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No matter who you are or what you have accomplished, false and limited mental programming has held you back from achieving your true potential. If you find yourself acting in contradiction with your own values, causing pain to yourself or others, if you say to yourself: "I know that what I do is wrong... but I still do it... Why? Why do I repeatedly suffer instead of joyfully going through life?" then you are not alone... and you are asking the wrong question.

We are creatures of habit. Conditioned from your early childhood to react to outside circumstances in particular ways, emotionally and mentally, your actions are much more mechanical that you realize. Intelligence and values have a much lesser influence than you think and often do not have the final word in the matter. This explains why so many highly intelligent women act like "out of control teenagers" when it comes to body image and health habits.

Therefore, the question of "why" is rather trivial. Instead, we should ask: "Since I act out of habit, IS there a way to change my habits NOW; and if so, HOW do I do that?"

You need to delve into mental conditioning to permanently create your physical beauty and health. It gives you the tools to overcome your mental, emotional and physical bad habits and replace them with the new, positive habits that will give you a new life. In time, these new habits will become second nature and seem automatic. Since this transformation is taking place at a deep, subconscious level, this is a permanent change in your lifestyle, your way of thinking and feeling, not just a temporary quick fix. Mental reconditioning can be a beautiful and effective path to your true self and the life of your true values and aspirations.

Have a Vision.

Most people, when asked what they want, come up with a list of things that they do NOT want. While knowing what you would like to avoid is important, you need to also have a clear vision of what you DO want to achieve. The more specific your vision, the better!

Have a Powerful WHY.

What is the reason you would like to achieve your vision? Think in terms of benefits, not features. For example, a feature may be: being slim; the benefit is: having less fat and more lean, toned muscle will make me healthier; I will have more energy, I will feel confident, dressed or naked; I will feel great about myself and that will help me to be more successful in other areas of my life! If your WHY is powerful and convincing (for you), it is more likely that you will achieve your vision.

You need Momentum and Personal Power to Change.

Old habits have a strong gravitational pull. To break away you need a lot of energy and motivation. Having a clear vision and knowing the WHY will help, but you need momentum or raw personal power to make things happen! One of the most direct ways to develop personal power is to practice focused meditation and doing what is right for you! You need to realize that you are worth fighting for!


Strategy is a direct application of the new, healthy habits. While developing personal power is accomplished through focused meditation and following the life path that is right for you, strategy is Mindfulness. The methods include visualization techniques, affirmations, being present in the moment, being in touch with the core of your being and acting from your truth as opposed to acting from old habits. Acting in such a deliberate manner instills new habits that are inline with your purpose, your goals and the more authentic YOU.

Commitment, Determination and Resilience.

These three qualities make a difference between success and failure. When you have a clear vision, personal power and strategy, your unbending commitment, determination and resilience will carry you through to success. Your mantra should be: I will never give up! I resolve to succeed!


It is extremely challenging to achieve big successes on your own. As you probably know, in sports and business, behind every great success is a great coach. To overcome lifelong habits, it is crucial to have support!

Affirmation for the day:

"I love the positive transformation that is taking place in my mind and body. I am ready for great success!"

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Mila Diamond - Co-Founder of "Women's Perfect Body Program"

CEO of Diamond Mind Coaching

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