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A path filled with ease vs. the path that feels hard. Which one do you tend to choose? You might be thinking "Why on earth would I CHOOSE the hard road?" Yet we do it all the time.

As you engage in growing your dreams, are you noticing a theme of struggle? Does your process often feel heavy and draining? If so, have you convinced yourself that this is the way it is supposed to be? Are you telling yourself that ease is just not possible?

I am asking you to consider if you have a habit of making things hard.

I know I sure do at times. Even as I was writing this article about ease, I noticed that I was beginning to make it hard. How silly is that! In all honesty, I have recently come to understand that this shows up in my life much more than I ever realized. This awakening has ignited a deep appreciation for the value of becoming crystal clear about where we spend the majority of our time, energetically speaking. Is it in the state of resistance or allowing?

So I am curious as to what you see for yourself in this arena. Essentially, how open are you to ease?

If these questions are shining light on your need for support with releasing resistance, I invite you to savor The Art of Allowing. As stated in the book, Ask and It Is Given, by Esther and Jerry Hicks, "The Art of Allowing is the art of no longer resisting the Well-Being that you deserve; the Well-Being that is natural; the Well-Being that is your legacy, your Source, and your very Being."

I love how the above passage highlights our opportunity to be firmly rooted in the knowledge that we are an extension of Source energy. And FLOW is always available to us. Always. We just need to tap into it.So let's explore what might help us with creating a habit of embracing ease. I hope the following five ideas make it much easier for you!

~ Fully recognize that it is not typically knowledge that you are lacking; it is permission. Often times, you know exactly what would support you in experiencing more ease, but you are holding back. You are not allowing yourself to "take a break" or "let go." Please, discard the old script that says you have to keep going at any cost. The price of operating in this manner is way too high, not to mention ridiculously counterproductive. Ultimately, being attached to the idea that it has to be hard will lead you far, far away from where you want to be. So please love yourself more lavishly. Let it be easy. Honor your inner knowing that choosing more ease is a brilliant, grounded, responsible choice that allows for radical growth and joy.

~ Give up obsessively searching for the right action. When you are overwhelmed with things feeling hard and you want to "make something happen," I imagine that you are quite skilled at pushing, forcing, trying harder. No need for instruction there! My request is that you turn your attention in a new direction and become a master of your energy. Ease and flow is about energy. Therefore, when you are feeling disconnected from ease, get curious about your energy. What soft, subtle shifts could you make energetically that would be way more powerful and productive than any action could be?

~ Access the wisdom of your body. Sometimes we fall into the trap of listening only to our heads. And this approach has a tendency to block the flow of ease in a massive way. Remember that you have multiple sources of divine guidance available to you. In your journey to stay connected to ease and flow, I strongly encourage you to be in constant communion with your heart and intuition, especially in the midst of struggle. Be open to receiving the messages from your body, and enjoy the spirit of ease.

~ Reach out and ask for help. Are you clinging to the idea that you have to do it all by yourself? Without a doubt, alone is the hard path. And let's be clear. You are never REALLY alone. Source is always with you. And we are all connected. Furthermore, big visions require big doses of help! So take advantage of the splendid support that surrounds you, and allow others the delight of serving and contributing along with you.

~ Don't forget the fun! If you really want to embrace ease more easily, place fun at the top of your priorities list. As you engage in the adventure of cultivating your dreams, how often are you showing up with a playful spirit? Where do lightness and laughter live in your vision? I am here to remind you that your journey is meant to be one of joy. And the more you stay in alignment with this truth, the more you will feel the flow of ease in your life.

In closing, I would like to leave you with a final thought to ponder from the book, Ask and It Is Given. "There is only a Stream of Well-Being that flows. You can allow it or resist it, but it flows just the same."

How comforting to know that the FLOW of love and ease is always there for us, no matter what.

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By: Carrie Garber

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