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Have you ever wonder why some people seems to be God?s favorite because even with the least effort, they continue to receive blessings after blessings while some seems to be cursed because in spite of working so hard, all they reap are hardships and troubles?

For years, people are made to believe that there is nothing or little we can do about fate. One of the greatest misconceptions is that some people are simply born lucky. Some would depend on the principle of karma and justify their misfortunes by a bad deed they must have done on their past life.

But one revolutionary way of thinking changed all that. The Law of Attraction is a belief that every good or bad thing that happens to people is a result of one?s thinking. Positive thinkers are successful because they emit good energy that attracts the universe to help him get everything he wants, no matter how impossible it may be.

This new way of thinking is even made popular by a book that was written by Rhonda Byrne entitled The Secret. This bestseller book shares the wonderful principle that man is capable of greatness, only if he develops the right way of thinking. This concept seeks to open the eyes of people to the fact that there is no limit to what one can achieve. It would also help individuals develop their full potential.

The heart of the Law of Attraction is positive thinking and people who believe in its power vows to eradicate pessimism and negative behavior. According to the Law of Attraction, our lives are influenced by what we think and by the decisions we make based on our thoughts. Therefore, it is important to think positively. Everyone must strive to develop his or her powers of thought. Through positive thinking, we can accomplish the unthinkable and achieve what seem impossible.

Humans are extremely versatile. As we continue saying no to the negative, we will begin to see our hidden talents developing. The word, I can, is a wonderful key to unlock countless doors. We are more skillful, more gifted, and possibly more intelligent than we have ever imagined. It is well within our powers to be determined, patient, self-reliant industrious, painstaking, accurate, punctual, strong, helpful, and responsible.

If we simply believe, we can develop better memory, a stronger will, more self-confidence, a greater facility with words, and greater organizing ability. In short, with affirmative thinking, we can get things done.

It means that we can enrich our lives by calling upon our dormant and hidden powers. Humans are very capable of achieving great things. We just have to believe that we can fulfill all of our dreams.

To be positive means saying no to negative thoughts, feelings, and actions. It is about forgetting loneliness and depression and rejecting harmful sentiments like anger and jealousy. We should stop thinking that we are weak and slow. Instead, we should accept, venture, try, hope, expect, and love. We should rejoice in the good, the colorful, and the beautiful. Welcome success in your life and work for it.

You will be surprised that your future will go forward, and not backwards. Life will get better and better as you welcome the positive. you will enjoy sound health and have abundant vitality. You will reap success after success in work and in personal matter. The world will be a better place as all kinds of opportunities will come!

We must not allow negative thought such as, I can never do this. Our brain is more resourceful and flexible than we can realize. Do not be afraid to stretch it and you will see that the brain will rise to heavier demands. We should be confident of our own hidden powers that are just waiting to be unleashed and used.

We should all make war on negative thinking. Observe that if someone thinks of sickness, that person will get sick. If we are always afraid of accidents, then there is possibility that it will come your way. Instead we should expect good things ? success, health, improvement, prosperity. Displace despair with hope.

Some will say that this affirmative thinking is nothing new. Norman Vincent Pale calls it positive thinking. Robert Schuler used the term possibility thinking. Clemet Stone talks about PMA - positive mental attitude. Maxwell Maltz coined the term psycho-cybernetics.

However, one of the ironies of the human condition is that old truths have to be reminded again. A truth that has been proved million of times through the ages will be questioned because of its very antiquity. We have to learn it all over again, sometimes dressing it up in a new garb.

Thus, each generation and each individual has to be convinced anew that love is better than hate, that peace is better than war, that virtue is better than vice, and that positive thinking brings success and negative thinking produces failure.

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By: Natasha Silverman

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