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In this article, I will be sharing with you a powerful persuasion technique called mirroring or the ?chameleon effect?. A mirror shows a reflection of you and imitates whatever you are doing. Mirroring, in this case, occurs when a person copies the behaviour of another person, usually while in social interaction with them. Mirroring is a powerful persuasion technique as it can let a person drop his guard within minutes.

Mirroring includes the mimicking or copying of body languages, gestures and movements etc. For example, when you are talking to Tom during dinner and Tom smiles, you will tend to smile along with Tom. This is one form of mirroring. By mimicking the party you want to persuade, you create a sense of empathy and make them feel comfortable around you. Mirroring also sends a subtle signal that you are in agreement with the other person and this allows you to connect better with the other person and increases your chances of persuading him or her.

You could also mimic the person?s gestures and body language. For example, if Tom places his hand on his lap during conversation, or touches his nose, you could imitate that. This technique can be employed with people whom you know well or even strangers as well. By mimicking or mirroring, the other party will feel more relaxed and open up to you more. The other party may also think that you both have many similar opinions and this will help to lower their defenses against you and will increase your chances of persuading them to do what you want.

Essentially, mirroring is a subtle way of telling another person that you agree with them or that you like them. This will help to make them more comfortable around you and they will thus lower their defenses; increasing your chances of persuasive success.

So how do you perform mirroring most effectively?

Do not start to imitate the person immediately after he/she had performed a certain action!

Instead, you should wait for 2-4 seconds before you perform mirroring. In fact, we all perform mirroring subconsciously and if you pay attention, you will notice yourself doing it. Act naturally and try not to engage the other party into thinking that you are trying to imitate his movements. (He would most probably think that you?re behaving strangely) It is most important that your mirroring must not be obvious to anyone else except yourself.

You can tell that there is a sense of empathy being created when the party begins to speak more and may subconsciously mirror your movements and body languages. Try this technique now and you will be surprised by how powerful this persuasion technique is!

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By: Vincent Kyle Ng

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