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Life can be quite difficult sometimes. The following seven tips should help you recognise the different factors that can contribute towards a rewarding and fulfilling life:

1) Don't settle for second best - 2nd is not the place you want to be. No-one runs a race to come second. Aim for first and go for it! But there is also fun in taking part so don't forget that. But also try your best. If your best turns out to not be good enough then try harder next time but if you have genuinely tried your best then don't worry and go back to the old drawing board and find something that you're good at.

2) Love everyone - this includes your enemies. Be quick to forgive. Don't hold grudges. A Christian lady once stated "Unforgiveness is like drinking poison yourself and expecting the other person to die". Don't hold resentment or allow your thoughts to be consumed by negativity towards other people.

3) Always eat something nice - my sister says "I wasted my hunger on that". What she means by this is don't eat something bad when you could have something that is of equal value that is good.

4) Always right your wrongs - if you do or say something wrong then apologise and repent. You've heard the saying "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" well disregard this because words are powerful and they can be damaging. Words can cut like a sword. Always take back words that slip from your tongue.

5) Always eat your greens - green vegetables are great for you so always consume a balanced diet.

6) Buy the best possible - buy cheap buy twice, you've heard that old saying. Don't buy inexpensive rubbish that won't last. Instead, always purchase the very best quality product that you can afford.

7) Always look on the bright side of life - I know that this phrase was coined by the popular comedy sketch show but it is oh so true. Never concentrate on the negatives in a given situation, just look at the positives. Of course the bad side exists and should be recognised and considered and mistakes should be learnt from but the good bits and the great things in life should be focused upon.

Take care and always consider these top seven ways of leading a happier life.

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