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Recently, I came in contact with some people that I use to work with years ago. They reminded me of all the amazing people with nothing in their hearts and minds except to provide for their families. My passion is and always has been, to help people see and believe in themselves. Believe that anything is possible. I greatly desire to inspire people to take a risk on themselves in faith. My family & people who know me would say that I live the phrase "Give until it hurts". I am VERY thankful to for Giver's Heart.

I have been a Master Trainer / Coach & Counselor for more than 12 years now. Being a trainer coach is a rare privilege that some people have a natural talent for. I don't think I was a natural at it, although many have said that I am. I think that the sum of my life allows me the perspective to see who people are or who they are meant to be, not who they see themselves as. To see past the words that flow endless out of their mouths (aka excuses). I see greatness in all people and passionately desire to give to them to help them achieve their heart's desires.

I have seen some amazing people in my life. I give them the respect and song of my heart, for I see them as so much more than who they are right now. Yes, amazing people indeed. Give them belief and they believe in themselves. Give them hope and they begin to dream. Give them trust and they begin to trust in others. It is such a small thing to belief in the good of men and women. But I truly and passionately believe and desire. Like the SJB Crew of the Lear Tampa Plant that recently closed down displacing some of my most precious of friends all over Tampa Bay. Oh the leaders that were born out of those days. Or the people who worked on the factory floors of plants all across America.

People that I have had the privilege of spending time with and honored by the exchange. And people whom I have called my closest and dearest friends over the years and have made an impression on me and moved me in ways I could never have imagined. They drove me to give more to people and honor others as I honor myself. Giving to others and serving others is not a fault. For those of you who have been told that it is.....they are wrong. The givers heart is full not empty. Never without a cause to fight for, never without compassion to my friends. There is someone to believe in us all. I am just a gap filler, a passionate person put on this earth to move people from where they are to where they want to be......in their hearts.

Dear God, Thank You for the tearful tugs at my heart that make me cry and fill me with joyful passion for others. Thank You for the passionate giving heart that I have and the courage to accept that with You there is nothing in my days that we can not achieve or overcome together. Thank you for my Giver's Heart.

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