. 'Guilt Trips' can be all consuming and paralyzing.

Ironically, paradoxically and detrimentally some people are motivated by a good 'Guilt Trip,' either initiated by oneself or someone else. A 'Guilt Trip,' frequently includes the words, 'Should/Shouldn't; 'Have to;' Why don't/didn't you?' Some people refer to 'Guilt Trips,' as 'Should and Have to' trips. Does this sound familiar?

• I 'should' clean the house before I take time for myself.
• I have to mow the lawn, grocery shop, wash the car, etc.
• I'd rather take a few minutes to read a book, but there are dirty dishes in the sink so I 'should, clean the kitchen first.
• I want to stay home tonight, but my boss asked me to go with the team to a play, I 'have to' go, even though I do not want to see it.
• My husband's mother made his birthday cake from scratch so I 'should' do the same.
• My schedule is full, but, I 'should' go see my sister, she is sick.
• The list goes on.

Whether you think of a 'Guilt Trip' as a 'Should/Have to' list, you are allowing the 'should's/Have to's' to control your life and erode your peace of mind, it is exhausting and counter productive.

In today's world many women choose to work full time. Some women who choose to work full time or leave their career for part time have some level of guilt about how much time they are away from their family or how they sacrifice themselves for the sake of their families or how they take on more than is humanly possible to juggle.

Each demand of your time adds a ball to the juggling act, which often puts more pressure on you and your time. Eventually you run out of time and energy to effectively handle each ball, which represents a choice in your life.

When you or someone else lays on the 'Guilt Trip' you can transmute it. The following five tips will make the process easier.

• Recognize yours and others' pattern of 'Guilt Trips.' When you hear yours or others' 'Guilt' laden statements - Take a deep breath. Reframe the statement. 'I need to____; If I want____. I choose to______.' In response to others' Guilt' loading, state, "If you want me to_____, please ask me.' 'I will_____.' 'I will not_____.'

• Make amends to yourself or others for a 'Guilt Trip.' The sooner you make amends, the easier it is to move on and work on not engaging in the same unacceptable behavior in the future.

• Acknowledge your error in judgment, actions or statements. Make amends or make-up in a timely manner, then let go of it. The more you focus on believing you need to do something, the more it will continue to be an issue and interfere with your relationship.

• Learn from your actions. When you learn from your actions/behavior, you will be less likely to do it again. If you inadvertently said something inappropriate or hurtful, your guilt is telling you to (a) apologize; and (b) think before you speak.

• You might believe that feeling guilt is a way to remind yourself not to do it again. Remember you can change behavior without choosing to feel guilty first.

• No one is perfect, even those who appear to lead perfect, guilt free lives. Striving for perfection in any part of your life is a recipe for failure. Since there is no measure for perfection you will be unable to attain it. Mistakes are merely an opportunity to learn about oneself and one's behavior. Avoid engaging in self-recrimination or self-blame.

Armed with these five tips and a willingness to accept 'what is' will prevent you from indulging in or allowing others to give you a 'Guilt Trip.'

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Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Metaphysician - Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, Author and Speaker. Dr. Dorothy facilitates clearing blocks, fears and limiting beliefs. You can live the life you desire. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one's thoughts and feelings. http://www.drdorothy.net

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I've met someone like this before, haven't you?

Walking down the sidewalk in town you meet Mrs. So-and-so from church. She's a friendly sort and you start up a conversation. You stand in wonder as everything always seems to be perfect in her life. She has the perfect family with a husband who has a perfect job. She never seems to have problems with her teenage children and she's never on the prayer request chain at church so she must never need help. How can that be? Doesn't she ever have problems like I do? Is there never any stress or strain on her personal life? Don't her kids ever cause her any problems at all? What's up with this lady?

Last year in our Bible study group, we talked about the masks we wear to church and out in public. Through the weeks we studied together it become pretty clear that the real people coming to our study were not the same ones we all saw in public. The people at this table were dealing with bad relationships, children in trouble, deaths of a spouse and a ton of stress in their personal lives-but you'd never know it. So what's with the mask of everything-is-just-fine-in-my-life when you're out in public?

We decided during that Bible study to take off our masks whenever we met each other in church, in town, wherever. If we had a bad night, a bad week, or things in general weren't going well and someone asked us the usual question, "Hey, how are you doing?" we would lay it on 'em, be truthful, and not hold anything back. We made a pledge that whatever was shared in our meetings wouldn't go any further. Maybe you can imagine how close this group got over the course of a year. We learned about aging parents, troubled teens, hurting husbands and wives, all the stuff we stuff behind our everyday masks. It was a humbling experience for someone like me who was a stuffer.

Quite a few of our ladies didn't know what to say at first, but soon I heard them talking to other people in the same fashion. I was floored! They were actually opening up to each other and bearing one another's burdens! That's what God commands us to do in Galatians 6:2. With this opening up came the assurance that they would be prayed for; knowing someone is praying for you is an emotional lifter, an encouragement, and a joy! If that's what happens when you take off your mask why have we waited so long?

So are you brave enough to take off your mask today? Open up and share what's on your heart with a trusted believer. Pray for each other. Get involved in each other's lives by being a good listener and don't hold anything back when it comes to being REAL!

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Terre K Ritchie, Executive Director, CBH Ministries

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Everyone knows that not everyone born as a beauty, but many of us hope we could be a beauty and become the focus of attention in inner heart, so how to put one woman looks the common into a charming and temperament woman becomes very important. Now let me give you two important clues below: stand on the top of fashion and improve yourself cultivation.

Clothes make the man, so clothes are also very important for woman. A suitable clothes can let a person more confident and beautiful, meanwhile a suitable clothes also reveals a person's personality and taste. Dress collocation of good will gain great charm, it is a kind of aesthetic reflect, it passed the women's thoughts, moods. Men is the soul of the clothes and good skin people make clothes more beautiful, so also better expressed her inner feelings and thoughts, and also make person feel glorious and self-confidence.

Decorous temperament and manners is also a beautiful woman's essential part, beautiful appearance is very important, but the noble qualities and proper manners is also very important, because beauty will fade with age, and charm will exist forever. If a woman looks very beautiful, and head empty, but very vulgar manners, such person is not popular too.

Happiness and sunshine are the required elements of the glamour woman. If one's appearance is beautiful but inner heart is dark, the woman is pathetic. At the same time mystery is a huge impact on charm. Smart women know how to make to build atmosphere, let oneself eternal charm. Actually glamour is an unseen attraction, it not only includes demure appearance, but also includes those unseen but irresistible soul. In life there are many women who are only paying attention to the external charm, and neglect the soul within charm, however, only a little soul beautiful woman does not a real glamour woman!

We may not have beautiful appearance, but we can blossom our brilliant smiling face, we were not able to extend the length of life, but we can expand the beautiful width. A woman is beautiful anyway, if there is no charm, and people will never was attracted, charm is magic strength, it can let a plain woman has a unique attraction, and can cover born some defects, glamour make you noticed, but beautiful will make you may be difficult to others to forget.

I hope my advice will help those who want to become beauty and charming woman, and give those friends who love life and yearning beautiful some encouragement and self-confidence.

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Odd, isn't it, that we think that the change of date will somehow mark a new beginning in the way any other day cannot do? We might look at the 31st of December and think tomorrow will be the start of something new. More good stuff or perhaps some good stuff at last. If that's the case than surely it is all just a mind trick and we could do that any day of the year should we choose to.

I am not a big fan of the whole New Year's Eve thing. All that forced 'fun' I wonder does it bring out the rebel in many of us The resistance to not make a huge fuss of the event just because we are meant to be celebrating and looking forward to this new beginning. Small rebellion admittedly but refreshing nevertheless.

So what can we summon up for a new year? A new start of attitude or outcome perhaps. The old line if you keep doing what you have always done you will get the same results comes to mind and therein lies a conundrum. When does any repeated attitude or behaviour become repetitive and amount to just doing the same thing and when does repeated behaviour become striving for the outcome and sticking with it until it comes good? How can we recognise the difference?

