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No one's born with an infinite amount of confidence and it is understandable for every girl to suffer a slump in self-esteem every now and then. It is OK to question ourselves at times. By questioning ourselves through reflection, we get to realize more about ourselves and how we are. Of course, it's a different thing when instead of just questioning yourself, you jump straight into punishing or reprimanding yourself. It's even worse if you get straight to putting yourself down.

If you find yourself in one of these slumps though, you can always bounce back with a couple of these simple, instant confidence boosters:

Sit/Stand up Straight
Don't underestimate the magic of proper posture in building your confidence. Sitting and standing up straight makes you feel more comfortable and is a signal to yourself to brush yourself up and start again. Get out of that slump!

Sitting or standing up straight gives you the aura of confidence and makes you feel good since of course, you won't be having problems with back aches or shoulder pain. Practicing good posture is a good way to build confidence quickly since a person who carries himself well is always viewed well by others.

You might think it's foolish but smiling really helps your confidence. When you have an all-important meeting with a client, when you need to finish a report, when you need to talk to a boss - smiling could help you in all your endeavours as one of the quick fix to confidence. How?

Smiling is a way to give off a positive energy. When you smile despite being in a stressful, nerve-wracking situation, you are basically telling yourself that you can do it. You are allowing yourself to breathe and take in the scene. By smiling, you give yourself pause and time to gather your bearings. Try it yourself and you will realize that just by smiling, you make it easier for you to connect with people and get things done.

Fix Yourself Up
No, this does not mean that you must go have a surgery or anything drastic but just try and make yourself feel good by pampering yourself, getting a new haircut - even just re-applying your makeup or your lipstick. One technique I do is to fix myself up right before I need to meet someone, go to the powder room and make sure that I look presentable. Plus, it is the best opportunity to condition myself in front of the mirror for the last time right before I do something important.

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I've always been interested in what makes people tick.
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