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When we are born, everyone is given by a God a piece of paper. In that paper we are given a privilege to write everything we want to achieve in life. Our dreams, our goals and what we want to be when we grow up. Remember when we are kids, our parents ask us, what we want to be when we grow? Some want to be rich, politician, artist, etc. We dream of conquering the world. We are full of hope, passion and determination.

On that paper, there are people who write a lot of things. They dream big dreams and look for an opportunity to get it. They write their goals and do whatever it takes to achieve it. They take the risks and they are willing to pay the price. They welcome difficulties and obstacles. They believe that if they overcome this, it will take them were they wanted to be. They call failure as a learning process and a helpful thing. These are ordinary people who do extraordinary things.

There are others who write few on their paper. They dream of something but never look for an opportunity on how to achieve it. They never commit. For them achieving their goals and their dreams is such a herculean task. They give their best but when the going gets tough they quit. They are waiting for the right time and hoping that someday opportunity will knock on their door. These are the people who are contented on what they have.

But worst of all, there are people, who let other people to write on their paper. They let others to dictate on their life. They are conscious of what will other people will tell. That's the reason they will never reach their full potential. They always have doubts and they always have limitation. They live in the life of "what if". What if I do this, What if I do that, what if I exert all my effort? What if.., what if.., what if.. Always looking back and dwell on the past. Always make excuses. These are the people who are afraid being a failure and rejection.

So decide, who you want to be? Write your dreams and don't let others tell you that you can't achieve it! Those are Dream Stealer. They want you to fail! So don't ever listen to them. Look deep inside you and find a deep a reason. Always remember if u want to have the things you do not have, u have to do the things that you do not like and commit to it...

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