I think the start is to consider when am I most 'me'. When do I feel most complete and involved in what I am doing? What takes my whole attention and does not feel like work; or at least if it feels like work it feels like fun work. I say this not only because we can suppose that what we love we will do more of and in all likelihood get better at but because sometimes it might take us a while to get to the successful place we want to be and therefore we might as well at least enjoy the journey.

I am reading Keith Richards' autobiography at the moment, and again the journey begins with lack of money, home comforts and a full stomach but also seems to come with complete immersion in what he was learning and becoming and thus a deep joy.

So for this coming year, and in light of these thoughts, I offer you the wish that you will do more of whatever the heck makes you feel whole, whatever makes you feel 'ah, this is home'. A sense of familiarity and comfort with the job you do and with any luck and a good wind you might also fill your wallet and be of use to others while doing it.

Roll on, 2011. Great things ahead for any of us willing to put in the leg work.

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Angela Hackett

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Some people still find it hard to differentiate success and goals. But what truly is the difference between success and goals? Is achieving success means you already have attained your goals? It so simple to claim that success means owning a multimillion property in the most expensive residential area, earning a six figure income and driving a million-worth car. But the main question is - is success synonymous to richness? For several wealthy people this idea probably applicable. But if you look at it a real close, success can take many forms and it depends to different people.

1. What is success to you? For some people, success means freedom from financial problems while others consider having a complete happy family a success. Those people who have lived simply and don't need all the things that money can buy can also be considered successful. There are also those who view success to having a stable job and lasting married life. No matter how you consider it, the fact remains that wealth is not a prerequisite to success. People around different walks of life, races and age can be equally successful depending on their basis of success.

2. What kind of success do you want to attain? This depends on the kind of endeavor that you want to attain. Your goals are clear manifestations of the kind of success that you want to achieve at the end of a time period. These goals will guide your path to success and will make you realize the things that you are currently doing and the things that you wish to get. It will further lead you to the conclusion of whether your plans and actions are taking you closer to success or bringing you far from it.

3. What is your main goal and your actions to achieve it? Goals differ from person to person, they vary by intensity. Goals can be classified as long term, medium and short term. Your long term goal should be the mother of all your goals as it is considered the most important of all. Set realistic goals especially if this is something that would take you years to achieve. For instance, you want to become a company owner in the next 25 years. This goal requires time and training and right now, at this very moment, you should at least start making steps to achieve this goal. Medium term goals are those that can be achieved within 5 or 10 years of work while short term goals are the things that you need to be doing weekly or monthly to lead you to achieving bigger goals.

You need goals if you want to become successful. Without goals, it would be hard for you to know if you have attained success. Goals are reference point to find out if you have accomplished what you truly desire in life. It would be difficult to know what constitute success without goals. Starting now, write down your goals and make them as your motivation to do well. Share your aspirations to people who showed you support and success will wait for you.

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Jurgen Mennel is living life to the fullest. Skydiving and base-jumping are just a few of his hobbies. He is running several successful businesses and understands that success begins in the mind. Jurgen has created a powerful tool that anyone can use to accelerate success. Find more details about positive affirmations on Jurgen's Blog or on his Website http://www.reflectaffirm.com.

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One of the more difficult things that each of us will encounter in our lives is the juxtaposition of what we know against what we think we know. The reason why this creates difficulty is because our own perception of our own knowledge (i.e. what we think we know) frequently exceeds what we really know by a significant margin. Furthermore, this phenomenon seems to expand as our knowledge base increases. This produces the unfortunate effect of creating an intellectual elite that over-estimates the depth and scope of their own knowledge by many orders of magnitude.

This present an extreme amount of danger when decisions for large amounts of resources are controlled by a small number of people through the government, or through a financial institution. The reason for this is because when people over estimate their knowledge of the market, they under estimate the chances of failure and frequently over expose themselves, their investors, and the taxpayers to catastrophic losses.

While it is pleasing to the vanity of those in power to make claims about how intelligent people should be in charge of everything, it may be better if people were in charge of themselves. The reason for this is because I can only destroy my own resources if I over estimate my knowledge. When a small regime in the government is in charge of vast resources, there is a tremendous risk of unfathomable, catastrophic failure if their estimates are incorrect.

Recently, this effect has compounded upon itself many times over. The unfortunate set of events precipitating this consolidation of power was triggered by the massive financial sector bailout engineered in lieu of allowing the banks to go into liquidation. This action created two destructive outcomes... the first is that it rewarded the irresponsible risk taking of the banks that were bailed out and the second was that it prevented the banks assets from being liquidated to responsible companies that did not engage in high risk lending practices and massively leveraged derivatives.

Furthermore, the financial sector bailout served as a precedent for an automotive sector bailout that still resulted in bankruptcy for two of the 'big three' US auto manufacturers. In the end, the government is now a principal player in the automotive industry and either approves or purchases the overwhelming majority of all home mortgages. With this amount of power and control, there is tremendous risk of economic damage by even a slight mistake in estimating the cost or effect of a program or decision.

In the end, each of us should be aware of what we 'really' know, and seek to maintain perspective when estimating the extent of our abilities. When we are making decisions and constructing strategies, it is always wise to ask what happens if I am wrong? By understanding the extent and limits of our knowledge, it will help each of us to minimize the impact if our decisions are wrong and maximize the benefit if our decisions are right.

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Sincere Thanks,
Douglas J Utberg, MBA

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Life can be quite difficult sometimes. The following seven tips should help you recognise the different factors that can contribute towards a rewarding and fulfilling life:

1) Don't settle for second best - 2nd is not the place you want to be. No-one runs a race to come second. Aim for first and go for it! But there is also fun in taking part so don't forget that. But also try your best. If your best turns out to not be good enough then try harder next time but if you have genuinely tried your best then don't worry and go back to the old drawing board and find something that you're good at.

2) Love everyone - this includes your enemies. Be quick to forgive. Don't hold grudges. A Christian lady once stated "Unforgiveness is like drinking poison yourself and expecting the other person to die". Don't hold resentment or allow your thoughts to be consumed by negativity towards other people.

3) Always eat something nice - my sister says "I wasted my hunger on that". What she means by this is don't eat something bad when you could have something that is of equal value that is good.

4) Always right your wrongs - if you do or say something wrong then apologise and repent. You've heard the saying "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" well disregard this because words are powerful and they can be damaging. Words can cut like a sword. Always take back words that slip from your tongue.

5) Always eat your greens - green vegetables are great for you so always consume a balanced diet.

6) Buy the best possible - buy cheap buy twice, you've heard that old saying. Don't buy inexpensive rubbish that won't last. Instead, always purchase the very best quality product that you can afford.

7) Always look on the bright side of life - I know that this phrase was coined by the popular comedy sketch show but it is oh so true. Never concentrate on the negatives in a given situation, just look at the positives. Of course the bad side exists and should be recognised and considered and mistakes should be learnt from but the good bits and the great things in life should be focused upon.

Take care and always consider these top seven ways of leading a happier life.

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However the factor is, you're considering as you think that you can generate an income by operating your own company. Staying currently employed and getting a constant stream of salary is alright.

However becoming the ceo of your own business and hiring ones own professionals for your company which has a larger influx of earnings are improved. Becoming an owner enables you to specify your own personal speed regarding the places you would like your earnings to move. Regardless of whether you would like it to increase or even drop, based on the technique and designs you might have. There aren't any certain suggestions running a business, just high risk and potential rewards. However establishing your own personal programs and tips to show you is an extremely nice beginning in order to bring benefits quickly. Numerous publications and workshops about business methods are generating huge incomes simply because so many people are eager in being a business people.

So if you're considering setting up your own personal company right now, it wouldn't harm to test a few of these suggestions that may help you choose if you are prepared with regard to business or perhaps not.Isn't it time to become self employed? If you wish to make certain your company is succeeding based on the ideas and techniques you utilize, you have to get ready to control it on your own. Even though giving the responsibilities associated with operating your company to some professional or supervisor is nice, it is usually safer to handle it your self. Have a go at thinking about oneself while you remained an employee, the mindset of a worker will almost always be exactly that. Which means, these people will continue to work properly in order to take home their own wage however past that you simply should not anticipate much more. This is the reason why a number of companies attempt to convince their staff to display devotion by providing shares.

