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We often get so caught up in day to day life that we forget what is important without even realizing it. Rather than looking at the big picture of our lives, we focus only on what is right in front of us. We concentrate only on those things that seem important to get us from day to day. The sad thing is, by doing this, we risk missing out on what is truly important in life. It is vital that we take some time now and then to consider some thought provoking questions that make us take a deeper and more profound look at our lives.

Here are a few questions to consider as you take a look at your day to day life:

If you had no worry of judgement from others, what would you do? We spend an awful lot of time being concerned with what other people think about us. Getting along with others is certainly important, but when does worrying about other's opinions start holding us back?

What makes you feel the happiest? We are raised to feel a sense of responsibility to others in our lives. Often however, we stop giving ourselves much consideration. What do you really like to do and when was the last time you did it?

Is there anything you would regret NOT doing if you found out your time was running out? We all live with regrets. Looking back does not change anything though. The best we can do is to make sure we do not create any more regrets for ourselves. What is it that you know you should be doing? Why aren't you?

What was the happiest moment in your life? We often fall into the trap of dwelling on how terrible our day to day challenges seem to be. Have you ever really considered what the happiest moment in your life was? Can you capture that feeling again?

What is really most important to you? After you answer this, ask yourself if you are living as though it were really true. Some people say family is the most important thing in their life, yet the ones they love keep getting put on the back burner as the demands of paying the bills take priority again and again. What priorities are you showing the world around you?

These are just a few simple questions to help get us thinking about who we are and how we can make the most of our lives. The thing about thought provoking questions, is that they do not always have a "right" answer. Try to come up with a new question every day, and then pay attention to the answers you give yourself.

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