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The following is a powerful story that was shared by Reverend Michael Beckwith, founder of Agape International.

A particular student in the class always took the stance of challenging things that were being shared in the class regardless of what was being said. This student had a difficult time being in a peaceful place. Before he arrived to class one day, the other students expressed their frustration and concern to Reverend Beckwith asking if he would do something about the student's behavior when he came into the classroom.

Instead of agreeing with them he said, "He's going to be a better minister than all of you anyway." Needless to say, they didn't particularly like hearing this and argued with him for a bit until he pointed out how they are all in this student's energy not only when he walks into the room, but even when he's not in the room." Reverend Beckwith went on to say, "He sweeps you up into his energy and you're not strong enough to stand in your own energy. He's stronger than you are."

He suggested that they simply think about what the student is saying the next time he speaks and embrace it with love, joy and peace, and radiate that back out to him. They agreed to do this and when the gentleman came into the room he started his usual challenging behavior. They all just listened from a place of interest without needing to argue back. They just allowed him to have his say and he ended up getting so upset when no one would argue with him, that he ran out of the classroom.

A few minutes later he returned and began to cry. Reverend Beckwith shared in the sermon, "He was brought up with a lot of abuse in his life, and was very comfortable with conflict and people not liking him. He could come into a room and immediately create home for himself."

To him, home meant conflict.

This story touched me deeply because I have worked with many clients over the years who felt the need to always argue various points I would share with them during our sessions. Understanding that this was coming from a place they were not even aware of yet, I simply held the space for them to be as they were until they felt safe to do something different. Eventually, they came to realize how they've been holding themselves back because they needed to argue for their limitations and stay close to home since it was where they were most comfortable. What transpired from their awareness was the ability to develop unconditional love for themselves and to put down the baggage they were holding onto so tightly, freeing themselves from a lifetime of burden.

Perhaps you know people in your life who are prepared for battle and challenge everything you say only to find yourself participating in their battle and kicking yourself afterwards for doing so. I invite you to lay down your sword and consider that there's more to their battle than you know. Open yourself up to allow them to have their say without needing to defend or convince or prove otherwise. Don't get pulled into their energy. Have enough faith in your own truth that you can maintain it, even when being challenged, and still honor another's position.

If after reading this, you recognize you're the one who often challenges everything others are saying, then take a moment to look into your past and see where that might have been taught to you. What are you protecting yourself from by being prepared for battle? What are you most afraid of by not being prepared for battle? What would happen if you felt a deep resonance with something someone said and made the choice to agree with it and not run from it?

Again, I encourage you to lay down your sword, as well and consider the questions I've asked. Allow for the possibility of inviting peace into your life and having a direct experience with that peaceful state and free yourself from the need for inner and outer battle.

With Blessings,

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Linda Salazar is an in-demand speaker, scientific hand reading analyst, Certified Life Coach, and author primarily helping women stand up for themselves, speak their truth and who are in midlife facing a spiritual or life changing crisis.

As the founder of Awaken The Genie WithinA? Coaching, Linda helps clients divine a deeper wisdom with exercises and a method of scientific hand reading analysis that awakens their internal genies to embrace their positive traits, while subduing their inner gremlins which stop them from all they can achieve.

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