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Goal Setting can be easy, if you follow the same guidelines that you probably used without realizing it when you were young and desired something.

1. The first thing you might want to do is to think about something that you really want, and are willing to work to get. If you are just beginning on the path to achieving your goals, then try to make it something simple for the first time or two.

2. Try to remember when you were a young child, and you desperately wanted something. You can use that same determination to achieve what you want now, without putting too much effort into the process at this point.

3. Think about the positive images you used as a child for something you wanted-maybe it was a bicycle, and you pictured yourself riding it.

4. Remember the feelings of pleasure and happiness you had every time you thought about having that bike? Try to bring up those same feelings now to help you with your present goal.

5. You were probably willing to do some kind of work-maybe mowing the grass, or daily taking out the garbage, etc.-to pay for the bike. What are you willing to do now in exchange for your present goal? This can become an affirmation on your goal.

These five tips will help you as you begin your journey to fulfilling your dreams, and at the same time they will help to ward off any feelings of inadequacy on your abilities to do what is necessary as you gain confidence in yourself.

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Christine Pirkey is the originator of the popular and unique One Goal At A Time System For Women. She enjoys helping other women decide on and attain goals, without multitasking them. She also designed and wrote the Home Study Basic English E-Course For Preteens And teens, to save parents time, as well as frustration, while they help their children with Basic English the easy, no-sweat way. http://womengoalsystem.com

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