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When someone makes fun of you or jokes about you, you may not always know how to react. The following suggestions however might work for you if you ever get in such situation.

You must never react to the person who jokes about you. If you ignore the comment, the person making fun of you will get not attention and his/her joke will not have any impact as such. Taking a joke as normal comment and not defending yourself is the best way to keep the person ignored who makes jokes about you to make you feel bad.

Many people joke back in response to a joke made by them by someone else. The style of the response is such that it puts the other person in the situation he/she wanted you to be in.

But you must be smart enough to deliver a joke in such a fashion that the person making fun of you regrets his/her decision of messing with you. A joke made in such a manner will make him/her know how he/she has made fool of him/her self.

Take the joke positively. Reacting in a defensive way to a joke made about you shows your lack of confidence. You better take the joke as a normal comment or rather amplify it.

Taking an example let's say someone taunts you that you don't go outside your house a lot. Your best response to this taunting can be; yes, in reality this is the first time this year?. The person will immediately learn that you do not get hurt by his/her joke as you are comfortable with your skin and don't need to get appreciation from others.

A joke made by a person about you sometimes faintly shows that there is something behind the apparent meaning of the joke. The person is joking about you because he has some problem. In such situation you should keep the joke aside and focus on the injury behind.

Handling jokes in a smart way is a skill many people want to have but very few actually demonstrate. This skill shows your ability to respond to people in a good way and you also don't get hurt.

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