By doing so, workers should have devotion towards the organization these people work for since they're part proprietors. Being an owner, regardless of how challenging and in turmoil your company is right now, you attempt every thing to really make it steady and prosperous. So if you're considering beginning a company you have to become stead fast on becoming self employed and confront the chance of lacking a traditional revenue.Are you able to manage massive financial debt?Indeed credit is a component of running a business to be able to generate big profits. A person cannot get all of the assets with regard to your company out of your personal wallet. This is the reason why monetary declaration consists of debts.

These are generally cash you must pay back to vendors as well as lenders to maintain your company. Together with dealing with large financial debt is a component of the financial risk. This is why in most strategy for credit there has to be an agenda for repaying back the financial debt. Simply because if you take your debts without any consideration your company might be affected. Moraly in case your company falls, the concern of obligations whenever liquidating the resources would be the distributors together with your own staffs earnings and benefits. And when the company resources offered for sale aren't sufficient to pay for financial obligations, they are able to pursue your very own property. If you believe you are able to manage large financial debt to maintain your company running as well as making money, then you're truly all set to come to be a business owner. Do you think you're ready to continue?

Which means, are your assets with regard to outlay and ideas ready to continue? Whenever all items have already been prepared, the next step would be to start.Right now is a great time to start your company. Certainly not tomorrow or even the subsequent day. Right now may be the time you are prepared to consider the chance of lack of employment, becoming a borrower as well as equipping your self with the required resources with regard to an entrepreneurial existence. Right now is the time that you simply inform your brain that you're created to become successful.

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By: Rich M.

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Thus I [says the Apostle Paul] make it my ambition to proclaim the good news, not where Christ has already been named, so that I do not build on someone else's foundation, but as it is written,
'Those who have never been told of him shall see,
and those who have never heard of him shall understand'.
~Romans 15:20-21 (NRSV).

Those overseas, ministering in foreign lands, may not have many of the material luxuries those in Western lands might take for granted. But it's the lack of Christian fellowship-on-tap they may readily miss more. It is easy to forget that this was Paul's world - out to the nations and preaching the gospel (when he wasn't making tents).

Paul was not called to overt discipleship evangelism (though he must have engaged in this by his character as he plied his trade) but, in his context, a red-blooded and full-on evangelical approach; that for which the time dictated. None of the known world had any inkling of Christ and the message of God's grace to the Gentiles.

Again, Paul's Boast - The Holy Imperative

It is an inspiration to us that Paul's boast was only in Christ Jesus - anything that was achieved in Jesus' name via signs and wonders; he had every reason to write and preach boldly (Romans 15:14f).

It's clear that the Apostle to the Gentiles had God-anointed standards to uphold. His patch was anywhere God called him to that had not yet been preached or reached. Captivity was the only thing keeping him for the goal: more lives for Christ. And even then the Bible records Paul speaking, singing and preaching of Christ and him crucified to guards and prisoners alike.

It's rather humbling to think that Paul would need to explain his boldness. But, as we know from his experiences with the Corinthian church, he often copped it in the neck for not being ashamed of the gospel. Our contemporary missionaries face the same challenges.

A Brave Task

The evangelical mission abroad is a brave task. It's only the work of the true called. Saving short-term mission trips - which are great for turning ignorant perceptions back to truth - there is great deal of gargantuan challenge in tackling the international mission field.

I'm so often ignorant of this; blind to the real struggles of those friends I know who are evangelising for God in places like South Thailand, Myanmar and Japan.

Sure, I read the newsletters and I do pray, but it's easy to feel very inadequate. Still, that is not God's will.

There's the temptation to justify not being called to the international mission field, but in reality we're either called to it or we aren't. Still, part of the rationale in resisting something that seems totally foreign is fear. Admired, in a strange and misunderstood way, are those to be, who tackle this work in Jesus' name.

Copyright (c) 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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Steve Wickham is a Registered Safety Practitioner (BSc, FSIA, RSP[Australia]) and a qualified, unordained Christian minister (GradDipBib&Min). His blogs are at: http://epitemnein-epitomic.blogspot.com/ and http://inspiringbetterlife.blogspot.com/

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When we are born, everyone is given by a God a piece of paper. In that paper we are given a privilege to write everything we want to achieve in life. Our dreams, our goals and what we want to be when we grow up. Remember when we are kids, our parents ask us, what we want to be when we grow? Some want to be rich, politician, artist, etc. We dream of conquering the world. We are full of hope, passion and determination.

On that paper, there are people who write a lot of things. They dream big dreams and look for an opportunity to get it. They write their goals and do whatever it takes to achieve it. They take the risks and they are willing to pay the price. They welcome difficulties and obstacles. They believe that if they overcome this, it will take them were they wanted to be. They call failure as a learning process and a helpful thing. These are ordinary people who do extraordinary things.

There are others who write few on their paper. They dream of something but never look for an opportunity on how to achieve it. They never commit. For them achieving their goals and their dreams is such a herculean task. They give their best but when the going gets tough they quit. They are waiting for the right time and hoping that someday opportunity will knock on their door. These are the people who are contented on what they have.

But worst of all, there are people, who let other people to write on their paper. They let others to dictate on their life. They are conscious of what will other people will tell. That's the reason they will never reach their full potential. They always have doubts and they always have limitation. They live in the life of "what if". What if I do this, What if I do that, what if I exert all my effort? What if.., what if.., what if.. Always looking back and dwell on the past. Always make excuses. These are the people who are afraid being a failure and rejection.

So decide, who you want to be? Write your dreams and don't let others tell you that you can't achieve it! Those are Dream Stealer. They want you to fail! So don't ever listen to them. Look deep inside you and find a deep a reason. Always remember if u want to have the things you do not have, u have to do the things that you do not like and commit to it...

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Without a doubt, comprehension remains the primary focus while reading. In this series of articles, you have been learning about items that can interfere with successful comprehension during reading. In this article, you will learn about something most readers would not consider a factor while reading. The influence of inflection.

Did you know that almost 85% of all communication is non-verbal? It is dependant upon your tone or voice inflection, facial expression, and context. Let me give you a few simple examples that will make this easy to understand.

Suppose I said, "I am very happy to be here. It is always a pleasure to see you." How would you interpret this? Most people would read this as a positive expression or exchange. However, what if you could hear me saying this words. Saying them with a sneer, and deeply cynical voice pattern would certainly make you think of this quite differently. Here's the problem, you can't hear the way I saying these words while reading them in text. Let's see how this problem is compounded by the way in which most people write.

When most people write, they hear a voice inside of their head that dictates what they want to say. As the words flow through they inner ear, they write them down. The problem is the inner voice doesn't just say the words. The inner voice also inflects while saying this words. This inflection can add a tone to the meaning. A tone that can completely change the meaning of the words.

As you read text you own inner voice is pronouncing the words for you, one word at a time. Problem is your inner voice hears the words the way you would probably say them. If the writer's tone was completely different, it can radically change the meaning of what you are reading. You must pay careful attention to words and phrases while reading. Especially if you are confused by what you are reading. This confusion may be caused by the incorrect tonal interpretations of your brain while reading the text. As you can see inflection can play a major role in causing confusion while reading. It is a good example of getting hurt by something you didn't know about.

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Your friend,
Howard Stephen Berg--The World's Fastest Reader
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If you are contemplating the idea of becoming a personal stylist, you may have many questions about the advantages and disadvantages and will need to know it's the right thing for you before making a final decision. As a personal stylist and image consultant for the past ten years I hope I can give you some insight into whether it's right for you.

Fashion is a passion?

I think that just like excellent teachers are born not made, so are brilliant personal stylists. Yes, training courses are necessary, but a strong passion for what you do is essential. Do you love shopping, watching Gok Wan and looking at fashion websites? Do you enjoy clothes and make-up yourself? If you're a visual person and love people-watching, this is a good start. If you've helped friends or family in the past with their clothes and make-up, personal styling could be just the job for you.

Enthusiastic and energetic?

