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Have you ever wondered how others keep making things happen? Each letter in the word RELEVANT will give you an action step that you can use to move into greatness.

Read and proceed with 8 strategies that you can begin to implement today.

(R) Reinvent Yourself. Look at the career of Sean Combs. He started off as Puff Daddy. Puff Daddy emerged into P Diddy who innovatively became Diddy.

The fast pace of the internet allows you to create a brand in seconds. The time it takes you to set up a Facebook or Twitter account is how long it will take you to get noticed.

(E) Enjoy what you do. Find the fun in your work. Search for ways to bring the happiness to your environment. When you are passionate and excited others will see and take notes. This makes it easier to make deals when you are wanted.

(L) Learn form others. Research what seminars are taking place in your area. Listen to podcasts and tele-seminars. Seek out a mentor who can take you to the next level. Watch videos of how people speak and conduct themselves.

(E) Entrepreneur your expertise. Use what you do best and give your job a rest. Use what you know to grow. Even if you never leave your job being in business will help you get some tax write offs.

(V) Visit your elders. Life is about paying dues and paying respect. Give back to the generation that has given to us. (Discuss hanging out with Bubba)

(A) Ask for feedback. Golden nuggets of wisdom are found when we ask those close to us how can we improve?

(N) No Your Way. You have to say no sometimes. Every opportunity is not for you. Learn what is for you and not for you. Learn how to make the most of each opportunity that is right for you.

(T) Teach others. Keep your legacy growing. We are taught so that one day we will teach. Passing on the knowledge keeps entire communities and cultures alive over centuries.

In these days and times in order to be relevant you have to reinvent yourself so you can enjoy what you do. When you learn from others you can entrepreneur your expertise. Take time out to visit your elders and ask for feedback. When you no your way and teach others the life you leave behind will be forever relevant.

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