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A grocery budget can improve your sex life. Of all the crazy things you have heard or read on the internet can you believe a grocery budget is the key to getting more action? Keep reading and I will explain in non technical terms why I think this happens.

Being intimate with your partner is just like playing sports. You may not know this but high performance athletes do not eat a ton of food prior to hitting the field. Most men have a couple things in common with a big meal. The common factor is to hit the couch and have a nap right after dinner.

I am not dietician but as a former athlete I can tell you sleepy is not a state the body should be in prior to the big game. The same can be said for people who want to become intimate. Where do you want all your blood to go?

The $100 a week to feed a family of four has some unique features to it when done properly. The use of a slow cooker means you will be eating more soup based foods with your meal or as your meal. This situation alone will help you stay off the couch after dinner. Trying to have leftovers for another meal means you will not fill your stomach completely with food. The time to digest all this food will go well beyond bed time. When was the last time you ate a meal then tried to run somewhere? Did you find it hard to move and breath? Doing anything vigorous right after a meal will make a person feel uncomfortable. This includes getting intimate with your partner.

The $100 a week menu plan causes families to eat better. You will eat less packaged foods and your blood pressure should drop which in turn will make you feel better. Eating high quality or at least higher quality than packaged foods is similar to using super unleaded gas a fuel in your car. The performance becomes better.

The timing for better or more performance is not an exact science but three weeks should do the trick. I would not recommend throwing everything packaged in your kitchen out. That food will get used soon enough in the transition. Your budget will gently change your eating style over a couple days. You will notice the change as they start looking in the kitchen for that Sodium sugar laced food. I weaned my family off with brand name sugar free pudding.

Get on board and start your new meal plan. The benefits may excite you.

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Rick and his wife have been able to reduce their grocery budget by almost 50% since they started this challenge in 2010. Their 15 years of grocery shopping for the family has led them to start a blog that includes money saving tips, meal planning, cooking utensils, recipes, and grocery lists.
you can follow their blog and post comments at http://feed4forunder100week.blogspot.com/

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