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The sense of smell and sight brings a person to the awareness of what is happening around. This, in most cases is an instant awareness in the mind before even knowing or identifying whatever the issue is. This situation is commonly referred to as 'mindfulness' and has to do with our internal vision as opposed to the physical sight.

Many people have ignored the state of 'mindfulness'. A lot of them will prefer to solve the condition by taking the time to understand it first. Sometimes they end up viewing the signals from the eye or the ear in a negative way. In other words, mindfulness teaches one to notice our emotions.

The central communication part is the mind. What happens touching the body is of great concern to the mind. It will scrutinize all happenings though not to make any negative move but to keep the entire body is properly informed.

Though the concept of mindfulness is difficult to exhaustively explain, it is established that it has its origin in the philosophical as well as cultural traditions. It gives the person that conviction that something good or bad may be happening or may happen.

The Mindfulness art will do great help to a person if it is well applied. This has been proven by many people and psychological practitioners.

Should you wish to enhance your thoughtfulness techniques, the following methods all thoughtful in nature can be considered;Yoga,thoughtful thinking or breathing, Outdoor walking(echo therapy) or listening to music also called music therapy.

There is a vast difference between 'Mindful' meditation and Mindful concentration. In 'Mindful'? concentration the mind is focused on one particular point, thought or word. All attempts of the mind to wonder to other things are discouraged.

Mindful meditation involves does not shut out other thoughts instead it ensures that they are taken into consideration. As a matter of fact, mindful meditation will observe all what is happening around the person and inform accordingly.

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