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Jedi mind tricks, while predominantly a fictional term, can be referred to as the act of brain washing, through thought control or coercive persuasion. The term has become a widely accepted modern word to describe such acts, thanks to its entrenchment in modern pop culture. It may be done by use of manipulative methods to change thoughts, behavior, emotions or even decision making. This may be done willingly or unwillingly. Jedi mind tricks are usually a gradual process and may be done by a professional or someone with good experience in it.

These procedures are usually carried out for behavior control and they use deception to manipulate and influence individuals. They usually like to deal with groups of people so that they can benefit either financially or politically. This usually starts with just verbal or audio techniques to soften up an individual, the use of rewards or punishment is then applied in some cases isolation from other people is encouraged. Communication is then restricted and emotional control comes into play making a person start to reevaluate their life, humiliation and threats can also be issued to change character.

How a person reacts to these procedures depends on the environment. One is placed on and so that is why most of these manipulators will change the environment to be quiet and secluded. This will further confuse their followers to adopt their ways.

Jedi mind tricks has been used to control people a good example is in the Chinese society where individuals were subjected to difficult situations including keeping them in filth, sleep deprivation, partial sensory deprivation, group social pressure and psychological harassment. This in turn caused the imperialist mindset individuals to conform to the new Chinese social system. However studies went to show that most of this individuals only changed because they had been promised better life after which all changed back to their old habits.

This kind of control has also been used among cult leaders to confuse their followers. Techniques like withholding information, emotional persuasion and behavior modification. This is all systematic means of deceiving their followers and with time they have been able to fully convince their followers complete even to believe absurd information.

A lot of groups have negatively taken Jedi mind tricks techniques to manipulate their victims groups like terrorist groups have confused their followers with issues of religion to convince them to do as ordered. In case of custody battles parents have been known to convince children to side with them and reject the other parents through Jedi mind tricks.

Jedi mind tricks can however be used positively assist individual in stopping bad habits. For example it is used in Teen behavior modification programs to help teens who are highly indiscipline to get back on track, it is also used by smokers to help quit smoking through help of recording played in a cassette, on listening to positive messages it helps an individual change their behavioral patterns. As much as this procedure can affect an individual it can be reversed through deprogramming sessions where positive methods are used to change behavior. Most of these effects can only be felt in short term and after sometime one goes back to their normal state of mind.

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