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If it is true, 'You are here to help others,' what exactly then are the others here for?

Shouldn't they be here for you?

A Course In Miracles states, "It takes great learning to understand that all things, events, encounters and circumstances are helpful." If all those people sharing your life don't seem to be helping realize you may not be grasping the entire truth. You and they together comprise the tapestry of existence. You are here. They are here. Make the best of it - as you are intended to.

As humanity multiplies, think of population growth as increasing opportunities - more people means greater chances for giving, sharing, loving - forgiving.

You are not alone. You need those people and they need you. We need each other. Each individual has special gifts. By cooperating in creation, one with another, we lift the veil of illusion and come together.

Forgive. Let perceived transgressions go. By forgiving you free yourself.

Live in harmony with spirit. Don't pain yourself correcting others. A different perception is not necessarily wrong. The impulse to correct is from ego - the need to feel right, vindicated, superior. Resist the need to find fault; ego is folly. Humility, not arrogance, is the way.

You create the reality you experience. To change your life you must act. Alter the world of effects in the realm of cause. Initiate change through intention.

You are guided to the realm of cause by spirit. To journey in spirit requires faith. The essence of prayer, of meditation, of intuition is faith. Exercise faith in quiet contemplation. Then energize your faith: listen then act.

Bondage and freedom originate within. Accept total responsibility for your life - successes and failures - they both represent growth. If you must blame someone, blame me. I'll take responsibility for everything except how you interpret your world.

Every judgment, every condemnation, is a shackle with which you bind yourself. Do you feel the weight of the chains?

Refuse to bind yourself. Don't judge, condemn, or complain. Break the cycle of bondage. Throw off the shackles. Take responsibility for your life.

Ultimately, your task in life is to set yourself free - to let go of the illusion and become whole. The process, the rules of life are simple: what you give, you get. Create the most fulfilling experience.

You are responsible for your reality - for what is and how you react to what is. The world will change only if and when you do. We are all here together. You lack nothing - no tool, no advantage, no opportunity - so fear nothing. Live, love and be who you are destined to be - one, whole, and complete, now and forever.

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