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What comes into your mind when the word "mindfulness" is mentioned? This is a state of being courteous with an issue at hand. This sense of awareness (of something happening around you) is initiated by your ears or eyes. This awareness is more within the person based on the outside happenings.

The problem with many people is that they don't give this state of Mindfulness the necessary consideration due to the rush to understand what is happening. The difference between trying to understand the situation and mindfulness is that the later brings you to a state of awareness which in return makes you more open to respond and avoid the temptation to be negative.

When a person is mindful, he or she will be concerned with an immediate happening. This is an empowerment of the mind to specially focus in an issue at hand. This is done neutrally without conclusions being made.

Since mindfulness involves an unfocused awareness by the mind, it brings awareness to the person of what is happening in him. It is a concept imbedded in a person and it's both philosophical and cultural.

It has been proven that the art of mindfulness can be a very powerful tool which when used can reduce the stress level as well as better the psyche of the person.

The art of mindfulness can be improved or developed by employing one of the following methods; yoga, mindful thinking or walking and music therapy - listening to music. One may opt for eco therapy which involves taking time and being with the nature or even do "mindful breathing".

Mindful meditation is however different from concentration meditation. In the later, the person is required to restrict their thinking only to a particular point or focus. This focus can be a word, a thing or even a thought. The thought are ensured to stick to that focus by all means.

The major different between the two is that mindful meditation covers a bigger scope of thought. In this, the mind will focus on both the internal as well as the external stimulus. The point is to be able to recognize any change occurring either within or without the person.

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