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As a customer looking for clothes the worst thing you can hear a boutique owner say is, "wow, you look great, that really suits you!" when you know the outfit you've just tried on isn't the most flattering and you don't feel comfortable in it. Nor do you want them to say to you that, "that's how they're wearing them these days," when you know well that the trousers are too short. What you really want from shop owners is some honest, helpful and well informed advice.

With programmes such as Trinny and Susannah, shoppers now realise that the one-size-fits-all approach no longer works. Women have different body shapes, proportions and colourings and they don't want a single dress length or style for the season but clothes that really suit them. However, they often have no idea which styles do flatter their body best and which colours bring out the best in them. They want fashion and styling advice and as a boutique owner if you can offer it to them and show your staff how to do the same they will be very grateful and remain as loyal customers. They will know that they will get honest advice from you and will look great in the clothes they buy from you.

So what will you learn on a personal shopper training course? Firstly, you will learn how to understand your own personal image and how to dress yourself for the most impact as a personal shopper. If your customers see you looking confident and inspirational in your own outfit they will trust your opinion.

You will learn about the six different dominant colour types that people have and how to utilise the three elements of colour to balance their colouring, making them look young, fit and healthy and ensuring they get compliments in your clothes.

You will be taught how to easily recognise different body shapes and know how to dress them. You will also learn to understand the importance of scale, height and proportions and to be able to ensure a good fit for every customer.

Style personality is an important aspect for personal shoppers to understand. This is also taught on the best training courses as it enables you to understand your customers' likes and dislikes and guide them to clothes they'll be comfortable and confident in and will enjoy wearing.

The expertise provided by a trained personal shopper are invaluable to a boutique owner who really wants her customers to trust her advice and keep coming back for more. So if you are a boutique owner, why not discover more about training courses to become a personal shopper.

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Beth Price is a senior image consultant and personal shopper with ColourMeBeautiful. Based in Herefordshire she offers advice on all aspects of personal image, including colour analysis, style consultations, make-up lessons and personal shopping.

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