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Etiquette is important, but it seems to be losing attention. Many children growing up today are unaware of proper etiquette at places like church, the dinner table, and parties. Not only is old etiquette being forgotten, but new etiquette to accommodate new technologies is being ignored. Cell phones have become instrumental in breaking etiquette, but by following a few simple rules, you can avoid offending anybody with your cell phone use.

If you're in the company of other people, don't pull out your phone and begin text messaging. Sending a text shows that you're bored with the company around you, and that you'd prefer to be somewhere else talking with whoever your text message recipient may be. Maybe the reason you're bored with the conversation is because you're coming in and out of it, and not really involving yourself. Your phone can be a barrier between you and the people you're around.

Sometimes you're expecting an important call, so you must have you phone on and nearby. Everybody understands that there's always something more important. That being said, when you do get the call, move to a different room for privacy. You don't want other people to hear what your emergency is, and frankly, they don't want to know either. Taking the call in front of the group distracts everybody from having a good time.

There are a lot of tasks that phones can complete now, but leave your phone in your pocket anyway. You may think this is the perfect opportunity to make adjustments to your schedule, but those around you will still be annoyed or offended. People got on for thousands of years without cell phones, so you can get by for a few hours without summoning yours from your pocket.

By following these lessons in etiquette, you may just find yourself enjoying the company of others a lot more.

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