Personal stylists ideally need to be energetic and extroverted. I deal with many different clients in a week, many of them with little self-confidence and low self-esteem. It is important to be able to keep your own energy levels up as you strive to be inspirational and motivational to others. Often I will be talking to large groups of people at major events or carrying out marketing presentations where energy and enthusiasm can make the difference between average and great performances. Speaking to large groups doesn't fill me with dread but gives me a buzz! A big part of my work is dealing with new clients and being good with people means I can quickly build a relationship with them. A friendly manner is necessary to help people open up quickly so you can understand more about them and their needs.

Organised and self-motivated?

Being a self-employed personal stylist is wonderful in many ways: you get to work the hours that you want to work so it can work well as a full time career or alongside other commitments. However, you must be self-motivated and organised. Ultimately there is no boss but yourself to pat you on the back and tell you that you're doing a good job. On the other hand, the thank-you messages you get from transformed clients is rewarding and motivating in itself.

If you aren't organised you can find that you miss opportunities so you need to plan a whole year ahead, making sure that you have a strategy for the year's major events such as Christmas. You will need to make sure you plan wisely and allocate time for seeing clients, time for marketing, book-keeping etc. as well as time for your other commitments.

So if you would still like to become a personal stylist and shopper, why not find out more about the training courses available?

Becoming Successful Is Easy and Making Money is Even Easier. Click Here Now to find out more.

Beth Price is a senior personal stylist with ColourMeBeautiful. Based in Herefordshire she offers advice on all aspects of personal image, including colour analysis, style consultations, make-up lessons and how to become a personal stylist and shopper.

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Creating Irresistible Influences with NLP, by Charles Faulkner is a 6 CD audio set that aims to teach people all about how to manage people in a way that others feel good about. The premise of this series is really an old adage. When you give people what they want, they will give you what they want. This seems like common sense when you've lived life long enough to figure this out. But many people resist this idea, feel that it's their way or no way, or simply don't know how to be a powerbroker in order to give people what they want in the first place.

Creating Irresistible Influences with NLP, by Charles Faulkner takes care of that. In this dynamic series, the listener will learn some very key aspects, such as:

The difference between manipulating someone, and influencing them: When people think that if they can control people and their outcomes by giving them what they want, their first thought might be that this is a manipulative practice. Charles Faulkner challenges this notion. He challenges the listener to consider the idea that there is a difference between influencing others, and in manipulating others. The truth is that the person, and the energy of those two concepts are different. As such, when you influence others, you leave them feeling empowered and good. Manipulating others makes them feel victimized and bad. Charles Faulkner in Creating Irresistible Influence wants you to become an influencer.

The five levels of the pyramid of influence: The series Creating Irresistible Influences teaches the listener exactly what this means, and how they can go about using the five levels of the pyramid of influence to their advantage.

The five life purposes: Every person has purposes in life that they spend a lifetime either trying to find or trying to fulfill. The series Creating Irresistible Influences discusses what those five life purposes are, and how one can go about finding them, and in fulfilling them.

The series aims to teach people to get inside of the minds and the hearts of others. It uses the basic human need tenant of acceptance. All human beings need acceptance. There are all sorts of ways that we show that we accept others. When we show that we are tuned in to what they are saying, what they are feeling, and to what their desires are, then we have won them over. When a person is won over to us, we will be able to influence them to do just about anything for us.

Certainly, these influential skills shouldn't be used for ill purposes. But if we can learn these skills, and learn to use them for good, life will become amazing for us. We we start to live in a world of our creation in which door open, and open wide. Even people who might not like us personally will be compelled to do things for us, because we will be such an influential person.

Creating Irresistible Influences by Charles Faulkner would make a great New Year's gift for ourselves, or for others. This is one skill set that one can't afford to ignore.

Becoming Successful Is Easy and Making Money is Even Easier. Click Here Now to find out more.

Please visit The Personal Development Company if you would like to learn more about Creating Irresistible Influence with NLP by Charles Faulkner

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The Gift by Ron Reynolds presents a challenge to the average individual's way of thinking. Where are you currently headed in relation to success and happiness? If you're like the majority, you're headed in the opposite direction. Instead of gearing toward where you want to be, you're settling for less. Maybe you're not doing anything with your life and would like to learn how to make the most of yourself and your time. This book will show you how.

Learning to Be Self-Reliant

One of the main themes in The Gift discusses the importance of self-reliance. Those who are more dependent than self-reliant are constantly facing numerous challenges, obstacles, as well as suffering from an endless number of disappointments. People will not always be able to be there for you, especially when it comes to helping you achieve your own success. In the end, it is up to you to do it all on your own. The hardest part of it all is often knowing how to do it.

Finding Your Passion and Purpose

Another discussion point in this book talks about finding your passion and purpose. Without a passion and purpose, you may feel as though your life is going nowhere. People who lack passion and purpose are usually depressed, lost individuals who are always searching for that little something that they feel is missing. Chances are you already know what your passion and purpose is. Oftentimes, simply being aware of what you are passionate about will lead you to your life purpose. Once an individual has found out what it is they are meant to do, they can begin leading a more fulfilling life.

The Benefits of Financial Independence and Disadvantages of Financial Dependence

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you were relying on someone else for money? It's not the best feeling in the world. It can make you feel helpless and powerless. Even worse, depending on someone else for money can make you feel like less of a person. The Gift by Ron Reynolds will teach you how to make your own money and help you to make sure you always have enough of it as well.

The Importance of Self-Discipline

Without self-discipline, it can be quite difficult to get out of bed every morning. You can always distinguish a self-disciplined individual from someone who isn't by the way they live their life. Those who lack discipline will almost always never have enough money, keep a dirty house, and often find themselves in various fixes. Those who have self-discipline will almost always have everything in their life under control.

The Gift by Ron Reynolds Help Those in Need

Perhaps you're not in need, but just want to know a little bit more about how to achieve a successful life. Then again, maybe you have no idea what you are doing and need some form of enlightenment or change of direction. In any event, this book is designed to teach you the essentials of self-development and help you reach your goals.

Becoming Successful Is Easy and Making Money is Even Easier. Click Here Now to find out more.

Please visit The Personal Development Company if you would like to learn more about The Gift by Ron Reynolds

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Overcome jealousy by having a sense of humor and counting personal blessings. Learn more about overcoming jealousy with tips from a professional psychologist in this free video about self-improvement tips. Expert: Dr. Paul Vehorn Contact: www.AskDoctorPaul.com Bio: Dr. Paul Vehorn has been a nationwide talk show host on Sun Radio Network and IRN.com. He is also the author of 'Dynamic Dating' and 'Boomer Girls, a Women's Guide to Men and Dating.' Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
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Time: 01:44 More in Howto & Style

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Today you can make the choice to step off the hamster wheel and step into the alignment of your soul's desire.

One of the difficult things in life is feeling stuck in a situation you do not like and want to change, but, don't know how. You may have exhausted yourself looking for ways to create change, and you may have given up. However, each day offers an opportunity to renew your resolve and the opportunity to declare to yourself and the Universe that you are ready to change.

Make a declaration to the Universe, I am open for help to come to me, and I intend to keep working to create change for myself. Making this declaration to the Universe and yourself, is a strong remedy to step out of the stagnation. You can do it right now.

Pause now and make your declaration.

It is sometimes difficult to understand even with hindsight, how the choices you made have added up to your current situation. However, it is a good idea to examine the story you tell yourself. If you tend to regard yourself as having failed, this will block your ability to allow yourself to succeed. Or if you tell yourself that you did everything possible and it is someone or something else that prevented your success, this will block your ability to allow yourself to succeed.

You have the power to change the story you tell yourself by acknowledging that in the past, you did your best, and you exhibited many positive qualities and you had many great moments on the path to the present moment. You can also recognize that you have learned from your experiences, and this will help you with your current choices.

When you do this kind of work on viewing your past self, you make it possible for the future to be based on a positive self-assessment. This inner shift will allow you to move out of the cycle you have been in that has kept you stuck.

Now you can declare your intentions to the Universe, knowing that you have done the inner work necessary to allow your life to change.

This moment is the first moment to end cycle of being stuck and enter into a new way of being and doing.

