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Anthony Robbins is the author of self-help materials, including Lessons in Mastery, an audio CD set, first marketed in 2002. The CD set seems to reflect Robbins earlier published material in book form. Still, there are some new insights to the material that Robbins adds. Even so, Lessons in Mastery does not have the depth the earlier publications, like Awaken the Giant Within, have. That could make listening to the CDs problematic for people who have not read Tony Robbins' earlier books, or have no previous exposure to any of his materials.

Lessons in Mastery, as per the title, is about how to take control of your life, and not be overwhelmed with daily preoccupations, like paying bills, and working at keeping your job, that threaten to take control of your life from you. Certainly, some of the information is very standard advice; it's been published in many other books, given at many other seminars, etc. What you've likely come across before includes committing yourself to daily improvement, turn negative thinking into positive energy, knowing what you want, how to make decisions, and achieve true happiness. However, Lessons in Mastery is not limited to just lists or routines for strictly concrete, measurable goals. Lessons in Mastery also addresses attitude changes, dealing with emotions, and visualization. From all of this one can conclude that moving away from your past, what you used to do, how you used to act, how you used to feel, what you used to think, is much of the overall goal. You need to change. But don't take that to mean you have to undo the past; you don't. So, you don't have to understand the bad habits you've had for so long, or why or how you got them. The goal is to change your bad habits, and to get rid of them.

It should also be noted that Tony Robbins has acknowledged in some of his previously published self-help materials that he has been "influenced" by others who have explored or taught similar concepts to his. So (and again), if some of what is in Lessons in Mastery seems familiar to you, it could very well be. But besides merely repeating earlier ideas or concepts from others, Lessons in Mastery provides a synthesis of those ideas and concepts, and ultimately a model for the listener to imitate. What Lessons in Mastery also does well is to provide a coach for actually using and doing the techniques in the CDs. So, you have to work.

The CD set is a good choice for listening to when you have to drive to and from work, go on vacation, or take a long trip by car. Since the material is not in depth or extremely detailed, it makes for good listening, without distracting you. And, listening to the CDs is one small break from your past; you're putting time to good use that you formerly didn't make full use of.

Curiously, comments from listeners of Lessons in Mastery are almost all about how their lives improved by acquiring material things; better jobs, bigger homes, newer cars, more money. But is that happiness? And if it is, is that all it is?

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