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Or...What Karma Means To Us

Many people only think of Karma in terms of the traditional Buddhist teachings. They believe Karma in this life will affect their future lives. But, Karma is affecting you day by day, and it does not matter what your intentions are.

Your own actions have already created and continue to create your future circumstances and your own actions can directly change the future for yourself. Karma. We create our own future.

You do remember the saying, "The ends justify the means." Many people think this means that as long as your intentions are good, your Karma will be good. But, in reality, the cause and effect cycle we live with is a universal law of nature. Like gravity, it does not care whether we are consciously working with it or what our "intentions" are; the law is predictable, reliable, immutable.

Some of your past decisions and actions were subconscious, or unintentional. For example, if you are broke today, you probably did not consciously decide that you wanted to become broke. Dozens of decisions and actions leading to this point in time were not conscious decisions. They were not decisions made fully informed of their consequences. But, simply because the process was subconscious and the result was unintentional, does not free us from responsibility. We did it. We have to take ownership of it.

Taking responsibility does not mean blaming yourself or feeling guilty. It just means that you acknowledge that you are now here by your own hand. Don't blame other people, your boss, your job, or your mother. That is NOT taking responsibility. Just accept the fact that you made some choices = CAUSE, and now here you are at this point in your life = EFFECT. Whether you call it Karma or the Universal Law; it is a law of nature. Like gravity you just cannot fight it. Well, you can try to fight it, but you might get hurt. Jumping off the roof with a cape on can be exciting, but the end result will always be painful.

We can actively choose to work with the law of cause and effect, or we can just continue living the same old way and take what comes. Living in ignorance so far has gotten you where you are now. If you are pleased with the results, continue on with my blessing! As for me, I want to actively supply the cause for my own future effect.

Realizing that every action will lead to a result, whether intentional or not, is the first step. You also have to spend time analyzing where you are going and how you are going to get there. Learn from the consequences of your past actions. People today have a "got to get it now" mentality. They often don't want to stop and consider all the possible directions and consequences; they just want to get to the results.

Learn to work with the law of Karma. Instead of just letting it happen, redirect yourself, reevaluate your actions and intentions, and be proactive in making change. Instead of just reacting to a situation, pause, consider your intentions and your attitude, make adjustments, rinse and repeat. If you supply the right cause, you will enjoy the right effect.

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Patricia Corcoran of Freely-Psychic.com

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