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Your mind is your most important, most powerful asset. It has the ability to sustain and protect you. The medical world is a witness to the power of the mind, which is often explored to help with healing, in both emotional and physical terms. But when used incorrectly, the mind is also powerful enough to bring serious harm in your life.

This means it?s up to how you use your mind to determine the direction your life is going. And the capacity to lead your life to the right direction and achieve the success you?ve always dreamed of is inside you; it lies within your mind. You only have to access it and program it the way you want it to work. If you want it to always go towards the direction of success without making unnecessary detours, you can do so. And you can even change its direction in case you?ve been going the wrong way all this time.

This is what the new and revolutionary concept of subliminal technology can do. So here are some useful tips on how to go straight to the success zone in life using just your mind as your main weapon.

1. Visualize yourself being successful. Positive visuals are the most effective guides that your mind can rely on as you go on your way towards success. Always picture yourself right in the middle of the success you?ve been aiming for. This positive visual in your mind will motivate and empower your mind because it serves as a goal that the mind will work towards achieveing. If you continuously plant positive visuals in your mind, they will shine like beacons in your subconscious to light the way to success.

2. Feed your mind with positive subliminal messages. The ancient practice of meditation revolves around focusing on a specific object or thought. A thought used to induce meditative states is called a ?mantra?. A mantra is said to be very powerful as it has the power to lead the mind. So aside from filling your head with images of you attaining success, you should also feed your mind constantly with positive mantra that are sent directly to your subconscious. There is another term for these: subliminal messages. These messages are positive, short, simple, but full of impact on the subconscious mind.

3. Clean up your subliminal mind. Now, no matter how hard you try to focus on positive imagery and words to inspire your mind, it cannot be helped that the mind has been freely influenced by the outside world before you discovered the power of subliminal programming. Before you took the wheel, your mind was already being programmed by other sources. Many different sources, in fact. Your mind has accumulated a significant amount of negative talk and feedback from the outside world, and this has embedded negative thoughts deep in your subconscious.

So you will find that despite all your efforts to strive towards success, there are times when fears, doubts, impatience, and other negative thoughts and emotions rise to the surface and try to hold you back from success.

This is why you need to clean up your subliminal mind of the negativity it has accumulated in the past years. The first step is to recognize which of your thoughts and emotions are fruits of negativity. Once you come across such a thought, you have to fight them. For example, when you feel down and think that you?ll never get where you?re going, immediately recognize it as negative self talk and see it for what it really is: a product of your subliminal mind. And since you know how to control your subliminal mind, you can immediately turn those thoughts around.

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By: Nelson Berry

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