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This self help technique from www.hk4health.co.uk developed by Dr Jimmy Scott is a simple and very powerful tool for boosting the levels of energy in the meridians and the body. It can be used to create a balanced energy flow through the whole BioEnergy system. With regular repeated use the whole set of exercises can be done in under 5 minutes and repeated through the day should the need arise. Keeping in contact with the body as we do the exercises helps generate the necessary kinaesthetic sensation to boost the meridian energy to a much higher level. This excess energy can be stored by the body and used throughout the day. A set practised in the morning will keep you going throughout the day and a second set at bed time will help you rest better and gain more from your sleep, this then begins a cycle where your energy levels will exceed the demands you place on yourself. You can also do specific individual exercises if you feel you need a boost in that area of your BioEnergy system. For example if your mind is hectic or concentration is poor, practice the governing and central movements. If you have over indulged or are feeling frustrated and angry practice the gall Bladder movement. For fear and anxiety use the Bladder/Kidney movement. For digestive difficulties, breathing difficulties or any grief and regret, practice the Large Intestine/Lung movement. The Stomach/Spleen movement can be used for any digestive upset and for worry. Temperature regulation and immune <b>...</b>
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