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Many of us have issues we carry around like a heavy backpack, sometimes we are so used to them that we don't even realise how heavy they are. They may be expressed in our general mood, or in the way we carry ourselves, maybe our shoulders are tense, we don't realise until we make a conscious effort to relax. We may carry emotional pain from something that happened in the past, if we don't learn to let stuff go, that backpack won't get any lighter.

We need to heal the emotional pain we carry, but how? We may not have money for a good session with an analyst or for the latest programme on self-help techniques so what can we do. Sometimes all we really need is a friend, someone who is willing to listen and maybe just give a bit of friendly advice, offer a hand to hold, a gentle calming voice. Sometimes all we need to do is talk, to chat about what happened and see where it may have affected us in our lives. We are never alone, we may feel isolated, as if no one understands us, but there is always someone to reach out a hand if we are open to it. Help may come in the most unexpected ways, so be alert. If you ask for help it will come. It may not come in the way you expect but the Universe answers our calls.

Nowadays the web of communication is open, we have Internet which connects so many people throughout the world. We can look there for someone to talk to, the other side of the world may see a long way away but a hand stretched out in love can reach even the darkest recess. Don't be alone in your despair, look on Internet for someone to talk to, there are organisations out there just waiting to help and heal.

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Healing Hands for Humanity Network is a safe zone, giving you a voice and connecting you with knowledge, wisdom and healing techniques from thought leaders all over the world.

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Join us and participate in the birth or our new global community. A place where hearts are healed.

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