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Some people still find it hard to differentiate success and goals. But what truly is the difference between success and goals? Is achieving success means you already have attained your goals? It so simple to claim that success means owning a multimillion property in the most expensive residential area, earning a six figure income and driving a million-worth car. But the main question is - is success synonymous to richness? For several wealthy people this idea probably applicable. But if you look at it a real close, success can take many forms and it depends to different people.

1. What is success to you? For some people, success means freedom from financial problems while others consider having a complete happy family a success. Those people who have lived simply and don't need all the things that money can buy can also be considered successful. There are also those who view success to having a stable job and lasting married life. No matter how you consider it, the fact remains that wealth is not a prerequisite to success. People around different walks of life, races and age can be equally successful depending on their basis of success.

2. What kind of success do you want to attain? This depends on the kind of endeavor that you want to attain. Your goals are clear manifestations of the kind of success that you want to achieve at the end of a time period. These goals will guide your path to success and will make you realize the things that you are currently doing and the things that you wish to get. It will further lead you to the conclusion of whether your plans and actions are taking you closer to success or bringing you far from it.

3. What is your main goal and your actions to achieve it? Goals differ from person to person, they vary by intensity. Goals can be classified as long term, medium and short term. Your long term goal should be the mother of all your goals as it is considered the most important of all. Set realistic goals especially if this is something that would take you years to achieve. For instance, you want to become a company owner in the next 25 years. This goal requires time and training and right now, at this very moment, you should at least start making steps to achieve this goal. Medium term goals are those that can be achieved within 5 or 10 years of work while short term goals are the things that you need to be doing weekly or monthly to lead you to achieving bigger goals.

You need goals if you want to become successful. Without goals, it would be hard for you to know if you have attained success. Goals are reference point to find out if you have accomplished what you truly desire in life. It would be difficult to know what constitute success without goals. Starting now, write down your goals and make them as your motivation to do well. Share your aspirations to people who showed you support and success will wait for you.

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