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Fear is normal for people. It's what drives us to be better at what we do and you can always tell people who are willing to take risks and those who are simply afraid to do anything with their lives. The same concept goes with stage fright. When you see a sea of people up front and this could mean your life and death of your career and you refuse to go out then your life may be over. Some may have the guts to pull it off but for most of us, we just can't. Luckily, there are tips that you can use to mask the fear.

Write your own introduction as well as your conclusion. Introductions are supposed to be your icebreakers. It lets you gear up for your speech and you should take this time to warm up on your audience. Make sure that the words you speak during your introduction is of your own words so that you will comfortable speaking. The same goes with your conclusion.

The same goes for your own visuals and your equipment. If you can provide your own set of equipments to help you with your presentation then do a quick run with it to make sure they are working perfectly. With your visuals, check them out and put them in order.

Problems are sure to arise when you are doing your speech. The audience might not be interested or your speech presentation turns out to be bland. Always have another set of plans in case something goes wrong with your presentation. It will make you more prepared and more confident with your presentation when you know that you have all the grounds covered.

Do try to be at the site as early as possible. This will save you the time to pace through things quickly and move on to the next. Hustling through your entire presentation will only create tension between you and your audience which will ultimately spark conflict.

If you make a blunder in front of many people, get over it. Never compensate for your loss. It will only bring more focus to your mistake making you even nervous than before in fear of making the same mistake again.

Practice calming yourself down when tension arise. If you are unable to control your fear, at the very least control yourself not to make a fool out of yourself with your actions when you are afraid. Don't forget to breathe.

Steer clear from coffee and carbonated beverages. They either increase your anxiety or making you burp a lot and sometimes even causes hiccups which you do not want to happen when you are doing your presentation.

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