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Are you interested in growing taller? Of course you are why else would you be reading this? There are many reasons why you may be short which includes factors such as genetics and even though it is thought that after a specific amount of time (the puberty period) you can't increase your height. This is 100% false, you can still learn to gain a few extra inches naturally.

Did you know that even after puberty the average person can add about 2 inches to their height and there have been cases of people adding 4 and even 6 inches to their original height. If you are serious about increasing your height and have the time to put towards it then you will be able to see results in no time!

When looking to grow taller the thing to focus on is your bones, more specifically the spine and the legs. By working on these areas you are able to increase your height due to their ability to be easily stretched through the correct posture and exercises.

The first area to look into is the spine, due to the cartilages between the spines you have the ability to make it stretch and add a couple more inches to your height. How do you stretch the cartilage? Simply through stretches, exercises and maintaining a good posture at all times including when you are sleeping (flat back whilst sleeping allows decompression of the spine which will lengthen and strengthen the spine).

The next part you should look into is the legs. The shin and thigh area of the leg both have the ability to lengthen with the correct method. If you take a look at a picture of a skeleton you will notice that bones have gaps and with enough exercise (and rest!) you will be able to increase the length of the bone and therefore increase your height too.

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