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I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with the story about the mountain climber Aron Ralston who got himself stuck between a rock and a hard place. The book came out a few years ago and the movie 127 Hours recently went into theaters. I watched it the other day and couldn't help but relate it to the importance of successes and failure in internet marketing. Bare with me, this example is a little extreme but will teach you how to overcome your fear of failure.

Whether you're walking your dog in the park, mountain climbing or investing into a new business, they can all be considered risky. It is rare that something bad will happen but you can never be 100% sure that something bad won't happen. All we can do is hope for the best, have some hope and prepare for the worst.

Even if you are neurotic and you think you have a 5 year daily schedule for every possible failure in the book. There are always circumstances beyond our control that we will not be prepared for. It is the leaders with hope and motivation that find the answers, overcome failure and get back up on their feet the quickest.

Aron Ralston had enough water and food for a few days even though he planned on only being gone for a few hours. After traveling miles through the Utah canyons he unfortunately found himself fallen into a crevice with a boulder trapping his arm. There was no way to move the boulder, he was completely alone and it soon became a life or death situation.

He spent 5 full days overcoming elements, hunger, thirst, mental breakdowns and physical pain. After examining each supply he had in his climbing bag he attempted each one together and separate to help free his arm. He tried things that seemed impossible just to eliminate the 1% chance that it might work. When most people would quit, he never gave up. From chiselling a giant boulder with a dull knife to using ropes as a pulley to try and get the boulder to move, every possible option was explored.

You might know what happened next. Aron ran out of food and water and was completely exhausted. He knew he only had one option left. He endured the pain and risked his life to see his plan go through. He had something to live for, he had hopes and dreams and was not going to let this boulder get in the way of his life.

Aron walked out of that cave with one arm and attempted the 8 mile trek back to his car, a journey that would likely kill 98% of people. He was luckily saved a few miles out by some other climbers. He survived a treacherous battle of life and death.

The point of this story...

Keep your eyes on the prize and know that failure will creep into your life. Things will hold you back whether it's friends, motivation, boulders or even Facebook changes. There is always something that will be pulling you in the wrong direction or not let you move ahead, maybe its finances or lack of free time.

Try to accept that failure will happen and keep working on finding something that works for you. Whether it's a new lead generation technique or starting a whole new business. There is always a new option that needs to be explored.

When you do not know what options work you need to try absolutely everything else. Not everything is going to work for you but in order to discover what does work you need to discover what doesn't.

Try not to see failure as a step back. Look at it as a leap forward. You have eliminated an option that doesn't work and now you will not waste time on it again. It is time to move on to something new and learn from past mistakes. It will only make you a more knowledgeable person in the end. The more you try the closer you will be to finding the method that had only 1% chance of working and you will end up in successville.

It's a matter of changing your life and making it better. It's a matter of achieving your dreams. What is stopping you and how will you be able to overcome it?

I'm not telling you to cut your arm off. If that's what you got from this post I apologize for not making it clearer. I know this was an extreme example of relating a life or death situation to internet marketing but I hope I got the importance of how to overcome your fear of failure into your heads.

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