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Yes you can. Do you believe you can? There is no right or wrong answer, just your answer. Your beliefs hold your key to more happiness. Your habits have probably locked the door in the first place. I simply offer to you an understanding that the answer lies with you. Nobody else can think your thoughts.The answer lies with the way that you choose to think, the way that you choose to speak and the way that you choose to act everyday of your life.

Your life around you is created firstly by what you think. You really start to create much more when you start to speak. So you are creating your "happy day" conversation by conversation. Your most powerful creating mechanism is when you start to act, that is to say, what you choose to physically do something, like your work.

If beliefs and habits hold the keys, and they are very influential on how much happiness you are going to experience each day, it is helpful to define what beliefs and habits are, and to see how they effect your day, your week and your life!

What is a belief? A belief is formed from an idea that "pops" into your mind. This idea you thought is quickly given reasons, usually lots of reasons to support the idea (positive or negative). You have preferences whether you like the thought, or not. When you have lots of reasons to support an idea you begin to feel certain about the idea. Your idea forms a belief which you begin to stow away in your unconscious mind.

A good example might be when you learn to do something, for example like learning to drive your car. At first, you have an idea to learn to drive the car. You begin to learn how to drive the car gathering lots of reasons as you learn to support all the different things that need to be done to drive, all seemingly at the same time and finally, you begin to believe that you are a good driver and you pass the test!

So, what is a habit? Habit is defined in the Webster's dictionary as a behaviour pattern acquired by frequent repetition that shows itself in regular performance. So, when you have bult up these beliefs, you automatically lock them away into your subconscious part of your mind. These beliefs will ventilate in your regular physical performance of thinking, speaking and acting. It is how you begin to reflect yourself to others and how you respond to situations that arise in your day. The people you talk to etc.

Finally, you can see your state of happiness. So you can have a good look at the reasons for your beliefs and the analysis of those reasons will tell you something, if you listen.

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