Becoming Successful Is Easy and Making Money is Even Easier. Click Here Now to find out more.

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Metaphysician - Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, Author and Speaker. Dr. Dorothy facilitates clearing blocks, fears and limiting beliefs. You can live the life you desire. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one's thoughts and feelings. http://www.drdorothy.net

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It's great to be back. Writing, that is. After a brief hiatus, I have returned to my writing with a new passion for ideas and action. Here is my list of a few actions to be taken in the New Year.

1. To be a kindler and gentler person on the environment. My good friend, Erica is always a big fan of the environment and pointed out to me the benefits of going organic, even with things as basic as shampoo. I've come to agree with her and although products that are organic, are often a little more expensive than other things, in the long run, the earth and the user will all benefit from its uses. Consider the benefits: no harsh chemicals, no testing on animals, prevention of dangerous illnesses and diseases, which many articles say, can be received by using regular shampoos.

2. Having more empathy towards others. Empathy, I believe, is one of the distinguishing things that we can have as human beings. It is often easier to react with anger towards another person, without thinking about the consequences, or realizing why this person has acted the way they have. I believe that the goal of the individual in society is to have empathy and to react with concern towards another person. The regular person is society can show empathy in every day life by not reacting with anger towards another person, whether in dealing with a driver who cut you off or a surly or rude waitress. It is easy to judge, but hard to understand what is underneath a person's skin.

3. Taking time to meditate. In our age where technology rules our world with a passion, it is often hard to tear ourselves away from things, such as the television or the Internet. We don't always take the time to breathe the air, to meditate on our good forturne, or to communicate with others. In our madness to buy the latest gadget, we don't always realize that the most important thing we have is something we cannot buy: time. The time we spend with our family is precious and yet how many of us only get to see our families once a year, or even several times a year. Precious is the time we have, and it seems that we are blinded by all the trappings that technology has given us.

4. To work less, and to spend time doing things that are meaningful. Whether it be volunteering for a cause, or finding an activity that is creative and personally satisfying, I believe that every one should have passion in one's life. To me, film-making and writing are personal passions of mine, and I feel life is more satisfying when you are doing something that is creative, and not wholly centered on work. I am always amazed when I see paintings in a local gallery done by our senior members of society. It is unfortunately too bad that it is only when we retire it seems that some of us find the time to do expressive, fulfilling things. But I believe that making time to do creative things may involve as simple a task as turning off your Internet or television for an hour or so.

5. Focus on health. How many of us eat too much fat and too much of everything? I believe that the best way to be aware of the dangers of overeating is to be mindful that it is occurring.

To conclude, I wish everyone a great New YEAR, and a year that is safe, happy, healthy and environmentally friendly.

Effortlessly program your mind for success! Click Here Now to find out more.

Cynthia Chan lives in Vancouver, Canada, and also writes a blog on http://lifesthisway.blogspot.com/2011/01/new-year-and-new-heathy-beginning.html

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Although it's been over 15 years since I first went away to school back in the day in the mid 1990s, I still remember it just like it was yesterday. It was my first time going away from home. I was only 19 years old, and I barely even knew how to write out a check, or even use a credit card. The night before I left for school, I stayed up all night watching movies and television, because I was so nervous I could barely catch a wink of sleep.The whole week leading up to this, I was so worried about everything, from what I was going to do at school, to the clothes that I had bought. I wanted to make a good impression on the people I was about to meet, and I thought the best way for me to accomplish this was to have fancy and stylish clothes.

Once I got to school, I met all of my roommates, and while they seemed nice, I was still extremely nervous. My dad and I went to get some supplies, and I started to relax a little bit, but whenever we got back to the dorm, my nerves kicked up again. The next morning when my dad left, I was so upset, that I could not even eat a bite of my breakfast. It literally took me almost a week before I could eat anything, and I was walking around with knots in my stomach the entire time. It took me about a month to finally become comfortable with everything. One of the most important things I learned from the entire experience, was that it didn't matter how I dressed and what things I owned, but what was more important was my personality and the way that I treated people.

Going away to school is a real eye opener, and I feel it can be an extremely big step into adulthood. I know that I learned so many things while I was away at school, that helped me become a more independent person. Anyone who is planning on going away to school for the first time, will have to accept that they are going to be nervous, as this is only a natural thing, and something that you can't control. However, you will discover just as I did, that in the end, people will accept you for who you are, as long as you treat them well and are willing to be social.

Effortlessly program your mind for success! Click Here Now to find out more.

William is an avid traveler who shares his advice on wheeled backpacks, uprights and other luggage on his website.

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We all know the saying 'If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got' (or words to that effect). But in today's harsh economic climate, is this still true? If we always do what we've always done, the chances are that we won't get what we've always got, we'll get less! Why? Because our competitors are trying harder. The goalposts have moved and if we don't do things differently, we'll actually be moving backwards, relative to others.

The reward for the same effort will be smaller. Make sense?

So what to do? The obvious answer is to work harder at what we do. The less obvious answer is to work smarter at what we do. Here are five ways to work smarter:

1. Set yourself ONE goal.

Yes, you want to have several goals, and that's fine, but set one primary goal. A goal that you really MUST achieve. This can be a long term goal, a medium term goal or a short term goal. If it's a substantial goal, break it down into smaller goals, with timelines, so that you can see how you are progressing towards your primary goal. Have other goals by all means, but don't lose sight of the primary goal.

2. Get organised.

We all know this, but how organised are you? How many of the tasks that you do are duplicated? How often do you mislay documents (printed or electronic?) and spend too much time looking for them - or worse still, rewriting them?

Organise your filing systems, especially your electronic files. Give each of your electronic files a sensible name and the date that you saved it. Don't call it 'Jane's file', call it 'Jane's workplan - 12/2/2011' That way, you've got a fighting chance of finding it again. If you share files with other people, a sensible filename will save you both time.

Clear your desk and work with the papers that you need at that time. Don't surround yourself with papers and post it notes that will distract you from the task in hand.

3. Delegate.

What tasks can you delegate to others? Do you have a virtual assistant? Concentrate on doing the things that you're good at and delegate other specialist tasks to others who can do them quicker, more efficiently and more effectively. Can't afford to do that? What about trading work - you help me and I'll help you. This doesn't work in all situations but you'll be surprised how often it can work - ask the question!

4. Plan your work.

This is something else that we all know we should be doing but how many of us really plan our days, our weeks and our months? How many objectives do we set ourselves? Don't go overboard and plan everything down to the finest detail (especially your leisure time) but do give yourself a chance by thinking about what you need to do and writing a plan, however brief. If you don't know where you're going, you'll never know when you get there.

5. Do one thing at a time.

This follows on from point 2 above. It's very easy to get distracted - Facebook and Twitter can eat time if you let them (and you do, don't you?!)

If you have a portfolio career, or you work on several projects simultaneously, it is very easy to get distracted. The phone may ring and someone needs to ask you a question about a project which you're not working on at the time. Answer the question, then get back to the project which you were working on without meandering off and wondering why the person asked you the question.

Do the IMPORTANT tasks before the easy ones (and the ones you like doing). Don't put things off! So don't always do what you've always done - do something smarter!

Effortlessly program your mind for success! Click Here Now to find out more.

Rob Horlock is Managing Editor of The Mid Life Opportunity - a community for 'Mid Lifers' where members can get advice and guidance across a range of issues such as Career, Relationships, Finance, Health. http://www.MidLifeOp.com blog: http://MidLifeOp.blogspot.com

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Have you ever wondered how others keep making things happen? Each letter in the word RELEVANT will give you an action step that you can use to move into greatness.

Read and proceed with 8 strategies that you can begin to implement today.

(R) Reinvent Yourself. Look at the career of Sean Combs. He started off as Puff Daddy. Puff Daddy emerged into P Diddy who innovatively became Diddy.

The fast pace of the internet allows you to create a brand in seconds. The time it takes you to set up a Facebook or Twitter account is how long it will take you to get noticed.

(E) Enjoy what you do. Find the fun in your work. Search for ways to bring the happiness to your environment. When you are passionate and excited others will see and take notes. This makes it easier to make deals when you are wanted.

