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I always have this passion for Italy although I cannot speak Italian and I am not an advocate of Benito Mussolini. I also do not have any particular reason why, it maybe the food or maybe because it is the country with the most number of elected Pope or the art, nonetheless, I just love Italy.

It only explains why two of my favorite movies are Under The Tuscan Sun and When In Rome. I do love the settings of these two movies especially Under The Tuscan Sun, which depicts about life in Cortona, a town in province of Arezzo in the region of Toscana, Italy. But another reason why I love these two films is that they show us that the real desires of our heart can be found in the simplest things around us and most often than not we do not notice it until God sends us a wake up call. Sometimes the wake up call takes the form of migration.

Frances Mayes the main star and author of the book under the same title finds love, family and happiness in Italy after a devastating divorce in San Francisco. She has no plans of settling there. What started as a day trip to countryside Italy ended her into jumping out of the bus and buying a wrecked ancestral home in Cortona known as the Bramasole (yearning for the sun) she has gone through a lot in order to make it as an une bella villa (one beautiful villa). On the other hand Beth (Kristen Bell) for When In Rome, a successful Guggenheim art curator after giving up on love due to countless heartaches finds love upon attending her sister's impulsive wedding in Rome through a series of disaster that turns out to be a blessing.

Life entails a lot of surprises. This is because God always have greater plans. Oftentimes this plan is ignored because everyone is so focus on their own agenda as well as in creating their comfort zones. But our ambitions may not be our mission. Some may be experiencing job loss right now forcing them to go abroad in order to survive, others maybe suffering from foreclosures, which leads them to find a new home. A death in the family may lead someone to runaway in order to forget the pain. Bankruptcy may mean a new lifestyle out of all the previous luxuries. All of these are painful events and yet it may just be a wake up call from above, a redirection that will lead us to the right route. The route might not lead to Italy with all the flair that we see in the movies, but wherever it may be He always knows the best place for us - A place of the sweet life worthy of all the risk and pains, for as they say it the passion is always in the risk. Have a passionate sweet life...

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