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As you age, you start to feel a bit older. You might not feel the same as you used to in your twenties. While this is a natural part of life, there is no reason that you have to feel older and older. Some parts of youth can be reclaimed if you make some changes in your life. Find out what you can do that will help you feel younger.

Get back into shape. It's a lie to believe that you are too old to be in shape. It will take you quite a bit of work. It might even take more than a few years to get into the shape that you need to be in. It will be worth it. You will look younger and you will feel younger. Don't believe that it can't be done. Start doing what you know you need to do to get into shape again.

Change your attitude about life. You can be young mentally and have a good attitude all day long regardless what you are facing or dealing with during the day. Be more positive about things in your life. Smile and enjoy things just like you used to when younger.

Start eating a healthier diet. You don't have the same energy as you used to when you are younger. When you eat healthy foods, you are getting the nutrients that you need that will help make up for the lack of energy that you have felt.

Learn to play again. As a kid you played. Start playing with your kids or your grandchildren and enjoy it. Also learn to be playful with your partner or spouse. Some have not played in so long that they do feel older.

Live life as an adventure again. When younger, your goals were to experience life for what it was worth. Get back that sense of adventure. Life is not over just because you are older. It's over when you give up on that adventure.

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