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Drawing lines as a society is despairing. Drawing lines as an individual gives unprecedented opportunities of understanding. Understanding opens reason. Reason diminishes uncertainty and belief. Belief is the vague interconnection that everyone shares, however unobstructed reason exemplifies the architecture of self. Architecture is order drawn out for reason and purpose. Reason presents itself as meaning and meaning coincides with understanding.Simply put, order=understanding.

Reason is aesthetically pleasing, however uninhabitable. Categorically speaking, reason is coinciding with perfection, definition... pure clarity- In simpler words: impossible. Beauty is defined by this aspect in such a way that it folds in on itself as an anti-beauty. A driver. The ambiguity of reason becomes a weapon, simply because it is completely infinite. Corruption stems from conflicts indulging in each other whist the conflicts try to reach the everlasting reason... the infinite truths... the realities that brought on such conflicts as they began. This corruption masks the past, exaggerates the present, and promises to fulfill the future. Corruption is impure.

Architecture is commonly misconceived as simply the structure of a habitable building, however the term becomes almost ambiguous as the term reason. Interchangeable within changeable order. A structural bond between everything and everything. Links that were meant, or at least implied, simply are.

Conflicts are everything. Everything relates. That is the architecture.

Why are there relationships between conflicts? That is the reason.

Visually, the pair are highly improbable together. Reason reaches infinity, though order opposes forever by drawing lines. The two compliment each other while expelling each other in a twisting vine of existence.

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