(L) Learn form others. Research what seminars are taking place in your area. Listen to podcasts and tele-seminars. Seek out a mentor who can take you to the next level. Watch videos of how people speak and conduct themselves.

(E) Entrepreneur your expertise. Use what you do best and give your job a rest. Use what you know to grow. Even if you never leave your job being in business will help you get some tax write offs.

(V) Visit your elders. Life is about paying dues and paying respect. Give back to the generation that has given to us. (Discuss hanging out with Bubba)

(A) Ask for feedback. Golden nuggets of wisdom are found when we ask those close to us how can we improve?

(N) No Your Way. You have to say no sometimes. Every opportunity is not for you. Learn what is for you and not for you. Learn how to make the most of each opportunity that is right for you.

(T) Teach others. Keep your legacy growing. We are taught so that one day we will teach. Passing on the knowledge keeps entire communities and cultures alive over centuries.

In these days and times in order to be relevant you have to reinvent yourself so you can enjoy what you do. When you learn from others you can entrepreneur your expertise. Take time out to visit your elders and ask for feedback. When you no your way and teach others the life you leave behind will be forever relevant.

Becoming Successful Is Easy and Making Money is Even Easier. Click Here Now to find out more.

How To Support Derrick Hayes:

-Order Personalized Derricknyms at http://www.derrickhayes.com/derricknyms/
-Sign up for Motivation To Your Mobile at http://www.motivationtoyourmobile.com/

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At age five I was an airport addict - I loved going to work with Dad! As the chief pilot for a private company, it meant that on any given day I could be flight attendant to the corporate executives who flew all over the United States or I could run to my heart's desire up and down the runways. There was a whole fleet of King Airs, a DC-3, and other planes.

Dad never thought I was too little to do anything, so by the time I reached age 5 I was flying in the co-pilot's seat, right alongside him. As I grew older, my dad taught me many more things, and because his philosophy was that I was never "too little" his parenting style gave me great confidence to spread my wings and fly... painting, drawing, reading, and writing my first book at age 11, in addition to flying.

There has always been a direct link between my relationship with my earth dad and my Heavenly Dad. Ages 5-11 were filled with adventure, outdoor hikes, skating, Girl Scouts, camping, swimming, drawing, writing, reading, music, learning to talk to God directly, and the kind of childhood that most people would call ideal.

Then it all changed. At age 12, I arrived home from school, report card in hand. To this day I can remember the exact place my Dad and I stood, at the end of the kitchen counter, as he explained to me that he and I would no longer be talking or doing things together, and that my report card was to be kept secret from the family. He felt my brothers and sister were having too much of a challenge to keep up with me and that it would be better if he spent more time with them and less with me. He wasn't being mean - he just felt he was being fair to my younger siblings who he said would feel more empowered if they didn't have to try and keep up with my example.

Dad kept his word, and from that day onward I was all but ignored. A poisonous root of rejection wormed its way deep into the center of my soul, eventually blossoming in the form of self-everything. Self-hatred, self-consciousness, self-centeredness, and very low self-esteem.

At the same time, I lost almost all connection with my Heavenly Father and prayer once again became hollow, shallow, and boring. Preoccupation with self (trying to figure out what was wrong with me) turned into performance anxiety and eventually workaholism, replacing the joy of creativity and childlike wonder and awe. I withdrew almost entirely from life.

Have you noticed a child who has lost their sense of wonder, joy, and creativity? Maybe a child who is shy or always trying to be good? They are like planes flying very low (low self-esteem) and it's actually quite dangerous! Low self-esteem is nothing to be fooled around with!

Nicely behaving, shy children are often overlooked. But when God restores you, he more than makes up for all that was lost!

What we believe about ourselves begins to manifest all around us, and if the core of our being is something we hate, then our self-talk becomes a continuous string of "You'll never be good enough," "You're ugly," and you can probably name just about anything negative and I believed it. The law of attraction kicks in and pretty soon you become a victim of more rejection and often much worse. It's like you wear a blinking neon sign that says, "hurt me" and it just never goes away!

How many times have I heard my story repeated in so many people's lives, in one variation or another! In those days, though, no one was talking about these things, so it's like a whole generation suffered in silence! So once again, I had to go directly to my Father in Heaven and because we were so disconnected at that time, all I could do was admit my life was all about "me this and me that" and ask for deliverance from ME!

A daughter's request never goes unheard in the Kingdom of Heaven. But sometimes the problem with receiving an answer is on our end... because if your mind is buzzing all day long with negative thought patterns it's no wonder it causes static! So God had to wait until his daughter fell asleep to get a word in edge-wise!

I was to discover the power of a voice-controlled life!

One night I wore a red shirt to bed... and I sensed in my heart that God was telling me to remember that I was wearing a red shirt. I didn't understand why but just marked it in my mind and went to bed and dreamed...

Dream Message: Playing with a group of children, we were all taking turns shooting a high-powered rifle. Everyone was laughing and innocently playing. It was my turn to shoot the gun and as my finger pulled the trigger a girl dressed in a red shirt fell to the ground. None of us expected anything bad to happen. No one blamed me - we each had been taking turns doing the very same thing. The horror I felt was unimaginable... so real, so deep and painful that I woke up, as if from a nightmare. But it wasn't a nightmare... it was a dream message.

As it often is in dreams, I was both characters... the girl in the red shirt who fell down dead and the girl who innocently fired the weapon while playing. My own belief system - all the "You're ugly, you'll never be good enough, no one will ever marry you..." was killing the real me.

Words are like bullets, aimed to bring life or death. Our lives are voice-controlled and whatever we speak is what we get.

Our tongues pull the trigger on words that are generated from our hearts, our belief system. Words release power - to change, to heal, to hurt, to bring life.

What if we were all to look around and discover that the circumstances surrounding us were a direct result of our beliefs which lead to thoughts which lead to words which lead to actions which lead to results... whether for good or for evil.

In the book of Genesis we find that God spoke the world into existence with His breath, and when it came time to bring life to the first man, Adam, God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, imparting His very own image - His DNA - into Adam. Adam woke up and began talking... he named all the animals and he learned how to manage the world around him through language. He didn't have to work hard (not till after Deception entered his heart, causing him to sin - then, of course, part of his punishment was having to work by the sweat of his brow)... but until then, he ran the world through voice control!

He had an idea, a thought... and suddenly or progressively the thought manifested into his reality! In the cool of the evenings, Adam and God walked and talked... Adam was never left alone to figure things out by himself. Since the Cross this intimacy with God has been restored to each of us who take the time and find the "Garden" in our hearts to listen and learn, through intimacy with God!

Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.(Prov. 18:21 ESV)

I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak, (Matt 12:36 ESV)

Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body. (Prov. 16:24 ESV)

For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned." (Matt 12:37 ESV)

A gentle tongue is a tree of life, but perverseness in it breaks the spirit. (Prov 15:4 ESV)

Do you need a lift today? Low self-esteem is equivalent to flying an airplane at low altitude... you're in constant danger of trees, power lines, near misses and crashes... you need to gain altitude, to fly higher! It's not hard - you can learn to use voice control... maybe even do some aerial gymnastics!

Flying higher begins with discovering the true nature and identity of our Father in Heaven. Because we are simply smaller pieces of Him. And if we know Him, then we know true selves.

Even youths grow tired and weary,

and young men stumble and fall;

31 but those who hope in the LORD

will renew their strength.

They will soar on wings like eagles;

they will run and not grow weary,

they will walk and not be faint.

(Isaiah 40)

What you speak is what you get.... as we learn to speak God's Word more into our lives, we bring Heaven to Earth! It erases all the negative self-talk as well as the words others have spoken into and over our lives.

Becoming Successful Is Easy and Making Money is Even Easier. Click Here Now to find out more.

For more information and resources to help you start on the journey to writing your life story visit http://SusanMcKenzie.org. This website was designed to help you preserve the golden nuggets of your valuable life experiences and to craft your stories into a gorgeous full-color Life Story Book that will certainly become a valuable family heirloom to be shared with the next generation... a living family legacy.

