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We know that first impressions last but whether you're going on a date or off for a job interview, getting it right first time can be easier than you think.

If you would like a little help making a great impression please read on for some basic tips.


What are you trying to project about yourself? Your clothing is a really important factor in getting this across so make sure that it reflects what you are aiming to achieve. While it's great to be seen to make an effort it is also best not to appear as though you've tried too hard, so avoid extremes but always make sure that all clothing is clean, in good repair and ironed.


Choose accessories carefully in order to compliment your outfit, try matching your shoes with your bag, or injecting some colour with a scarf, tie or an item of jewellery.

Grooming and hair:

Both ladies and gents, please ensure that hair is always clean and styled. Men should also pay attention to facial hair. In most cases the clean shaven look will work best but some tidy stubble is acceptable for less formal occasions. Please take care of any nostril or ear hair! Ladies make sure that you have recently plucked or waxed your brows and upper lip if required, though not so recently that they look inflamed or sore; a day or two before is ideal.


For women the way that you apply makeup is also important. For model looks at formal, daytime occasions will be best approached with minimal, natural looking makeup. In the evening you may wish to make more impact with a bolder lip colour or smoky eyes but never forget the number one rule; either bold eyes or bold lips, never both at the same time.


The way you carry yourself makes so much difference to appearance. Try imagining an invisible thread that pulls you up from the middle of the top of your head, this will encourage a straight back and relaxed shoulders.


Alongside great posture attitude is another element that will really come across at your important event or meeting. You have thought carefully about the right clothing, accessories, hairstyle, grooming, makeup and posture so it's time to believe that you have got it right. Take three or four deep breaths in and out and with confidence, you look great!

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