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Feeling caught between a rock and a hard place spiritually can be like dwelling in a place of utter darkness. When a new plateau in our awareness is about to be reached, the ego-side of us takes such hold, that we feel held back by some invisible force.

With each plateau we come to understand that we are actually stuck in the space between love and fear, and we know this. We feel stuck, because I think we are.

Our attitude, the lack of trust, and our own thoughts that we use to scare ourselves with, those are the reasons why it can feel as if we are being played with by God himself. Like a cat playing with a mouse. All happening in our mind.

While we know, we know, that the most productive way to solutions comes from being connected to Peace first, we are still having times in our evolution experiencing being on a ego-level, kicking and screaming to a God that ego thinks is outside of ourselves. While knowing it's not true at all.

We are raging with anger and frustration, so furious with God and we just want to cry.

At moments like this, if we have developed in our consciousness, we are very aware that our behavior not attracting any solutions to us. We are very aware of the fact that by our rage we are only fueling the law of attraction to bring us more to feel furious and sad about.

The stronger the feeling, the stronger the attraction.

There's a lot of anger and feelings of hopelessness involved, and we have to make an effort to bring ourselves back to peace again. Going from having one foot in the new awareness (God), and one foot in the old (ego), we must decide to let go of the striving and struggle.

The trying so hard to bring forth a solution, coming from a place of desperation and motivation based in fear, to a place of embracing the space of uncertainty, to honestly say to ourselves; "I don't know" and accept it, being OK with that. Accepting the fact that we simply don't have a clue, and knowing that God has.

The universe knowing about it all, and is waiting for us to relax, so we can let it in. Our real job is to let it in.

We know all this, don't we. If you are on a spiritual path, I'm sure you know all about these moments.

It's a part of our growing process, and God is bigger than any of our problems. Letting go of the struggle to even understand is crucial. To let go, and Let God.

That's when peace can enter and our lives will transform. Let go and let the light in.

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