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When applying for different jobs or careers it can be a very difficult process. That is, unless, you have the right guidance, mentoring and coaching. To begin with, when completing any job application form it is vital that you make the effort to match the key assessable qualities and attributes. These can usually be found within the job description.

So, for example, if one of the assessable qualities is that of 'customer service' it is very important that you provide examples on your application form where you have provided exceptional customer service at least once in a previous job or role. Once you have passes the application form stage you will then normally be invited to attend an assessment centre. Here, you will be required to undergo some form of psychometric test. These can vary from numerical reasoning tests through to general aptitude tests. Most assessors will be looking for speed and accuracy, so it is important that you spend plenty of time practicing lots of test questions in the build up to your assessment. Finally, you will be required to attend an interview.

During the interview you will be further assessed against the key qualities and attributes required for the post. Have at least two examples for each assessable quality. This will ensure that you can provide the employee with no doubt whatsoever that you do have the right experiences and qualities to perform exceptionally in the role. So, for example, if they ask you during the interview to provide you with examples of where you worked effectively as part of a team (this is common), then try to have at least two examples of where you have achieved this. Another great way to impress your future employer is to provide them with details of previous awards or qualifications that are relative to the role you are applying for.

There is a very good reason for this. It basically tells the employer that you have a track record for achievement. If you have a track record for achievement then you are far more likely to be a successful employee and fulfill all of the necessary requirements that the employer is looking for. Success at a job application process or assessment centre is not down to luck; it is down to deliberate preparation and providing the employer with examples of where you can match their requirements.

If you do that, then your chances of success will sky rocket.

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