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One of the most important studies I undertook over a period of five years was ZEN. Ultimately, I learned the art of sitting still. I teach this art now, without the five year waiting time. It saves my clients lots of waste.

The key to ZEN is the opposite to sense debt. It's sense Credit.

In order to go into Sense Credit you need a few things:

  • First sit down, lie down and shut up... this is often the hardest part for those in sense debt who think the sound of their voice is a sense compensation system...

  • Second, smell, taste, feel, see, hear everything.. just let it all in and allow your mind to explore it all.. wow... there are actually birds tweeting underneath the noise of your self talk...

  • Third, don't move a muscle... it's about now that your nose gets itchy, your crotch needs scratching (men only) and your big toe gets a cramp. Leave it and focus on the smell, taste, feel, see, hear everything.

Eventually, you'll be able to tune into different things but the key is to not fight or apply force. Just be with the world as it is.

The temptation is to judge things.. you might hear a truck go past or your neighbour fart and give this negative spin while the sound of a bird or bee is spun positively. This is what you are aiming to overcome through Dead Practice.

(Dead practice is my name for Zen because all your body is dead during the practice)...

Now here's the pinch. Our head, our relatively over active sense debt head, is always trying to make sense of the world by thinking. So, what we do when we've been in sense debt for many years is to give everything a score. Sounds are either good or bad, smells are wonderful or digesting, sights are either for sore eyes or eye candy and touch is either pleasing or not. This is called "THE EGO."

Naturally, our obsession is to have more EGO and so we become fairy princess' looking to surround ourselves with good tastes, good sights, good smells, good feelings, good sounds.. and we become imprisoned by our conscious attempts to avoid the opposites... this is meagre living and how we survive in sense debt life.

Great leaders, artists, speakers, lovers, parents, friends, singers and actors feel everything but act on nothing. They live in sense credit. Sense credit means you think less, feel freer, enjoy life more, have an increased immune function and attract what you love.

The enemy to Sense Credit is your mind. And this mind may have very strong old habits of judgment. To deal with that, you'll need to learn how to unlearn. And that's another story...

So, that gives you some insights as to the difference between a great lover, partner, leader and an ordinary one. You see the great partner is not in sense debt, therefore they are not claiming you, and you are not claiming them for the purpose of compensating for debt.

The great partner turns up in sense credit, with their mind at rest... this in essence is how we turn up in life.

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