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Can One Person Make a Difference?

Do you know how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly? The process of changes from crawling creature to graceful wonder is an excellent metaphor to reflect upon. The answer is simple, and yet profound: caterpillars become butterflies through the effort of but a handful of determined cells.

Here's how it happens: when the time for metamorphosis arrives, caterpillars develop what are called "imaginal cells." Imaginal cells represent the more advanced version of the caterpillars body -- that of a butterfly's. I guess you can say that the imaginal cells are those with the dream; the cells that want something more for the caterpillar, something better. However, in the beginning, the caterpillars immune system would consider the imaginal cells as the enemy -- foreign bodies -- and will attempt to destroy them. Some of the imaginal cells will die,but others will survive. And those that survive will transform the old caterpillar cells one by one, until they develop a critical mass and become so strong, the caterpillar's body will have to give in! And he'll be glad he did!

Amazing, isn't it? So, can one person make a difference? The answer is a resounding "yes!"

Transforming the world seems like an impossible task at first. It's far easier to say there's nothing we can do, that age-old systems are way stronger, that the battle is lost even before it's begun. But what we need to do, when reflecting on the question "can one person make a difference?" is think like the caterpillar's imaginal cells. When we aim for progress, we'll lose some battles and we'll win others. But if we're persistent enough, we'll attract like-minded individuals, and become powerful enough to make an impact in the world.

Everything can start with one voice, right?

Would you like to start making a difference in the world today? You don't need to solve third world hunger or jumpstart world peace overnight. In effortless ways you can show the world how it's done. The following are 7 simple ways you can change the world from where you sit:

Appreciate one person a day. You'll be surprised how much a sincere compliment can transform another person's day! Your little boy might be nursing a rejection from his crush, but a kind word from you may encourage him to try again. Your favorite waitress may be ready to buckle from life's pressures, but a "thank you" may just make her hang on. Appreciation is cheap; you won't even have to take out your wallet to give one!

Never drink and drive. Do you know that around 60,000 people a year die from alcohol-related motor accidents? While it takes pride to admit that you're too drunk to take the wheel, your insight can save another person's life and another family's grief. Can one person make a difference by not driving when intoxicated? YES. By being conscientious with the simple choices that we make, we can cut down the tragedies that happen to people on a daily basis.

Bring a bag when you shop. We only have one earth, and it's time we take care of it! So instead of adding in to the tons of plastic garbage that will take millions of years to degrade, do your bit for the environment. Bring a recyclable bag whenever you get groceries. And if you can convince your neighbors to do the same, the Mother Nature will surely be grateful.

Donate your excess to a homeless shelter. Do you have extra clothing just gathering dust in your closet? Or perhaps you overstocked on goods and food products? It's a crime to hoard when so many people are doing without. Take time to give of what you can to charity. What may be clutter to you is a lifeline to others.

Deal with clients ethically.When the economy is headed south, it's tempting to engage in shaky business tactics. You may water down your products to cut cost, circumvent safety regulations that you need to follow,or use dishonest methods to sell that used car. Don't! It's when budgets are tight that we need more people who create value without selling out! What goes around comes around. Businessmen when asked "can one person make a difference?" know that an ounce of ethics can go a long, long way.

Share a story of resilience. The world needs more people who can teach about life -- something even the internet can't teach! If you know someone in bad need of quality advice -- say, a rebellious teen in your neighborhood or a co-worker in the throes of depression, take time to share what you know. Don't worry too much about saying the right thing -- if you're sincere in our desire to help, it will come across.

Tell an enemy that you forgive them. Lastly, if you want to make a difference in another person's life, do what you can to give them closure. We may be victims of an offense or abuse, but it doesn't mean we can't be generous and offer our victimizers the opportunity to move on. They may not appreciate it at first, but who knows: your forgiveness may be just what they're waiting for so that they can get on with their life.

In conclusion, can one person make a difference? Yes. Through one determined effort at a time!

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