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It is a human nature to get sleepy especially during afternoon while mostly is in the office and off course it is not good to feel sleepy at work.

Here are some simple tips that you could try to prevent sleepiness at work or maybe just even to minimize it.

1. Get more hours of sleep the night before.

This may seem an easy solution but most of us fail to do this. We always have the tendency of staying late at night doing a lot of stuff. Experts always remind us that our body needed seven or eight hours of sleep every day, though some may already survived with just five or six. But how could we fight the habit of staying late every night? You have to give your body a signal to start shutting down. Try reading or even watching TV in bed. In time then your body will get used to certain routine and you will start falling asleep early. Also try drinking tea or warm milk near bedtime.

2. Don't eat too much.

Eating too full especially during lunch time will definitely make you sleepy. Also, avoid eating too much meat as well as foods with lots of sugar and fat. Just eat a light snack, foods with a bit of whole grains and some protein is best.

3. Sip a cup of coffee

This will give you your caffeine kick when you need it most. Drinking cold coffee is more effected drinking it hot. But in case that you're not a coffee fan, you could try other caffeine based drinks or energy drinks.

4. Get up and stretch.

Staying in your desk for long period of time will make you tired. So get up two or three times a day to stretch and walk a bit. If your office area will allow, try to reach, bend and touch your toes, or even get good beat music and dance as crazy as possible to keep blood in your body flowing and will make you awake.

5. Socialize with colleagues.

During breaks, try to step away from your desk and go converse with your colleagues and supervisors. But try to keep the conversation still work-related and as professional as possible. These will not only stays you awake but this could also make your relationship with them stronger.

These steps will not only prevent you from being sleepy during work but this would also help you keep your job. Being caught sleeping during office hours is not a pro for the employers you know.

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