Susan D McKenzie is passionate about families - constantly learning and seeking ways to help heal the heart of the family. She writes articles, memoirs, personal essays and loves to mentor people of all ages in the art of storytelling.

On Monday, June 20 Categories:

Fathers can be physically or emotionally absent in their children?s lives for many reasons, and all of them hurt. Some of them are death, divorce, abandonment, prolonged work-related absences, or abuse. While the impact of a missing father on his grown-up daughter?s relationships with men has been discussed extensively, there is not that much information available about how this situation influences her professional life. (One source is Pamela Thomas in her book Fatherless Daughters.)

A woman who has not been guided, protected, encouraged and lovingly challenged by her father as a child and adolescent, is often incongruent, lopsided and highly emotional when it comes to her work life. Although nowadays most mothers also work, and many of them have sophisticated, well-paid jobs away from their homes, this is a relatively new development in the history of mankind. Traditionally, it has been the father who occupied the role of main breadwinner and whose work was important, valuable, and looked up to.

Here are 7 main conflicts in the lives of women who grew up with an absent father, and they are often played out over and over:

1. The strong desire to be competent, independent and in charge versus the need to please and be liked by bosses and coworkers. This sends mixed messages and can lead to emotional entanglements at the workplace. Some of them create drama, while others lead to intense internal struggles.

2. A quest for glamorous, very visible professions (like actress, artist journalist, politician) versus strong fears of being visible and the painful need to hide. I call it the ?visibility conflict?.

3. The strong motivation to have a great career, to ?make it big? versus the childlike wish of being pampered, supported and taken care of. This often creates resentment about having to work at all and lack of perseverance when the going gets tough.

4. The need to feel safe and secure financially versus being drawn to ?risky?, non-mainstream professions and negative emotions about money coupled with incompetence in money matters (?I can?t be bothered?).

5. Either adoring men in authority and having illusions about them or distrusting and fighting them every step of the way ? and often both at the same time which can hurt chances of promotion.

6. The fear of having to compete at the workplace versus either completely giving up and avoid competition at all cost, or being overly aggressive. And sometimes both at the same time which makes the situation even more complicated.

7. Deriving all self-esteem from work and career versus having a big hole in the heart when observing other women balancing their work and family life seemingly without effort.

As always, being aware of these conflicts and how exactly they are being played out is the first step to healing them. The next step might be asking for help. There are friends who are happy to listen and to offer advice, there are wise books, and there are professionals, like psychotherapists, counselors, or EFT practitioners (EFT is mindful acupressure that releases painful emotions and can create amazing shifts in self-awareness and behavior).

Ultimately, having had an absent father is the call for a journey that can lead to emotional growth, independence and empowerment for a woman.

Becoming Successful Is Easy and Making Money is Even Easier. Click Here Now to find out more.

By: Carna

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Carna Zacharias-Miller is an emotional wellness coach and certified EFT practitioner in Tucson, Arizona. She specializes in childhood trauma. Contact for a free consultation.www.TheAbsentFather.comwww.MissingMother.com

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Are your wishes fulfilled? Do you frequently think, 'I wish _____?' While 'wishing; has long been touted as the formula for creating, it has less probability of creating than Santa Claus arriving on Christmas morning; your Fairy Godmother making a visit to grant you three wishes or the Genie popping out of the lamp. When has anyone's Fairy Godmother shown up and when has a Genie popped out of the lamp, except, in a fairy tale or a TV sitcom?

You need to shift your perception and anchor your mind to abundance and attraction. When you look at everything you desire as possible; you re-pattern your thinking. Hold the thought of wholeness, even in the presence of what appears to be its absence.

The Law of Attraction demonstrates how you create the things, events, and people, who come into your life. Your thoughts, feelings, words and actions produce energies, which, attract like energies. Negative energies attract negative energies and positive energies attract positive energies.

Thus, based on the Law of Attraction, it stands to reason, that when you focus on what you desire you will attract it into your life. When you recognize abundance everywhere and align with it, you bring it into your experience. Disregard the current condition and align with abundance.

Last, but not least, remember Santa Claus is a myth, also, and parents fill the role, which, unfortunately sets up the belief that wishes are the key, we just need to wish hard enough. Since your parents are probably un-inclined to fulfill your wishes now, what will bring your wishes to fulfillment? The answer is: 'If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. - 1721 J. Kelly - Scottish Proverbs 178

Pause now. What do you want to create - better health, more income, more leisure time, etc?
Now align your thinking with that abundance - when you align with it without doubt you will be guided to the activities that will create it. The following affirmations will assist you in anchoring you focus on creating your desires.

? I have complete trust and faith that I am good enough, smart enough and capable enough to create all my desires.
? I have complete trust and faith that I have the ability to generate what I desire in my life.
? I have complete trust and faith that my desires are flowing from both expected and unexpected sources.

Go ahead now. This moment is the first moment of the rest of your life - start the process of creating your desires. You deserve it.

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Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Metaphysician - Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, Author and Speaker. Dr. Dorothy facilitates clearing blocks, fears and limiting beliefs. You can live the life you deisre. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one's thoughts and feelings. http://www.gen-assist.com

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Anthony Robbins is the author of self-help materials, including Lessons in Mastery, an audio CD set, first marketed in 2002. The CD set seems to reflect Robbins earlier published material in book form. Still, there are some new insights to the material that Robbins adds. Even so, Lessons in Mastery does not have the depth the earlier publications, like Awaken the Giant Within, have. That could make listening to the CDs problematic for people who have not read Tony Robbins' earlier books, or have no previous exposure to any of his materials.

Lessons in Mastery, as per the title, is about how to take control of your life, and not be overwhelmed with daily preoccupations, like paying bills, and working at keeping your job, that threaten to take control of your life from you. Certainly, some of the information is very standard advice; it's been published in many other books, given at many other seminars, etc. What you've likely come across before includes committing yourself to daily improvement, turn negative thinking into positive energy, knowing what you want, how to make decisions, and achieve true happiness. However, Lessons in Mastery is not limited to just lists or routines for strictly concrete, measurable goals. Lessons in Mastery also addresses attitude changes, dealing with emotions, and visualization. From all of this one can conclude that moving away from your past, what you used to do, how you used to act, how you used to feel, what you used to think, is much of the overall goal. You need to change. But don't take that to mean you have to undo the past; you don't. So, you don't have to understand the bad habits you've had for so long, or why or how you got them. The goal is to change your bad habits, and to get rid of them.

It should also be noted that Tony Robbins has acknowledged in some of his previously published self-help materials that he has been "influenced" by others who have explored or taught similar concepts to his. So (and again), if some of what is in Lessons in Mastery seems familiar to you, it could very well be. But besides merely repeating earlier ideas or concepts from others, Lessons in Mastery provides a synthesis of those ideas and concepts, and ultimately a model for the listener to imitate. What Lessons in Mastery also does well is to provide a coach for actually using and doing the techniques in the CDs. So, you have to work.

The CD set is a good choice for listening to when you have to drive to and from work, go on vacation, or take a long trip by car. Since the material is not in depth or extremely detailed, it makes for good listening, without distracting you. And, listening to the CDs is one small break from your past; you're putting time to good use that you formerly didn't make full use of.

Curiously, comments from listeners of Lessons in Mastery are almost all about how their lives improved by acquiring material things; better jobs, bigger homes, newer cars, more money. But is that happiness? And if it is, is that all it is?

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Every year at the beginning of the year I have the pleasure of not only celebrating a new calendar year, but also celebrating a birthday. It is amazing the number of new year resolutions that I see, some of which I have written myself.

The cutting back on morning coffee,the waste line, and the list of "I am going to do this or that" is a great way to start the year. As a side bar, last year I did plan to meet roughly 250 new people (mostly through conventions, business solicitations, or referrals). A goal I can say I did meet. There is a correlation in my business with meeting people and getting work.

Whatever new year's resolutions mean to you I am sure there are enough categories to not only plan out a new year, but a new decade. What makes for a good resolution? I have fallen short of some resolutions because the plan was unattainable within the given time frame. I have even been in a place where the plan was just right, but I wasn't motivated to move forward. I stopped going to the gym. I was tired of keeping track. I thought, this is not the most important thing to me so why bother.

