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Health struggles can affect your financial life; so can your financial problems affect your health. When you've got less money, you're more likely to dwell upon your personal finances than your health and fitness. Stress and depression occur in tough financial times more frequently than when the checkbook is well supplied.

The Simple:

Don't smoke, exercise 1/2 hour daily, wear your seat belt, floss your teeth (to avoid heart disease) and have regular medical check-ups (before you get sick).

The Obvious:

Poor finances are associated with more disease. While the economy is consistently rated as issue number one in most people's minds, the impact that poor health has on one's finances is profound! Accordingly, obesity, for example, is a very real threat to the finances of individual families as well as to our nation as a whole. We live in a country where one of every three people weighs more than the other two. Obesity is associated with nearly $350 billion in medical expenses and will reach more than one-fifth health-care spending before the year 2020. The financial and emotional burdens upon the individual families with diabetic members is correspondingly high!

Today's children are members of the first generation that will not live longer than their parents. Obesity is a major culprit behind that statistic. Moreover, the United States holds another distinctive position. It is unique among countries of the world in that the number one health threat to children in lower socio-economic groups is NOT starvation! It is, in fact, obesity. Heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and a host of other maladies come along for the ride.

The very real fact is that if people will incorporate some very simple preventive measures into their lives, their finances could see a dramatic boost! The preventive measures are frequently touted in the media and are likely well-known to all of us: Avoid tobacco, get exercise, lose weight, healthy diet etc.

With finances occupying such a huge segment of people's 'worry lists,' it's very helpful to know that control of health AND wealth can go hand-in-hand. It is just a matter of implementation.

Action Items:

One difficult part about starting any sort of exercise program is holding onto the belief that there is such a long way to go before any measurable results become apparent. It is crucial to let yourself understand that even the smallest amount of exercise is immensely better than remaining sedentary. Understanding that important point will remove the obstacles that arise when you feel that any new effort today would be futile.

You will have a much greater chance of success if you recruit a friend to go with you and to prod you to stick with the program. Find someone with your same situation and bolster each other toward the goal.

Just do it!

To your financial and physical health.

K.C. Moore, RPh

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K.C. Moore is a pharmacist with a long-running interest in various entrepreneurial pursuits as well as interests in medicine, prevention and health and wellness.

From time to time he will acquire a product in a variety of niches to study, evaluate and publish a report.

Products of interest include self-improvement courses and practices, high-tech gadgets and more.

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