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Beliefs are so deeply embedded within our minds that we often don't even realize that it is they that are in control, and not us. People tend to blame outside forces for their current set of circumstances, when in actual fact, the problem lies within and not without.

The cause of what is happening in our outer world lies within us, not without. Our beliefs are the cause and the effects are the circumstances whether good or bad.

Beliefs become firmly rooted in our mind due to a moment in our lives, usually when we are younger, when something happened or someone said something that stuck with us, and we reinforced it by internalizing it and thinking about it often. Our personalities are developed this way naturally, although I think it was meant to only be for those beliefs that serve a useful purpose. As using our mind is not exactly something that is taught us from a young age, we unwittingly program countless negative beliefs into our system without really knowing what we are doing.

There are ways to challenge and replace those negative beliefs though and one of the best ways is to bring them to the surface and analyze them, showing them for what they really are. They are nothing more than deadweight pulling us down and holding us back from ever achieving anything substantial.

Ask yourself these following questions and answer as truthfully as you can, because in doing so, you are facing them for the first time and can go about replacing them.

The questions:

1. How did this limiting belief form in the first place?
2. Who came up with the idea of it originally, you or someone else?
3. How does this belief limit you?
4. What caused you to decide that this was true for you?
5. Does the belief serve you in any way at all?
6. How is it helping you?
7. If you hold onto his belief, what will the consequences be in regards to your family, health and career?
8. What would you like to believe instead?
9. With this new belief, how will things improve?
10. How will this new belief make things worse?
11. What is the best thing that could happen based on your old belief?
12. What is the best thing that could happen based on your new belief?
13. What might stop you from adopting this new belief?
14. How will your new belief fit with your view of yourself?

Once you have answered these questions you should have come up with a new belief to replace the old one, as well as realized that the old one is useless baggage that needs to be offloaded.

In a notebook, draw a grid with 3 columns. Head column 1: "life area" and in this column put all the areas of your life, each in a separate row. Head column 2: "Limiting beliefs" and for each area of your life write a limiting belief that is holding you back. Finally, head column 3: "New empowering beliefs" and in this column, write the replacement beliefs.

Each day look at the grid and keep the new beliefs fresh in your mind. Repeat them over and over throughout the day as affirmations. Whenever you feel the old beliefs resurfacing, brush them aside and bring your new belief to the fore with repetition. Within 30 days, you will have reprogrammed your mind with a new belief, and sometimes it takes less than that, it all depends on you. Good luck!!

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