Resolutions should come at a time when you are inspired to act on them. Some times the resolution might need to be that you get inspired. Whatever your new year's goals are I wish you success!

I have developed a small list of things I really want to go after this year. Time and space won't permit me to share everything, but in the area of growing my personal contact list by 2012, I would like to meet the Trump family, Evangelist Pat Robertson, and world renown architect Tadao Ando. The idea of meeting them has more to do with business ambitions than it does anything else.

Pressing palms with people has opened the doors to communication that has broadened my perspective of the world and afforded me the opportunity to develop some interesting relationships (like meeting architect Richard Meier a couple of years ago at his office in NY). Everyone has a story. Some people fascinate me more than others for their perseverance, their achievements, or even their life philosophy.

As I tweak my personal development I keep building a contact list of names of individuals that inspire me. Not every person is a household name. A great percentage are individuals that I can simply pick up the phone and ask to lunch. Just as important as it is for me to meet people outside of our community it is even more fulfilling to meet so many great people from right here within our city.

Make this a year a year of achievement.

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The world is very sophisticated these days. And this is made possible because of the intelligent people working together to solve the problems of the world.

Such sophistication conquers even the areas of battling food shortage and health awareness. But it drops to an absurd end when relationship to other people becomes the issue. There are many illogical things in life. Sometimes, it's hard to think how people trust each other today and kill each other the next day.

Generally, men like to have wives younger than them. But in a world full of widely different and contrasting ideals and beliefs, the situation is oftentimes treated as some kind of "cradle snatchers" drama and has always been a hot subject of nasty eyes and minds. Deciding on whether something is part of a norm or not is already an inevitable hobby for some people.

Setting up a young girl to marry someone is an easier task. Though the community's thought on the timing of marriage lies significantly on the age especially that of the woman, still a lot of them are contented being single for a long time and still enjoy a happy married life later on.

Age discrimination is rampant over the companies' workplace. This should not be the case when choosing the partner for life. Having an older wife doesn't imply you don't win the game.

An interesting buyer meets an interesting seller. This has become the game of trade of the once traditional and glamorous marriage arranged especially for two people. Apparently, commercialism and money are already injected to it.

Sometimes, the participation of a third party makes the dealing process more exciting. A marketing plan emerges that often gives irresistible offers like traveling, especially on the part of the woman.

Then, the contract is signed. All the conditions take effect. The traded individuals win their own husband and wife. And it takes time until the new couple becomes close and finally falls in love with each other.

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A dieter's greatest scourge is temptation. That luscious chocolate-encrusted strawberry croons our names until we respond. That succulent dessert begs to be devoured.

A minimalist diet, unfortunately, has the same nemesis. Temptation draws us whenever we deprive ourselves of those things that we have elevated to the status of delightful. Minimalism, though, holds that "doing without" is the epitome of success.

Since I chose the minimal lifestyle, the temptation imp has stood in my way frequently, and I have been compelled to choose what really is significant in my daily life. Reading is one of those essentials.

Yet, I am "old school;" some say, a dinosaur. I love the feel, the heft, the connection to printed and bound reading materials. Part of the joy of reading a good book is to collapse into a comfortable chair, or sprawl on a lush lawn with an engrossing book in my hands. It is a route to losing the reality of the world around me.

I have found that reading an article on my laptop lacks the tactile pleasure of savouring a pocket novel or hard cover classic. The LCD screen seems to flicker, or the sunlight makes reading impossible, or the computer must be plugged in after an hour or so. There are myriad excuses as to why e-books are inferior to bound copies of the same plots and documents. Yet, by the end of 2010, over 10% of all books sold were in electronic, or digital form. The world is embracing the new technology, while I cling to old ways.

Cognitively, I see e-books as an expression of minimalism. No wasted paper, no bulk or heft to them. A hundred thousand books takes up no more space than a hundred on my shelf. The physical impact of a wall of leather bound books smacks of achievement and intellectual superiority. The display of the newest best seller, in hard cover, says "I have the money to pay the price of this collection of pulp," while the discreet nature of an e-book offers none of the status or prestige of a bound copy.

The guilt of indecision, and the social pressure of always conforming to the world's perception of what constitutes a minimalist drives my choice as to whether I should purchase an e-book or a printed one. The very decision to buy either is at the heart of the minimalist dilemma.

Yet, minimalism is about prioritizing. In the end, I choose to buy bound readers when I want the joy of relaxing and reading. I do not want to be tied to a darkened room, or carry my laptop (or Kindle, if I owned one) with me, in case the mood to read attacks me. I choose to read digital media when I want to conduct research, read a technical paper, or am investigating a more formal document or topic.

Minimalism requires choosing and prioritizing, but it also requires getting every last drop of living out of life, at the least cost to the world around us. I will relinquish my deeply-rooted preference for the tactile experience of reading, only when that experience already is soured by routine and mechanical written materials that offer none of the release of fiction or exploration of the unknown. After all, my minimalist diet allows for the occasional indulgences!

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Bob Lee is a former business developer who, upon his retirement, built a yurt in the backwoods of Manitoba, designed his own solar and wind power systems, and has gone completely "off the grid." He and his wife, Janice, operate a small pesticide- and herbicide-free market garden, and spend their summers harvesting wild plants. Visit his blogs at http://leanandgreenliving.blogspot.com/ or http://movingtoayurt.blogspot.com/ to read a few of their exploits and anecdotes.

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Breathing To improve Intelligence Quotient

Breath deeply from the nose. This should relax you enormously and help you stay relaxed as well as composed. Inhaling and exhaling infuses oxygen directly into your bloodstream and consequently into your brain and boosts its operating. A relaxed brain will probably be significantly more functional. Furthermore nose breathing exercises the diaphragm more, therefore lungs draw even more air. This is really the easiest and fastest solution to improve your intelligence quotient instantly.

An alternative level of relaxation simply by breathing will be meditation. Relax in whatever position you will be comfortable and focus on the way you breathe. With eyes closed, breath from your nose for starters and this will truly calm and also relax you. You will have thoughts interfering nevertheless ignore them and keep your attention on your breathing. Implement it for a few minutes.

Healthy posture and also exercise can improve your IQ

The posture you carry whilst at any problem will unquestionably influence the intelligence available. Just keep an eye on the difference when you solve a math problem slouching and sleeping while you do the same sitting up. The latter position will definitely be far better as you can think much better like this.

You might like to exercise, certainly not an awfully hectic program as such. Exercise basically a sufficient amount to pump blood into the brain. Jogging works for many however an even better way to enhance your IQ is without question aerobic activity.

Restful sleep also is genuinely important to excellent brain working. But the quality of sleep is important as well as the length of sleep.

Food regimen to increase IQ

One tree whose leaves do without doubt improve flow of blood into brain is ginkgo biloba tree. You may use its leaves either in tea as well as in form of tablets. This also helps increase your memory power in addition to mental concentration. The impact is quick and it lasts for a longer time when frequently used.

Caffeine intake is undoubtedly a IQ enhancer. It is proved that almost any test taken immediately after drinking caffeinated drinks in some shape or other will probably improve your scores. However keep in mind, that the impact is only short-term and caffeinated drinks if used for a longer time may have undesirable side effects as well.

Put aside sugar. Any sugar when taken beyond a limit, might cloud your thoughts. Insulin will get injected in your bloodstream after you have sugar and so decreases your power to think. Refrain from all starches such as white flour, sugar, potatoes if you are looking to think clearly.

Final results make a difference in the long run

Health experts will certainly continually dispute if the aforementioned approaches can actually increase one's IQ. But there are instances when it is rather crucial that you score high in an assessment. All of these strategies if applied, are found to be IQ enhancers, would you try them as opposed to squandering time in wondering if IQ really will get raised or not. The most important thing is the rating you receive in the IQ test. So if you get enough rest, have caffeine and think sitting straight and if all of this improves IQ, there is absolutely no harm in doing the above mentioned methods. These will prepare you better to handle a wide range of tasks.

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