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So how do you get everything you want in life right now and more importantly why haven't I been doing so for the past number of years? There is this little known secret about life fulfillment that very few people are aware about. Those that are aware of it live life with complete purpose, happiness and fulfillment each day. They attract all sorts of wonderful things into their world and get everything they want all the time. It is called the law of attraction.

So what is this - Law of Attraction? Simply put, the Law of Attraction is like many of the other laws in the universe and works in similar fashion. The Law of Attraction is energy in motion. It works with what you focus on and allows you to bring into your world exactly what your focus is.

The Law of Attraction works in a very simple way. What you are focusing on is what you will get. The more passionate you are about the getting it the more intense and the greater your desire will become to achieve it. We can only ever get or achieve what are focus is on at that point in time. For example a person really wants to get fit. So they start of all excited and they go to the gym, they start eating salads and they're off and going. However once they change their focus to something else, the going to the gym, the eating of salad starts to stop and before you know it you're back at square one.

Think about times when you've seen this occur. "I was wanting a car park spot in the shopping centre at the very front" and as I drove up there it appears." That's the Law of Attraction in action. It wasn't that it wasn't there in the past, you probably never noticed it as it wasn't in your focus.

Expectation is a part of this attractive force. What you expect in life, is drawn to you. If you focus on paying bills, you will always have bills to pay. The key is to expect the things you truly want, and don't expect what you don't want. For example if you expect to always be paying bills, well you'll always have bills to pay, if you expect to have no money then guess what you'll have no money, if you expect to be hard done by, not get the job, not be successful then yes all those things will happen. It happens, not because you deserve to happen, but because that is where your focus is at. You're not looking for positive action steps to take to change those circumstances.

The Law of Attraction doesn't discriminate. It will give you just what you think about. So if you want better, you must change your thinking.

1. Think about what you want. Be clear on how you want to live your life and what you want to achieve.
2. Take some time and ask yourself. Is what I'm asking for the right thing, is it aligned with my beliefs and values.
3. Create a visual image of your intention. This is the most powerful aspect of the law. Visualise what you want, have it in pictures all around you, see it in your sleep. This keeps your focus squarely on your goal.
4. Take action. Without action nothing happens. You can sit there and visualise it, but if you don't go out there and get it then you can't possible expect things to change.
5. Lastly, feel what you want as if it is here. Don't see it or want it down the track, see it and have it as if it was there now. Act as if you already have it.

Using this simple 5 points with the law of attraction you will instantly starting attracting and living the life you want and deserve.

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